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Harry Potter and the Time Travel
Harry P. & Hermione G. - Words: 41,556 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 7 - Reviews: 96 - Updated: 03-09-2013 - Published: 21-10-2012 - by dadby (FFN)

I am so sorry I took so long to write and update!

Disclaimer: I own nothing and never will. Harry Potter series is awesome and also this is FANFICTION, but still don't own. Damn. J. K. Rowling owns Harry Potter.

Just a warning: There are a lot of italics in this chapter for thoughts, thought talking, and writing letters. I hope you can still read them. Also, I use full names for my characters for every new chapter I start. Hope it doesn't bother you guys. I hope I don't confuse you guys, but technically it's Hermione's eleventh birthday now. Sorry I referenced them both being eleven in the previous ones. So not thinking.

~Italics without quotation marks are thoughts and flashbacks

~Italics with quotation marks are more 'expressed'

~Italics with bold are the telepathic connection


Chapter Five

Harry Potter hummed as he wrapped a bow on his wife's birthday present downstairs in their common room of the Ravenclaw marriage quarters. He was very glad his parents were able to buy the wonderful gift for her, as well as helped him plan the party for her at her parents' home. He just has to make sure Filius Filtwick and Minerva McGonagall made the rest of his plans concrete.

He decided he better head down to make sure right now instead of waiting till the time to go and realize Albus Dumbledore decides to say no.

He left the marriage quarters and made his way to his Head of House quarters, Professor Filtwick. He had to go down the wide and swirly staircase that makes you dizzy unless you focus on this white line a Ravenclaw drew on the wall to keep her from going insane and dizzy.

Harry knocked rather loudly, hoping Filius was dressed since Harry caught Professor before breakfast.

Harry looked down at his watch at the same time the door opened.

Harry looked down at the tiny teacher that was dressed and ready for breakfast. "Professor," Harry greeted with a large smile.

"Ah, Mr. Potter," Filtwick greeted. "What can I help you with?"

"I was wondering if this weekend was still going on for my surprise,"

"Oh, yes, absolutely. Albus had to say yes because your parents made very valuable threats that scared him," Filtwick smiled as he remembered that the Potter's told Albus their family was higher in politics and Wizarding World. The muggle world was just a bonus for them. Albus had cringed and agreed.

Harry grinned. That's Mom and Dad for you. "Awesome. So when shall we come down this Saturday?"

Filtwick frowned as he thought. "Actually, why don't you come down at seven pm on Friday evening and return on Sunday?"

Harry's mouth dropped open in surprise. "Hell yeah!"

"Language, Mr. Potter," Filtwick scolded lightly.

Harry blushed. "I mean, yes that would be awesome!"

Filtwick nodded. "Well, tell Mrs. Potter happy birthday and I hope she enjoys it today," He nodded.

Harry smiled. "Will do, Professor, and thanks," He waved as he left, heading back up the same stairs that make you dizzy.

"Focus on the white line!" Filtwick called. Normally he wouldn't tell a student, but he knew already Mr. Potter knew about it. Obviously, since he already came down alive and not scared or bleeding.

"I know, Professor!" Harry called as he ran up, excited to give Hermione her gift.


Hermione Potter nee Granger yawned and stretched as she slowly woke up from her deep slumber. She opened her eyes slowly to see the room alight with sunlight from the opened curtains.

She looked around to see no husband and frowned. Where is he? I thought he would have been the first to wish me a happy birthday. She got up and grabbed her school outfit before heading in the bathroom to shower.

She stared at her naked self in the mirror. It feels so weird seeing myself in my eleven year old body and tiny. I remember growing out and taller and fighting in the war, where Harry no doubt would have died.

She wasn't there when he died because she died prior, but the fact she felt her life leaving her, she felt sadness and pain for losing Harry.

Hermione noticed her eyes tearing at the memories and took a deep breath. Calm down, Hermione. You're here to make sure it doesn't happen the same way. You're here to make sure he lives and kills Voldemort in a different way, the damn sneaky bastard.

