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Time after Time
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Time after Time

Chapter One

Ginny opened her eyes and looked up. Her eyes were fuzzy and her head ached. What had happened she thought to herself.

'Ginny! Quick Arthur, she's waking up!' Molly Weasley shouted to her husband who came running over at his wife's screams.

'Mum?' Ginny mumbled as her eyes focused upon her mother standing over her. 'Where am I?' Ginny looked down at herself and saw she was in a bed and not in her clothes.

'You're at St Mungo's Ginny. You're all right, just take is easy. You've had a bang to the head.' Molly advised her daughter rubbing her thumb over the back of her daughter's hand.

Ginny covered her eyes with her forearm shielding herself from the light.

'Oh Ginny.' Her mother wailed. 'You've been gone for 3 months! We've been worried sick! Where have you been?

'What year is it?' Ginny mumbled.

'Year?' Molly Weasley replied.

'What year is it mum?' Ginny insisted.

'1999.'Molly replied.

'Mum' Ginny said quietly 'Can we talk later. I'm tired.' Ginny said as she placed her hands over her face.

'Of course Ginny.' Arthur said as he wrapped his arms around his worried wife. 'Come on Molly, let Ginevra sleep. We have plenty of time to talk.' He said leading his wife out of the hospital ward.

When Ginny awoke again it was dark and all she could hear was the snoring of others around her on the ward.

Ginny sat up carefully and rubbed her eyes. What had happened? One minute she was with him and the next she was here.

Ginny scooted to the end of the hospital bed and lowered her feet to the floor. Ginny leant against the bed as she looked around the ward. She spotted a bathroom at the end of the ward near the nurse's station and made her way slowly to the bathroom.

Ginny walked into the bathroom and over to the sink. She turned on the cold tap and ran her hands underneath. She leant forward and splashed her face with cold water. She stood up and looked at herself in the oval mirror above the sink.

Ginny gasped as she caught sight of herself.

She ran her hand up the side of her right cheek and stopped as she reached her red large bump above her right eye. Ginny moved forward closer to the mirror to get a closer look at her head. Ginny gasped again as she moved. Pain shot through her side and grabbed at her ribs. She moved back and lifted the white t-shirt she was wearing to look at her bruised ribs.

Ginny felt tears come to her eyes. She wasn't crying with the pain, she was crying at the thought of him.

She wondered where he was right now, she wondered if he knew she was back or even if he remembered her.

A knock at the door disturbed Ginny who quickly wiped her tears.

'Ms. Weasley, are you okay?' Came a voice from the outside of the room.

'Just coming.' Ginny replied as she moved towards the door. She placed her hand on the doorknob and sighed as she opened the door.

'You must rest.' The dark haired nurse said to her and she helped Ginny back to bed. 'You've had a nasty fall.'

'When can I go home?' Ginny asked as she was settled back into bed.

'In a day or two Ms. Weasley.' The nurse stated as she walked away from Ginny.

When Ginny awoke next, Hermione was sat next to her bed.

'Mione.' Ginny said as she turned her head.

Hermione smiled and reached for Ginny's hand. 'How are you feeling?' she asked.

'Better than yesterday.' Ginny replied as she sat up slowly.

'Where have you been Gin? Hermione asked, straight to the point as usual.

'No waiting about eh Hermione?' Ginny said she a small smile appeared.

'Well you've been gone 3 months Gin and no one could find you. We thought….' Hermione stopped before she said anymore.

'You thought I had been killed?' Ginny asked her friend.

'No….yes. We didn't know what to think.' Hermione replied.

'I time travelled Hermione.' Ginny stated as she looked at her friend.

'Time traveled? To where?' Hermione asked. Ginny could tell she had 101 questions for her.

'1971.' Ginny replied as she pulled her hair back.

'1971! How? Why?' Hermione asked as she leant forward looking at her friend.

'I don't know. I wish I could tell you Mione. One minute I was walking down the corridor by Seve…. Snape's office and the next minute I was waking up in the hospital wing in 1971.' Ginny replied. 'Hermione can we finish talking about this another time, I'm getting tired again.'

'Of course Gin.' Hermione said as she stood up. 'I'll see you when you come home.'

When Ginny awoke next she found a bundle of letters and the daily prophet on her hospital bed next to her. Ginny caught the heading of the Daily Prophet and immediately picked up the paper looking at the front page.

'Malfoy Marriage Ends after 25 years!'

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