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The Life of Harry Potter Open to Everyone
Harry P. & Ron W. - Words: 172,056 - Rated: T - English - Angst - Chapters: 27 - Reviews: 508 - Updated: 15-09-2013 - Published: 05-08-2012 - by daydreamer1227 (FFN)

A/N: To those of you who have not caught on yet, I am not doing all of the chapters of the books (obviously). I'm going to skip to the more important/exciting parts.

The school had the rest of the day off, whether it was for temporary relief of the stress the books had on them, or as celebration of the ending of the first year, students wandered the grounds and hung out in the common rooms talking; almost everyone was talking about Harry Potter.

Many people had come to believe Harry over the past few days, as they had learned much about him that they had not known before. With all their new knowledge on the supposed 'mad man', many of the students couldn't help but believe that Harry had absolutely nothing to gain by lying about You-know-who being back, and absolutely everything to lose.

Yet there were still those from stubborn families that have complete faith in the Ministry of Magic and what they read in the Daily Prophet, (idiots), who while they may believe that You-know-who was not in fact dead, did not believe that he had his own body.

However, it didn't matter what view you had on the matters of You-know-who's return, Harry was the talk of the school.

One person who couldn't but help to notice this was Harry Potter himself, by now very aggravated and annoyed at all the staring and pointing; however the one thing he didn't understand was the rove of girls that seemed to have taken to following him around. He, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny had managed to escape to a secluded part of the grounds down near the Black Lake. The four sat staring at the water, each enveloped in their own thoughts.

How he had managed to escape from the worried clutches of his godfather, Harry would never know. Sirius was seeming rather overprotective at the moment, though Harry (being the clueless person he is) had no idea as to why.

Harry was slightly relieved for his first year to already be finished, and yet, he couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the fact that each year only got more dangerous than the last. It was with great apprehension that Harry felt fourth year creeping ever closer.

Ginny, hand in hand with Harry, was extremely nervous, though perhaps not as nervous as Harry. This next year is the one where she opened the Chamber of Secrets… a year she did not much enjoy thinking about.

Ron and Hermione were feeling slightly ashamed with themselves. Harry always had to go through the worst of everything. They had helped, but he was always, always, always alone for the 'final battle'. Where were they? Why were they always injured or not around when Harry was in the most danger? They just wished they could do more to help…

Somewhere in another secluded part of the Hogwarts grounds were Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

"What happened in the graveyard, Sirius?" Remus asked after a long silence. "It's obvious that, whatever it is, is still haunting him. I've wanted to ask… but it's such a sore subject for him…"

Sirius sighed. "I'm afraid, if Harry couldn't tell you, than I don't think I can. He hasn't even told his two best friends… I'm sorry Remus, but it's not for me to tell."

Remus nodded, he had expected as much. "Harry has been to hell and back, hasn't he?"

Sirius looked down, tears in his eyes; "More than once."


Umbridge sat in her office, or what use to be her office anyway. The boy had ruined everything. Everything… She wanted to do something, to get back at him… to make him sorry he ever messed with Dolores Jane Umbridge. Getting a sudden idea, she went to the fireplace and disappeared in a whirl of green flames.

Coughing, she stepped out of the grate. She had been down Knocturn Alley only a few times before, but this was the first time she was actually excited. She was in a shabby sort of shop, one that she knew, were she standing outside, she would see a faded sign that read 'Bogue's Special Services'. It wasn't really a shop; it was a place where you could… buy favors.

Walking to the front desk, Umbridge rang a small bell. Alerted by the noise, a tall, heavily built, unshaven man trudged in from a back room. "Dolores," he grumbled in greeting.

"Yes, hello Bogue." she said, slightly impatient. "Listen, I require your services."

Bogue raised his eyebrows and scratched his chin which was covered in a black scraggly beard. "I'm listening."

Bogue was the man people went to when they were desperate. When people needed something done, yet they were too hesitant or scared to try, they could go to Bogue. He wasn't an unpleasant man, just someone who had done rather unpleasant things. He would do anything as long as he was paid enough. Some of his past 'favors' had included murdering a woman for cheating on a jealous husband, bewitching common household items to slaughter a rich uncle for a child who was greedy and knew he had been left everything in the uncle's will.

