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The Heir of the Founders
Harry P. & Hermione G. - Words: 19,538 - Rated: T - English - Supernatural - Chapters: 16 - Reviews: 198 - Updated: 30-09-2013 - Published: 04-04-2013 - by Potterhead333 (FFN)

Harry was overwhelmed. Within an hour he had fought Albus Dumbledore and won, and formed the Founders army, and he hadn't even got to Gringott's which is what he went there for. Harry sighed as he continued on his was down leaving a bewildered Dumbledore behind.

Harry entered the bank with Hermione on his arm. Harry had looked around cautiously to see if anyone had followed them.

As they approached the main desk, a goblin looked up and said "Lord and Lady Potter, such an honor to see you."

"And you I" replied Harry. "I have some matters to take care of with a goblin by the name of Griphook? I would like to speak with him in private"

"Of course Lord Potter, if you would follow me" said the goblin.

The goblin leaded him so he was in front of a wall. The goblin then ran his finger down the centre crack and the wall opened up. "This is the most private area there is, Griphook will be with you in a moment"

"Thank you" Hermione said.

Within a minute, they heard the wall open up again and they turned to see Griphook entering and the wall closing behind him. "My apologies for the wait Lord and Lady Potter. I have brought the parchment used to control who is able to go in and out of your vaults. If you wish to take someone off or add someone, just tap you wand on it and say their name. No one else but you and Lady Potter can do this because of your soul bond. After you have done this, we will be heading to your vaults and in there, you can disown and disinherit people from your family trees. You can also reinstate people back into the family tree. You will also come across two rings in each vault that you have to put on to show that you are the Lord of that family. Every time you put on another ring, all you have to do is say 'Potter ring' or 'Slytherin ring' and it will come back to your finger, hiding the rest." Griphook explained.

Harry followed his instructions and saw that on the paper it had the names Albus Dumbledore, Molly Weasley, Ronald Weasley, and Ginevra Weasley. This infuriated Harry and Hermione so they took them off and added Lupin and Tonks to the Black Family Vault. Once this was all finished, they got up and went on the carts to the Hogwarts vault. Harry and Hermione had to both press their hands on the entrance because it had not been opened in so long by a human.

The first thing they saw when they entered into the vault was two rings perched on top of an alter. The pair cautiously approached it and put the rings on. You could tell which was whose as Hermione's new one had diamonds on it and Harry's was plain. The only thing that showed it was a family ring was the Hogwarts crest embedded on it and the name Hogwarts on the inside of the ring.

As soon as they put the rings on they felt their body heat up and a booming voice called out to them.

"Who dares claim to be the Heir of Hogwarts?"

Harry summoned all the courage he had and replied "I do, and so does my wife. Our names are Harry James Potter, and Hermione Jean Potter. We are Lord and Lady of Hogwarts, the four founders, Potter, Malfoy, Merlin, and Lestrange. We are here to claim our rightful place as the Heirs of Hogwarts." Harry sounded bold when he said this and Hermione's heart leapt when he said his wife.

"Ahh, forgive us, we had no idea who we were speaking to Lord and Lady Potter. To claim the rights to be the sole Heirs of Hogwarts, you must pass 4 tests and then be judged by the founders themselves. I can tell you no more, only that this is the only time you will be able to claim it. If you don't or you fail the tests, you lose your titles to Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Merlin and Hogwarts. If you succeed, you will own Hogwarts and be the rightful heir to it. Do you accept?" The voice said again but in a more gentle voice.

Harry and Hermione shared a quick glance followed by a distinct nod, and Harry replied. "We accept"

As soon as Harry finished his sentence, the wall opened up as if it was alive. They realised they had to enter and held hands. The first thing they were confronted with was a riddle.

Some will use me, while others will not,
some have remembered, while others have forgot.
For profit or gain, I'm used expertly,
I can't be picked off the ground or tossed into the sea.
Only gained from patience and time,
can you unravel my rhyme?

