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Time after Time
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Time after Time

Chapter Two

'Sev…. Professor Snape.' Ginny said as she sat up in her hospital bed.

'You can call me Severus Ginny.' Severus Snape stated as he sat in the beige chair beside her hospital bed. 'How are you?'

'I'm fine… I'm okay now.' She replied as she stared at her once professor and now friend.

'I look different from the last time you saw me.' He smirked.

Ginny nodded. It was so surreal to be back and to see her once 18-year-old friend now back to the man she knew as her Professor. She looked at his face, still the same but older.

'I suppose I haven't changed.' She replied as she crossed her legs on top of her bed covers. Wearing black muggle leggings and an oversized pale pink jumper, which showed off her left, shoulder Ginny smiled at her friend.

'No you are just the same Ginerva. Exactly the same as the day you left.' He replied sitting back and crossing his arms.

'How…how is…' Ginny mumbled trying to ask Severus her burning question

'How is Lucius?' Severus replied.

'Yes.' Ginny said as she looked down at her hands in her lap. Ginny felt her heart begin to race wondering about Lucius.

' He is fine.' Severus replied.

'Does he know?' She asked. 'That I'm back I mean?'

'Of course he does.' Severus replied as he looked at Ginny's face. 'Wouldn't surprise me if he hasn't been here already.'

'He hasn't' Ginny said quickly. Lucius hadn't been here and she hadn't received any letters from him.

'Ginevra you might not have known he was here but I assure you he would have been to see you.' Severus replied to her.

'His divorce?' She asked her friend.

'It's nearly completed. He will finally be free of Narcissa.' Severus replied with a smirk. 'I believe he's been waiting for this day for years.'

'Why now?' Ginny replied. She knew why she was asking this question and she hoped to get the answer she was hoping for.

'Why do you think Ginerva?' Severus Snape said as he sat back and stared at the young woman in front of him.

Ginny didn't reply. She didn't know how to reply to that question. She knew what she wanted to say but couldn't bring herself to say it.

'He wants you.' Severus replied as he stood up standing taller than she remembered him.

Ginny stared up at her friend and Professor not knowing what to say or do.

'I need to return to Hogwarts. I will see you soon Ginerva.' He advised her as he slowly walked away leaving the girl in shock.

Ginny returned home to the Burrow the following day. Ginny's parents had been visited by Headmaster Severus Snape the day before Ginny had returned home to explain to them that their daughter had time travelled to when he himself was at school.

Her parents had many questions for Severus who was able to answer a few and dodge a few more questions. Severus let the Weasley Parents know their daughter had passed her NEWT's in 1971 with flying color and would not be needing to return to Hogwarts in Setepmber.

Molly Weasley had wept at missing a milestone in her daughter's life especially as Ginny was her last baby.

Severus Snape had causally missed out the fact Molly Weasley's youngest baby had fallen in love with Death Eater Lucius Malfoy. He thought he'd leave that one for Ginny knowing her mother and father would be more than shocked to find out that small detail.

Ginny walked out of the shower and wrapped a white towel around her body. She wrapped her hair up in a black towel upon her head and made her way across the hallway to her room.

Ginny had always had her own room being the only girl in the family, which she was thankful for. Ginny closed her bedroom door and turned to walk to the mirror noticing a white owl sat on her window ledge.

Ginny made her way over the window that was already open as it was a hot august day. She looked at the owl not knowing whom it belonged to. She had never seen this owl before.

'Who do you belong to?' Ginny said as she stroked the white owl. 'Is that for me?' she asked as she took letter from the owl.

Ginny took the letter and went to sit on her bed. She slowly opened the envelope which was bare and pulled out the cream parchment.

Ginny opened the letter reading the scrawling writing.


Meet me at Hog's Head Inn tomorrow night at 8pm.

Yours truly,


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