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Formans Familia
Harry P. & Lucius M. - Words: 164,627 - Rated: M - English - Family & Romance - Chapters: 40 - Reviews: 1190 - Updated: 19-12-2012 - Published: 30-05-2012 - Complete - by Michally (FFN)

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter world, and all of it's characters, belong to J.K. Rowling. I own none of it.

Authors Note: This is my first attempt to write Fanfiction. I have so far written 26 chapters of this story, and over 100,000 words. Reading over the first chapters again I can promise you that the writing style gets better.

A few things before the story starts. This is mostly AU from the Order of the Phoenix. Also in this Harry Potter World Hogwarts' students start at the age of 12 instead of 11.

This is a creature fic, and an mpreg fic, and has some slight Dom/sub creature instincts. These are all things that my sister hates in a story, so I won't be at all offended if you don't read this. It also has Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Molly bashing.

This story is slash and will have m/m sex scenes, but those scenes will not be published on Fanfic. If you want to read them, they can be found on the Archive of Our Own website under the same Pen Name.

Thanks to my wonderful Beta, Sounding Board, and sister – Kakariki – without her this story would have have been possible.

Thanks for reading


Lucius Malfoy sighed. This was not the kind of mission that the Dark Lord normally assigned to his inner circle. They were hiding in the Department Of Mysteries waiting for a teenage boy to arrive, when he did arrive they would then threaten him to hand over the Prophecy Orb and leave with the Orb – preferably with no casualties on either side. Lucius understood why he was here – now that the Dark Lord had regained his sanity it was especially important that they knew the contents of the prophecy – but that did not mean that he was enjoying himself.

At the signal, they moved out of hiding and into Potter's line of sight for the charade to begin. The second Lucius saw Potter he felt his heart rate speed up. It was all he could do not to start preening and baring his neck. He had found his mate. His mate that he had been waiting for ever since he came into his creature inheritance twenty five years ago.

As he stood staring at Potter fighting his urge to bare his neck he felt Rodolphus elbow in his side, he was supposed to be threatening Potter for the prophecy. He couldn't do it. He couldn't threaten his mate, his dominant mate, the one he was longing to have look after and care for him. He shot Rodolphus and significant look and slid to the back of the group Rodolphus sent him confused look but never the less moved to the front of the group to begin the conversation with Potter.

But, throughout his banter with Rodolphus, Potter continued to stare at Lucius with a predatory gaze. As Lucius met his gaze, despite the voice in his head screaming at him to bare his neck, he felt a flicker of legilimency and as though his shields where non existent he heard Potters voice in his head,

"You may run for now little one, but I will claim you soon." And with that Potter's eyes moved over to Rodolphus as he continued the conversation.

Lucius stared at his mate, how had he known? Potter was only sixteen – he wouldn't come into his inheritance until his birthday. Without his inheritance he would have to be an incredibly powerful and disciplined wizard to recognise his mate. Which made no sense, because Potter had never shown any kind of extraordinary power levels or magical discipline. Even now as the first curses began to fly all he was shooting were averagely powered stunner and expelliarmus spells. As Lucius dodged a spell he shoved all his thoughts to the back of his mind and started sending back low level curses towards the teenagers. This was the hard bit, they had to look like they were actually trying to kill the teenagers while insuring that none of them actually got hurt.

Nothing to consequence happened during the battle, except for Bellatrix forgetting that the fight was supposed to be casualty free and sending his mate's godfather through the veil. Lucius considered that in hindsight Bella should never have been chosen for this mission. She had been both insane and unstable since Azkaban, not that she had been particularly stable before hand.

The battle ended with Fudge and his Aurors bursting in and all of the Death Eaters using a portkey to retreat. The minute Lucius's portkey landed at Riddle manor he strode away, he needed to think. He had found his mate. His mate was Harry Potter. His mate was somehow powerful enough and disciplined enough to recognise Lucius as his soul mate without his creature inheritance. And his mate had somehow hidden his power and discipline from everyone for five years now. Lucius smiled, he had found his mate, and his mate recognised him and wanted to claim him. He wouldn't be alone for much longer. Soon his mate would look after and care for him.

As Lucius hid himself in a comfy armchair in the back corner of the Riddle library he considered how his life would change after his mate claimed him. He would finally be able to divorce Narcissa. He'd had evidence of her infidelity for years now, but he hadn't felt that he had the strength to go through with leaving her. Draco wouldn't mind the divorce, Narcissa had never been there for her son, she was more interested in the latest fashion and parties or her latest conquest. As a submissive creature Lucius had, in reality, been Draco's mother figure; and when Lucius had mated with Harry, Draco's creature and magic would recognise Harry as his father figure. That could complicate things. He would have to warn Draco that he was about to gain a father figure that was actually younger than him...