There was nothing Bogue wouldn't do. As long as you had enough money. Being in this rather unpleasant area of business, he knew some pretty dark magic. He was always loyal to his employer though; his policy included a statute of secrecy, the identity of his employers would never be revealed.

It was this man's services and magic that Umbridge had come to acquire. "I need you to come back with me to Hogwarts and perform a binding spell."

Bogue did not even seem surprised. This was not an uncommon request. Sometimes, a man would want an emotional bond placed on them and an ex-lover, so the woman could feel the pain and sorrow he had been enduring for years. Sometimes, people would request that they be bound to their loved one, so they would always know if the other were in danger.

"What kind of bind?" he asked.

"A feeling bind." she replied.

A feeling bind, most unlike an emotional bind where the two bound would just experience the same emotions, was when whatever pain one would feel the other would feel also. Bogue nodded. "On who?"

"On a who… and a what."

This was slightly more uncommon, though not unheard of. Sometimes people would come to Bogue, slightly crazy they may be, intent on finding out if plants felt pain. He had once been paid to bind an old man to his pumpkin. Bogue's job was not to ask questions, but to follow orders. So he bound the man to his pumpkin and left, not even staying to find out if plants felt pain. He was not interested in that. All he wanted was the money.

"On a character in a book," said Umbridge, flushing slightly, "And on the same person, but in real life."

Bogue nodded again. "May I ask who?"

"Harry Potter."

This was new. "Harry P-Potter?" he spluttered.

Umbridge took out a decent sized bag of galleons and dropped it onto the counter, being sure that it made a loud clanking noise when it hit the surface.

"Okay… Harry Potter…" Bogue had been faced with difficult tasks before, but deliberately putting a binding spell on the Boy Who Lived? This would be a real challenge.

"There is a book, about Potter," said Umbridge, "And I want the real Harry to feel whatever pain the Harry in the book feels."

"You understand, that Potter cannot be killed in real life if he is killed in the books?" he asked. "He will bleed, and he will hurt, and feel the effect of whatever happens in the books, though it is all an illusion. For example, if he were to be hit by a stunning spell in the book, the real Potter would feel the impact and the pain of it, but he would not be stunned. Understand?"

Umbridge nodded.

"If he were to be killed in the books, or lost his sole to a dementor, the binding spell would end. You are sure about this? Once the spell is placed, it cannot be removed."

Umbridge nodded yet again.

"Very well. I will do this for you. I need you to take me to the book for me to be able to do the spell."


That night, when everyone else had gone to sleep, Umbridge was supposedly 'patrolling the corridors' with Bogue following while under a disillusionment charm. She led him to the Great Hall where the book lay on the teachers table at the far end of the room.

Bogue took out his wand and pointed at the book and muttered incantations under his breath. The first page began to glow, than the second and third. The glowing light was slowly spreading through the book. He didn't go far, however, when a voice could be heard, obviously on their way into the Hall.

"Dumbledore…" muttered Umbridge worriedly. She heard McGonagall and Dumbledore on their way…

Bogue stopped the spell immediately. Only a small portion of the book was glowing, but Bogue did not seem intent on continuing. "Dumbledore, you said? This wasn't in the deal." He fled. It was one thing to sneak into Hogwarts and cast a binding spell, but to confront Albus Dumbledore? That was one risk he would never be willing to take.

Umbridge was furious; that bastard had taken her money! She quickly checked the book, whose glow was slowly fading, to find out how far Bogue had made the spell. It stopped on a chapter called, Hermione's Secret (A/N: Near the end of Book 3). The binding spell would only be in place for a short while. (A/N: the spell will end at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban)

Quickly, to avoid being seen, Umbridge left the Hall, leaving the now normal looking book right where they had found it. She allowed a small grin to make its way onto her face; Potter would be in for a very unpleasant surprise tomorrow morning.

A/N: Hope that's all right, no hard feelings please! I did my best to make this as interesting for everybody as I could. Keep reviewing, and I'll keep writing! :)

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