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Hermione's Hero
Hermione G. & Ron W. - Words: 94,736 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Romance - Chapters: 21 - Reviews: 53 - Updated: 04-01-2015 - Published: 09-07-2013 - by A.NikkyA27 (FFN)

Hero chapter 3

It was breakfast time and the trio were eating their breakfast in the Great Hall when the daily prophet owls came through the windows to deliver the mail. Hermione bought one of the newspapers while Harry and Ron were wolfing down their food and shouted, "Hey guys! Look at this!" Hermione showed her friends the front page which read: "THE RED ARCHER BURNT". Sitting in front of their eyes was a picture of the hero who was holding his right upper arm as he started walking away. "The Red Archer saved a family from a burning house in Hogsmeade but unfortunately when the smallest child of the Williams, the owners of the house, was about to escape through the window, part of the wall fell on top of them. The Red Archer's right arm took the impact, but everyone was safe as fire-fighters were able to douse the fire. The hero left without a trace making people wonder about the identity of this hero." Hermione watched the picture then Harry clamped on Ron's right arm making him hiss in pain.

"Sorry mate are you alright?" Harry asked worriedly to Ron, who nodded then spoke,

"Yeah my arm hurts a little." Ron commented making Harry nod while Hermione was suspicious about his arm.

"So the push ups you do before you go to bed are finally getting to you?" Harry winked at Ron who frowned while Hermione and the other Gryffindor girls listened to their conversation. "Yeah you would do what fifty before going to sleep, determined to get muscles?" Ron kicked Harry in the shin making him cry out in pain while Ron got up and started walking away. "Where are you going?" he asked Ron who smirked.

"Getting ready to go to Hogsmeade, while you stay here alone, mate." Harry playfully glared at Ron who smiled then continued, "I'll get you something I promise." He saluted Harry using his forefinger and middle finger before turning to leave. Ron unbuttoned his white school shirt and took it off leaving him in his dark blue undershirt; his right upper arm was bandaged and knew he needed to conceal it. He walked over to his trunk to get out his dark green long sleeve shirt and then picked up his black jeans and put them on. He then went under his bed and got his brown work boots. Finally, picking up his black and blue winter jacket, he headed downstairs where Harry was working on his homework essay for Snape while Hermione patiently waited for Ron. "Harry, sorry you can't come today with us." Ron felt sorry for Harry, who just shrugged then replied,

"I'll be fine here, you two have fun." Harry pushed Ron and Hermione towards the exit. "Bye" Ron and Hermione waved goodbye before they left for Hogsmeade.

When they got to Hogsmeade, Hermione turned to Ron. "Where do you want to go?" She asked Ron who shrugged then smiled at her.

"It's up to you; I've been here lots of times with my parents so you choose… I promise I won't complain." Ron playfully drew a cross on his heart with his finger making Hermione smile and raise an eyebrow at him.

"So if we went to the bookstore…" Ron's eyes widened then sighed and gave her a small smile.

"I won't complain as I'm a man of my words." Hermione smiled at Ron who she knew wasn't a fan of books but then feeling kind she spoke,

"I won't put you through the torture." Ron and Hermione smiled as they continued to walk down the cobbled snow covered path way, enjoying their time together.

"Want to get a drink?" Ron asked as he rubbed his hands together and blew some of his breath into his hands before rubbing them again. Hermione thought for a moment, nodded, then replied,

"Yeah, sure." Ron grabbed Hermione's small hand and they started running fast. "Whoa, Ron! Slow down please!" Hermione shouted as he kept dragging her but Ron didn't stop.

"I want to get out of this flipping cold weather!" Hermione smiled at how childish he could be; she also noticed that his hands were very large compared to hers (which she appreciated) when Ron suddenly stopped at a pub called The Three Broomsticks. Hermione bumped into his tall lean frame and was about to fall backwards but luckily Ron had quick reflexes and caught her before she fell. "Careful… come on lets go in." They went inside and found a table near the window and waited for someone to serve them. Ron was watching the snowflakes gently fall and Hermione watched Ron's blue eyes get lighter in happiness as he looked at the tiny snowflakes. An attractive woman that was curvy and a pretty face then suddenly popped over to take their order.