She sighed but jumped in the shower and cleaned herself up quickly. May as well smell clean.


Hermione nearly dropped her bottle of shampoo at her husband's voice in her head. I forgot we can do that!

Yes, love?

Are you almost done? I have a surprise!

Hermione chuckled as she washed her hair. I bet you do. She finished her hair and got out, using a drying spell before getting dressed. She put her hair in a high pony tail instead of down. She looked at herself before heading out to walk down to their marriage quarters common room.

She smiled at seeing her husband standing there with his hands behind his back and a large smile on his face. She hated the fact that he almost looked like he did when he was seventeen, where she looked like a tiny eleven year old. Why does he get to look older and so good?

"Morning," She walked closer with a teasing smile.

"Morning, beautiful," Harry greeted and kissed her softly. "Now, close your eyes," He instructed. "And no peeking!"

Hermione grinned but did as she was told. She always loved Harry's surprises, ever since they were kids. Sometimes she would cheat and peek.

Harry put his hands in front of him with a red velvet box. "Okay, open them!"

She opened her eyes to see a red velvet box in his hands. She furrowed her brows and looked at him.

He pushed it closer. "Happy birthday, love,"

So she took it in her hands lightly and pulled the cover off to reveal a gold necklace with a stone that had emerald on one side and sleek brown on the other. "Oh," She gasped and touched it softly. "It's beautiful,"

"Eh," Harry shrugged. "You're more beautiful,"

Hermione lifted the necklace up to glance at it. "Harry, I love it. Thank you," She whispered and stared at tiny writing on the stone. She squinted. "What's it say?"

"Oh, it's got protections charms," Harry answered before tugging it from her hands to put it on her. "It's attuned to you through your skin," He whispered as his face was inches from hers.

She looked up at him, love in her brown eyes. She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest.

Harry breathed relief she loved it. "Come on, it may be a school day, but we, meaning Neville, Luna, Weasley Twins, Padma, and us, are going to have fun this evening,"

"How?" Hermione asked as she followed with her backpack.

"Well, I know for a fact that they all got you presents," Harry smiled as they made their way down to the Great Hall passing students who couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous necklace adorned on Hermione Potter's neck. "Also, we're magic. I had a plan to ask McGonagall to make a bowling alley as well as a mini golf course for us to have fun on,"

Hermione squealed and hugged him. "That is fun!"

"Look at the stone…"

"Why does she get to have him?"

"She's only Muggleborn…"

"She's so lucky…"

Harry and Hermione hated the voices that they heard and actually began to walk faster to avoid everyone's stares. They made it to the Great Hall and walked to their Ravenclaw table and sat across Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, and Padma Patil.

"Morning," Hermione smiled and reached for breakfast.

"Morning," Harry greeted as well, his arm around her waist possessively.

"Happy birthday!" The three smiled and whipped out wrapped packages.

Hermione's mouth opened in surprise and happiness. Harry was right. Hermione may have been friends with Harry for so long, but it doesn't mean she had friends. She grew up lonely with Harry because she was too smart and preferred reading and not much people liked that. The fact that she made friends and they even got her gifts was too good.

"Here, mine first," Neville handed her his. It was obviously a book and she wondered what kind.

She carefully opened it, happy she even got gifts. She furrowed her brows at the name. The Tales of Beedle the Bard. She looked up at Neville, confused, but ecstatic he knew she loved books. He couldn't have known, could he? It's just a coincidence.

Harry looked over her shoulder. Holy shit, it's the book before the war, back in our old time.

Hermione was too distracted to scold him for his language.

"I know you love books, but this is a wizard fairy tale book," Neville explained as he ate bacon.

She squealed. "I have a wizard fairy tale book! Neville, this is fantastic!" She grinned as she looked at the pages before putting it her bag. Okay, it's just a coincidence, after all, Harry. Thank God.

Harry breathed a low breath of relief.

Neville managed to blush.

"My turn," Luna smiled, her grey eyes twinkling.

