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Historical Changes
Albus D. & Gellert G. & Harry P. - Words: 20,139 - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Reviews: 16 - Updated: 11-10-2018 - Published: 03-09-2018 - by Kelorus (FFN)

Here's the next part of my little fiction. Hope you'll like it. I add another chapter with Harry's family x)


Ministry of Magic, Level Two, Guests' Wing (Administrative Services of the Wizengamot),

Albus Perceval Wulfric Brian Dumbledore ruminated like never before.

Yet this day had started so well. He woke up in his bed at Hogwarts, and noting his erection, got rid of it by thinking of his old lover, Gellert. Too bad he became a real dark wizard (and especially that he killed his sister, it surely could not be the fault of Albus!).

Then he discussed with Armando Dippet during his breakfast about the courses and potential new teachers. The latter had been appointed Hogwarts Headmaster at the end of last year, following the death of former Headmaster, Phineas Nigellus Black. Armando was probably the oldest wizard he knew after Barry Wee Willie Winkle, Nicolas Flamel and his wife Perenelle, the Headmaster being still 288 years old.

He took the opportunity to discuss with other professors such as Galatea Merrythought, Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts, Cuthbert Binns Professor of Magical History, Herbert Beery Professor of Herbology and the recent Potions Professor, Horatio Slughorn. Regarding Silvanus Kettleburn, the professor of Care of Magical Creatures was in Ste-Mungo after losing his left arm to a chimera.

As for Albus, he was obviously the Transfiguration Professor, the Director of Gryffindor House, and of course, the Director of the Hogwarts Transfiguration Department.

Shortly after discussions and other banalities, Dumbledore got ready, wearing his Wizengamot robe for the monthly meeting at the Ministry of Magic. He had to admit being proud of his stroke. He knew perfectly well that as a half-blood (arguable as his father was a pureblood and his mother a first-generation witch) and son of a former prisoner of Azkaban (his father had died there- down), he was not allowed to sit on the Wizengamot.

Fortunately for him, these laws were forgotten by all, not to mention that he had not taken an oath before taking his seat, allowing him to avoid any penalty.

But then everything changed with the arrival of Hadrian Charlus Pendragon, the bloody Prince of their World. When he realized that this Prince was thinking the same way as Gellert, he tried to ridicule him or reveal him in broad daylight, but he had not foreseen that the latter knew perfectly the laws of the Wizengamot.

He was thus ejected from the Wizengamot like a beggar, losing his position and his political power. Not to mention that he was ridiculed in front of everyone. It was obvious to him that Hadrian was a Black Mage of the worst kind. Only a dark wizard could have ejected him from the hemicycle. Albus Dumbledore was never wrong!

This is why Dumbledore is currently in the guests' wing, watching the Wizengamot session with the reporters (some of whom have been constantly mocking him, which will surely earn him an article in the Daily Prophet) and other spectators.

Ministry of Magic, Level Two, Wizengamot,

"Silence, Silence in the Hemicycle!", Thundered Harfang Longbottom, firing several warning shots with his wand.

After a few seconds, calm settled back into the room as Harry stood, looking proud and determined. Harfang turned his gaze to Harry.

"Your grace, would you like to make a quick speech before proceeding to a vote?" He asked in order to give Harry a chance to explain the organization of the Kingdom.

Harry nodded before heading to the centre of the room, catching everyone's attention. He slowly watched the heads of each member of the Wizengamot, seeing anxiety, impatience, envy or joy. Oddly, none seemed scared, but he had to make a speech to make sure everything went as planned.

"My dear Ladies and Lords of this august body, hear my call, we must change the way we do things, how we live, how we govern, and we need a powerful, united and imposing government.

We need a government that can withstand the weather and time. To resist wars and terrorist groups wishing to overthrow our glorious nation. But most of all, we need a government that can resist and get rid of the infamous Muggles! "Harry began to the applause of the Wizengamot.