"Hi my name is Rosmerta and I'll be your server today- what would you like?" She asked them.

"I'll have some hot chocolate please" Hermione asked the waitress who smiled, nodded then turned to Ron.

"I'll have some hot chocolate too." Ron smiled at her before looking out the window again.

"So two hot chocolates?" The two nodded as the waitress left and Hermione could see some of the male students in their class and older looking at Rosmerta; she then looked at Ron expecting him to do the same but he didn't as he was drumming his fingernails on the wooden table creating a small rhythmic beat. Ron saw from the rooftop across the next building a black eagle that had a red handkerchief around his neck which made Ron a little confused and suspicious. As Ron kept staring at the strange sight, Rosemerta arrived with the orders.

"Thanks" They said at the same time but Ron kept looking at the eagle who was watching him. Hermione kept watching Ron carefully and saw that his train of thought was stopped by a child's scream. "UNCLE RON!" Ron and Hermione turned to see Nicky and Ally running as fast they could towards Ron who lifted both up in the air and gave them a bear hug making them giggle. Hermione smiled at the scene as the twins' parents entered and walked over to them. "Hello guys" They looked at the two teenagers who smiled and said their hellos.

"Morgan can you keep Hermione company? I need to do something." Morgan understood and nodded as they took a seat. "Be right back." Ron told Hermione before running out The Three Broomsticks, leaving Hermione confused.

After thirty minutes of Ron's absence, he finally came back and sat back down across from Hermione and placed Ally on his lap while Nicky was on her father's lap. Hermione looked at Ron's hair that looked ruffled and pointed in different directions which made her suspicious but didn't say anything. "So what's up guys?" Ron asked the twin girls who spoke simultaneously making everyone else laugh while Ron smiled and nodded to everything. When they finished speaking, Ron just smiled and started to tickle Ally making her giggle in delight but suddenly remembered that he still had to show Hermione around Hogsmeade. "Sorry guys but we need to go- see you later!" The family waved goodbye while the two teens walked out. While they were walking, Ron noticed Hermione was watching his every move which made him a little uncomfortable. "Can I help you Hermione?" Ron asked Hermione who snapped out her reverie and shook her head as they continued to walk. "Whoa" Ron said with amazement as he stopped to stare at a scary looking building that was falling apart. "It's the shrieking shack." Hermione turned her head to see what Ron was looking at.

"I read that it's the most haunted place in Britain." Hermione informed Ron who gulped at the information and spoke,

"Thanks for that Hermione." Ron said when he heard voices coming towards them; the two of them sighed as Draco, Crabbe and Blaise smirked at them.

"Ahh...look who it is boys- the blood traitor and the Mudblood." Ron clenched his fists so tight that his nails pierced through his palms and red blood started to come out. Hermione's eyes widened in shock at the sight. "Going house shopping with the Mudblood, are you Weasley?" Hermione watched Ron's eyes fill with fury and anger but kept his mouth shut.

"Ron." Hermione said softly as Ron flashed a glare at Hermione which made her be quiet; Draco was about to make another horrible comment to Ron but an arrow was shot only inches away from Draco's feet making the Slytherin students gasp in fear.

"You know, you aren't nice are you?" A voice questioned them as the Red Archer appeared in their sights. He slowly walked over to his arrow and pulled it out of the deep snow and put it back in his quiver with the rest of his other arrows. "Mate you're bleeding!" He shouted at Ron who looked at his fisted hand and saw blood coming out. "Here let me…" The hero reached into one of the pouches in his utility belt and pulled out the vial containing a shimmering blue liquid inside; he placed two drops of the blue liquid on both his palms and his injury started to face away as did the blood.

"Thanks" Ron said as he moved his hands as the Red Archer put the vial back. He started to walk away but stopped in his tracks, turned around, and smiled at Ron.

"Might want to put some medicine on your arm, mate." Ron glared at the hero who smirked before running away from Ron while Hermione looked at Ron in in confusion and spoke.