Hermione took the package that was wrapped with holes in it. She frowned slightly, but opened it anyways. Her friend was notorious for being 'weird'.

Oh, my, God! She gasped and nearly dropped it. "Luna!"

Luna smiled and looked to Harry.

Harry wondered what it was and peered over her shoulder.

Staring back at the two with big eyes was the smallest and cutest kitten with grey fur and wide grey eyes as well. It meowed lightly.

Hermione looked to the blonde, her mouth opened.

Luna shrugged. "I noticed you had no magical pet,"

Hermione breathed a soft laugh and looked down at the bundle of fur. She petted its soft fur. "Your name is Crookshanks,"


Hermione nodded and didn't see Harry's weird expression at the name.

He looks like Luna as a cat. Hermione nearly laughed aloud.

Harry smiled widely.

"Here, Hermione," Padma handed hers over with a big smile.

Hermione noticed and groaned. "Oh, no. You gave me something embarrassing, haven't you?"

Padma shrugged with a playful look in her eyes. "Maybe…"

Hermione laughed. She handed her kitty to Harry to open the box. She looked in and blushed immediately with her mouth open.

Harry was intrigued and looked in and opened his mouth as well. Lying on top of a book labeled Twelve Safe Ways to Get Your Wizard was red lacy teddy bear lingerie. He found himself laughing.

Padma grinned. "I'm sorry. I know you're not old enough, but I just had to. Besides, this would make a great story for your children,"

Hermione blushed scarlet more.

Luna and Neville leaned forwards to see and both started laughing.

"How did you even know my size?" Hermione asked.

Padma looked at Harry subtly.

"Harry!" Hermione exclaimed.

"What? I thought she was asking for clothes!" Harry defended.

"How do you even know?" Padma teased.

"We're married," Harry answered simply.

Padma, Neville, and Luna looked shock at the implied sentence.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Oh, be quiet,"

"Look under the book," Padma smiled.

Hermione eyed her new friend, but did so. She gasped. "Is that the new quill with invisible ink?"

Padma nodded. "Uh huh,"

Hermione laughed lightly. "Thank you guys so much!"

"Come on guys, we should eat before classes. We have a fun evening planned," Harry grinned.


Professor Quirrell never noticed that his students hated him and hated the fact that they had to write down Defence instead of doing it. He was here to ensnare the Philosopher's Stone for his Master that was invading his head, literally. He didn't care they didn't write things down. He didn't care if his methods sucked.

Harry stared at the back of his head, his quill twirling in his hands. I need to bring that bastard out, but how? I need to get the stone before he does…perhaps my friends and I can do something. He looked to his right to notice his wife was also staring around the room bored. He was surprised she wasn't writing anything down, but then again, Professor Quirrell was like Professor Trelawney.

Hermione sighed deeply and leaned her head on the table to look into her husband's glowing emerald eyes. "This class sucks," She whispered.

Harry nodded with a grin. When we get rid of Voldemort and the stone, Quirrell will be gone as well and we can get a new teacher. He promised.

She frowned. When?

Harry looked back at the incompetent teacher. Soon.


Hermione laughed as she rode higher in the sky with her broom, her friends by her side. I love flying.

You never did before. Harry teased.

Hermione just laughed and flew faster, past Harry. "Catch me if you can, love!"

Harry grinned, accepting the challenge. He leaned forwards and raced to catch up to her as his other classmates laughed and flew on their own brooms around them.

Padma touched Neville's shoulder. "You're it!"

Neville grinned and went after the first person near him, Lavender Brown.

Lavender squealed at seeing him and flew towards Luna, who noticed them and turned to fly the other way to not get tagged.

Neville noticed Luna and made a sharp U-Turn and followed her at close speed, going, going, and going, until…he finally tagged her! "Hah! You're it!"

Luna laughed. She looked around to see who she can tag. Dean Thomas was near Seamus Finnigan, but not close enough. She wouldn't go after Draco Malfoy or Daphne Greengrass. Tracy Davis was close and she wouldn't mind chasing her. She was a decent person who was also kind of slow on the broom. Then again, Goyle and Crabbe were the slowest, but they were awfully mean. She finally smiled at setting her sights on Millicent Bulstrode.

