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Historical Changes
Albus D. & Gellert G. & Harry P. - Words: 20,139 - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Reviews: 16 - Updated: 11-10-2018 - Published: 03-09-2018 - by Kelorus (FFN)

Hey people, here's another part of my fiction. Should the vote be YES or NO ? Answer :D


Peverell Manor, Wales, Great Britain,

Harry fluttered his eyes as he heard the birds singing on that beautiful morning. Once his eyes were wide open, he looked at where he was, remembering last night. He had arrived right in front of Peverell Manor around twenty o'clock in the evening. He was happily greeted by three house elves, Linkni, Blipni and Navni. Being tired, he wasted no time and ordered the elves to take him directly to the Master Bedroom to take a well-deserved rest.

Today, he was going to explore this Manor. In his World, this Manor no longer existed as it was destroyed during the Blitzkrieg while the wards were at the weakest. He was happy to finally be able to visit and, above all, live in the Manor of his Ancestors.

He yawned while stretching like a cat before getting up. He snapped his fingers, and Linkni appeared.

"Master's bath is ready, master," said the elf, bowing.

Harry nodded before following the elf towards the bathroom. It was huge and made of marble, which did not surprise him since the Manor had belonged to one of the most powerful families of the British Wizarding World. Once in front of the large bathtub (which looked more like a pool than anything else), he slipped inside, having removed his clothes beforehand.

He appreciated the texture of hot water on his bruised skin, delighted to take his first bath in several months. Unfortunately, he had not had this luxury during the war, let alone during his incarceration. He spent a good half hour in his bath before leaving, using a cotton towel to dry himself. Once done, he returned to his room, wandering naked like a new-born. Anyway, apart from a few portraits (whistling as they saw his great body) and house elves (accustomed for centuries), no one could see him.

Once back in his room, he finally took the time to observe the place. There was a huge four-poster bed in the centre of the room, above a huge rectangular red-rimmed rug. Huge windows adorned with curtains, chests of drawers and other usual furniture and a Baroque period dresser in gold leaf, probably for the previous Duchess Peverell. He walked to the Wardrobe and was pleased to see that the elves had already sorted and put away his clothes. Without losing a moment, he chose a splendid purple dress to put on over his cotton underwear before slightly frowning seeing that he had forgotten to tell the tailor to embroider the coat of arms of his family on his clothes.

"Elves!", Ordered Harry and making the three elves appear, "I want all my clothes to be embroidered with Pendragon, Peverell and Slytherin emblems in front and Black, Potter, Gryffindor and Fleamont coats of arms in miniature to represent my homes. The Pendragon Coat of Arms will be the main coat of arms! "

"Yes, master!" Shouted the three elves, immediately starting to work.

The elves started with Harry's purple dress. During that time, he decided to look in the mirror, and what he saw did not please him at all. His body was still emaciated and tired while some bruises were running through his body. He sighed before asking one of the elves to bring him a balm for bruises and nutritious potions. He was slightly surprised when Linkni brought him a very old nutritive potion that had been kept in stasis for centuries. He learned that this potion was twenty times more powerful than a lambda nutrient potion, and without losing a moment, swallowed it. He was slightly shocked by the pleasant taste.

"Old potions made differently, better ingredients, better taste, better quality," the elf explained quickly.

Harry nodded as he recalled a text he had read years ago. If potions have bad taste, it's not because it's like that, no, it's a choice. It is easy to improve the taste of a potion, however, the ingredients are more expensive, especially when they need to be imported. Thus, British potions have a bad taste as the ingredients are replaced by local versions less powerful and less good, but much cheaper. Normally, a nutritious potion costs two Sickles in England and with local ingredients. On the other hand, its price increases to eight Sickles if one uses the original ingredients. Thus, the price of potions is multiplied by four if one uses the original ingredients.

Not to mention that the potions remaining in stasis for years strengthen, which explains the effectiveness of the potion swallowed by Harry. If he had to sell it, he could easily get twenty Galleons just for the potion.

Harry quickly noticed the effect of the potion on his body. He then saw his body slowly change to gain weight while his muscles swelled slightly. His face was less pale and warmer, his cheeks less hollow and his smile more sympathetic. He did not look like an anorexic but a person with a thin waist. Another potion of this kind and he would be like before. He snapped his fingers, and Linkni gave him another potion, slightly worried.

Harry knew why the elf was worried. It was dangerous to swallow two nutritious potions in a row, especially if they are so powerful. But Harry knew perfectly well that he had the strength to resist the pain and the changes, and thus swallowed the second potion in one go. Once again, he watched his body change before his eyes, and after two minutes he had the appearance he had before the war began. He smiles victoriously before ordering Linkni to heal his bruises with the balm.