"What injury was he talking about Ron?" Hermione asked Ron who shook his head and whispered,

"It's nothing." Hermione grabbed his right upper arm making him groan in pain which made Hermione flinch her hand away quickly. "Ron, please show me your injury." Hermione begged Ron who was about to say no but then looked into to her brown eyes and saw she wasn't backing down. Ron sighed then took off his jacket and showed her his injury making her gasp as she saw his burn. She slowly placed her cold cool hand on his burns, making Ron gasp again. "Let's go back to Hogwarts and let you rest." Hermione said gently. With the pain Ron was in, he had no argument with Hermione's request.

That night Hermione couldn't sleep as her mind was still on Ron's injury; so after a few seconds, she gave up and got up from her bed and headed downstairs. Hermione looked out of the Common Room window and saw the Red Archer near the Black Lake sitting down, looking at the waters which made Hermione think this could be a chance to thank him and talk to him.

The Red Archer sighed as he played with his hands while thinking when he suddenly heard light footsteps coming towards him but he didn't worry as he knew the person was harmless. "Uhmm...Red Archer?" He turned to see the girl that he saved. He got up and dusted his trousers before clearing his throat to speak.

"Yes...Miss uhh..-" Hermione smiled then replied,

" name is Hermione Granger." The Red Archer nodded. "I wanted to thank you for saving me and my family…and uhm, I think I know who you are…" Hermione saw the hero raise his eyebrow at her. "You are Ronald Weasley." Hermione crossed her arms in front of her chest and smirked.

"Oh really? Why is that?" He asked as her copied her pose making her frown as he smirked. "Prove it!" He challenged her.

"In the papers, it said that you burned your right arm and Ron had a burn on his right arm. Also, you and Ron use two fingers to say goodbye." The Red Archer was speechless but shook his head at her but Hermione persisted. "I know you are Ron." The Red Archer walk towards her in a sexy manner Hermione mused.

"Then unmask me." He whispered making Hermione blush as her shaky hands pulled down his hood to reveal his flaming red hair. Hermione sucked in her breath as her fingers slowly pulled off his sunglasses but when he opened his eyes, she gasped seeing that she was wrong. He had brown eyes, not the beautiful blue ones of Ron. She took a step back and lowered her head down in shame as the Red Archer picked up a pebble on the ground and skimmed it across the lake.

"I'm sorry…I thought…" Hermione started but the Red Archer just laughed as he picked up another stone and skimmed it across the lake.

"Good try though." He smiled at Hermione who took seat on the grass while the he looked at the black lake but slyly looked over towards her as well. "Hey Hermione, I'm sorry… I shouldn't lie to my best friend who went through all this trouble just to confront me." She looked at the Red Archer's eyes and saw blue, making her gasp in surprise. She then saw Ron smiling happily at her. "As usual you are right Hermione." Hermione hugged Ron who smiled and hugged her back. "We need to go back now- come on." Ron put his hood back up and his sunglasses on as they started to walk back to the castle. As they were nearing the entrance, Ron stopped which made Hermione confused.

"Why did you stop Ron?" She asked Ron who sighed and pointed at his clothes. "Oh right." Hermione sighed as Ron folded his bow in two and took his quiver off his back. He then unzipped his sleeveless hoodie (leaving him in his black undershirt), wrapped his sleeveless hoodie around his weapon, and then hid it inside a nearby tree before walking back to Hermione and the castle.

"Come on lets go." As Ron and Hermione were walking towards the entrance, Ron saw a dark shadow holding a knife. "Hey!" Ron shouted causing the man to run towards them so Ron quickly pushed Hermione away as he tried to grab the knife from him but the shadow dropped it and jumped through the windows. Ron covered his eyes so none of the glass shards got in his eyes then went over to Hermione and helped her up. "Are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?" Ron asked Hermione who shook her head. She then gasped when she saw teachers and Dumbledore, their Headmaster walking over towards them, knowing that they would be in trouble.

"What are you two doing out of bed?!" Professor McGonagall said sternly. Her eyes then widened in disbelief when she saw the knife on the floor. "What happened here? Explain yourselves!" Hermione was about to speak but Ron beat her to it and explained the situation.

