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Forever Young
Hermione G. & James P. & Sirius B. - Words: 257,878 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Romance - Chapters: 37 - Reviews: 585 - Updated: 07-09-2015 - Published: 03-08-2012 - by GirlxMarauder (FFN)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my plotline. Unfortunately, sad, but true.

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"Cradle me, I'll cradle you... I'll win your heart with a woop-a-woo. Pulling shapes just for your eyes so with toothpaste kisses and lines I'll be yours and you'll be mine..." (Toothpaste Kisses, The Maccabees)

Chapter 15

"NOW!" she whisper-shouted, as the three of them darted away. Right as they started their run, they heard a jumble of footsteps and loud howls and yelps behind them. They didn't bother looking back, since they would most likely get eaten. This was a dangerous game they were playing: it was both terrifying and exciting.

The normal Hermione in the 90s wouldn't have gone into the Shrieking Shack in the first place, but now her heart and head were focused on the run. It was some animalistic instinct that rose inside of her since the moment they left the castle.

She was the last one running, and soon enough the exit and pale moonbeams were seen from the small exit of the Whomping Willow. Howls and barks were heard from behind them, getting closer and closer; so close, she could basically feel the hot werewolf breath on her neck. Hermione squinted, darting quicker out from underneath the Whomping Willow, anticipating her jump as much as she could.

Ginny and Luna, who were in front of her were nowhere in sight, but instead, there were two beautiful creatures before her – a Pegasus and a beautifully coloured red fox. In mid jump, Hermione managed to transform into her animagus, since she felt that it would be nearly impossible to avoid a bite if she were land on the ground in her human form. She was certain that once in animagus form, the bite would not turn her.

At that moment everything stalled in slow motion. A tickling sensation started from her toes, warming her blood and making her heart pump faster and faster. Her muscles started to define themselves and she felt her clumsiness turning into accurateness. At that moment, her eyes changed. All the objects around her were so obscure and blurry for a single moment, until suddenly, she felt her eyes sharpen and glow.

She was abruptly accustomed to the darkness, as small details and snaps caught her eyes – a rabbit hopping by the Black Lake, a shadow of a student in the window of a room, a small turf of grass in the air from her jump. A strange popping feeling went through her ears, and a small pain into her nose. She smelt autumn leaves, an uncanny wolfish presence behind her, roses, herbs, pine trees, a wet dog… She wrinkled her nose unconsciously and before she knew it, she landed on the ground and immediately darted to the side.

The werewolf clumsily tumbled onto the ground, releasing an aggravated howl and a violent-sounding grunt, as he turned around to face the three creatures standing before him. He backed up slightly, then stretched his neck out and let out a long and sad howl.

Just then, out of the corner of her eye, Moonpaw saw something twitch just to realize it was a rat running on the ground towards the wolf. She turned around and eye the two emerging animal forms – a big black dog and a glorious-looking stag. Involuntarily, either out of sheer excitement or adrenaline, Moonpaw let out a loud bark.

The black dog froze, glancing towards Moonpaw, which aggravated her. Was Padfoot judging her? Or what was wrong? Once again, she let out another bark. Padfoot's eyes twitched to Moonpaw's right, where her two companions were standing.

The deviously red fox was settled on the ground, grooming herself, as the Pegasus was pawing at the ground. Though Hermione couldn't control her emotions, Padfoot seemed like an extremely handsome dog. His fur was sleek and black, glistening in the moonlight, and his fathomless silver eyes were breathtaking. Although he was a dog, Moonpaw could sense a suggestive invisible smirk on his face.

The stag neared them, and Moonpaw observed that she had a rat sitting on his antler. He tilted his head, observing the strange company of the night. A Pegasus, pale but as beautiful as the moon, with long silky feathers, and a playful expression; a fox, quite fond of its fur, although with a mischievous and sneaky gleam in her eye; and a beautiful rough collie, with various white dapples over her fur, an intelligent expression and surprising blue eyes. (this will be explained by the end of the chapter…)

They were being studied by the animals, but Moonpaw felt a rough grunt behind her, followed by small sound of anxiety, but excitement beside her. She looked at the red fox, which was suggestively looking towards the forest, and then to something standing behind Moonpaw, apparently nearing, yet with her new animalistic reflexes, Hermione felt the blow coming and dodged it just in time, before the werewolf could strike her.