The elf hastened to do so, removing the bruises present on the body of his master. Once done, Harry looked once more in the mirror, and was almost satisfied with what he saw. The only thing he missed was his tanned complexion, which he had hardly achieved in the past ... future? He did not know too much. In any case, he would have to redouble his efforts to become tanned again.

Once finished admiring, he put on a pair of boots before putting on his purple dress. He observed himself in the mirror before nodding, satisfied by his appearance.

"Do we have a cane?" Harry asked, puzzled.

Linkni nodded before disappearing into a 'pop' sound to return a minute later, holding in his hands a finely wrought cane made of Elder (which made Harry chuckle) with a pommel shaped like a Thestral . Should a Cane be ordered especially for the Pendragon? That was something to think about.

Once dressed, Harry decided to quickly explore the house, occasionally conversing with some Peverell portraits. He discovered that the Peverell Manor had a Ward-room (in which was the Ward-stone), twelve bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, six toilets, two living rooms (a small living room and a big living room), an old Ball room, a dining room and a kitchen. Outside the property was a stable filled with Thestrals and a quite pretty garden.

Harry finally decided to head to the Ward-room to observe the Stone. He noticed very quickly that it was very weak, and without losing a moment, poured a few drops of his blood to reinforce it with his magic. This allowed to renew the wards around the Manor, delighting him to the highest point. Once that was done, he left the Manor through the floo network to go to Gringotts (having a personal access). It was a long time for him to claim his place and his seats, and for that he had to recover his crown of Prince.

He was welcomed with open arms by the goblins and retrieved his crown, placing it gently on his head before borrowing once more the floo network to go to the Ministry of Magic.

He quickly thought back to what he knew of the Wizengamot in 1926. At that time, most of the wizarding families were still alive, and as a result there was a total of five hundred seats in the Wizengamot. Depending on the qualification of a family, seats were allocated. He then formed a list of the seats inside his head:

-Noble: 1 seat (Fortune 10,000 G)

-Very Noble: 2 seats (Fortune 50,000 G)

-Most Noble: 3 seats (Fortune 200,000 G)

-Revered: 4 seats (Fortune 500,000 G)

-Very Revered: 5 seats (Fortune 1,000,000 G)

-Most Revered: 6 seats (Fortune 2,000,000 G)

-Royal: 10 seats (Emrys and Le Fay) (posthumous titles, extinct families) (Heir for Magic only)

Order of Merlin: 1 seat

Chief Warlock: 1 seat

-Ancient: 1 seat (Unbroken lineage 300 Years)

-Very Ancient: 2 seats (uninterrupted lineage 600 years old)

-Most Ancient: 3 seats (Uninterrupted Lineage 900 Years)

-Ancestral: 10 seats (Emrys and Le Fay) (posthumous titles, extinct families) (Heir by Magic only)

Royal Family Pendragon: 32 seats

Fortunately for Harry, his wealth allowed him to restore the title of Most Revered of the Slytherin family. In sum, Harry had the seats of Pendragon (32 seats), Peverell (9 seats) and Slytherin (9 seats), giving him a total of 50 seats or 10% of the voice of the Wizengamot, which was huge. Not to mention his right to veto (only one per session of Wizengamot) as a Pendragon.

From what little he remembered the family's with the most votes were the Smith family (6 seats as Smith and 9 as Hufflepuff, so 16 seats), Potter (6 seats as Potter and 9 as Gryffindor, so 16 seats) and Black (9 seats). Other than that, he did not know much about the Wizengamot at that time. He did not even know the name of the Chief Warlock. The only thing he knew of the Ministry at that time was the name of the Minister of Magic, Hector Fawley, Lord of the Ancient and Very Noble House Fawley. He was also a Minister who would not take the threat of Grindelwald seriously, which suited him well.

Ministry of Magic, London,

Harry stepped gracefully out of the hearth to put his feet on the stones paving the Atrium on the eighth level of the Ministry of Magic. Without losing a moment, he went to one of the gilded doors. Deliberately walking in a slow and distinguished way while pressing with his cane, he then noticed the looks directed at him, and presumably his crown and his coat of arms. Many stepped out of his way as he made his way to the elevator, wizards and witches murmuring and squealing, looking at him with envy, jealousy, respect and many other emotions.

