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Don't Break My Heart, Marauder
James P. & Lily Evans P. & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 28,302 - Rated: K+ - English - Drama & Romance - Chapters: 9 - Updated: 19-01-2019 - Published: 24-12-2018 - by Arthurs Merlin (FFN)

Don't Break my heart, Marauder

Authors Note: Do not own HP characters. But everyone else belongs to themselves and my own imagination. I know that Tom Riddle by 1977/8 was waging war against the wizarding and muggle world but I have decided to leave that very loosely in the background of my fiction writing.

Instead I write and examine the complex (and sometimes simple) relationships between my characters. I set events around experiences of my friends, me and my family and somewhat different circumstances. I stray from cannon plotlines sometimes to include other developments which will work around the characters I write.


17-year-old James Potter is fighting against his fathers' illness, dealing with a heart broken ex-girlfriend and of course last but not least figuring out once and for all if he and Lily Evans really are on the same page for once… and will Sirius Black ever really change his Marauding ways?

(In later chapters our lovely Deranged Lestrange will make an appearance and it will not end well for her when Paige Howlett gets hold of her after she hurt, destroyed and took her family….)

Chapter Introduction:

At the end of their sixth year Paige Howlett and her boyfriend James Potter had been happy until a small "incident" and ended their relationship… but now in their seventh and final year James has been made Head Boy and the girl responsible for Paige's broken heart might just have been made Head Girl….


In the heart of London was one of the world's busiest train stations with trains departing to locations all over Britain Kings Cross was truly one of the most integral part of the country' impressive transport network, its close location next door to St Pancras was pivotal when it came to delivering a first class service. And for this reason the only train to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry would depart at exactly 11 o'clock from platform 9 ¾. Had any muggle or no-Maj gone in search of such a platform they would be truly disappointed as without magical ability the platform would not allow you to enter and for this reason many muggles were oblivious to the small fact that several wizards passed seamlessly through an apparently thick, solid brick wall between platform 9 and 10 every September 1st.

And September 1st had come round far faster than it ever had before. None more so than for17-year-old James Potter.

During the summer holidays James Potter had not only grown several more inches in height but his attitude was changing, the world he had grown up in been a part of all of his life was under threat and he knew the day may come when the world he loved so much would be attacked. He was however quite relieved in one sense to be returning to the familiar surroundings and safety of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

His home life, once the envy of any witch or wizard at Hogwarts was changing. Slant Gate had been home to the Potter family for a hundred or more years and had been purchased using a large amount of gold awarded to James great, great grandfather for the part he played in the muggle First World War. It was a house set over four impressive floors and had a very large red bus in the garden, left over from the previous muggle owners who had been obsessed with the TFL (Transport for London). It was an odd edition to the house but James recalled many a happy time when he and Sirius would hang out in it over the summer holidays. The house itself had been one of the most protected and fortified wizarding homes in Britain until James father Monty Potter had been diagnosed with Aged Wizard Dementia (AWD) at the end of last year, and his spells and enchantments had begun to fail, James had tried his best to restore and replace the fading magical protections.

Over the summer his father had started to become aggressive towards James and his mother, Monty ranted about his magic being perfectly powerful and shouted at James to stop lecturing him on how to use his own magic. James felt helpless when his once brilliant father acted like a child.

But when he had left Slant Gate that morning his mother had said

'Go to school James, and your father and I will be able to manage without you. I promise,' Effie said hugging her son at the front door of Slant Gate. He really didn't want to leave her.

'Mum, please be careful,' James said worried, his father was sitting in his wheelchair just inside the doorway with Cheddar, their long serving house elf who James had named when he was a little wizard.

'James Potter you are going back to school. Your father would be proud of you if he,' Effie choked raising her handkerchief to her face, James pulled his mum into an embracing hug and kissed the top of her head noticing her once brilliant blonde hair was turning a pale shade of grey around the ends.

'Mum, I know, I know,' James said fighting tears he looked over his mum at his dad who appeared to be preoccupied with thin air and was murmuring to himself.

'Now,' she said pushing James gently away from her which was difficult seeing as he was nearly a foot taller than Effie now 'you give my love to my second son, and tell that Remus he needs to start eating other things than just red meat,'

James nodded, smiling thinking of Remus and Sirius brought him a little extra comfort.

'Love you mum,'

'And I love you too my little deer,' and she kissed her son as he bent down to hug her one last time before he apparated.

James fishing out a small black velvet box from the top pocket of his travel bag. He found an unoccupied bench half way down platform 9 ¾ and dragged his trolley to a stop.

Collapsing onto the bench he opened the small box and inside a bright claret and gold badge printed with the following words in brightest gold


James was not sure he deserved this badge, after all there were far more deserving wizards, or was James just starting to become scared of the responsibility of all life was placing upon his broad shoulders?

The idea of James Potter being anything more than a quidditch player with a penchant for pulling pranks had been a laughable ideal, but at the end of his fifth year he had met a fellow student from Hogwarts during the Halloween holidays in Hogsmeade. Her name was Paige Howlett and she had quickly become a feature in his and the lives of his friends over the next few months and when she returned home from Christmas in the January of their fifth year James had asked her out. She was mad on Quidditch, a dedicated follower of the Appleby Arrows, but Paige had never even considered trying out for her house quidditch team and under James' encouragement he had forced her to try out for the team.

They were a good fit, a match.

But at the end of their sixth year after a year of dating James made a mistake and it was something that Paige Howlett could not forgive him.

On the ride back to Kings Cross at the end of the year they had parted ways.

He had taken days and weeks to disentangle himself from his feelings for Paige Howlett. But overthinking every aspect of their relationship was fruitless and after over a year together Paige Howlett and James Potter had parted ways. It had not been pretty particularly because someone else had been involved. Until now he had put the events of last year to the back of his mind but being here, now, on the platform he knew he would come across his scorned ex-girlfriend sooner rather than later. Paige had told him she didn't want to hear from him and that she would make contact if and when she was ready to talk to him, but all summer he had gone without a scrap of news from his now ex-girlfriend, Hufflepuff Seeker Paige Howlett.

It was not overnight, he missed her some days, thinking about her half smile when she found something funny in one of muggle fiction books and she would giggle to herself and close her eyes, no doubt imagining herself in the story. James shook his head, he didn't want to think about Paige laughing, smiling and the way she would kiss his neck sweetly when she was too nervous to look him in the eye. This thought had caught him unaware, and James found he was unconsciously smiling. James had to admit he missed her but it was his own fault. He had crossed a line with another witch.

And Paige Howlett could not forgive him.

And the witch in question was now standing on platform 9 ¾ in close proximity to James Potter, the closest he had been to Lily Evans since they shared that illicit kiss.

Authors Note: I am very pleased and proud of this chapter, it is the THIRD REWRITE. And I would love to hear what you all think

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