At that moment, the three animals darted into the forbidden forest. It felt so comfortable: she could see everything happening around her, but at the same time it was all so distracting – a phenomenal vibrant blur of colours passed Hermione as she continued running and taking in the aroma of the forest.

Suddenly she stopped. There was no one around her, and no place to hide. Moonpaw had a feeling something was going to happen in a matter of seconds, or so her ears could hear it. Just as she suspected the next moment, a fatal cry sounded from around her, which she recognized as the same one they heard while entering the Whomping Willow. She cocked her head and looked up the tree with her extremely powerful eyes. A human being wouldn't be able to see any of the this, but sitting over her head, a dozen meters to the sky was a frilly blue bird.

The bird cocked its head and looked at the dog standing below her. The dog let out an involuntary bark and the bird shrieked and all of the sudden it was gone. Moonpaw looked around with a perplexed expression on her face. Why didn't the bird want to play? Suddenly the human side of her kicked in and mentally slapped herself.

"Stop thinking like a dog, doggamit!" She scolded herself, without realizing the mistake she made, but understood there was no way to deal with it and sighed. Her legs quivered and she had a jolting adrenaline feeling, but stayed intact, trying to collect her human thoughts together, when a loud bark sounded out and before she knew it, she was pinned to the ground.

Aggressively, she bared her teeth at the stranger who dared attack her. That's what she got for thinking like a human at times of transformation. On top of her was a big bear-like dog, which was looking down at her. If it was a human, it would be smirking an arrogan—Sirius. The though struck Hermione like thunderbolt, as the dog looked down at her amusedly.

She growled and pushed the dog over, lamely snapping at the dog and heading into the opposite direction. What she didn't expect next was so be roughly pulled by the tail back until she stumbled over a tree root and fell to the ground. That proud son of a bitch was burning her with his glance again.

She realized that he wouldn't leave her alone. She snarled at him, although playfully, and looked around. She saw Lunefeather cocking her head and then flapping her wings and soaring into the sky, then she saw Reddie smirk and disappear behind a pair of bushes.

Before she could control herself or even start off with a plan, she was running deeper and deeper into the forest, dodging trees, jumping over roots and logs, and laughing to herself. She heard a hard playful panting not far behind her and realized Padfoot was still chasing her. A large opening between two trees expanded, on the diagonal of which there was a partially fallen pine tree, ready to crumple at any minute.

Moonpaw smirked, and sped up, as she felt Padfoot gaining up on her. It was a matter of precision and time that she jumped over the fallen tree, kicking it with her two strong back legs and pushing off as hard as she could. As she hoped, the impact was successful, as the tree rusted beneath her and fell down, blocking the way for the other dog animagus.

She turned around, slightly worried, but at the same time curious. A couple minutes passed and there was a small ruffling as well as a groan coming from behind the ruin of logs. Moonpaw looked strangely over in regards to the noise and carefully made her way around the trees towards the sound.

There, amidst the rubble was Sirius. He has sitting and rubbing his back, shaking his head, like a dog who just fell into a bucket of water. It took him a couple of minutes to notice Moonpaw, who was inquiringly staring at him. He threw her a dirty look and got up, dusting himself off.

"What do you want?" He growled at her, scratching his head, making his hair fall all over his face, as Moonpaw jumped towards him barking lightly, only sending him back, and plugging his ears.

"Congratulation, what do you want a bone or something?" Sirius gave her a smug look turning around and beginning to walk away, but Moonpaw didn't want him to leave, so she took the back of his robes and pulled him backwards, a gurgling playful growl coming from her throat.

"Whose are you anyway?" Sirius looked slightly irritated, but grabbed Moonpaw by the collar, checking for a leash, but found none. "Hm… Strange…" he thought, as he started scratching her behind the ear.

Being a dog at that moment, Moonpaw couldn't help to resist enjoying the feeling of someone scratching her sensitive spot, which happened to be her ear. She whined in satisfaction and leaned against Sirius, who chuckled and started petting her.

"You're a beautiful dog." He muttered, continuing to scratch her behind the ear. "You really remind me of someone…" Sirius added on thoughtfully, giving her a slow look of consideration, but quickly drawing away, as Moonpaw sighed in relief. "Except your eyes… Your eyes are a unique shade of blue."