Harry was clueless at what the answer might be but Hermione was way ahead of him. She had conjured a pen and parchment and started muttering to herself while writing things down. After a few minutes had been by, Hermione's puzzled face was replaced by a face full of pride. "The answer is Wisdom or Knowledge." she said positively. The words seemed to be the answer and another wall was opened up. Having no choice as the other wall had closed, they carried on. They entered a room that had a large amount of water as if it was a lake. The next thing that happened surprised them both. Something grabbed Hermione's foot and dragged her into the water, and Harry tried to grab her hand but he couldn't. Her head was soon engulfed in water and Harry dived in after her. The water was freezing, but he persevered. He saw a glimpse of brown hair and grabbed it. Hermione realised what was grabbing her and held out her hand, kicking as furiously as she could. She finally got free and Harry dragged her up to the surface on the other side of the lake thing.

"Are you ok Hermione?!" Harry said frantically as Hermione spluttered. She reached for her wand to perform a drying charm when she realised it wasn't there. She looked up at Harry and panicked.

The voice again boomed from around the room. "Your wands have been removed after you performed the conjuring charm in the first task. You will be judged by your ability without your wand"

Harry looked as if he was going to yell back but Hermione calmed him. "Harry, we can do this." He nodded and another wall opened up. They were surprised when they saw two tables on either side of the room with a quill and a piece of parchment on it. Harry and Hermione shrugged and went to separate tables. It had questions written on the paper. All they had to do was say yes or no.

Harry Potter, if you had to choose between being Hogwarts heir or Hermione, which would you choose?

Harry Potter, would you ever turn over to the dark side?

Harry Potter, what would you do if someone took Hermione?

Harry answered these questions with the answers: Hermione, No, and Hunt them down and kill them. Harry knew this may have been a bit overboard but he really thought that he would if they threatened her. He saw that Hermione had finished and stood up, heading towards the wall. When they both got there, it opened up, only for them to see the end of a basilisk. It heard them and span around, lunging at them. They managed to dodge it though.

"Hermione! Get behind something and look down! I'll try and calm it!" Harry shouted.

"No! If you die, I am going to die with you Harry." Hermione stuttered over the next part. "I-I lo-ove y-you."

"I love you too Hermione" Harry whispered in her ear as he finally realized his feelings for the bright witch. He then started walking towards the overgrown snake and spoke to it in Parseltongue.

"King of the Serpents, would you let my wife and i pass. I do not wish to harm you and only want to get past you"

"Lord Potter, I will let you past on one condition. You feed me often and i will let you past. I know it sounds like you have to keep coming here but all you have to say is deal and I will shrink myself and embed myself into your arm so that I only look like a tattoo. I will only come out when asked as long as you keep me well and happy."Harry thought about it for a while before saying "Deal"

Hermione was shocked when she saw the basilisk shrink and go into Harry's arm, making itself look like a tattoo. "I'll explain later" Harry said when Hermione gave him a curious look. Again, the wall opened up and they realized that they were about to face the founders. The pair joined hands and walked through the entrance, not knowing what to expect.

The room was empty. It was cold and it sent chills down their spine. They were still not dry and that didn't help. They were confused on what to do next. Harry felt an odd feeling pull him towards the middle of the room. He thought it might be a trap, but his instinct was telling him it's not. So with a deep breath in, he and Hermione walked warily to the centre of the room. They heard a whisper and their heads whipped around. They were now on high alert. The both went back to back, guarding each other. They had taken up a defensive position and was ready to struck. The basilisk on Harry's arm hissed but Harry soon calmed it but warned it to be ready to strike. A low chuckle came from no where.

"Well well well, we do have a team here."

"Who are you?!" Harry shouted with his confidence rising. All he thought was that he had to protect Hermione at whatever price.

"Ooh courage and bravery!" Said a manly voice.