"But I now that you would like to know how our kingdom will be governed if we come to actually restore my family as a Royal Family Leader so let me quickly explain how our government will be run.

First of all, I can assure you that the Wizengamot will stand and keep its rights and prerogatives, thus continuing to direct, judge and enact laws to secure the future of our glorious kingdom.

The families will recover their official titles, restoring a noble aristocracy. Yes, you have heard me well, the Duchies, Marches, Counties, Viscounts and Baronies will be fully restored. We will recover muggle lands that once belonged to us, I can assure you.

The Ministry of Magic will remain powerful and important, becoming the central organ of our government, and administered by the Wizengamot and the Royal Family. The Departmental Heads will be replaced by Royal Ministers while the Minister of Magic will be replaced by a Grand Magister, "Harry continued in a loud, limpid voice.

The Wizengamot members continued to applaud while chanting Harry's name.

"But we will not stop there! No, we will take full control of the United Kingdom and Ireland, thus recovering our Kingdom. Laws will be revised, allowing this to happen, but I prefer to reveal everything only, and only if our Kingdom is restored, our future is in your hands, "Harry finished with a mysterious smile as he bowed to the raging assembly.

You could hear everywhere in the assembly 'Vote! Vote! Vote!' while the Lords and Ladies stomp with their feet or clapped hands. Harfang silenced the assembly by raising his hand.

"My Ladies and Lords, it is time for us to proceed to a vote. Those who are against the restoration of the Pendragon Monarchy raise their wands," announced Harfang.

A dozen wizards on the bright side lifted their wands under the hooting's of the other members of the Wizengamot. They represented only 45 votes or 9% of the votes.

"Let those who are for the Restoration of the Pendragon Monarchy raise their wands," cried Harfang, raising his wand.

Immediately after, all the other wizards raised their wands with Harry, a hundred wizards, which easily represented 455 votes or 91% of the Wizengamot's voice. Harry had managed to restore his Monarchy.

"The motion prevails! I officially declare the dissolution of the Constitutional Charter of the Ministry of Magic and the Restoration of the Avalon Magic Monarchy and the Pendragon Family, led by our King, Hadrian Charlus Pendragon, First of His Name ", said Harfang, hammering several times with his hammer.

No sooner had he finished speaking than tapestries emblazoned with the Ministry of Magic changed to a capital 'M' with a crown above and a dragon at the back. The phrase 'Ministry of Magic' became 'Royal Ministry of Magic' while the motto 'Ignorantia Juris non Excusat ' became 'Ignorantia Juris No Excusat Nisi Rex'.

As for the tapestries of the Wizengamot, the 'W' was patronized by a crown while the motto remained the same: 'Excusat Ignorantia Juris Neminem'. But what most marked the members of the Wizengamot was the disappearance of the princely crown on their King's head for a splendid crown more imposing and richer: The crown of Arthur Pendragon, directly invoked by Magic from the Pendragon Vault.

A throne then rose where the Minister of Magic was and Harry did not waste time to go there. When he sat on the throne, Caledfwlch (from the Vault) appeared at his belt as a sceptre appeared beside the throne. Finally, a splendid illusion of a red dragon made its appearance in the room of the Wizengamot before roaring to disappear in a shower of sparks.

All members of the Wizengamot stood up and applauded loudly as Harfang officially announced Harry's title.

"Please bow to His Majesty, Hadrian Charlus Pendragon, First of the Name, King of the Kingdom of Avalon!" Proclaimed Harfang as all the wizards bowed.

Harry stood up, grabbing his sceptre at the same time. It was time for him to put everything in place.

"Our dear subjects, We thank you for your trust, and We swear to you that We will know how to defend the interests of our people. Therefore, We announce that the Potter and Black Families are the younger branches of the Pendragon family! Our succession is already assured, "Harry announced to the applause of the wizards.

Sirius and Brian looked at each other in surprise. They did not know they were related to the Pendragon family.