At that moment, she jumped away, and barked at Sirius, who raised an eyebrow. She ran in a circle and looked at him once again. Then she ran and after a light chuckle, she saw Sirius transform into Padfoot again and the chase began.

That was how they spent the whole night. She didn't know how far they ran. It seemed like they passed various muggle cities, but their energy was everlasting. She felt like she ran a thousand kilometers, and in the end, it could've been possible. By the end, Moonpaw ended up in front of the Whomping Willow, after finally losing Padfoot along the way there. She sat down and waited. She was tired and needed to rest, her human characteristics finally casting on. Another wolf howl came from the edge of the forest, as Moonpaw got up in surprise.

There were a couple of shadows running out from the tall grass, the first one being a fox, at which Moonpaw grinned, and then a wolf. Following ran out a stag, with a rat on his antlers, which was getting chased by a Pegasus. The stag didn't seem impressed at all, on the contrary slightly annoyed. Moonpaw smiled as she watched the scene. She was slightly uninterested, until she saw the fox pulling on the werewolf's tail and immediately jumping back.

Moonpaw's stomach emptied for a second. Something was wrong. The werewolf growled and turned away, mulling over to the stag, but the fox once again grabbed his tail, and a heart stopping moment occurred. The werewolf turned around, grabbing the fox by the stomach with its teeth and violently tossed it again a nearby tree.

Reddie looked lifeless. She was lying by the roots of the tree as the werewolf approached her, preparing to strike. Moonpaw, looked around hurriedly and darted in front of the fox, and ripping at the werewolf. She snarled and pushed the werewolf onto its stomach and biting it on the shoulder. Animal instincts were running rampart through her, and she couldn't control anything she was doing. She kept going at him, until he got up and starting fighting her.

Already gaining the advantage of size, the werewolf tossed the collie further back and headed towards its midnight snack, but the collie climbed back up and jumped onto the werewolf's back, knocking the wind out of his chest. She clawed at the struggling wolf, who was just about to jump back up, when Moonpaw got knocked back from a blow to her stomach. Two piercing antlers were shoving her backwards, leaving evident marks and light bleeding spots.

At that moment, Lunefeather, who had wandered off when the fight started, was in front of both the werewolf and the stag, and the beautiful Pegasus was aggressively standing on its back two legs, violently beating its winds to protect her friends. While everyone was distracted, and Moonpaw was shaken up from the ground, she saw two glowing silvery eyes peering from between the grass.

It was a matter of seconds before the animal was about to leap at Lunefeather, when Moonpaw bounced into the bushes pinning the dog to the ground. It was Padfoot again, as she growled at him, on purpose this time, though it wasn't voluntarily. The collie turned her head to see Reddie slowly transforming back into Ginny. As if reading her thoughts, Lunefeather trotted over and sat down next to the poor girl, who looked like she was in a brutal state, and put her wings over her.

Shoving the black dog aside, Moonpaw pounced on the werewolf only to find herself pinning down a struggling Remus Lupin. The moon was gone, and morning was coming soon. At that moment, once again, she felt antlers jab into her ribs and felt herself flying through the air and hitting the hard cold ground, and a high pitched whimper escaped her. When she looked over, two boys supporting a third were leading him into the Shrieking Shack, as a fourth followed behind.

Moonpaw struggled to get back up and cursed under her breath. Quickly she transformed back into her human form, vision and senses dulling quickly. She stumbled over her own feet, not being used to being on firm ground. She was hurting all over, but that pain was not important at that moment. She wrapped the silky smooth white scarf around her neck, which was left after her transformation and limped over to her friends.

She fell down to her knees. "Ginny!" She whisper-shouted, grabbing her friend by the shoulders and shaking her.

"Hermione, stop!" Luna hushed her, pushing her away, which made the brunette stumble back and fall on her butt. "You're hurting her!" she blond glared at Hermione, who was trying to find herself and put herself together.

The brunette sighed, and walked over, sitting down next to Ginny, putting a hand on her forehead. Her case seemed bad – she was breathing shallowly. Hermione let her hand fall from her forehead and rested on her stomach. Luna measured their friend's pulse and looked over to Hermione.

"Did you see what happened?" She asked extremely seriously, as Hermione felt a pang of annoyance bounce through her, although she felt ashamed of it.

