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Don't Break My Heart, Marauder
James P. & Lily Evans P. & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 36,601 - Rated: K+ - English - Drama & Romance - Chapters: 13 - Updated: 27-01-2019 - Published: 24-12-2018 - by Arthurs Merlin (FFN)

Authors Note: If you are enjoying this story please read and review, this is a chapter dedicated to how my battered and bruised heart felt when I needed space from my ex Martin (but now we are fine, took nearly 10 years of work though!) The lives of the Marauders will become more mysterious in later chapters. I don't own HER characters or Hogwarts but Martin and San belong to themselves, Paige is technically me so I own her!

In this chapter Paige reaches a very important decision about her future friendship with James

The Hospital Wing was quiet and San had left with Martin over an hour ago. Paige lay uncomfortably her arm wrapped up in a bandage she still didn't want to look down at her wound. And more crucially she didn't want to think the worst of all things, that her godmother was gone. Kidnapped. Murdered even? Rolling over on her good arm Paige began to cry. Sobbing harder and harder she was unaware of James Potter taking up the vacant seat next to her bed.

He gently tapped her on the shoulder. Paige shuffled, wiping her eyes she heard James' familiar tone.

'Are you okay?'

'Hello,' Paige mumbled sniffling 'I would get up and hug you but,'

'I came to check on you. Thought you would be back in the common room by now,' James looked over her injuries, at least she was no longer bleeding. But her feinting anywhere near blood was something James recalled vividly after he had been injured during a fierce Quidditch game against Slytherin last year.

'No- my arm is broken, Madam Pompfrey says it will take a night to grow back. I didn't even feel it I was that frightened,'

'That's the Quidditch player in you that, I've played through several games with broken fingers, wrists- even broke my nose once,' he said trying to sympathise with her.

'James why have you come to see me?' Paige prodded him, a steely silence crept between them.

'You're my friend, you were hurt- I wanted to check up on you talk to you,'

'But it isn't your job anymore James,' Paige replied wincing in pain as she shifted to look at him properly 'you don't have to show that much concern about me anymore,'

James flinched

'I brought back up to school, and'

'You had too, your head boy. You were just being- responsible,' Paige said firmly burying her emotions was proving harder and harder to control the longer James sat there.

'I thought you knew me better than that,' he said bitterly

'I do know you James, that's why this is hard for me to say,' she swallowed hard and her light pale blue eyes looking almost straight through him she said 'I don't think I can be your friend James, not yet,' she added shaking her head

'Why can't you be my friend?' he said a mixture of emotions sounding out in his voice 'we were friends before,'

'I don't know if I can do it James, one day I'm over you- the next I miss you- Please James, just leave me alone,' and she rolled back over moving her arm carefully preventing the bandages from slipping.

'There's my feelings to be considered here too, you know. Don't you think I miss you sometimes?' James demanded

'You can't miss me, if you did you wouldn't have kissed Lily,'

'Oh god Paige- I thought we were past all this- working towards being friends,' James cried out a high level of annoyance now piercing his voice when he spoke

'Exactly my point James,' she said twirling around twisting her sheets 'you might be, but James I'm not. I need more space, more time. Please if you ever really cared for me you'll leave me alone,'

And with not a single word more James Potter jumped from the chair and walked away out of the Hospital Wing away from Paige Howlett.

San Nowell was waiting outside of the Slytherin Common Room for Martin to finish at his house meeting, normally she would've waited inside but today was different. It was a very important meeting Martin had told her and he would join her when it was finished. He was already running over by ten minutes. She was clutching her dark red velvet rucksack to her chest after accidentally breaking the strap this morning in Transfiguration.

The portrait swung open and Severus Snape was the first t emerge his hair was dark, black and as greasy as ever. Noticing San briefly he addressed her

'Martin is still talking to Fabian, he said to tell you he will be out soon,' and after delivering his message swooped away like a bat away from San who attemted to peer into the portrait hole but it closed promptly.

'Hello my little vixen,' Martin said kissing her deeply, he took her rucksack from her and knowingly looking at the broken strap quickly mended it with a quick charm.

'Why didn't I think of that?' she murmured to herself as Martin handed it her back.

'I want to take you somewhere tonight, but we have to be careful. It's a place only Slytherin students know about. And the members trust you to visit there too,'

'That's why you were so long? You were discussing this sescret place?' San surmised as hey wandered back u to the main halls of the school.

'Yes and San you have to promise for once to be quiet,'

'I can behave myself sometimes,' San said innocently flattering her eyes at her boyfriend. He pulled her up to the main staircase which was emptying and together they climbed and climbed to the top most staircase. This particular staircase led only to the astronomy tower San thought, but to the left of the landing where they stood was a small door that if Martin hadn't pointed it out she wouldn't have seen it.

'Serpus, Infinate, Aurumi, Felicis' he whispered pointing his wand at the doorway and it started to grow and grow to full size.

'After you,' Martin said pushing her towards the door. He gave her a reassuring smile as her hand enclosed on the bright red door handle. She entered the room and to her surprise fond it to be a huge cavernous room where the pillars should've been were carved serpents made of flocked white marble. Gargoyles and carved heads of house elves lined the walls running the length of the cavernous room. At the very end of the room stood an altar covered in a deep blood red velvet cloth lined with golden candle holders.

'This is sacred to all Slytherins and San I brought you here with good reason. When you came into my life I thought you were incredible, feisty and so passionate about your beliefs. You love with no regrets and I've spent the last few hours convincing my Slytherin house mates that you belong here, you belong with me San.'

'Martin why exactly did you want to bring me here?'

'After today the world is not what everyone thinks it is. Dark times are coming San and I want you to be on the right side when the time comes. I want you by my side Miss Sage April Nowell.' Martin said, he looked nervous.

'I'm always by your side, when am I not?' she joked

'Please, will you let me finish for god sake, this is hard enough as it is'

'Oh Mart, ok I'll be quiet,' San smirked

'San,' he paused taking her hand he dragged her towards the altar 'this is important, probably the most important thing I will ever do in my life.' He paused and pulling out a golden egg shaped box carried on

'Will you marry me, be my life partner, my equal number?'

San nodded, she was speechless and as he placed the dragons tyle ring on her finger the altar burst into flames and San jumped backwards, Martin catching her effortlessly. He smiled happily at her.

'He approves,' Martin said smiling overlooking the flames across the altar

'Who approves,' San said sceptically backing into Martin as the flames became more intense the compulsion to reach for her wand was overwhelming but Martin caught her hand before she could even move as if reading her mind.

'Salazar, he accepts you into the house and life of a Slytherin Bride,'

When James returned to the common room he found Lily alone watching the clock chime 11 o'clock. She had her sketchbook in over her lap and a bottle of empty red wine was on the coffee table with her pencils and ink pens. Her eyes fell sleepily on James and noticing his ashen looking face she snapped awake.

'Goodnight Lily,' he called moving across the common room, Lily stood up and marched quickly behind him and flung her arm out in front of hims topping him in his tracks,

'Woha- James Potter- you look like hell. You look like the world on your shoulders is about to crush you,'

He shook his head, his shoulders slumped he looked and sounded broken.

'I don't know Lily, I don't think you want to hear about it,'

'Hey,' she said snapping her fingers in front of him 'I have got the time to listen to you James Potter,'

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