"What's more, We need to change some aspects of Our Kingdom to improve living conditions, by officially announcing the integration of Goblins, Werewolves, and Veelas as Citizens of the Kingdom of Avalon. They will be subject to the same rights and duties as all citizens, letters will be sent to various deserving representatives to sit in the Wizengamot, and important research will be conducted to find a potion to help Werewolves or even heal them while enchanted jewels will be offered to Veelas to help them control their Allure! ", continued Harry.

Some wizards did not appreciate this change, but they could not do anything about it. While restoring the Monarchy, their magic was linked to that of the Pendragon, submitting them to their King. But thinking back, it might be for the better. After all, the goblins managed their gold, the Veelas were beautiful creatures and the Werewolves were dangerous only once a month. Applause echoed again in the Hemicycle.

"We formally authorize the use of the Unforgivables on Muggles, and the Unforgivables will only be condemned if used on Magic Citizens," Harry continued to the applause of the anti-muggle (in essence, the majority of the Wizengamot). .

"What's more, We are ordering the creation of a new department that will be responsible for recovering muggleborn children throughout the Kingdom while erasing their existence. These children will eventually be offered for adoption in all wizard families through adoption rituals, thus strengthening our genetic makeup and improving our birth rate. By the next generation, our birth rate will have increased tenfold! ", announced Harry with a big smile.

This time, all the members of the Wizengamot applauded, delighted to hear this news. Some families would finally be repopulated while the muggle influence will be significantly reduced. It was a boon.

"In addition, we have decided to leave our property, Camelot, better known as Hogwarts, as a School of Magic. An edict will soon be published regarding the restructuring of Hogwarts to make it the only school in our Kingdom and the creation of a Royal University for Masteries, "Harry said, opening his arms wide.

Once again, the members of the Wizengamot applauded while chanting Harry's name. It was revolutionary.

"Finally, We declare the establishment of the 'Draconius' Project, which will aim at the takeover of the British Muggle Government and the establishment of our supremacy. We officially declare the invalidity of the Magna Charta and our liberation of Muggle!", shouted Harry, galvanizing the wizards.

Cries of joy and applause echoed throughout the hall as reporters feasted. It was the beginning of a new era for wizards, and Harry was going to lead them with an iron fist.

"Long live the King! Long live the King!" then sang the members of the Wizengamot.

Once the spirits had calmed down, Harry spoke again.

"It is now our duty to ensure the sustainability of our Government, so we have decided to keep Hector Fawley as Grand Magister while Harfang Longbottom will remain the Chief Warlock.

May today become a feast day for my friends, because our Kingdom has just been reborn from the ashes! ", Then decreed Harry with a big smile, ending the Wizengamot's session.

He knew that he would later meet with his family members, the Hogwarts Board of Governors and finally the Royal Ministers to restructure the Ministry. But in the meantime, he could enjoy his new station. He then left the Wizengamot, protected by a dozen aurors while the wizards and witches of the country learned the news through the Wizarding Wireless Network and the Daily Prophet.

Barely an hour later, a new article was issued not only in the British Wizarding World but throughout the World.

Daily Prophet

Special edition:

A New Age for the British Magic World! The Return to Monarchy!

Hadrian Charlus Pendragon proclaimed King of Avalon!

Here is a News that upsets the geopolitical situation of the Magical World.

Today, the 27/03/1926 at 10h35 took place a drastic change of the Magic World. This change occurred in London, at the Ministry of Magic, more specifically at the Wizengamot, decision-making body of the British Ministry of Magic.

Was presented at the bimonthly session Prince Hadrian Charlus Pendragon, direct descendant of King of Avalon, Arthur Pendragon and his wife, Genevieve Pendragon born of Stinchcombe. After the expulsion of Albus Perceval Wulfric Brian Dumbledore from the Wizengamot for not respecting the laws and the constitution of the Wizengamot, Prince Hadrian proposed the reinstatement of the Avalonian Monarchy in order to definitively separate from the Muggles (No -Magical) and restore Wizard supremacy.