She leaned forwards and chased the girl as Millicent laughed.

"Can't catch me, Luna!"

Luna giggled until she seen Daphne wobbling on her broom with Hermione a few feet away and looked down as Millicent got closer. Her eyes widened. "Millie!" She screamed.

That stopped all the chasing and laughing as everyone turned to see Millicent look back at Luna with a puzzled expression.

"Greengrass! Look alive!" Madame Hooch called as she seen the crash about to happen. "Oh, dear,"


Everyone flinched as the two girls crashed and fell down off their brooms to the ground with a rather loud THUMP.

Madame Hooch went running. "Class dismissed!"

Oh, no, poor Millie. Hermione thought sadly as she glided off her broom.

Harry shook his head. Looked so bad, too.

Hermione nodded. We'll see her later in the infirmary.

Harry nodded.


James Potter sat at his desk as he filled out paperwork to change two new laws and it will be passed, damnit, because he was close friends with the Longbottom's, Patil's, Greengrass', Brown's, Bones', an every powerful magical family, except Albus Dumbledore. Then again, if he gets the rest of the others' votes, then the hell with Albus.

He sighed as he rubbed his neck and stretched his neck in pain. The things I do for my kids. He smiled wryly.

He bent back down to work on the papers because he would do anything for his kids. They were his pride and joy and he knew Lily and the Granger's were glad Harry and Hermione were best friends.

He looked at the photographs of his family.

Hermione and Harry hugging and waving at the camera.

Emma and Daniel Granger holding each other and smiling.

Lily holding her infant son that changed to Lily hugging her now older son.

James hugging Harry and Hermione.

Sirius, Remus, Lily, and James in a photograph that changed to Emma, Dan, Lily, Sirius, Remus, and James with big smiles and Harry and Hermione kneeling on the grass.

James looked back at the papers. Yes, I'd do anything for those two. He smiled and went back to filling out two forms. It's amazing no one tried to pass these laws considering they are there for people to do so. James shook his head. Honestly.

Form A-584

-Witch and/or Wizard to Marry Who They Wish

Form G-495

-Muggle Core Studies

Form B-398

-The Will and Testament of_


Emma ate her lunch at the desk at the clinic her and her husband, Dan, owned. She looked over the files of the people they had this afternoon and her gaze turned to the pictures on the desk.

Harry and Hermione holding each other and smiling on the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

James and Lily holding infant Harry.

Emma and Dan holding infant Hermione.

Sirius, Remus, James, and Lily laughing.

Dan and his only daughter.

She sighed and looked at the calendar. Today was her daughter's birthday and hoped she would receive the card they sent. She also couldn't wait till tomorrow when her daughter would come home for the weekend with her husband to celebrate her birthday with her family.

"Em!" Dan called in a panicked voice. "Em, I need help!"

She put her lunch down and immediately ran to the room. Dan was capable of doing his work, unless there was a bleeder or he can't reach something. Turns out, it was both. The girl was bleeding, while still unconscious, but Dan couldn't reach the table on the other side.

She sighed but hurried to his aid.


Lily Potter looked at the clock. I'm so bored. Why didn't I listen to James and ask for days off tomorrow till Sunday, instead of starting today?

She sighed and put her head in her hand. At least this weekend is something to look forward to.

She clicked her nails against the table and sighed. I'm so bored.


Remus Lupin stared at the beautiful and unique Nymphadora Tonks, who preferred Tonks. She sat with her head down as she wrote down everything on the board.

He still remembered the kiss and wondered if she would listen to him. He didn't mean to scare her off. He just meant it was weird to him, considering his Lycan form.

He noticed she looked up to think and caught his gaze. She blushed and looked back down at her paper.

Would you kiss me again, Dora? He frowned and wondered how he could ask, until the idea struck him like lightning.