"Yeah, I—"

"Hermione, stop, you're bleeding!" Luna gasped, narrowing her eyes and taking her arm into her hand. Hermione looked over to her arm, which was all bloody.

"But I don't feel anything…" She muttered under her breathe, observing her own blood, until realization taunted her. "Luna, it's not my blood!" she exclaimed suddenly, as their eyes connected and they both spun around to face Ginny, who was grunting slowly. The teenagers started observing the ginger's body, until Hermione finally came across a dark spot on the stomach of her robes.

"Luna, quick!" she called out nervously, tearing Ginny's robes apart, to expose her stomach, which was torn apart, wet with warm sticky blood. At the age of twelve Hermione couldn't stand to see even a mosquito bite, on her friend nonetheless, but soon after she learned how to treat, but the pain of others still brought pain upon her as well. "Can you make a diagnosis?"

"I don't know, Hermione, we'll need to go to the Room of Requirement first." Luna shook her head, unconfidently. "Help me pick her up."

In the darkness of the night, carefully trying not to stumble across anyone or anything, the blond and brunette, both covered in blood, not being able to differentiate whether it was their own or each others' dragged the bleeding redhead to the Room of Requirement.

After narrowly avoiding Filch, they finally dragged Ginny in, lying her down on a hospital bed, which was arranged in the middle of the room. Luna was the best with potions and herbs, hence there was a whole healer's tent set up.

"Luna, why can't you just sew her up?" Hermione inquired, leaning over the table, observing Ginny's wound, rather hurriedly, nervously glancing up at her other friend.

"I've tried, it hasn't worked!" Luna answered, with equal nervousness. "I'll wash her a bit and tie her up, so we'll see what we can do from there." She added, suddenly gripping her stomach, which made her double over the hospital bed. At that same moment, Hermione did the same.

"What's happening?" she exclaimed nervously, as her eyes started darkening and vision blackening. She couldn't control herself, and tolerate the pain she was in. It was deep in her stomach. She took one glance at Luna, who was bending over with her eyes shut, in the same state as Hermione. Hermione closed her eyes once again, breathing in and out fully.

"Luna," she gasped suddenly, "we have to find a remedy! We're feeling it too!" She gave a suggestive glance towards Luna, while containing a howl of pain.

"Our blood…" she nodded, wincing, and got to work. Hermione stumbled over to the bookshelves, which immediately reappeared.

"Remedies of the Fifteenth Century, Sacrificial Bonfires, Tips and Tricks to Gardening Illegal Plants," Hermione continued searching, moving through the spines quickly, gripping and supporting herself with her other hand. "The Sacred Plant for Experienced Witches and Wizards, Animals Bites and Wounds... ANIMAL BITES AND WOUNDS!" Hermione exclaimed, in quick relief, but winced at the same time, as she managed to pull the book out of its place on the wall.

She moved towards the couch and searched through the index… Werewolves. She found it. She scanned through all the subtitles, looking for the right one. There was each except for the one they needed – "werewolf bites and humans", "werewolf bites when human", "werewolf bites on animals"… and that was it.

Frantically looking around, the pain in her stomach increasing, Hermione looked at Luna, who was anxiously looking at the witch. The anger in Hermione built up, until she couldn't take it anymore and threw the book onto the couch, as it bounced and flew open to a random page. Hermione shielded her face and looked down at the book sorrowfully, one picture catching her eye.

It was a hand drawn picture of a werewolf and an animal. Underneath was a small caption in tiny letters, which said, "When bitten in animagus form, the wounds are healable by solely herbs. If not treated possibly, an infection may start and wolfish characteristics may evolve. Treat with a concoction of fireflower juice, bad spleens, milkweed and dried nettles. Turn to page 476 for full recipe."

"Luna!" Hermione called over in humongous relief, as she basically flew on wings of luck towards her friend, who grabbed the book from her.

"I'll have this ready in a few minutes." Luna noted to herself, and started rambling and collecting her ingredients. "You!" she pointed at Hermione, who started reading from the potions book herself. "Keep pressure on her wound. Since we can't fix it with magic, she needs not to lose any blood."

Hermione nodded and walked over to Ginny who was lying lifelessly on the bed. Her face was pale, with blood smeared on her cheeks, her body limp and not moving. Hermione couldn't stand that sight. She never liked having any of the Weasley children in danger – she felt like they were her responsibility, although Molly often scolded her for it.