It is with 91% of the votes that the Avalonian Monarchy was re-established and Hadrian Charlus Pendragon became His Majesty, King Hadrian the first, King of the Kingdom of Avalon and its Dominion including the British Isles, India, and Canada, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Africa.

Following the restoration of the monarchy, King Hadrian wanted to announce clearly and precisely his objectives. He officially decreed a definite separation between Muggles and Wizards, the establishment of Muggle control, a policy of insertion and adoption of muggle-born and half-blood raised by muggles and the restoration of British demography. .

In an exceptional act, the King Hadrian the first decreed full citizenship for Goblins, Veelas and Werewolves, giving them the same rights and duties as Wizards in Avalon. Goblins will be able to have wands and join the College of Hogwarts Sorcery while Veelas and Werewolves will no longer be discriminated against.

What's more, official research will be conducted to find a cure for lycanthropy while enchanted jewels will be offered to Veelas to help control their allure. This is a major breakthrough in magical cohabitation.

But the news does not stop there. It has been declared that all magical schools present in Avalon will be closed while Hogwarts will officially become the school for all wizards, thus becoming available to all. This will help train an elite population according to the members of the Wizengamot.

Hadrian Charlus Pendragon decided to personally represent the Avalon Kingdom at the ICW while Hector Fawley remains Grand Magister (formerly Minister of Magic) and Harfang Longbottom remains Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot.

It is important to note that the Black and Potter families were declared cadet branches of the Pendragon family while negotiations will be opened with the French Ministry of Magic to reintegrate the region of Brittany into the Kingdom of Avalon and the Ministry of Magic Irish to reinstate Ireland in the Kingdom of Avalon.

For more information on the Pendragon family, read Page 3.

For more information on the Black and Potter families, read page 4.

For more information on the Kingdom of Avalon, read page 5.

For his part, Harry had to find a new place to set up his dynasty. After all, a King had to live in a castle, and he had already decided to leave Camelot as a school of witchcraft, in addition to turning part of the place into a Royal University.

But where could he live? He did not know too much, and it was quite frustrating not to know where to base the power of the crown. He was for the moment in Gringotts, having personally decided to bring the good news to Ragnok. Evidently, as soon as he entered the Bank, all the goblins rose to shout and cheer him under the shocked and admiring glances of the wizards present. Even a guard of honour appeared to lead Harry directly to Ragnok's office with his aurors.

When he entered the office of his friend, the latter hastened to shake his hand with a big smile.

"May the magic bless you Harry, bless you forever, you and your descendants!", The goblin admiringly said as Harry smiled broadly.

"I promised you a change, and now is it, would you agree to join the Wizengamot with five other Goblin clan leaders of your choice?" Asked Harry.

Ragnok nodded sharply while offering a glass of Firewhiskey to Harry and his aurors, who agreed to drink with their monarch.

"On the other hand, I'm going to need a castle, and having decided to leave Camelot as a school, we need to build a new Castle that will serve to centralize power and show the extent of our power." being thoughtful.

Ragnok's eyes widened before he jumped up.

"In this case, let us take care of that in your honour, we owe it to you, you will see, we will build the largest and most beautiful castle that has ever existed! He will be able to withstand all catastrophes and to resist all assaults! "Ragnok promised with a big smile.

Harry nodded before slightly frowning.

"Where will it be built?" Harry asked, puzzled.

Ragnok popped up a map of the United Kingdom before designating an interesting area of Wales.

"This whole area is now occupied only by wizards, the town of Caernarfon is actually a wizarding village of some renown, the area is inhabited only by wizards, we could place muggle-repelling wards and runic stones everywhere on an area total of 100 kmĀ² or 10 000 has.

I think we could easily relocate the entire government there and create a transportation arch similar to Goblin arches to reach Hogwarts and that area. But we'll have to find a suitable name for that area, "Ragnok explained as Harry scanned the map.