"Lucius? Are you in here?" Lucius sighed, he should have known the Rodolphus would come after him.

"I'm back here Rodolphus." Rodolphus had been a good friend while they had been at Hogwarts, and their friendship had only grown when they had both been trapped in loveless marriages with the Black sisters as wives.


Rodolphus came around the last bookshelf and conjured himself an armchair across from Lucius' chair. He conjured a small table and called a House Elf for tea. Only after the tea had been served did he look up at Lucius.

"What happened tonight? It isn't like you to bow out like that?"

"He's my mate Rodol, I couldn't...I, it was hard enough to stand there on the opposing side and not bare my neck to him. I couldn't oppose him. He recognised me as his mate as well and promised to claim me." Lucius smiled.

One of Rodolphus' eyebrows rose, "Potter is your mate?" As Lucius inclined him head in agreement he continued, "I thought Potter was only sixteen? How could he recognise you as his mate?"

Lucius shrugged.

"That would mean that he is much more than he appears." Rodolphus continued, "We should ask Severus about him, he is the one who sees him everyday. You say he spoke to you? How? It certainly wasn't verbal."

"I heard him in my head, it felt like legilimency but it was as if my shields were non-existent. Do you really think we should ask Severus? He hates Harry, besides if he knew something was off about Harry's abilities surely he would have mentioned it all those times he was ranting about him. What if he decides he doesn't want to be friends with me because of Harry?"

Rodolphus smiled, "Harry huh?" He laughed at the blush that spread across Lucius face. "Luc, I promise you that Severus won't stop being your friend over Potter. Severus isn't like that. You know he cares for you, and your relationship with Potter won't change that."

He sighed as he watched Lucius take his lip between his teeth and start to nibble on it nervously. Normally Lucius portrayed a very dominant dignified Lord, nobody except a few of his closest friends and his son realised how hard it was for him to uphold that image. It went against every creature instinct he had, all of which wanted him to be protected and cared for by his dominant. But, a few years after he had come into his creature inheritance, Lucius had realised that without a dominant mate to care for him he needed to step up and take control of his life. These days it was very rare that Lucius let his walls down even among his friends, and yet the knowledge that he had a mate coming for him had managed to do it easily.


Severus Snape sighed as he looked around the Grimmauld Place kitchen at what was supposed to be a debrief of the 'Department of Mysteries Fiasco' as he had internally dubbed it. Half of the teenagers that had been involved in the night weren't present, not that he wanted them there, but did wonder why Granger and the youngest Weasleys were present and Potter wasn't. Neither were Longbottom or that Lovegood girl, now that he though about it.

"I have discussed the prophecy with Harry," Severus's gaze spun to the Headmaster in disbelief. What?

"And I was very disappointed with how he reacted." Dumbledore continued sadly, "He destroyed all the instruments in my office, including the ones monitoring his health and location."

Inwardly Severus smirked, well at least Potters temper tantrums where good for something. His Lord would be very pleased, as was Severus, he knew that several of those instruments had been keeping tabs on him. But what on earth had Dumbledore been thinking telling the Potter boy about the prophecy not an hour after he had lost his godfather. No scratch that, what had Dumbledore been thinking telling the Potter brat about the prophecy at the age of sixteen? He listened as Dumbledore monologued all the reasons why he had decided to tell the boy.

"He needed to know, it will give him meaning to go on after the death of his godfather," Dumbledore explained, "besides he is old enough to know his part in this war."

Severus sighed. Translation, Potter was getting to the age where he might become interested in romance and his future and Dumbledore thought he needed to understand that he is simply a weapon whose responsibility it was to defeat the Dark Lord. Dumbledore also thought that telling the boy immediately after his Godfather's death would insure that he would be determined to become the best weapon possible to avenge his beloved Sirius.

Severus ignored Dumbledore and instead watched the Order members present for the meeting. Lupin seemed devastated at the loss of Black, Tonks seemed to be hopeful that the death of Black would make the wolf more open to her advances, how crass. The Weasley twins were whispering to one another in the corner, their mother hadn't lost the disapproving scowl that had appeared on her face when Dumbledore mentioned Potter's tantrum. Severus sighed again. Wasn't seven children – the half of whom where nasty brats – enough for the woman? Did she need to take control of another child's life as well? Shacklebolt was frowning at Dumbledore, as was the oldest Weasley son.

Turning his attention back to Dumbledore he listened as the teenagers were questioned about the night's events before the Order had arrived. Granger answered first, obviously, the girl loved the sound of her voice.

"Well sir, Harry had a vision in his History exam. He told us that he saw You Know Who torturing Sirius in the Department of Mysteries and wanted to go save him. I warned him that it was probably a trap, but he refused to listen to me. He told us that he didn't care if it was a trap, that if there was even the slightest chance that he could save Sirius it was worth the risk."

