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Rewriting Stars
Aberforth D. & Albus D. & Bathilda B. & Gellert G. - Words: 22,847 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 15 - Reviews: 5 - Updated: 21-12-2018 - Published: 04-12-2018 - Complete - by VSnow (FFN)

A/N: I was writing headcanons down ever since seeing FBCOG. I have the draft finished for the entire fic so that I can be sure it is completed. I've been terrible at finishing fics lately. I'm sorry if you have been following me throughout the last few years. Thank you for sticking with me.

So far I've planned that this will be 5 chapters long (~1000 words each). I will be posting a chapter once a week (maybe more) until it is completed.

We have 2 years before another movie so I might as well write/theorize now, right?

Reviews are appreciated!

The title comes from not knowing what to call the story XD. I was listening to the song Rewrite the Stars from The Greatest Showman on repeat when writing. Specifically "Zac Efron, Zendaya - Rewrite The Stars (Aquarius Remix)" on youtube.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and this is just for fun and speculation at a past history. J.K.R and Warner Brothers own everything!

It was a small village.

A very small village…

How had such a comfort become such a burden? Albus watched as his younger brother entered the barn to tend to the goats.

As always. Everything was 'as always'.

The oldest remaining Dumbledore looked around to make sure Ariana was nowhere in sight before burying his face into his hands.

He was so tired of this village.

The young man's mind felt as though it was pounding against his stull to escape. It hadn't been three months since he had become the sole caretaker and provider of the family.

It had already been ten months since graduation.

Ten months that he could have been exploring the world.

Even though he did not dare admit it, the weight that was placed on him so suddenly had left him with many sleepless nights.

But he still had to focus. A new task lay ahead of him.

Today the wool will be sheered from the sheep. But what after? Albus thought back to what their mother used to do. Why had he not needed to pay attention to until now. Who can I ask? Only one name came to mind.


This neighbor had been their closest since the family's move from Mould-on-the-Wold.

It was decided. Albus needed to ask for help.

Little did he know that knocking on that door would change his future greatly. And that change started in the most mundane way possible.

The door opened to reveal a spry middle aged woman, "Albus!" The witch recognized him immediately, "So lovely to see you dear."

"Good day Bathilda." Albus greeted, "Would I be able to ask a favor of you please?"

"Of course dear." She stepped aside, ushering the youth in, "Come in, come in. Would you like some tea?"

And that was it.

That had been the start of it all.

That day was when Albus learned to spin and help his sister knit the warmest cloths you could ever wish to wear.

Of course, he would not appreciate the clothing in the least at this time. But it would grow to become something he longed for most in his old age.

From that time Bathilda happily guided the Dumbledore children as though they were her own.

The three orphans took care of the aging woman in return.

Albus had always loved to write, he had even written for magazines in his school days. Bathilda and her guidance awakened that passion once again. Writing and creating new spells had become a hobby of sorts for the young man.

These hobbies were the only things that kept him sane as owls with news of love and adventure were sent to him by former classmates.

One evening as he had been writing in his room he felt the strangest desire to look up. This was something that rarely happened unless his sister was calling. His eyes were drawn to a figure outside. The person seemed lost, both confused and out of place. This person was one Albus was sure he had never seen before. He watched curiously as the new figure spun around, looking intently for something.

With this Albus was finally able to confirm that indeed he had never seen this person's face before. He felt as though he might remember.

Even in his early adolescence Albus had never been one to fixate on every attractive person he saw. But this stranger was different somehow.

Albus was sure his attraction was purely out of curiosity.

After all, someone new entering this very small village expanded it by just a little.

"Albuuuus" Aberforth called from the next room.

The auburn haired boy sighed with frustration, as though his brother had been the one to break his concentration in the first place. With a sense of duty he rose from the desk and attended to his family.

It wasn't until early one morning that the answers would come to him.

Albus was in the kitchen making breakfast, Aberforth was in the barn tending to the livestock, and Ariana was still asleep when a gentle knock shook the door.

Albus was sure that it was Bathilda. Single, the woman had made a habit out of sharing her eggs with the Dumbledore's in exchange for goats milk.

The auburn haired boy opened the door as always to find…

…not Bathilda.

Instead it was the stranger.

"Good Morning."

"Good Morning." Albus repeated, unable to think of anything else.

"I hope I have not disturbed you so early." The blond stranger spoke, his words were laced with a distinguishable accent, "My great aunt wanted me to deliver these to you." The stranger held out a basket. Over the contents was draped a cloth that Albus immediately recognized as belonging to Bathilda.

"Bethilda is your aunt?" Albus questioned.

"Has she spoken of me?"

Albus could not recall the neighbor mentioning a great nephew, "No."

"Then you are very perceptive." The young man praised with a warm smile, "I am glad. You are exactly as she has described you."

"I'm sorry, I did not get your name." Albus felt lost. This person obviously knew of him and he knew nothing of the stranger. And if there was anything the young wizard hated it was not knowing.

"Gellert. Gellert Grindelwald."

"Mr. Grindelwald, Tha-"

"Gellert" The new acquaintance insisted.

"Gellert" Albus repeated, testing the name.

"And you are Albus." Gellert was sure.

The two stared at one another, neither knowing what to say past introductions.

"Well then, Albus, will you take them then?" Gellert extended his arms that still held on to the basket.

"Oh, yes yes, of course. Thank you." Albus scrambled, breaking out of his trance to take the basket, "And please give your aunt our thanks. As always, I will return her basket with milk."

Gellert's head turned to the side and Albus realized he had to idea as to why he was speaking of milk.

"I will stop by later and speak with her myself. Again, thank you for the eggs. And it was very nice to meet you." Albus went to shut door.

A foot stopped it.

"I was wondering. Would you be able to show me round?" It was Gellert, "My aunt felt it would be best if another 'young lad' were to tell me where the adventure is in this town."

"I …" Albus thought hard before soberly replying, "-wouldn't know."

Albus felt as though he had placed a brick wall between them.

"Oh." Came a disappointed reply, the smile and any excitement left his face.

"But I can still show you around, if you would like." Albus tried, hoping it would be enough, "But please do not get your hopes up." He added honestly.

And the wall shattered.


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