He frowned inwardly, having never heard of this magical village. Was this one of the possible changes related to dimensions? Well, it suited him.

"Why not the New Avalon? No, too redundant ... Oh, I know, New Camelot, no, too simplistic ..." Harry said as he dug himself out to find a suitable name.

"Why not just named it the Crownlands? We could name the Town Merlinus or Arthurias in honour of one of your ancestors while the castle will be named Carleon in honour of Camelot's first name." said Ragnok, looking at the plans.

Harry and the Aurors looked at the goblin, slightly shocked. Harry nodded slowly, delighted by this proposal.

"Yes, the Crownlands ... And Carleon Castle in Merlinus seems like a great idea, it's high time for us to live out in the open without fear of muggles, I give you carte blanche, my friend." Harry said with a smile.

Ragnok nodded with a big smile.

"In this case, I will take care of everything, I will take advantage of it to relocate Gringotts and the vaults, and within a year, everything will be completed my friend. Of course, we will start with the enchantments and the castle, you will have your home in two months. Is that sufficient? "asked Ragnok, looking straight into Harry's eyes.

Harry nodded before Ragnok showed him two possible locations on the map.

"We have two possible locations: First, we can build immediately around Caernarfon, which will already have part of the city built, but the new buildings will contrast with the old ones.

Finally, we can build directly on Anglesey, which will allow to have some isolation. The only disadvantage will be to build an entire city from scratch.

What is your choice? "Asked Ragnok then.

Harry nodded before pointing at Anglesey.

"To build a Kingdom, to do it properly, we'll do everything from scratch, go for Anglesey," Harry nodded.

Ragnok nodded before shaking Harry's hand. Harry decided to transfer to the goblin language.

"On the other hand, I can assure you that there will be a goblin revolution - after all, we have to deal with other countries," Harry said as Ragnok nodded before giggling.

The aurors did not understand what was said, but they understood that the laughter of both beings meant nothing good. They finally left the Bank with their Monarch, who decided to go to the Peverell Manor with his guards. Aurors did not waste time securing the domain while calling for reinforcements to ensure constant security.

For his part, Harry wrote several letters for family members Black, Potter and Gaunt to invite them to join him for a huge family dinner at Peverell Manor. He quickly got answers, all of whom agreed to join him. Harry smiled.

Peverell Manor, Wales,

It was nineteen when the guests began to arrive at Peverell Manor. The Aurors took care of welcoming the family members of their Monarch. The first to arrive were obviously the Blacks. ALL Black, which means even non-Blacks being married to Blacks, 22 Black overall.

All in all, it was an invasion of Black, and it made Harry smile as he waited in the hall with his house elves. He grinned as Sirius Black II approached him and bowed low, closely followed by members of the proud Black family.

"Your majesty, we thank you for inviting us to your humble abode," Sirius presented himself in a formal voice.

He quickly raised his head as he heard Harry sneer.

"Don't use such a polite language, after all, we're from the same family, and I do not want my own family to be polite with me, understood?" Asked Harry with a big smile.

Sirius looked at him before bursting into laughter, the others Black following his example.

"Well , then, which of us is the oldest ?!" Sirius asked with a snort.

"I'm only 43, so I guess you're the oldest!" Harry replied with a jeering smile.

The Blacks burst out laughing at Sirius's grumbling face. They took the opportunity to introduce themselves, Harry was delighted to meet so many of them.

"The others have not arrived yet?" Asked Elladora Black, the eldest of the lot.

"Not yet, but they should not be late," Harry replied with a friendly smile.

He then began a lively discussion with Sirius, Cygnus and Arcturus II about politics with Gringotts, explaining his plan to conquer Europe, which pleased the Blacks a lot. They were ecstatic to begin the conquest and thus to enlarge the family. In fact, some Black asked if they could be given priority over muggle-born adoptions lists to expand the family, which Harry readily accepted.