"Ms. Tonks, could you stay after class? I'd like to discuss your essay," He lied as everyone looked at the pink haired girl.

Tonks opened her mouth in shock. He wants to see me? "Of course, Professor Lupin," She answered.

Remus smiled after turning back to the board. Score for me.

Tonks was confused. Why does he want to see me? My essay was an O.


Hermione sat down at the Ravenclaw table to eat her lunch. Her friends and she were quiet since Millicent was in the Hospital Wing.

"At least it was an accident," Luna spoke softly as she took tiny bites.

Everyone nodded.

"We'll go see her after we eat," Harry said as he ate his eyes on the back of the unscathed Daphne who was laughing with her friend, Tracy.

"How did she get unscathed?" Hermione whispered.

Padma bit her bottom lip. "Well, they're saying Daphne planned it,"

"They?" Hermione asked.

Padma nodded. "Everyone who saw,"

"Why? She's in their House," Harry argued.

Padma looked at Hermione. "You moved the other way,"

Hermione opened her mouth. "She meant to hit me after getting hit by Millicent? My, God, she has rocks in her head!" She gasped.

Harry felt anger rising, but knew to keep it controlled or lose the windows and table in the Great Hall.

Padma nodded.

They all looked at the Slytherin brunette.

Bitch is going to get hers. Hermione growled.

Harry winced at her tone and was glad no one saw him.


"I'm sorry, but no visitors," Madame Pomfrey told the five friends as they argued with her.

"But, we promised," Hermione pleaded.

"She understands. She's also angry that Ms. Greengrass is not hurt, so I'd rather you not face her wrath," Madame Pomfrey said with wide eyes and looked back to the sullen girl.

They all nodded, dejected, but understanding.

"Yes, Madame Pomfrey," Harry spoke softly. "Come on guys, we have Herbology," He walked away with the others following slowly.

"Daphne will get hers," Padma hissed. "I hate girls that go after other girls for stupid things,"

Hermione agreed.

Luna sighed sadly and felt guilt. Maybe if I didn't chase her, she'd be fine. Forget maybe, it's a definite yes.

Harry walked to the corridor that would lead them outside and directly into the greenhouse. He felt anger, but wondered when they cared about Millicent. Maybe Hermione's doing it because Luna likes her.

"Hello, students," Robust Professor Sprout greeted. "Since we have one student unavailable-," Here everyone glared at Daphne. "One group will have an extra,"

They went into pairs, Harry and Hermione taking Padma.

"We will be learning about the poisonous plant, Poison Ivy,"

"Hence the name," Daphne snickered softly.

"Ms. Greengrass?" Professor Sprout asked.

"Sorry, I'll shut up," She smiled.

"Thank God," Hermione hissed.

Professor Sprout didn't hear her, but Daphne did.

Daphne turned to the Muggleborn and narrowed her eyes.

Hermione met her gaze, her brown eyes heated.

Daphne scoffed and looked the other way.

That's right, bitch, turn the other way. Hermione grumbled.

Language, Hermione. There might be a fight soon, I think. Harry thought as he heard his wife's anger. We definitely need fun tonight now.

Hermione blushed and being caught in her anger. Harry's right. I should calm down. I'm only eleven for God's sakes!


Tonks sat at Professor Lupin's desk and watched as he finished grading papers.

Remus felt nervous, but Tonks deserved to know what he truly thinks. How he really feels for her and to talk about if they should continue the relationship.

"Personally, Nymphadora is a cute name,"

Tonks narrowed her eyes.

"I mean, unless you like mixing nymph with the name Dora,"

Tonks then giggled. A raging nymph, hear me roar.

Remus smiled. "Tonks, I care about you. I have feelings for you that are new to me as they are to you,"

"But you said…" Tonks was confused.

"I meant to tell you that he was…different for me, considering how my life is," Remus tried to explain. "It's just…you're so young and beautiful. You have the world at your fingertips now,"

Tonks bit her bottom lip. "So you're saying I should explore the world first?"

