Chapter 1

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I have no idea why but I have been on a Weasley Twin kick and have been consuming tons of fics. I wanted to write my own so I did. Rose was a fun character to write because she reminds me of my boyfriend, it's always the quite ones guys.

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Fred nearly jumped out of his skin. As he whirled around, the noise that came out of his mouth was one he had never heard before, somewhere between a squeal and a choke. Maybe this noise was so foreign because he had never, in his 16 years, been startled. The tall blonde who had spoken looked back at him with an amused look on her face.

"I…it's not…I mean-" The fact that he was about to confess, go on the defense, almost shocked him more than before, if that was possible. "-How did you get in here?"

"I've been here this whole time." she said letting out a soft laugh, "over there." She nodded toward a large table, "putting away some bottles"

"Oh…" They both looked at each other. Awkward silence or maybe that was just on his side. She seemed to be reveling in it. Wait, he was Fred Weasley! He was the one who was supposed to make girls feel uncomfortable.

"What are you looking for?"

"Uh... " He glanced down at the things in his arms. "Things… for homework" Darn it with this stutter, where did it come from and how does one make it leave?

She nodded, "Cool what do you need? Maybe I can help. I am the teacher's helper after all." That's why she was there, made sense, what didn't was how he hadn't noticed her for the first ten minutes he had been here. Ok maybe it was more like five but still.

"The jars are on that shelf" She said, her head tilted to the list that was hanging from his hand. "And you will want this… to make sure it doesn't blow up, right away anyway." Turning she started running her finger over a few labels until she found a green glass jar. Scooping out a few spoonfuls she put them into a pouch.

"Also it helps if you just use these class bags and jars. That way the Teachers don't notice the jars missing. Here," She took the items from his hands and began organizing them.

"Thanks" Fred said watching her as she worked. "So how did a Hufflepuff get the job as Teacher's aid. Aren't they normally from Ravenclaw?"

"Well I'm not the only one who helps out but I like to organizing stuff and I have a knack for making it 'user friendly' so Snape keep me around. Plus I can hide in plain view and scare unwanted visitors" she said turning to him. A glint of laughter lighting up in her bright green eyes.

"Oh, Professor Snape knows I'm here" Fred said waving a hand casually. His mojo back, charm on thick. "Didn't he tell you?"

"That Fred Weasley would evaporate into the potions storage room late in the evening?" She paused as if to think for a moment, "No, I don't think so."

Fred leaned against the large mixing table, "huh, must have forgot." She nodded finishing the last bottle on the list. She looked it over for a moment before putting it down, green meeting brown.

"Must have, do you need anything else?" Fred shook his head, "Nope see you around…." What was her name, it was had something to do with a flower. Violet? Daisy?


"Well Rose, prepare to be amazed because I'm about to evaporate back through the wall." With that Fred pushed away a small stone revealing a passageway which he quickly ducked into. Rose's laughter could be heard as he quickly scrambled through shutting the hidden door on his way.

It only took him a few moments to find his brother waiting in another hidden ally holding a 'borrowed' cauldron and mixing spoons.

"What took so long?" His brother asked.

Fred froze in his tracks as her voice ran in his head. A small amused smile spreading across his face.

"What's wrong with you?" George asked snickering.

"She knew my name."



She was in his potions class, which made sense since they shared it with the Hufflepuffs and she was a Hufflepuff. She was an observer, it didn't take Fred long to realize that. She was always in the middle of the action never the center of it. She seemed to love to be around people yet never talked to them. Just one of the friends in the crowd. Yet the way her green eyes took in everything it made Fred wonder what she was thinking about the action around her that she seemed to love so much.

When she wasn't in class she mostly hung out with her older brother, Rory a Ravenclaw boy, was easy going and always up for a good laugh. Rory had hung out with the Weasley twins before. He had a great of his sense of humor. They had become acquainted though a friend who had mentioned that the blonde haired boy had come up with a way of making small pocket size bags that transported items you wanted to hide in other places, like a crate in your room or a teacher's desk. The twins had instantly enlisted his help which he was, surprisingly, very willing to give. For a Ravenclaw he was rather loud and loved a good prank.

When Fred had found out that Rory was Rose's brother he hadn't been surprised. She had the same relaxed personality - minus the loud voice-. In fact, once he had started, investigating the blonde girl, he realized he had a few conversations with her before. Nothing long and most of the time it was in a group of people. Which made sense since she always seemed to be with at least two or more people.

Except now, right now she sat alone in the library looking over an old book on plants.


She looked up, a smile spreading across her face as she saw him. "Hi, did those potions work out for you?"



"How did you know my name?"

Her brow furrowed for a moment, slightly confused by his question. "I'm good at remembering names." it came out more as a question than a statement, then she nodded as if convincing herself, it's my other secret talent."

"Yeah, but how did you know that it was me and not George."