" see Hermione and I were working on our homework when we heard a noise and this man had a knife but he ran away…we couldn't see his face clearly." Ron grinned hoping that the teachers would buy the story. After his feeble explanation, students started to come out and started whispering when they saw the scene unfolding.

"Alright everyone it seems we have an unwanted guest here in Hogwarts, so everyone will be sleeping in the Great Hall." Dumbledore announced. "Head of house please get all the students ready."

In the Great Hall, Ron couldn't sleep nor could Hermione who was sleeping above him while Harry was fast asleep. "Ron?!" Hermione whispered ever so quietly making Ron turn on his stomach and cross his arms on top of his pillow.

"Yeah?" He whispered as quietly. "Is something wrong?" He asked Hermione who copied his position.

"How's your arm?" Ron looked at his bandaged arm and smiled at Hermione.

"It's fine…it's just a little sore but I'll live." Ron flashed a grin at her making her smile. "We should try and get some sleep- we have a math test tomorrow." Ron turned and tried to sleep, thinking about the intruder.

It was their math mock test and Hermione was on the fifth question while everyone else was two pages behind her which she read over and over. She had two more pages left and pressed on. "A girl went to a horse race and she forgot to count the horses and humans there, but she knows there are 196 legs and 74 heads. How many horses and humans were there at the horse race?"Hermione racked her brain thinking how to answer the question; she then slyly looked to her right and saw that was Ron finished as he was patiently waiting for the test to be over.

'There is no way that Ron finished; we have twenty minutes left of the test, how the- never mind, I need to finish this test, so the answer is 49 people and 37 horses'. McGonagall then went over to Ron and whispered something. After a few minutes, Ron gathered his stuff and left the classroom. Everyone thought Ron found the test too difficult and gave up, wondering if they would do the same as Ron. Hermione finished the test with five minutes to spare so she used the time to triple check her answers. She had one minute left so she looked outside and saw Ron sitting on grass as he was drawing something which aroused Hermione's curiosity.

Their next lesson was Defence Against the Dark Arts with Lupin but when they got there, they saw Snape teaching. Hermione sat next to Harry while Ron sat next to Neville. "Now I want you to write three rolls of parchment on Werewolves."

"But sir the Quidditch house tournament is tomorrow!" Harry spoke making everyone nod while Snape smirked.

"Well you better work on it tonight...get out." He spoke snidely as the bell rang.

That night Hermione finished Snape's essay and other homework while Ron and Harry and the other students were writing their essay. "The Red Arrow" Lavender sighed dreamily. "I wonder what he looks like." She asked the other the girls around her who also sighed happily thinking about the hero. "Well he has to be fit; I mean someone with that kind of body can't be ugly." Ron blushed as he looked down at his homework not wanting to look up or be noticed but Hermione secretly smiled at Ron who looked like he would explode in embarrassment as the girls continued. "I heard he is around our age, so if you get to pick who the Red Archer is out of all the boys in Gryffindor, who would you pick?" After a few seconds the girls shouted different names but the name that was mostly mentioned was Harry. At this, Hermione saw Ron clench his left hand tightly as his other hand was writing the homework.

Harry blushed, got up, then said goodnight before going upstairs which made the girls start to gossip. "I bet it is Harry." The girls squealed making Hermione roll her eyes while Ron continued to work on the essay. An hour had passed and it was only Ron and Hermione left in the Common Room while everyone else was asleep in the dorm. "You okay?" Hermione asked Ron who wrote the last word in his essay and then showed it to Hermione.

"Could you please proofread it?" Ron asked Hermione without looking into her eyes; she knew that action meant that he didn't want to talk about it so Hermione nodded and started reading Ron's homework as Ron just stared into the dying fire. After a few minutes, she finished correcting his mistakes and handed it back to him. "Thanks" Ron rolled the parchment and put it in his backpack.

"Ron, are you alright?" He was mute. "You can tell me anything, you know that, right?" Hermione sighed as she stood up. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow Ron, goodnight." As she was about to walk away Ron spoke.

"Did you think it was Harry before you knew?" Hermione smiled and shook her head.