"Attention seeking bastard." The Weasley boy muttered angrily. Severus strengthened his Occlumency shields in shock, he had thought Potter and Weasley were friends. He looked around and realised that no one looked surprised at Weasley's outburst. In fact only Lupin, Shacklebolt, the eldest Weasley son and the Weasley twins seemed to disagree with the statement. Maybe he should attend more Order meetings, since when did they all hate Potter?

"He didn't want us to go with him," Granger continued, "But you told us to always make sure that at least one of us was with him at all times so we had to go along. He tried to get Professor Snape to help, but he didn't help at all."

"Bloody Death Eater!" Weasley snarled and Severus rolled his eyes. Really? Couldn't the boy come up with an original insult?

"Ginny came because we though that in a dangerous situation there should be as many of us there to make sure Harry didn't do anything stupid. Then Neville and Luna decided that they were going to come and help. I don't know why, it's not like Harry's even their friend."

"Loony and the squib, as if they could ever help!" Severus raised his eyebrows at that, admittedly Longbottom was shy and absolutely useless in potions but he had been told that that he had gained a lot of confidence and skill in the last year, and Lovegood was very magically capable.

"We flew to the ministry on Thestrals, and made our way into the Department of Mysteries. We couldn't see Sirius anywhere, but Harry still wanted us to search for him. Then Harry found the prophecy orb with his name on it, and about ten Death Eaters turned up. At first Mr. Malfoy was at the front of the group, but then he moved back and another man – I think he's one of the ones who escaped from Azkaban – talked to Harry and tried to get the Orb off him.."

Severus zoned her out, Lucius had moved back? That was incredibly unlike him. His public persona, which after many years of practice was now his almost constant persona, wouldn't ever step back like that. And he certainly wouldn't have allowed anyone else to take control of a mission he was in charge of. What was wrong with Lucius?

Severus was rather protective of Lucius. He had been there the first few years after Lucius' creature inheritance when he had still been incredibly submissive, expecting to find a dominant mate to care for and look after him. He and Rodolphus had both done their best to protect their friend through that time when everyone, from Narcissa to the shop assistant at Borgin and Burkes, had taken advantage of Lucius' meek nature. After a while they had helped Lucius to build such a strong dominant public persona to protect himself that everyone forgot that he had once been a doormat. What could have happened that had caused Lucius to drop his persona in such a crucial meeting? Suddenly the Order meeting seemed endless as he impatiently waited for Dumbledore to give him permission to leave. He needed to ensure that Lucius was alright.


Lucius was still sitting at the back of the library, and he was alone again. Both he and Rodolphus had been summoned by the Dark Lord for a debrief of the nights events, but Lucius had asked Rodolphus to make his apologies to the Dark Lord. He knew that, though the Dark Lord would demand explanation, he would understand Lucius' need to miss the meeting. It was as if now that he had met his mate and had his persona ripped down, he just wanted to hide until he was claimed by his mate.

Besides there were so many things he needed to consider. How would Severus react to Lucius' mate being Harry? Would Severus be upset? Would he break off their friendship? Or would he support him through it? Maybe if Severus got to know Harry he would like him. He also needed to consider the war. He and Harry were on opposite sides, and he knew that, as the dominant mate, it was Harry's decision what Lucius did with his life. He was thrilled to finally have a mate that would make those kind of decisions for him, but all his friends were on the the Dark side, even the Dark Lord was a friend – though not as close as Severus and Rodolphus. Would Harry require him to defect to the light side? Things were just so complicated.

"Lucius? Where are you?" Lucius' heart sped up, Oh Merlin, what if Severus didn't want to be friends anymore? He didn't have his persona up and if Severus got angry with him he would probably cry. Some days he really hated his submissive hormones.

"Lucius? Are you in here?"

"Back here Severus." Lucius took a few deeps breaths and made a last ditch effort to pull his strong persona back on. It didn't work, he just wanted to curl into a ball and have a mate to hold him.


Severus walked towards the back of the library towards where he had heard Lucius' voice, the Riddle library had been one of the first places he had looked for Lucius. He knew that Lucius enjoyed the comfort and quiet in this library. It was rare that he found it at home. Malfoy Manor was Narcissa' domain, and she had always been a cold manipulative bitch. She had been taking advantage of Lucius' submissive nature since their bonding. And though Lucius had become better at standing up for himself with most people, she had trained him too well in the first years of their relationship for him to ever go against her.

He still hadn't figured out what could have happened to Lucius for him to step back in the confrontation with Potter. He had stopped worrying though, telling himself that Rodolphus would have cared for Lucius and that by now he would be all sorted out. But as he came around the last bookcase and saw Lucius sitting in an armchair looking vulnerable, his worrying started all over again. Where was Rodolphus? And why was Lucius still this shaken up?

