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Sexy Shots (daphne)
Daphne G. & Harry P. - Words: 58,878 - Rated: M - English - Humor & Romance - Chapters: 16 - Reviews: 7 - Updated: 12-10-2018 - Published: 27-09-2018 - by kaixbi (FFN)

Harry can't believe his eyes. He is now at a unused classroom of hogwarts with a girl who is sitting in his lap, no wrong sitting up and down at his lap. He felt pure pleasure. In between six year at hogwarts this is the first time he feels it.

He remembered the story lines what cause this.


Harry was standing at the middle of the party. Until now he can't able to find a reason why he is here, mean the slug club. If professor Dumbledore did not tell him to do his secret mission which concerns the professor slughorn, he definitely going to tell the man to 'bugger off' as he is bragging to dragging him here and there to pupils. Famous pupils. He don't care. All he care what now is he going to do.

Suddenly professor Slughorn come into the view."Harry ! My boy, how are you doing."

Fuck! "Fine sir."

"So as i see you don't have a date right." he is looking at him longily.

"Umm..err...yes sir." No god he can't be a gay.

"Okay so meet this charming young lady by me. I think she shall be your date for this afternoon. What you say."

His eyes slide to his right as she noticed a girl. She has a dark honey blond hair with very rich skin tone. Truly the girl took his eyes from the first. He then lingered a view at her. Her face was pretty, very pretty with a striking blue eyes. She wore a silver green dress that could give a chill to fire as it blend perfectly with her curvy figure. His eyes roam a bit as fell into her chest. She is definitely a lady. Her nipple slightly perk about in her dress. She is really smokin HOT !

He heard a cough that bring him in the real. The girl was watching him closely with a glare but he swear he can see amusement in there. He blushed a bit then said to professor.

"ummm…yeah…right..i mean yes it will be my pleasure to have a beautiful lady with me tonight."

"Charming as always, Harry, Enjoy yourself. Oh ! Did i forgot to introduce you both. So Mr. Potter this is Daphne Greengrass, One of my favourite student of your year and ms. Greengrass this is Harry Potter as you know. So I took my leave."

with that he left them.Which continue a long silence. Finally he broke it. "So Daphne how are you."


"Okay..umm…care to drink."

"Sure"He lead her to a table as both took their drink.

Finally she said. "You know there is people dancing and we are sitting here like we are mourning."

"Err…So care to dance." he offered her his hand.


That lead them to many dances. When both seems tired. Harry lead her back to table. He offered a glass but she refused a indicate towards another bottle.

"Firewhiskey are you sure." she nodded. So he give her the drink also took a glass for himself.

Then sat there in silence for fw drinks. Harry swears he started feeling himself dizzy. So he stops and looks at his companion.

She looks the same but her cheeks look flushed.

"You okay." He asked.

"Yeah"she said. "You know you are a good dancer."

"I learned from my mistake in my 4th year."

"Also you are gentleman there. It seems all i knew about you is wrong you know all that draco says"

"Yeah. He don't really know me."

"i am thinking the same. So i am thinking can we be friends"

"Sure why not."After some more talking between themselves they took leave from the party as it seems late also very few people are now at the party.Harry lead her towards the dungeon. She seems a little bit drunk but is in her control.

Suddenly he noticed she is staring at him. When she saw him looking towards her she blushed then grab his hand and leads him toward other direction. He protested but she hold him tight. Soon they reached a classroom. She push him in them locked the door and added some charms and locks rapidly. After being sure it is done she turns towards him.

"What are you doing Daphne."

"Don't worry harry."

"What is the meaning of this"

"Oh ! It means we are here for a quick shag."

Flashback Ended.

He bring back to reality as he heard a soft moan. As he looked up he saw that Her cheeks were flushed red. She is moaning and gasping. Her Boobs is opens from her blouse. Her skirt is still there but without her panty. She looks toward him.

"So harry do you like it." as she grind him a bit fast and hard. Her boobs bouncing in front of his face. His mind became blank as he saw that. Her rosy boobs are perfect with a pink soft nipple. With the view of its bouncing in front of him he can't control himself.

He grabbed her. He pushed his head ahead in between her soft boobs. She moan loudly as he sucks in there. He picks both her boobs to his mouth and then played with them. She let out a grasp and began riding him furiously.

He just grabbed her boob as she is in job. After a half an hour later both are panting heavily. Both reached there ending three times in between this time. He is lying in the table as her head in his chest.

"Wow" both said at the same time. Which cause smile to both.

"So harry who is your first ?"

He scratched the back of his head as he answered "You"

"REALLY ! I mean you are the boy-who-lived also one of the hottest guy on the hogwarts and this your first."

He just blushed at her praise.

"Seriously harry where is the idiots girls of Gryffindors as they never attempt a chance with you and look at you, you just fantastic in your first."

He again blushed hard.

"You know harry you are also my first but i have been a player of muggle sports so my virgin wall is disappeared when i was 14."


"Also you should know that i really like you. Therefore i want to shag you. So what about another time."

"okay but it seems somehow wrong."


"I mean i just know you in 3 hrs and here we are but i have a solution."


"So Daphne will you be my Girlfriend"

Which cause a loud moan from harry as his manhood is in her mouth rapidly. She looked up and winked then proceeded.

Harry take it as a yes as they continue their journey for an another hour. And he don't regret it.

She is Hot in Pot actually because she is good at potion

A/N: Don't like it don't read it. I know my grammar is atrocious.

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