He passed the fountain of Magical Brethren and reads the sign:

All proceeds from the Fountain of Magical Brethren will be given to

St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

He decided to show generosity and took out a thousand Gallions from his purse, throwing them into the fountain under the astonished gaze of the wizards around. It was not every day that someone gave such a sum. Harry smiled internally before continuing towards the door.

Once near a door, he made his way to the security post nearby. There was a fairly young wizard, probably recently graduated from Hogwarts, wearing an emerald green dress. The wizard straightened up when he saw Harry, his eyes widened as he noticed the princely crown on Harry's head.

"I have to go to the Wizengamot ," Harry said simply as the wizard nodded.

"Please come here, uh ..." the wizard tried, not knowing how to talk to Harry.

"Your grace will be enough," Harry reassured him, stepping forward with a small smile.

The wizard nodded as he passed a long, thin golden rod along Harry's body, back and forth and up and down.

"May I have your wand your grace?" Asked the wizard, lowering his head slightly.

"I do not need it," Harry replied with a smirk.

The wizard widened his eyes as he understood the meaning.

'He is so powerful that he does not need a wand?', Thought the young wizard, astonished.

He nodded.

"You may pass, your grace," the young wizard said, greeting Harry.

He thanked him before crossing the Golden Gate towards the elevator area.

Once inside one of the lifts, Harry watched as the house elf bowed as he saw his crown.

"Second floor," Harry ordered.

"At your command, your grace," replied the house elf.

The other wizards in the elevator crate noticed Harry's outfit, and some of them bowed quickly as they saw Harry's eyes. The latter shook his head, waiting patiently. The elevator began to rise.

"Level seven, Department of Magical Games and Sports, incorporating the British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters, Official Gobstones Club, and Ludicrous Patents Office.", said a female voice.

The doors opened and two wizards came down as a wizard climbed. The elevator started again.

"Level six, Department of Magical Transport, incorporating the Floo Network Authority, Broom Regulatory Control, Portkey Office, and Apparation Test Centre.", said the female voice again.

Once again, the doors opened to let out three wizards. None climbed, but several paper planes entered the elevator shaft. The elevator went back to the other floors.

"Level five, Department of International Magical Cooperation, incorporating the International Magical Trading Standards Body, the International Magical Office of Law, and the International Confederation of Wizards, British Seats.", said the feminine and monotonous voice.

Once the doors were open, several flying notes made their way to the offices on this floor while only one wizard left the scene. There were only three wizards left in the cage with the house elf. The doors closed and the elevator resumed its journey.

"Level four, Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, incorporating Beast, Being, and Spirit Divisions, Goblin Liaison Office, and Pest Advisory Bureau."

Harry was getting tired of that monotonous voice. Could not they change it to be a little more energetic? The doors opened and one of the wizards came down as more notes entered the elevator. The doors closed then and the elevator started again.

"Level three, Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, including the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, Obliviator Headquarters, and Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee."

All the wizards got off, except Harry, while several notes left the scene. At least there was more room in the elevator. The doors closed to go to the two remaining floors.

"Level two, Department of Magical Law Enforcement, including the Improper Use of Magic Office, Auror Headquarters, and Wizengamot Administration Services."

Harry got off the elevator while all the remaining notes of the elevator went to the offices of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Not wasting time, Harry made his way to the Wizengamot Hemicycle he knew to be shortly after Auror Headquarters. When he crossed the massive oak double door leading to Headquarters, he noticed posters of Gellert Grindelwald scattered all over the place while the Aurors seemed for the most part to rest, talk or dictate to their quills.

'Lazy! No wonder Grindelwald and Voldemort had no trouble crushing them, 'Harry thought, glaring at two aurors playing at Gobstones.

The aurors lifted their heads, feeling a glance at them, and when they met Harry's gaze, blanched before going back to work, and red with shame. Harry merely sniffed in disdain with a smirk. At least his look was still intimidating.

He continued his walk towards the Wizengamot's Hemicycle, crossing this time an arch at the end of a long black marble corridor. He entered a Hall at the end of which was a double gold door and two other doors on the sides. The double gold door led directly to the Hemicycle while the other two doors led to the stands of spectators and heirs. He then approached the double door which was guarded by two aurors.

Without even looking at him, one of the two aurors exclaimed:

"The Wizengamot is in session, you cannot enter."

Harry glared at the auror talking to him before clearing his throat noisily.

"If you merely hope to keep your post, you'll let me in immediately!" Harry thundered in his most imperious and royal voice.

The two aurors looked at him before widening their eyes as they saw Harry's coat, and most importantly, his crown. They both began to sweat before nodding quickly, opening the doors. The auror who had previously exclaimed apologized then, promising never to do it again. Harry just ignored him, sweating him willingly. It was so good to be sadistic.