"I could instantly tell that it wasn't Harry. I mean no offence but without his glasses he's practically blind, and besides Harry has too much on his plate right now; and you look better in dark red than Harry." Ron smiled and muttered thanks. "Goodnight Ronald." Ron muttered goodnight to her before she headed upstairs to her room to sleep while Ron reached for his bag and pulled out a black leather book and opened it up to his newest drawing. It was a beautiful drawing of Hermione and him when they were walking through Hogsmeade. 'If people knew… it will put them danger.' That advice from his mentor echoed through his head making him run his hand through his red hair and whispered. "What have I done?" Ron then heard scuttling around the Common Room which made him look around to see a small black shadow move towards the open window. Ron tried to catch it but it was gone. "What the bloody hell?" Suddenly the black eagle landed on the other widow and Ron got up and untied the letter from its leg. Ron read it aloud:

Same place. Ron sighed as he sneaked out of the castle to Hagrid's hut. He knocked on the door three times and waited. After a few seconds, Hagrid opened it and ushered him in. "Welcome Ron" He entered and saw his mentor with a sad smile. He was wearing the Red Archer costume (but this one was tattered) and he had his hood down showing his black but greying hair and a cut on his left eyebrow.

"Sir" Ron bowed making him shake his head and replied,

"No need for that. Ron we talked about this, she will be in danger now." Ron knew the "she" he was talking about was Hermione. "You know the rules." He said to Ron who lowered his head and clenched his hands into a fist while Hagrid just sighed and watched. "Do you want her to get hurt? Do you want her to be killed, do you want to be responsible for her death?!" Ron's eyes flashed in anger and shouted,

"NO!" His outburst shocked his mentor a bit but then Ron composed his anger and took a deep breath. "I know sir, but if Hermione knows, then I don't have to keep lying to her. Also, I don't want anything to happen to her… I will do anything to protect her." His mentor just shook his head.

"If Hermione and hundreds of witches and wizards were captured and you can only save one, who will it be?" He asked Ron who closed his eyes and looked down. "Well?!" Ron shook his head not wanting to give an answer. "Hermione is just a Mugglebor-"Ron punched him square in the face making him fall on the floor.

"Don't you dare call Hermione just a Muggleborn." Hagrid smiled at Ron who raised his right fist. "I swear one word against her, and I will not hesitate to-" he was cut off by his mentor who started to laugh as he wiped the blood off with his arm and got off the floor.

"It's okay Ron; I just wanted to see how you felt about the girl." Ron blushed a little making his mentor smile at him. "Your choice and your responsibility of the outcome of your choices understand?" Ron nodded making him clamp his hands on Ron's shoulder and patted him gently.

"Ron, Hermione" Harry moved towards them "it''s Buckbeak, they're going to kill him." He gasped for air.

"What!?" Hermione and Ron said at the same time as Harry grabbed their hands and led them outside where they saw Draco and his goons watching from afar. "Great" Ron sighed then Hermione stomped towards the three.

"Ahh come to see the show?" Draco smirked which made Hermione frown angrily and whip out her wand. She pointed it at Draco who closed his eyes, waiting for the curse. But Ron placed a hand on her shoulder and shook his head at Hermione.

"It's not worth it Hermione." Hermione sighed then lowered her wand and was about to walk away with Ron but Draco decided to egg Hermione further.

"Yeah that's right walk away you filthy little Mu-" Ron was about to turn and punch him but Hermione beat him too it and punched Draco making him groan in pain as blood came out of his nose. Shocked yet also amused by the action, the guys watched Draco and his goons run away while Harry and Ron just looked at Hermione who shrugged sheepishly.

"That felt good." Ron and Harry smiled at her but their smiles faded when they saw the executioner raise his axe to finish off the hippogriff. Hermione closed her eyes and hugged Ron for comfort as he hugged her back. They then heard growling behind them and they saw a large black dog with Scabbers in his mouth running towards them. The animal rushed past them quickly. "SCABBERS!" Ron started running after the dog while Hermione and Harry ran after him.

"Ron get out of there!" Ron looked to see he was underneath the Whomping Willow and felt one of the branches grab his leg and pull him in. "RON!"