She shrugged, "It's you… I… I don't know" Her eyes faltered as if she was caught in some sort of lie. A lie that suddenly intrigued the Twin.


When he had told George his brother laughed but his interest was also peaked. "Maybe it was a lucky guess."

"Pretty bold of her to assume" Fred said

"Very true, should we investigate her together or do you still want to stalk her yourself?"

Fred would be surprised his brother had noticed his lingering gazes on the blonde haired girl but that would mean he didn't think George was his other half, which he was. So he wasn't. "I guess we should."


"Those Weasley twins keep looking over here." Emma, Rose's cousin said. "Ohhhhh really?" Rose's good friend Norie said raised an eyebrow at Rose who smiled back.

"Are they looking right now?" Rose asked her green eyes bright as she glanced over at Emma not moving her head.

"Yeah why?" her cousin asked confused. Rose jerked her head toward the twins a twisted disgusted look on her face. Fred nearly fell out of his chair and George burst out laughing.

"What the hell was that Primington?" George asked Rose's whole body shook with laughter as she tried to keep a straight face,

"Why do you guys keep looking over here? You wana fight Weasleys?"

"Maybe, what kind of fight did you have in mind?" Fred said standing up.

"I... hadn't really thought this through." She admitted an awkward smile on her face, "It was more of an impulse thing." Her eyes met Fred and his heart skipped a beat. It was at that moment that Fred decided he wanted to be this girl's friend and maybe even more.


It started with the little things. They would come sit with whatever group of people she was sitting with. They would interrupt any conversation she was having, or most like listening too. They soon started to make her talk or tell them a story. They would force her to become the center of attention by pelting her with endless questions. Make her tell them what she saw; what she was thinking and how she noticed it. They were never disappointed with the outcomes. Fred had been right about his observations. Rose had a way of looking at the world that seemed to be both insightful and very funny. It was like she had a running commentary in her head of the world around her. They just had to ask the right questions to join her in her world.

Until the one day she joined them in theirs.

"Heeeellooooo twins" She sang in a slightly off tune voice as she scooted up next to George looking up at him then over at Fred. "What's the evil scheme today?"

"We're not scheming!" Fred said his voice slightly cracking. Both George and Rose looked at him, looks of 'what was that?' written on their faces. George with an all knowing smile and Rose with that goofy lopsided grin eyebrows raised.

"Cool, so maybe bombing the teachers' room? Or dye the first years with purple powder?"

"While those are both amazing ideas for another day that's not the plan right now." George said pointing to the list. Rose looked down, green eyes running over the page. Fred studying her the way she studied the list. A mess of light freckles adorned the bridge of her nose and cheeks that were always rosy from the constant workout from her ever present smile. Her eyes, while normally bright with laughter were dark in concentration on the list she was reading. A few strands of her blonde hair had fallen from the messy bun into those green eyes. In fact now that Fred thought about it he couldn't think of what Rose looked like without her hair up. How long was it anyway? Was it curly or straight? Had he even seen it down?

Without thinking his hand jetting toward her hair but before he could reach it her head snapped back out of his reach. "What?"

"Nice reflexes!" George said laughing, however his eyes were on his brother, confused. Fred tapped his chin playing off his mistake.

"I don't think I have ever seen your hair down."

"Probably because you haven't"

"You're right!" Now George was interested as well. However, one look from Rose warned him not to touch it. "Wow Fred, that look is new, scary even."

"What do you think she's hiding George" Fred said leaning forward toward her.

"All my secrets" Rose said turning to him leaning onto the table as well so they were closer, probably closer than they had ever been. Fred felt his heart pick up.

"Now I have to see it." He whispered. Rose's smile was gone, the look on her face was one he had rarely seen: confusion. They both sat there, studying each other as if speaking a thousand words without saying a single one.

"Fred?" Both jerked back looking up to see Ginny and George's amused smiles looking back.

"Ginny?" Fred choked out.

"Hey… I was going to see when you guys were planning on eating…" Ginny said eyeing the blonde girl whose face looked slightly flushed.

"Oh no! What time is it! Rory told me he would help me study before dinner… Uhhh see you guys. Nice seeing you Ginny" With that she was gone. Leaving the book she had been holding behind.


It was late, almost curfew, when Fred appeared in the potions room.


"You forgot your book" the red haired boy said holding up the leather bound book.

"Oh, thank you." Rose said walking over reaching for it. But Fred jerked it out of her grasp as he leaned forward putting his free arm around her waist pulling her toward him. She let out a small squeak before he leaned down silencing her with a kiss. It was quick, too quick for his liking. However, when he pulled away her face was held an expression he hadn't ever seen. She fluttered her wide green eyes wide, her mouth agape as if trying to gather her words yet nothing came out. He couldn't help but smile. For the first time since the day he had met her he finally got her to react the way he did almost every day since he had noticed her.

With surprise.