A few minutes later, the doors were opened again this time to bring in the Potter, much less numerous. Finally, less was a way of speaking , after all, the Potters were spread all over the World, all obeying the British Main Branch.

In fact, Harry knew perfectly well that there were a hundred Black and a hundred Potter all over the world, representing the Australian, Canadian or American Branches. There was also the Noir branch (Black in France) and Potier (Potter in France), not to mention other branches spread we do not know where.

However, he had invited only the British branches, which explained the entry of only 5 Potter in the Manor.

Like Sirius, Brian bowed to Harry before bursting into laugh when Harry explained that they were all family so no need to talk like pompous arses. They then started once more to chat and chatter happily.

"Are we waiting for more people?" Asked Marcus Potter, the oldest Potter of the lot.

Harry nodded.

"We're waiting for the Gaunt now, they're the last descendants of Slytherin, so I'm their Lord," Harry explained quickly as the other wizards nodded.

A few minutes later, three wizards, wearing scruffy, low-quality clothes, made their entrance. Harry recognized the Gaunt immediately while the Black and Potter frowned at such lack of decorum.

"Your majesty, I'm delighted to meet you and meet you, please excuse our most revolting outfits," said Marvolo Gaunt, his two children doing the same.

"I fully understand your situation, Marvolo, you are forgiven for this mischief, Blipni, Navni, provide the Gaunts with adequate clothing," Harry snapped his fingers.

Without waiting, the three Gaunts followed the elves to return a few minutes later with richly decorated clothes with Slytherin crest. Linkni then whispered in Harry's ear, which widened his eyes. He had just learned that Merope was already pregnant with Thomas Riddle Senior.

"Merope, please come here, " Harry ordered the girl.

The latter advanced in front of Harry, lowering her head and slightly white. She sincerely hoped that Harry was not like her father or brother. Harry then took her chin so she could look him straight in the eye.

"You will immediately follow a diet of strengthening-bones and nutritive potions. You are pregnant and I refuse that this child is born with deficiencies, am I well understood?" Asked Harry in an authoritative voice.

She widened her eyes before nodding quickly. Evidently, Marvolo and Morfin exclaimed in the back.

"What are you pregnant with? I hope it's not that fucking filthy muggle! "Shouted Marvolo, threateningly approaching the girl.

Before he could react, he was restrained on the ground by two aurors (having received a sign from Harry). Harry then approached Marvolo, looking him straight in the eye.

"I forbid you to touch her, Marvolo, or I can assure you that you will lose what little you have. If you want to eliminate the muggle, do as you please, but do not you dare to hit a woman pregnant with a magical child, did I make myself clear? ", Harry threatened in a deep voice.

The old man nodded quickly before getting up.

"I beg you to excuse my horrible behaviour, your grace, it shan't happen again," the old man apologized while forcing his son to do the same.

Harry nodded magnanimously.

"Very well, know that from now on, a monthly sum will be allocated to allow you to restore your living conditions. You will have to go to Gringotts to learn more about it. With this, it is time for us to dine!", announced Harry with a big smile.

He then went to the Banquet Room with the Blacks, Potter and Merope Gaunt, leaving a Marvolo and a Morfin very astonished. Indeed, Harry had set up a Vault with a monthly allowance of 5,000 Galleons to allow them to live properly. After all, his family could not decently live in poverty.

Somewhere, Paris, France,

Gellert Grindelwald, freshly escaped from the MACUSA prison, was quietly sitting in one of the houses belonging to one of his most faithful followers. When an elf brought him the Daily Prophet, his eyes widened.

"That's interesting ... Hadrian Charlus Pendragon? Hm ... I wonder if ...", Gellert said pensively.

A victorious smile then stretched over his face, understanding the King's policy. A policy so similar to his. Was it destiny? He wondered. One thing was certain: He had to get an appointment with this King at all costs.

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