Remus thought. Is that what I'm saying? "Yes, you should, and if you still like me, I'll be here,"



Tonks nodded. "I'll still want you,"

Remus smiled. "I'm hoping so,"

Tonks smiled. "Can I get a kiss now?"


When Friday came, Hermione was silent and her friends and husband wondered what would make her quiet.

"Mione…you okay?" Harry asked softly as he brushed her hair with his hand.

Harry, Hermione, Neville, Luna, and Padma all sat in the Hogwarts library, studying, but also hanging around.

Hermione looked to her husband. I…started my monthly, Harry…and Millie's not okay…and I'm cranky…I'm tired…and I don't want to leave Millie alone in the castle for the weekend. Can't we see our parents another time?

Harry studied her brown eyes. I'm sorry you will have your monthly pains, but Millie will be fine, Hermione. She has tons of other friends who aren't Slytherin's…and this was planned for a long time.

The other three friends just sat silent as they watched their two friends communicate silently.

"What do you think is wrong?" Neville whispered.

"She's confused," Padma said.

"Conflicted," Luna said.

Hermione looked into her husband's emerald eyes. Alright…you're right. Our parents are expecting us.

Harry smiled and kissed her forehead.

The others smiled knowingly. They were okay for the time being.


Hermione smiled widely as she went into her mother's arm.

"Hermione! Happy birthday sweetheart!" Emma hugged her daughter tight as her father joined the family hug.

"Happy birthday honey," Dan kissed her forehead.

Hermione stepped back. "Thanks Mum and Dad. Are the Potter's here yet?" She asked as she reached for Harry's hand.

"No, honey," Emma answered before hugging Harry. "Nice to see you, too,"

Harry grinned.

When she stood back, Dan stepped forwards and shook his hand. "Likewise, kiddo. Haven't seen you make trouble in a while,"

Harry laughed. "Give me a day, Dan, just a day,"

Dan laughed.


"Oh, there are your parents, Harry," Emma smiled as she went to answer the door. She opened the door to see Lily and James Potter standing on the porch, smiling.

"Lily! James! You came just in time," Emma teased, knowing very well when the Potter's known their children would arrive.

She moved to the side to let her friends in.

Lily laughed as she walked inside the house.

James shook his head and walked in behind his wife. "Emma, dear, you sense of humor is cruel," He grinned as he hugged her hello.

Emma just laughed.

"Mum! Dad!" Harry called excitedly and ran to their arms. Sometimes he forgets in his last life, he had no parents, so this time around he's going to get lots of hugs and love before anything happens.

"Harry!" Lily's eyes lit up as she hugged her son close.

"Hey, son," James ruffled Harry's hair.

"Dad!" Harry complained.

Hermione laughed. "And we have all weekend…for pranks…" Hermione laughed and smiled evilly as she rubbed her hands together.

Everyone else grinned.


"So, how was your weekend?" Padma drawled as she stared at Harry's pink hair and Hermione's green hair.

Luna and Neville dissolved into giggled when they arrived at the Ravenclaw table and seen their best friends' hair.

"Mother's a muggle," Hermione muttered as she stabbed her French toast.

Luna, Neville, and Padma looked to Harry for clarification.

Harry sighed. "She doesn't know what magic can do or not. She only knows chemicals the muggle way and when she mixed it, she put it permanent, by accident,"

Hermione scoffed.

"Well, yeah, she does know her chemicals, but she didn't know that no magic can take the color out since my Mother tried, forever," Harry explained.

Neville nodded in understanding. If Lily Potter can't fix it, it ain't worth trying.

"But when we saw Filius, he said he'd try after classes, unfortunately, because we came back late and were dead tired," Hermione sighed.

"So, the weekend was good?" Padma smiled.

Harry and Hermione slowly grinned.

"It was awesome!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Best…prank…war…ever," Harry smiled widely.

"Ah," Everyone nodded in understanding.

"Lucky," Luna sighed.

"Don't worry, Luna, you can come visit at Christmas or we'll visit you. Heck, we'll all visit each other," Hermione promised.

Luna's smile was wide like Christmas came early for her.