A few moments later, Ron opened his eyes and saw he was inside the Shrieking Shack. "What the bloody-?" Ron got up and followed the paw prints on the floor into a room where he saw Scabbers inside a cage; Ron walked over and was about to free the rat when someone spoke.

"I wouldn't if I was you." Ron turned and saw Sirius Black who had the intent to kill. "Ahh...we'll I'll be, the hero." Ron gulped as he silently reached for his wand that was in his back jeans pocket when the door burst open revealing Remus who quickly said Stupefy at Ron causing him to fly towards the wall.

"Ron" Remus ran over to Ron to check his condition but he was out cold. "Hey wake up" But he didn't respond. "I'm sorry Ron I thought you were-" he was interrupted by a shout.

"RON!" Hermione ran over to Ron while Harry pointed his wand at the two men.

"Don't worry he's just out cold." Sirius explained but Harry kept pointing his wand at him ready to cast a spell. "Harry long time no see." Sirius took a step and stopped when Harry made to cast a spell dangerously close to his feet. "Look Harry, I didn't kill your parents."

"Then who did!?" Harry shouted as Ron woke up and saw Sirius and Remus talking to Harry.

"Peter Pettigrew." Remus explained to Harry. "He sold your parents to Voldemort and he is in the room now." Ron looked over to where Scabbers was as Remus opened the cage and roughly grabbed the fat rat in his hands. Pointing his wand at the rat, he watched the rat transform into a man who was on his knees begging to be spared as Ron closed his eyes.

Ron felt his arms around two people; he opened his eyes and saw it was Sirius and Harry carrying him out of the Shrieking Shack and placed him on grass gently. "What happened?" Ron asked as he put his hand on his head as he felt a headache coming.

"Pettigrew got away." Sirius informed Ron who nodded then looked at Remus who started shaking as he looked at the moon.

"RON! HARRY! He's a werewolf!" Hermione shouted as they looked at their teacher who started to show canine features. Sirius quickly transformed into a black dog then attacked Remus to get him away from them.

"RON!" Someone shouted as the Red Archer appeared in front of them. "They are coming!" Ron's eyes widened in shock and turned to Hermione and Harry and quickly spoke.

"I need to go!" The Red Archer took one of Ron's arms and wrapped it around his neck as they disappeared in a blast of smoke. Harry looked confused then stared at Hermione who only shrugged.

An hour had passed with Remus in the Hospital wing resting while Sirius talked to Harry about what he would do with his life. Hermione was looking in the hospital wing waiting for Ron when suddenly the door burst open revealing Ron who was heavily bleeding on his right side. The Red Archer helped him towards the bed as Madam Pomfrey ran over and gasped when she saw Ron bleeding heavily.

"What happened?" She asked as the Red Archer ripped Ron's shirt showing his wound that looked like he was stabbed by a sword; she applied pressure on his wound to stop the blood but it was pouring too fast.

"Ambush…Ron got stabbed…" Madam Pomfrey nodded as she treated Ron's wound but Ron started to breathe faster. "Ron!" Hermione shouted as Ron started to breathe even faster.

"RON!" Hermione then ran over to him and held his right hand tightly. "Please be alright!" She cried as tears started to fall from her face as Ron's hands weakly squeezed her hand. His breathing started to slow down. Madame Pomfrey placed her hand on Ron's left chest to feel his heartbeat but noticed that it started to gradually decrease.

"Mr Weasley, stay with us." Madame Pomfrey spoke then gasped when Ron's heartbeat stopped.

"Ronald...Ronald please…" Hermione begged Ron who didn't move. "No, no, NO!" Harry then came into the room with a smile that faded quickly when he saw his best friend still.

"RON!" Harry ran over to his best mate and watched as Dumbledore entered the hospital wing. He walked over to Ron's bedside then closed his eyes using his fingers. Hermione sat there stunned, unable to move while Harry just kept staring. Seeing the distraught friends, Dumbledore quietly but urgently spoke to the pair.

"You can save lives tonight; I assume you know what I mean Miss Granger?" Hermione nodded wearily, making Dumbledore smile. "Three turns would suffice." He then turned to the Red Archer. "I need to speak to you old friend." The hero nodded and followed the headmaster outside.