"Good evening Severus." Lucius started with a timid smile, "How are you?"

"I am well thank you Lucius, how are you? I have been worried about you."

"Worried about me? Whatever for Severus? I am fine as you see, a little vulnerable I will admit, though you can probably see that as well." Lucius trailed off, "Won't you sit down Sev? I'm afraid that when Rodol left he vanished the chair he had conjured, but I am sure you can conjure one just as well, if not better. You were always very good at conjuring weren't you. Would you like some tea? I'm afraid that it has gone cold and I shall have to send for some more, and a new cup for you as well I suppose..." He trailed off again.

Severus sighed it was worse than he had thought. He hadn't seen Lucius this unsure of himself in years. Whatever could have happened?

"Tea would be lovely thank you Luc." Severus conjured a chair for himself and sat down, only continuing after Lucius had ordered the tea from a House Elf. "I have just come from the Order's debrief of this evenings activities. I was told that you were there. From the accounts I heard you didn't seem quite yourself. Not that any of them noticed." He added quickly as Lucius looked up worriedly

"Yes I was there. As was Rodol. It was wonderful to be working with him again, almost like old times."

"I take it that Rodol was the man the Granger chit described as stepping forward and threatening Potter in your place?"

Lucius inclined his head in agreement.

"I am concerned Luc. You haven't had a reaction like that in public in ten years. What on earth happened tonight?"

"I...Well that is to say..I mean...Rodol! How was the meeting." Lucius exclaimed in relief as he saw his friend come around the last bookcase.

Rodolphus conjured another chair and sat down as he answered.

"It went well, though you were missed. I explained to the Dark Lord that you would give your explanation at a later time and he accepted that. He wasn't pleased that the prophecy was destroyed, but no one was punished for it. He was furious at Bella for killing Black though, it's strange to see him so upset at someone's death. Bella has been put in the dungeons until the Dark Lord decides what he wants done with her. He sees her as a liability. I admit that I certainly won't miss her if he disposes of her." He took the tea that Lucius had poured for him.

"And how are you going Luc? Have you explained the situation to Severus?" He looked between them taking in Severus' half confused and half concerned face and Lucius who had his bottom lip between his teeth. "I'm going to guess that answer is no. Luc you have to tell him. You are going to have to tell the Dark Lord in the next few days anyway and Severus deserves to know first. You know this. It'll be fine Luc, Severus won't be angry and he won't yell. Will you Severus?"

Severus almost jumped as Rodolphus' cajoling tone took a hard edge as he looked pointedly at Severus.

"Of course I won't Luc!"

Lucius however still looked unconvinced as he bit his bottom lip.

"Come on Lucius remember my promise earlier? There is no way that Severus renounce your friendship over this."

This time Severus did move. He moved off his chair to kneel by Lucius, taking his hand.

"That's what your worried about? I promise Luc nothing you could tell me will end our friendship! Nothing!" He pulled Lucius now bruised lip out of his teeth. "You're scaring me Luc, I've never seen you like this before. What happened? What ever it is I promise we will always be friends."

"You promise?" Lucius in a small voice.

"I promise."

When Lucius still didn't produce any details Severus looked helplessly at Rodolphus.

"How about this? Severus will sit back down in his seat, and I will explain the details to him? Does that seem reasonably Lucius?"

At Lucius's slight nod Severus moved back to his chair and looked expectantly at Rodolphus.

"Severus," Rodolphus started, "Tonight at the Department of Mysteries Lucius finally found his mate. However the identity of his mate is not exactly who you would expect and that is the cause of Lucius' behaviour at the moment."

Severus was relieved and delighted. "Your mate! Lucius that's wonderful! After all these years..your mate. But who..?" He thought through the options. People who were there tonight, people who Lucius obviously hadn't spend time with if he hadn't recognised his mate before now so that left the Order members. But according to the account Severus had heard Lucius had stepped back before the Order arrived. Someone that Lucius thought would upset Severus enough he would his hatred of the person over their friendship. Oh Merlin! But that meant.. He took a deep breath and tried to console himself to the idea.

"I take it your mate is Potter Luc?" When he received a nod, he took another deep breath and nodded back, alright, he could deal with this. "Congratulations Lucius! I admit that it will take some getting used to, having Potter in the family, but I am very happy for you Luc. I swear to you, our friendship is far more important to me than my hatred of Potter."

He watched as Lucius looked at him with hopeful eyes that were quickly filling with tears and then shot a panicked look at Rodolphus.

"It's alright Sev, I think these are happy tears."

Lucius sniffled and nodded.

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