She was so lost in her thoughts; she barely heard a lifeless cough escape the redhead's lips. Her eyes started to flutter open, as her sky blue eyes bored into Hermione. "Ow…" was all that she could mutter, and Hermione gave her a tight lipped smile.

"Relax, Ginny, keep calm."

"Am I—"

"Ginny! Healer Hermione said not to move, that means not to move." Luna's voice was heard from across the room and Hermione let out a light chuckle, ending it with a light whine because of her stomach. Ginny winced at the same time. It was nice to see that even Luna had a sense of humour during a time of pain.

Before she knew it, Luna was at Hermione's side, treating Ginny's wounds. It felt like hours and probably did take hours because by the end Hermione could barely stay on her feet. Luna gave Ginny a sleeping potion and on their eyes the wound started to close by itself.

"We're all going to feel discomfort, and Ginny has to drink the potion for a week to get rid of the infection completely." Luna stated, stifling a yawn, but something caught her eye. "Although there is something strange to it: her ribs seem bruised, but I don't remember anything happening to it. Whenever it touched her, she would moan in pain. I don't know why."

Luna looked extremely lost and confused, until Hermione also recognized the pain, and touched her ribs tenderly, which started to hurt even more.

"I suggest you go take a shower." Luna stated calmly, gesturing for Hermione to go, when a door appeared on the wall.

"You too." Hermione nodded. "Since we're going to class today… In a couple of hours."

Luna just nodded and they went into the washroom, stripping off their clothes. Hermione pinned up her hair and climbed into the shower and let the hot water soak her to the bones, nourishing her with the pleasant warmth. Using a sponge to rub soap over her body, Hermione started from the neck down, but when she got to her ribs she gasped. On each side, three or four of her ribs were bruised and her skin seemed to be turning blue.

Alarmed, she finished her shower and put on a pair of clean robes. When she exited the bath, Luna was already sitting on the couch, watching Ginny.

"Luna," Hermione whispered, as the blond turned around curiously. Her friend looked fresh and was probably out of her serious mode by that time, since there wasn't much to worry about anymore. "I found out the cause of the rib pain." She stated awkwardly, as Luna nodded for her to continue.

Sighing, Hermione lifted up her robes and showed her bruised ribs, and winced in pain. Luna immediately got up and understood that her work wasn't done, but there was nothing major to do for the case. She handed Hermione a glowing blue potion, which tasted like a sickly sour mixture of lemon and lime. After downing it, Hermione made an incredulously sick expression and stuck out her tongue in disgust.

The taste was finally out of her mouth, when Luna announced, "I think I gave you the wrong potion. I gave you Ginny's potion, but that's okay, because we can suffer together." she smiled dottily, as Hermione's eyes popped out in disbelief. "This is the one." The blond handed her another vile, which was a suspiciously abnormal vibrant orange colour and Hermione raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure it's this one?"

"Positive." Luna said with a small smile on her face. Hermione looked at her suspiciously, but nonetheless downed the potion, which tasted like sickly sweet licorice.

"That's disgusting!" Hermione gawked, opening her mouth and trying to clean her tongue of the substance. "Do you purposely make these potions such an intolerable taste?" Hermione asked, gasping for breath.

"If only." Luna sighed, but curiously looked into the air, as if staring into space. "They say the wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter." She mimicked Ollivander, which brought a smile upon Hermione's face, but a tinge of sadness as well. "Imagine if the potion chose the wizard. And you could make it taste whatever you wanted it to taste like? I would try all the flavours! That's why I love Bertie Bott's! You don't know what you'll get."

Hermione chuckled at her friend's theories and plopped down on the couch beside her. To make things worse, it was not only the day after the full moon, but a Wednesday too, meaning it was the middle of the week. She groaned, throwing her head back. Hopefully, James would've been reasonable and charitable and didn't schedule any practices.

Suddenly realizing that keeping Ginny in the Room of Requirement wouldn't help anyone's case, the two girls decided to help their friend, along with the potions to be transported to the Common Room.

"Come on, Ginny." Hermione groaned, while trying to lift her sleeping friend, who only mumbled something completely incoherent in return. "Come on!" she continued muttering, managing to only get half of Ginny's body off the table.

