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Desperate Measures
Gellert G. & Hermione G. - Words: 46,018 - Rated: M - English - Drama & Romance - Chapters: 28 - Reviews: 54 - Updated: 08-02-2019 - Published: 10-01-2019 - by Makilome the Lady Autist (FFN)

Chapter 15: The Musings of Albus Dumbledore

Note: Still casting for Dumbledore. Its now between a James McAvoy (Professor X- XMen Apocalypse) and Benedict Cumberlatch (I probably butchered his last name. Played Dr Strange)


I do not own Harry Potter. I own Titus Malfoy, Gavin Knowles, Madam Blanche and this plotline.

At Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, who knew Director Graves in the past, puzzles at his behavior at the MACUSA Yule Ball. He senses something off and has a feeling that Hermione Granger was at the center of it!

Albus' POV

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was rarely shocked by anything. He ran a school that was sentient and kept its own secrets! But now he found himself simply at a loss, and he didn't like it!

A nagging feeling had started within him had started a month ago. Like something major had changed. But what?! Through his sources he knew his old friend Gellert Grindlewald had been gathering followers throughout Europe.

He had expected him to make some kind of move! Gellert had always believed that he who attacked first had the upper hand after all. Yet there had been nothing! Not a single attack in any muggle territory. No mass display of magic to blow the Statute of Secrecy up into the skies!

It was unlike Gellert to wait and watch! And the man wasn't dead. He would know. During that long ago summer they became blood brothers, he literally would have felt it! He didn't like to think about that time!

He had been young and foolish and Gellert had been beautiful and passionate, full a fire! He had fooled himself into believing they could ever be something! In time, Gellert began to scare him.

His friend began to delve into areas of magic that they had no business meddling with! Ancient Magic that their ancestors had wisely turned their backs on. That kind of magic always had a terrible price!

He had tried to reason with him. The magic he was playing with, the message he was preaching, the price was to high! If the muggles truly knew, they would be HUNTED once more! It was a Christian world out there now, and Christians would not tolerate them to exist!

Yet Gellert twisted his reasoning. "Exactly! We scampered and hid with our tails between our legs instead of standing together! We had the power and the numbers to drag them out of the Dark Ages but instead we closed ourselves off and we all paid the price! The Roman Catholic Church had a stranglehold on the Western World till the Enlightenment because of that!" he still remembered his words after all this time.

He knew Gellert would never walk away from this madness. His silence meant something. But what?! As Albus thought on all this drinking his morning tea an owl came through his window with the morning paper.

Albus was looking forward to the distraction. The MACUSA Annual Yule Ball had taken place last night, and Albus did deeply enjoy gossip! It was one of his guilty pleasures he couldn't help but indulge in once and a while.

The photo almost had him spitting out his morning tea!

Is Love in the Air for MACUSA's Director Graves? By Anora Quickloch

Well readers, it was that time of year again and our dear friend Madam President Picquery invited us to cover MACUSA'S biggest event! As always our American cousins dazzled with the theme of Asgard and a well done Bifrost Bridge. But the biggest shock came from the notoriously handsome and MACUSA's most eligible bachelor, Director Percival Graves.

Now I don't need to tell you readers of how good a catch he would be! A self made man, Director Graves is the youngest Director of Law Enforcement in the world and a well known prodigee at his job!

Many have voiced to us in the past that the distant Director Graves was married to his career and would likely never settle down. Last night shocked the whole of MACUSA and this reporter!

For the first time since the Director started his career with the Magical Congress he did not arrive to the ball alone! A upcoming star in MACUSA, Undersecretary for the Regulation of Magical Creatures Hermione Granger made a splash on the Director's arm!

Many were shocked except for the Madam President who gave me the details! "Director Graves has had his eye on Miss Granger since she started here." she told this reporter.

Other co workers had things to add. "They always eat lunch together" Gia Ravenwolfe told me. " Always walking together in the halls. I never knew the Director knew how to smile." she told me.

Sounds love is in the air at MACUSA and this reporter congratulates the new power couple!

Albus stared at the paper in complete shock! He had been friends with Percival since his one year at Hogwarts on an exchange program! He was a brilliant man, with a mind for Arithmancy and a powerful dueler.

He was a very reserved, strict man. He kept himself always at arms length with a heavy dislike for being touched! He followed the rules like muggles obeyed the Ten Commandments! And yet…

Here was a photo. Percival dancing close with a lovely witch in his arms, spinning her around and smiling at her! Percival didn't know how to dance! Something was going on, he could just feel it!

Miss Hermione Granger was a new player, an unknown and he didn't like it! Whatever was happening she was at the center, he just knew it! "I think its time Percival and I have a chat." he thought to himself.

He had to get to the bottom of this, for Wizarding Kind's sake, for the Greater Good!

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