Neville nodded and smiled. "Heck, yeah,"

Padma was shocked, but no damn way was she letting up Christmas with her friends, especially these friends.

"Come on, we got classes still," Hermione got up and hoisted her backpack.

"Do you think this week will be quiet?" Neville asked as he got up.

Harry frowned. "Don't know, but hopefully,"

Hermione, Neville, Luna, and Padma agreed.

"We don't need Greengrass drama," Padma said.

"Was she horrible?" Hermione asked.

Padma, Neville, and Luna looked at each other.

Harry and Hermione stopped. "What? What is it?"

"She made…Millie leave," Luna answered slowly. "Millie couldn't hand her own House, so she was transferred,"

Hermione's mouth dropped open in shock.

Harry clenched his fists.

"What?" Both yelled out loud in the Great Hall.

Everyone turned to the young two in anger.

"So much for quiet week," Neville muttered.


James stared down at his hands in shock outside the room where his questions and requests were evaluated.

His beautiful wife, Lily, rubbed his back soothingly as his two best mates, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, were by his side.

"At least they approved the marriage law, honey," Lily spoke softly.

"Yeah," James nodded. "But they barely listened when I said make Hogwarts more modern and have some obvious muggle studies,"

Remus frowned as he remembered most of the Court looked at James like he was crazy to interact muggle studies with magic.

"Besides, if Harry and Hermione want it so bad, what makes you think they can stop them?" Sirius asked as his thumb indicated to the court room they just left.

Remus, Lily, and James silently agreed with Sirius.

"I know," James sighed and put his hand through his hair. "But if feels as if I betrayed my children…like I didn't do enough,"

"James!" Lily exclaimed as her green eyes narrowed. "Your children will love you, no matter what," She told him. "And just passing the marriage law will make them forever love you,"

James looked up at his wife and smiled. "I forget you're my Tiger Lily and always know what to say,"

"Especially when she's a tiger," Sirius muttered.

"I heard that, Paddy," Lily smirked at the nickname Harry and Hermione named Sirius for his Animagus form.

Sirius scowled.


In her defense, Hermione forgot she was supposed to be eleven, not seventeen. How was she supposed to remember not to hurt the Slytherin Hag? She was angry, damnit. It was the damn Daphne's fault, not hers.

However, Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape seem to disagree.

Good thing she had Filius and Minnie on her side.

"She's just a child, Albus!" Minnie defended her.

"She broke the girl's nose like a teenager!" Snape snapped.

"Oh, butt out," Minnie snapped. "She only did that in defence. If that incompetent teacher, Quirrell taught these students anything, than I'm sure Hermione would have avoided the nose for something else,"

Hermione smirked in her seat. She sat in front of the Headmaster's office across his desk with Fawkes sitting on his perch and Minnie standing on her right with Filius on her left. Snape stood by the Headmaster on his left.

"She didn't even do it on purpose, Albus," Filius told him.

"That's not the point, Minerva and Filius, and you know it," Albus spoke softly.

"And you think the answer it to expel this child?" Minnie asked with her hand on Hermione's shoulder.

Albus leaned forwards on his fingertips. Yes, because she'll be out of the way. "Yes," He answered simply.

Minerva narrowed her eyes. "Need I remind you Ms. Greengrass threw the first punch and," She implied when Snape opened his mouth. "The Potter's and Granger's will not go down without a legal and obvious fight,"

Albus sat back, shocked at Minerva's audacity. It appears he lost his Deputy Headmistress to the Potter children.

"So be it," Snape snarled.

"Yes and Lily will forgive you? She didn't the first time," Filius spoke softly.

Hermione widened her eyes. She knew what her Head of House was talking about. He was talking about how Severus was suddenly rude to his best friend, Lily Evans, when James Potter took an interest in her.

Snape pursed his lips.

"I will think of a punishment. I suggest you do the same, Severus, or I'm sure Minerva will," Filius said with a final tone. "Now, if you don't mind, this girl needs sleep," He nodded and indicated Hermione to get up.