Taking around five minutes in duration, Hermione was finally at the exit of the Room of Requirement, with a sleeping Ginny draped over her shoulder. Although the weight of her friend was what Hermione was focusing on, she couldn't help but notice an odd fact about the whole situation – she was trying to carry her friend over alone.

Disbelievingly dropping Ginny to the floor, who landed with a hard thud and whispered something nasty through her dream, Hermione looked around the room and saw Luna on the other side, leaning amusedly against the wall.

She glared skeptically at her friend, who remained standing on the other side of the room with a smirk curving up her lips. "What are you looking up at me like that for?" Hermione growled at her friend, whose smirk widened even more.

"Hermione, do you remember what the Room of Requirement does?" Luna asked, as Hermione nodded her head in pure abomination.

"Yes, of course I do. The Room of Requirement allows to user to use the room in any physical function they need to use it in." She said smartly, quickly recalling her fifth year when Neville first discovered the Room of Requirement.

"And the room contains anything the user desires." Luna added on smartly, twirling her wand in her hand, as Hermione cockily placed her hands on her hips and stared at her friend.

"I know that, what difference does it make?" She snapped quickly, as Luna chuckled.

"Remember when you came for the Battle of Hogwarts, we told you that when more and more girls started coming in, more showers go developed?" she asked, hinting on something obvious, and giving Hermione the snarkiest look ever created, at which she huffed but nodded. "And the passageway to Hogsmeade too." Luna added on dreamily. "It could give us anything, so why not use it while we can?"

Hermione gapped at her friend and wanted to hit herself extremely hard in the face. "The door! We can ask for a door to the Gryffindor Common Room." She groaned and looked down at her redhead friend exasperatedly. Luna continued to stare at her friend and finally sighed in embarrassment.

Picking herself up and shooting a glare at her friend again, Hermione snapped, "What?"

Luna shook her head, though a smile was evident on her face. "Are you a witch or not?" She mimicked Ron's words from a couple of years ago. "Wingardium Leviosa!" she exclaimed, making Ginny hover in the air. "Accio!" she continued firmly, as the redheaded girl, her hair falling to the ground like a silky tassels, floated over to Luna, who turned around and opened the door which developed right behind her.

"You alright, Mione?" She asked curiously, although there was no worry, only cheer in her voice, as though she was making fun. "Nargles finally get you? Or are you still thinking like a dog? You seemed very into Padfoot there. I noticed, yes I did. You looked like you were spiritually connected." She smiled one last time before opening the door and disappearing into it.

Hermione stared after her friend in disbelief, then shaking her head, she jogged over to the door, which was starting to vanish and disappeared in the darkness, as she muttered "spiritually connected" after herself.

By the time breakfast was to be served, Hermione and Luna had laid Ginny down in her bed, closed her curtains and had hidden the potions their friend needed to drink as a remedy. Hermione stood up from her bed and stretched, taking a look in the mirror, at which she abruptly took a step back.

Her face and hair and everything was a mess. Although the shower cleaned her body, her hair was still unwashed. Her face had random smears, and she had bags under her eyes, which were still blue.

"We're not doing that again…" Hermione stated firmly, continuing to observe her face in the mirror.

"What exactly."

"Watch Remus. I was just curious at first. I really just wanted to see them. I don't know what got me at that moment. Maybe it was dad's stuck-up curiosity gene that got me to go in there, but I don't know what was up."

"It's painful to watch." Luna agreed. "Even for me, and I never was too close to him. Agreed?"

"Mhmm…" Hermione nodded solemnly, sighing once again. "Luna, why do you think my eyes are still blue?" Hermione asked, walking towards the blond, who curiously peered into her friend's eyes, as they automatically switched topics.

Hermione scoffed as she saw so many ideas and theories swarm in Luna's eyes, as fantasies erupted and legends and stories came true. "Honestly?" She asked again, as she turned around and leaned over looking at herself in the mirror. "How long has it been since the time I transformed out of Moonpaw?"

"Four hours? Almost five, I think." Luna shrugged thoughtfully. "How long were you in that form?"

"I think around the same amount of time – possible six hours though." Hermione induced thoughtfully, and smiled as the insides of her eyes stared to gradually turn into her own chocolate brown eyes. "I think it's gonna take around half an hour to change back into their own colour. Why do they change anyway?" Hermione rambled, opening her eye slightly, to see any change in another part of her eye.

