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Red Rat Turned Green
James P. & Lily Evans P. & Marauders & OC - Words: 40,023 - Rated: T - English - None - Chapters: 42 - Reviews: 30 - Updated: 28-04-2015 - Published: 14-10-2012 - by IndgoNight (FFN)

Disclaimer: Is there any point? Harry Potter is not mine.


I could hear James and Sirius moving around in bed. Not the same bed, but they both seemed to move a lot before going to sleep.

When they both settled I felt myself relax. I thought about what Peach had said, that I should tell them about my being a werewolf. I heard Sirius growl in his sleep and thought the better of it. They would never accept me.

I sighed and got up, groaning as my bones ached. I wrapped my doona around me and sat in the opened window. Looking up at the almost full moon I felt the pain in my body threatening to take over, the feeling receding when I closed my eyes and walked back to bed.

My aching body hates the moon more than I do, it makes it near impossible to sleep. I reached into my trunk for a small vial and chocolate. Biting the head off the frog and eating it before emptying the contents of the bottle into my mouth I swallowed the two together. I nibbled the rest of the unresisting frog to drive away the taste. I sat back, wrapping my blankets around me waiting for sleep to claim me.

I let my thoughts wander to the Hogwarts grounds that I would be exploring in a few nights, just in my other form. I remember one time when I saw the great squid one day while I was sitting on the grounds with James, Sirius and Peach. It was close to the bank and looked like it was trying to reach out to us to give us a hug. The great squid made me think of other creatures that live in the black lake. I'm sure merpeople live there, but do fish? And what happens to the food fish eat? I tried to remember if I ever read anything about fish peeing or poohing. I don't think I even have and it seems like such a strange thought. As soon as I realised this everything went black and I gladly fell asleep.

"Wake up!" James yelled in my ear.

"No." I replied.

"Is too early!" Sirius groaned.

"No it's not. This is practise, Christmas morning is in two days. And we're getting up early to open presents."

"But there's no presents today." Sirius grumbled.

"But there will be in two days."

"That's two days away." I said, "Go back to bed."

There was silence for all of a minute before the door swung back and hit the wall, causing Sirius and I to fall out of bed.

"Morning!" Peach called.

"Go away!" Sirius said from where he was curling up under blankets on the floor.

"But it snowed over night. We can have a snow fight."

"Snow fight?" Sirius asked.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Early enough for a snow fight." James said.

"Breakfast?" Sirius asked.

"Will be ready when we need a break." Peach said.

"If it is too early for breakfast to be ready then it is too early for me to be awake." Sirius declared.

"I agree." I said and pulled my pillow off my bed to go back to sleep. When my head hit the ground and not my pillow I groaned.

"Peach! Give it back!"

"Not until you get up."

"Okay, I'm getting up." I pulled myself up so I was sitting on my bed. "Why do you want to have a snow fight so badly?"

"Because it will be fun! And I have Citrus and a few others who are also awake and want to play."

"Does it have to be so early?" Sirius asked.

"Yes, now get up or I'll make you get up." James said.

"How?" Sirius asked.

"First I'll ask Peach to leave the room." James started.

"Okay! I get it. I'm up!" he said just before a bang and Peach started laughing.

"Most people define up by standing, Sirius." She said.

"I got caught in the blankets, don't blame me!" He huffed.

"Don't think that we forgot about you Remus." James said.

"I know you haven't, just let me get dressed." I pulled the curtains around my bed and changed, trying not to groan as my muscles protested.

I knew the change was getting close, I could hear and smell everything. Including the starts of breakfast.

"10 minutes and I want to see all of you out on the grounds." Peach said and I heard the door slam.

"Hurry up!" James called and the door opened and closed again.

I pulled my gloves on to my hands, jammed my beanie on my head, pocketed my wand and grabbed my heavy coat.

"Come on Sirius, the snow is waiting."

"The snow always waits for me." He declared and fell off his bed, into the curtains.

"Don't keep it waiting too long, because we won't wait for you."

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