Hermione did and walked to the door, Minnie and Filius on her heels.

"I hope it was worth it, Ms. Granger," Albus called.

"It's Mrs. Potter," Hermione replied, but kept walking.

Filius and Minnie smirked.

As they left, Albus looked at Snape. "She'll be trouble,"

"I'm on it," Snape promised before he left.

Fawkes listened through the whole thing and could not help but think, where did the old Headmaster go? The nice, loyal, and kind one.

And should he help Hermione and Harry Potter on their quest?


Hermione got back to the marriage quarters in Ravenclaw House by eleven pm and she was exhausted, but she did want to talk to her husband first.

"Hey, love," Harry smiled as he seen his wife enter the bedroom, dragging her feet tiredly.

"Hey," She sighed as she lay down on the bed beside Harry. She stretched and moaned as kinks from sitting in a chair forever were released.

"What took so long?" He asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Albus needed to explain what I did and how bad it was and therefore my punishment was expulsion,"

"What?" Harry exclaimed as he clutched the paper in his hands tighter.

"I meant to tell you through our connection, but Minnie and Filius began to defend me left and right, I was shocked and amazed," She explained.

"So, no expulsion?" He asked to clarify.

"No expulsion…I have detention for a week, seven pm everyday, and it's with," Here Hermione shuddered. "Ron, Draco, and Hagrid,"

Harry shuddered as well.

"I mean, I don't mind Hagrid, but the other two…well, damnit," She muttered.

Somewhere in Harry's mind, he remember in his last life that he had the same detention and Draco and him found a man that can float and was drinking unicorn blood.

"Besides, she started it," Hermione muttered.

Harry agreed as he remembered.


Hermione's enraged eyes found the brunette Slytherin sitting at her table, eating as if nothing was wrong and stalked to the table.

"How dare you?" She hissed.

Daphne and Tracy looked up and Daphne widened her eyes in fear.

"What are you talking about?" Daphne asked with a calm voice. Thank goodness for all those lessons her Mother taught her about being calm no matter what.

"You know what!" Hermione yelled. "You got Millie to leave!"

Daphne smirked. "Is it my fault she's scared of this school?"

Hermione stepped close. "Yes…and it won't be my fault when I make you scared of this school,"

Daphne narrowed her eyes and she stood. "Is that a threat?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Hermione replied loudly. She lowered her voice when people turned away. "It's a promise,"

Daphne didn't think, but reacted instead. She aimed her fist for the girl's head, but a glow erupted and sent her flying.


Hermione was wide eyed as Daphne flew against the wall, unconscious face forward. "I think she broke her nose,"

"Ms. Granger!" A voice yelled.

"Potter!" Everyone chorused when they saw the girl against the wall. Guess you could say they felt fear that she could do that to others, or just respect.

"I didn't even do anything!" Hermione said instead.

Luna, Neville, Padma, and Harry stared at the wall in shock.

"That's a good charm," Harry whispered softly.

"I want you in my office, young lady," Albus demanded.

"But…I…" Hermione faltered.

"That's alright, Mrs. Potter, Minerva and I will be with you," Filius said as he stood up and Minerva followed suit.

Albus narrowed his eyes at the obvious Mrs. Potter name implied and how the girl now got two teachers on her side.

*End of Flashback*

"What's that?" Hermione's voice interrupted his musings.

"Hm?" Harry asked and looked at her.

She nodded to the paper in his hand.

"Oh," Harry remembered. "It's a letter from my Dad saying that he was able to pass the marriage law, but not to have Muggle Core Studies or make Hogwarts more modern," He explained.

Hermione nodded, a little disappointed, but at least she was legal to be married to Harry, no matter what.

"We should tell him thank you and we still love him," She said as she snuggled into her bed deeper.

Harry put his glasses and his dad's letter on the nightstand beside him as he turned off the lamp. "Tomorrow," He promised.

Hermione hummed in agreement before falling into a deep sleep.

Harry held her tiny body and fell asleep soon after.


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