"I have my theories."

Hermione let out a ringing laugh. "Keep them to yourself for now."

Hermione's hair was a big knot of hair. Not willing to brush it out, Hermione went to rummage through Ginny's trunk, which was messily shoved under her bed.

"Listen, Hermione, when I said that about Sirius, I didn't really think you would go after him. If you really needed tips on how to get men, you wouldn't need them because half of the school is already gawking at you." Luna said calmly, bouncing on her bed and combing her hair, which looked and was as soft as silk.

"Oh, shut it, will you?" Hermione laughed, pulling out various magazines and trying to find the right one, which Ginny showed her back in the day. The spell she was looking for was probably yet to be invented in the future, so she had to fumble through the future editions.

"Or," Luna continued thoughtfully, only making Hermione roll her eyes in amusement, "You could always order Witch Weekly, although I think that the editions in 1977 aren't as good as 1987. I think they would only teach you how to gel your hair or use hairspray." She dragged on nonchalantly.

"Oh really?" Hermione commented to herself, barely even listening to what Lavender was talking about.

"As for the boys," Luna continued rambling, "I think that you would find equally as much information in either addition. Probably even more than in the future. Did you know that on average almost every Slytherin fifth year or over has slept with someone, and not necessarily from their own house." She asked innocently, as Hermione nearly fell over.

Throwing Luna a shocked look, Hermione shook her head in mock-discouragement and stated thoughtfully. "Do you know this through secondary sources or primary experiences?"

"I don't think primary experiences would be possible for me, because many of the Slytherins smell gross and look like chimpanzees. That's many of them; of course there are some exceptions." Luna added solicitously, shaking her head and starting to play with her hair.

Hermione smirked, "You know a lot about this for an ex-Ravenclaw and now Gryffindor." Laughter erupted from her throat, but then was concealed with a wince as she hit her head against the bottom of the bed. "OW! Care to justify?" her muffled voice came from under the bed as she continued searching.

"For example," Luna started, "admit it, Adrian Pucey wasn't that bad looking. So were some other older Slytherins. Malfoy even straightened out by the end of the war, and Slytherins are fantastic snoggers too…" Luna said dreamily, as Hermione pulled her head out from underneath the bed, triumphantly holding up a magazine and got up in front of the mirror.

"Oh that's nice…" Hermione mumbled, casting a spell on her hair, which fell into normal bouncy curls, and then her eyes, as the bags disappeared. Then she spun around, shell-shocked. "What did you say?" She exclaimed in heavy surprise, as Luna looked up as if nothing in the world mattered.

"Some Slytherins are cute?"

"Some of them are, I agree. But, no, the other part." Hermione demanded.

"Oh, I snogged half of them."

"WHAT? When, Luna?"

"During Spin the Bottle. You didn't come, because you were studying, but it took place every other month in the Astronomy tower." The blond shrugged nonchalantly, making her wavy hair bounce up and down. "So many people came, even Harry and Ron one time, but that was the last time, after Ron had to kiss Goyle." Luna giggled lightly, as Hermione's jaw dropped.

She stood like that for a few minutes, opening and closing her mouth, not being able to decide whether to shut it or open it. "They went without me? Those bastards!" She exclaimed incredulously, but added with a laugh. "Ron snogging Goyle? That must've been a shock. Hmm…" she thought out-loud, "Now that I think about it, I do remember something like that going on…"

Luna nodded her head and gestured Hermione out the door. "Only after you." She smirked as they linked arms and headed down to the Great Hall.

While walking through the halls and down the stairs, the two girls received awkward and careful looks, but the two of them were already used to that from all the rumours – the mysterious murder of their parents, Luna being friends with a Slytherin, Hermione dating Sirius, their Defense Against the Dark Arts skills and incredible intelligence as well as wand work.

As the two of them walked into the Great Hall, Hermione looked around the room with her sharp eye. She suspected that it was still blue, from the detail she could see with it, which her normal eye couldn't capture, after being tortured with hours of books. The professors were all at the table, except for the charming Professor Daslor. Hermione frowned.

It seemed as if mail had not been delivered yet, and Hermione and Luna sat down in their usual spots, in front of Ginny and beside the Marauders.