"I have read his mind and he will protect that girl at any cost. So much loyalty!" said a girly voice.

"She is a smart witch that one, one that I would value over all." said a soft and calming voice.

"They are nothing special! They are two teenagers seeking attention!" sneered a rough voice. An argument then erupted.

"Can't you read their aura?! They are the most powerful beings that we have ever seen or heard of, including that fool Dumbledore and your heir, the one who calls himself Lord Voldemort." The manly voice spat the last part with so much hatred.

"He is not my heir! He may be a descendant but I refuse to name him my heir!" the rough voice shouted.

"Calm down. Have you forgotten about the witch and wizard standing in front of us?" the soft voice spoke. Harry and Hermione heard muttering but then a voice spoke up.

"Harry m'boy! How have you been? I don't believe we have ever met. And Mrs Potter! How lovely to meet you!" said the manly voice cheerfully. Harry and Hermione still didn't let their guard down but replied.

"Who are you?"

The voice chuckled once more. "Sorry, I forgot my manners. My name is Godric Gryffindor. The voices you heard earlier were those of Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin." Harry's mouth gaped. The darkness that had been covering the walls had brightened, revealing four ladies and two men. Hermione got over the shock quickly and asked something important.

"No one knew your portraits were made so who made them?"

Rowena replied this time. "We had muggles paint us and then a bit of our soul was inserted in it. Its no way like a horcrux because the soul hasn't been split, but has been given through love not hate." The pair starred blankly at the portrait but didn't ask anything. Rowena carried on. "So how is it you both are Heirs?"

Hermione replied this time. "We have been informed that we have created a soul bond, which means whoever we are the Heirs to, the other person is named the Heir as well. We have been given new powers but we need to learn and train them first as we haven't been able to accomplish them yet." Rowena smiled.

"Ahh right, i believe that Helga and her husband had a soul bond. One of the most powerful things in magic that is. I think we should judge their character to see if they are fit to be called our Heirs."

"Of course M'Lady" Harry said with a bow. She had already gained a lot of respect from Harry just by how she talked.

"Well, i for one think you would make an excellent Griffindor heir, because when we watched the tasks you performed, i saw a great deal of courage and bravery when rescuing your soul mate. I, Godric Cuthbert Griffindor, hereby name Harry James Potter and Hermione Jean Potter as my rightful Heirs, and may they show courage and bravery throughout their lives. So mote it be." A dim light surrounded them, glowing red and yellow.

"I would be honoured if you were the Hufflepuff Heirs, as you both showed loyalty to each other and you both worked very hard to perform at your best in these tasks. I, Helga Charlotte Hufflepuff hereby name Harry James Potter and Hermione Jean Potter as my rightful Heirs, and may they show loyalty and perseverance throughout their lives. So mote it be." The light surrounding the pair became brighter, now shining Griffindor and Hufflepuff colors.

"I also think you would be the best Heirs for my house Ravenclaw, because in your tasks, you both showed intelligence and wisdom especially Hermione in the riddle. Rowena Marybelle Ravenclaw, hereby name Harry James Potter and Hermione Jean Potter as my rightful Heirs, and may they show intelligence and wisdom throughout their lives. So mote it be." The light almost came unbearable, now glowing 3 of the 4 founders colors.

"I see you speak parseltongue, one of my talents that i look for in an Heir. That fool Tom Riddle never saw past his greed for power, and never saw what he could actually achieve with it." Salazar spoke in parseltongue to Harry and then carried on. "I, Salazar William Slytherin, hereby name Harry James Potter and Hermione Jean Potter as my rightful Heirs, and may they show cunning and power throughout their lives. So mote it be." The light filled the room, and they were engulfed in it.

Once the light had dimmed, 5 rings appeared on both of the teenagers fingers reforming into one. "Congratulations, Lord and Lady Hogwarts, use your authority and power well." The founders said together before the pair was transported back into the vault.

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