He then walked slowly into the Chamber, taking pleasure in interrupting the current session. He could still hear the Auror colleague behind him vaguely.

"Damn, Travers will kill you."

'Oh, I forgot Torquil Travers was the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enfrocement,' Harry thought as he walked to the centre of the room.

The members of the Wizengamot stood up, most of them unhappy with this most brutal interruption. Harry scanned the room, watching the characters present. He recognized Harkin Smith (Hepzibah Smith's father), Brian Potter, Sirius Black II, Torquil Travers, Irene Potter and two or three other wizards. The rest had probably died before he was born, and as a result he did not know them at all. He then saw three interesting people, Hector Fawley at the tribune of the Minister of Magic, an unknown wizard as the Chief Warlock and Dumbledore as a member of the Wizengamot .

He had searched in his memories, he did not recognize at all the Chief Warlock. The wizard was quite tall and young, with long brown hair and a short beard. At least he wore sober robes, which was an advantage over Dumbledore.

"Who dares disturb this Wizengamot session?" Asked the Chief Warlock.

The members of the Magenmagot then noticed his accoutrement, his coat of arms and of course his crown. Several gasped as Sirius and Brian looked at him, very interested. After all, Harry also sported the Black, Potter and Gryffindor emblems.

"Should not you introduce yourself first?" Asked Harry mockingly.

Some members of the Wizengamot snorted while others showed their dissatisfaction. The Chief Warlock looked at him, eyes narrowed, before nodding his head.

"I am Chief Warlock Harfang Longbottom of the Most Ancient and Most House of Longbottom," the wizard presented himself.

Harry nodded, delighted to finally know the man's name. From what he knew, Harfang Longbottom was promised to Callidora Black, being ten years older than her. He cleared his throat.

"I am Hadrian Charlus Pendragon, Prince of the Magical Kingdom of Avalon, Heir to the Magical Throne of Brittany, Great Britain and Ireland, Head of the Pendragon, Peverell and Slytherin Houses, member of the Potter, Gryffindor, Black and Fleamont Houses! I swear on my magic and come to claim the seats! "Exclaimed Harry as the magic of the hemicycle recognized his rights by accepting his request.

Several wizards shrieked at Harry, and most of them lost their composure by seeing the magic accept Harry's claims. Harfang nodded.

"Allow me then to welcome you among us, your grace, you can take your place and join our august body," said Harfang, bowing.

All the members of the Wizengamot stood up to bow to Harry, who walked to the stands to take his place. Most held their breath, waiting to see where Harry was going to sit. Was he going to choose the bright side with Dumbledore? The dark side with the Black and Potter? Or the neutral side with the Smiths?

They quickly got their answer when Harry sat quietly up on the neutral side. Immediately afterwards, the ranks of the neutral party rearranged to surround Harry, with Harkin standing right next to Harry, just like the Lords Bones and Greengrass. The implication was very clear, Hadrian Pendragon was now the leader of the neutral party, and thanks to him, and the neutral party now dominated 48% of the Wizengamot.

"First of all, I have grievous new: The MACUSA just announced the escape of Gellert Grindelwald three hours ago, we do not know where he is, but according to our information, it is quite unlikely that he'll come to our territory, "announced Harfang as members of the Wizengamot murmured.

"We should not be worried about such a cheap wizard, Grindelwald is just a low-level terrorist who cannot attack us," Hector Fawley said as several Wizengamot members nodded.

Harry sighed loudly, catching Harkin's attention.

"You do not seem to share the same opinion as the Minister of Magic, your grace," Harkin commented with an implied question.

Harry gave him a small smile before nodding.

"Indeed, our opinions are quite different, and it's obvious to me that Gellert Grindelwald is a powerful and potentially dangerous wizard, but I'd like to know his motives before judging him," Harry said as he continued to watch the session. .

"You're right, it's never advisable to underestimate a potential enemy or to reject a potential ally, but I've heard of the German wizard's motives if you want to know more." Hufflepuff Count said leaning slightly to Harry.

Harry looked at him, gently raising an eyebrow to urge him to continue. Harfang understood the message.

"From the little I've heard, Grindelwald wants to control the muggles or even eliminate them once and for all. Of course, we do not really know what he's thinking. Anyway, and these are just murmurs, he wants to ensure the dominion of Wizards, being convinced that muggles will prove to be a danger to our society in the future ", snorted Harfang.

He then noticed that Harry was not laughing with him, which aroused his curiosity, as well as of the other members of the Wizengamot who listened. Harry looked at him before shaking his head.