"Morning." They greeted each other and started choosing their breakfast. Hermione and Luna had been absurdly famished, after their long playful games and extreme exercise. The boys looked exhausted, and it looked like they were both falling asleep and eating like all the food was going to disappear.

The silence or clattering forks and knives as well as unsophisticated munching was interrupted by Lily's kind voice. "Hermione, Luna, where's Ginny?"

Hermione didn't bother lifting her head up, as she decided to leave the work for her dearest midnight-blue eyed friend, who slowly and languorously lifted up her head, redirecting her sharp blue eyes to the redheaded girl.

"She's not feeling in shape today. Unfortunately." She smacked her lips solemnly, looking down at her food and then leaning over the table and 'whispered', "I think the Nargles are behind it." And then as if nothing happened she continued to much her buttered toast.

Hermione was aware that everyone in a two meter radius was staring at Hermione and Luna like they had just rode on a thestral into Hogwarts, carrying the portrait of Lucius Malfoy in their arms. Hermione grunted unpleasantly and shook her head at the people who didn't mind their own business.

"What's with your eyes, Mione?" she heard James' voice from infront of her, as she saw him attempting to wrap his arms around Lily, who looked awfully uncomfortable and truly annoyed. Her face was turning the shade of her hair.

"What's with my eyes?" she mimicked him as seriously as he said it.

He raised an eyebrow at her, as she raised two, redirecting her attention to her plate, which was in need of being devoured.

Understanding that James let go of the subject as soon as Lily smacked him on the back of his neck, Hermione finally relaxed, only to feel someone watching her. It was a disturbing tingling feeling crawling up her spine. It wasn't the cold shards of ice she received from jealous girls and not the warm intimate butterflies she got when boys stared at her.

She lifted her eyes to find Sirius observing her carefully. But not just her. He was looking straight into her eyes. His eyebrow quirked, as he opened his mouth to say something. Then Hermione remembered.

"You're a beautiful dog." He muttered, continuing to scratch her behind the ear. "You really remind me of someone…" Sirius added on thoughtfully, giving her a slow look of consideration, but quickly drawing away, as Moonpaw sighed in relief. "Except your eyes… Your eyes are a unique shade of blue."

Quickly remembering, she averted her eyes, letting her hair fall over her face, just to be over relieved to have Sirius get interrupted by Peter.

"Why do you have blood in your hair? Both of you?" he piped up from his seat, finally getting enough courage to say at least two words to the two pureblooded girls. This was probably the first time he had ever spoken to them.

Wanting to slap herself, Hermione remembered that when she took a shower, she didn't wash her hair, therefore probably leaving some of Ginny's blood, which was almost deliberately splashing directly at her two friends. Hermione was about to open her mouth, when Luna spoke up.

"Just a hobby." And with that she went back to her breakfast.

Hermione didn't know if she wanted to cry or die from laughter, but she contained herself, thinking of happy and sad thoughts, trying not to let the compressed laugh escape her throat. An awkward silence followed, as nobody spoke, which made the situation even more awkward.

Hermione looked from the corner of her eye, at Luna, who was containing herself, although there was a small smile playing on the corner of her lips.

A flapping of wings and hooting from the air interrupted all side thoughts and conversations, as the mail got delivered. Hermione glumly looked around at all the students receiving packages from their parents with letters and warm pleasant stuff. Luckily when they were in Diagon Alley, she ordered the Daily Prophet to be delivered to her.

A tawny post owl with a leather pouch tied to its leg with the Daily Prophet in its claws, it hooted suggestively, as Hermione gave it one knut and some beacon, which was now an everyday habit for her.

All of the sudden, the room turned quiet and only the most eerie and bloodcurdling chatter was heard. It seemed as if the room dropped a couple of degrees. The teachers were all up and discussing something nervously. Hermione looked around and gasps erupted from each table. The room dimmed and a strange feeling ran rampart through Hermione.

Luna and Lily gasped simultaneously, as they peered over to the copy of the Daily Prophet, which Hermione was clutching in her hand.

Hermione caught her breath, and she felt a lump develop in her throat, and she swore her heart stopped. The heading of the front page read, "Gruesome Werewolf Massacre in Dufftown."

Sorry, it seems cruel to leave two cliff-hangers in a row, but it had to be done...

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