Hermione pulled out her necklace and showed it to Harry and wrapped it around his and her necks. "What on earth is this?" Harry asked Hermione who explained.

"It's a time turner. It has helped me get to all my lessons all year." She started to twist it three times. Then they saw everything moving backwards and when it was done, Harry was amazed to see they had travelled back in time.

"I think I know what we need to do." Hermione grabbed Harry's hand and they started running towards Hagrid's hut. "I think Dumbledore wanted us to save Buckbeak in order to save Ron." They quickly ran down to the hut and hid behind the large pumpkins from the Minister of Magic and some of the Hogwarts staff. Hermione picked up the dead ferrets and showed it to Buckbeak and made him move, allowing for him to escape.

An hour had passed when they watched from the distance where they could see their past selves; Ron and the Red Archer were walking towards them so they quickly hid behind some trees where they could not be seen or heard.

Ron zipped up his Red Archer outfit making Harry's mouth gape open when he figured out that his best friend was the famous hero. "Do you have my-" Ron was stopped by his mentor who placed his index fingers on his lips to signal him to be quiet. Suddenly they were surrounded by hooded shadows and stood still thinking of a plan.

"Well this is a surprise...the new and the original Red Archer." They took their fighting stances as the hooded shadows drew their long swords and attacked them; the heroes then detached their bows that turned into two swords. Ron suddenly felt a sharp pain on his side and looked down and saw one of the shadow's swords pierce him through. "That's enough- we need to go." Then they all disappeared while the older Red Archer applied pressure on Ron's wound.

"Come on mate, hang on." Ron gritted his teeth as Hermione turned to Harry and whispered to him.

"We have to give Buckbeak to them so they can quickly fly to the Hospital wing." Harry understood her plan as he watched Hermione throw the last ferret close to Ron and the Red Archer.

"Buckbeak?" The Red Archer spoke then lifted Ron up. "Keep pressure on the wound." Ron did what his mentor told him as Buckbeak flew Ron to Hogwarts.

"Come on, we need to get back." Hermione and Harry sprinted back to the castle to the Hospital wing. When they got there, they saw Ron's torso wrapped in bandages and was breathing while the Weasleys were beside him. Molly sobbed in happiness that her youngest son was okay and when she saw Hermione and Harry, she ran over to them and gave them a motherly hug and whispered in their ears,

"Thank god you're alright." Hermione watched Ron's steady breathing and then Adam Peters, the Auror, appear with Dumbledore. They walked over to the Weasleys and looked at Ron with a smile; Peters reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box revealing a silver watch. He placed it on Ron's bedside table. "The Red Archer wanted to give you this."

The next day, Hermione and Harry were eating breakfast when Neville shouted "Guys! Look! It's Ron!" Everyone craned their heads towards the Great Hall doors showing Ron in his uniform but his white shirt was unbuttoned showing his bandages. He slowly walked towards Harry and Hermione as the Gryffindors clapped for him. "Ron" Harry hugged Ron lightly so he didn't get hurt. Hermione forgetting that he was injured, she hugged him so tight that it caused Ron to wince and groan in pain.

"Her-mi-one a little tight." He gasped out making Hermione release her hold and blush as she apologized to Ron who laughed and hugged her weakly. He then took a seat next to Harry and sat down gingerly.

"How are you Ron?" Seamus asked Ron who smiled and replied,

"I'm fine- a little sore." Ron took a drink of water as Hedwig came in with a broom shaped package. Harry's owl dropped it in front of Harry. "Are you going to open it mate?" Ron asked before taking a bite out of his toast as Harry started to open the package while everyone watched his every move. When the package was fully unwrapped, it revealed a Firebolt, the fastest broom ever made. "Whoa cool mate, let's take it out for a test run!" Harry nodded as he grabbed his new broom and ran outside while Hermione helped Ron go outside. "Thanks Hermione." Hermione again blushed and followed Ron and the others to watch Harry's test flight. Harry got on the broom and within seconds had taken off like a speeding bullet into the air.

Next chapter-Goblet of Fire

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