"In this case, I have to stand with Grindelwald, I have followed the muggle's rapid evolution myself, and I can assure you that they will soon become a great threat to our society and way of life. Their technology is evolving rapidly, and their weapons are able to kill us quickly, and they breed faster and faster, unlike us, and I can assure you that for a wizard there are a hundred muggles. I suppose fifty years from now there will be one wizard for a thousand muggles, "Harry said, frowning.

The wizards around him widened their eyes, shocked. Most of them had lost contact with Muggles, and as a result, had not followed their evolution. Most believed that muggles still used muskets to fight, as well as canons.

"Really?" Garland Bones said to Harry's left.

"Exactly, did you know that seven years ago muggles put an end to a world war that began in 1914?" Harry asked the wizards.

Harry had not noticed that all Wizengamot wizards listened to him as the session abruptly stopped. Everyone was focused on Harry. Several wizards shook their heads, not even knowing about the First World War.

"And during this war, they developed dangerous weapons. The rifle is capable of firing several projectiles at short intervals, quickly killing its opponents. To give you a glimpse, think of a wand firing ten Reducto per second without s' Stop.

And again, I'm not talking about the planes they started to develop in order to drop bombs similar to Bombarda Maxima or their armoured vehicles running on fuel without using horses. I tell you, muggles evolve very quickly and actually become a threat to us.

Is this a reason to eliminate them? I do not think so, but we have to do something. Who knows what will happen when muggles discover our existence? We all know how they reacted to Salem ... ", then continued Harry with big gestures.

The wizards remained hypnotized by Harry's words. That's when Dumbledore stood up with a scowl.

"And what is your solution?" He asked.

Harry glared at him, chuckling several wizards.

"The minimum is to introduce yourself before you ask questions, have you not learned anything at school, or do you have such an oversized ego that you are sure to be known to everyone?" Harry in a dry voice.

Several members of the Wizengamot nodded in agreement with Harry, while Dumbledore blushed slightly, lowering his head.

"I beg your pardon your grace, I am Albus Perceval Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Lord of the Ancient and Noble House Dumbledore and Transfiguration Professor at Hogwarts," said Dumbledore.

Harry frowned, which puzzled many people. He turned to Harfang Longbottom with a grin.

"Chief Warlock, is it not explicitly written in the Wizengamot's Charter that only pureblood wizards can be represented in this August body unless they are in possession of an Order of Merlin? Or that a wizard with whom a direct relative has been imprisoned in Azkaban cannot sit in this Chamber? "asked Harry, looking at the Longbottom.

Harfang frowned before beckoning to the Undersecretary of the Minister of Magic to check the records. The latter looked quickly before nodding.

"Indeed your grace, can I know the reason for this question?" Asked Harfang, intrigued.

Harry just smiled before looking at Dumbledore who had just whitened.

"Well, I think I remember that Albus Dumbledore here is the son of Kendra Dumbledore, a muggleborn and Perceval Dumbledore, a pureblood who was incarcerated in Azkaban for murder, so I ask for the withdrawal of Albus Dumbledore from the Hemicycle as an illegal member of the Wizengamot." Harry explained with a victorious smile.

"Hay!" Shouted several members of the Wizengamot, including Sirius Black and Brian Potter.

Torquil then motioned for two aurors to escort Dumbledore outside the Wizengamot under applause of members of the hemicycle. Harry stood up, catching everyone's eyes.

"But I'm going to answer that man's question, and I think the best thing for our glorious nation is to take control of the Muggle government to make sure we're safe, and we'll take advantage of that to integrate muggleborns from birth to our society, removing them from their muggle parents in order to be adopted by wizarding families!

We will revive our demography and become a strong and powerful nation again. That's what we have to do, my dear friends! "Harry said as the Magenmagot members loudly applauded.

"But the Magna Charta prevents us from rebelling against the Muggle government," said one of the wizards.

"Wrong! The Magna Charta prevents the Wizarding Council and the Ministry of Magic from rebelling against the British Muggle Crown, but the Pendragon family has never signed this Magna Charta, and thus the Kingdom of Avalon is not concerned with this oath! It is time for us to reform our illustrious Kingdom and recover what belongs to us by right! "said Harry, opening his arms like a messiah.

The Wizengamot members understood the meaning of what Harry was saying. They could easily rebel against the British muggle government and organize their coup by simply changing government. It was so simple.

"Vote! Vote! Vote!", Then began to chant the members of the Wizengamot while the journalists were having a great time in the visitors' alley.

Harfang Longbottom then raised his wand to fire several warning shots to restore order.

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