Learning to Love within the Law

Chapter 2

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Broken Glass, Hearts and Bones.

The room was so loud and my head was spinning. Fred and Ron were now engaged in a full blown fight, Fred had Ron pinned to the ground, Charlie and George on top of him, attempting to pull him away. Mr Weasley was attempting to hold back Ginny who was glaring down Ron with a fury and Mrs Weasley was holding onto me, trying to calm me, whilst yelling at her sons to stop. The finally managed to pull Fred off but this didn't stop Ron in the slightest.


My head swung towards Fred waiting for him to scream back, instead he took a few deep breathes and straightened himself, it honestly looked like he was going to take the high road, so much so that Charlie and George loosened their grip around Fred's arms. Seeing his chance, Fred dove at Ron, spearing him through the kitchen window and into the front garden. I went to move forward to go after them, I became short of breath, the room was still spinning, the last thing I heard was Ginny screaming "Hermione!" then suddenly the room went black.

I woke on the couch in the sitting room, Ginny and Harry in front of me on the floor, each holding my hands, my eyes fluttering around I noticed Charlie on the sofa with my feet in his lap. "Mum, mum she's awake!" he called as I tried to raise myself so I could sit. "Whoa, whoa careful there." Charlie's eyes watched me with caution as Harry shifted to sit behind me so I couldn't fall backwards. I looked surveying the room. Fred and Ron were nowhere to be seen, neither was George or Percy for that matter.

At that moment Mr and Mrs Weasley entered the room, Mrs Weasley with a tray in her hands. "Oh Hermione dear we were so worried! Lucky Charlie saw you, he was able to get to you before you hit the ground" I looked towards Charlie and mouthed 'thank you' he smiled and gave me a quick wink. "What happened dear?"

That was a very good question. What had happened? "I…I don't know, honestly Mrs Weasley.."

"Molly dear, or mum if you like." She beamed at me obviously thrilled that I was to be her daughter-in-law.

"I don't know what happened, I was watching them fight and I saw Fred throw Ron through the window, I went to go after them and then the room span." I shook my head knowing how stupid I sounded. "Ginny, where are the boys?" I was becoming concerned now.

"Well, you see Mione, when you fainted we all forgot about the boys for just that little bit too long.." she could see the panic in my eyes, "they are both okay, I promise, we called Bill here, he is upstairs healing them both, Perce and George are just kind of standing guard you know."

My mind was in a flutter, what had happened that Molly couldn't heal enough to call Bill? Why did they need someone standing guard? Oh Merlin this is all my fault.

"Can I see Fred? Is he okay?" the look of shock on their faces when I asked for Fred before Ronald was almost laughable. The only person who didn't seem at all surprised was Charlie.

"I'll go get him, you stay put missy, I can only catch you so many times" Charlie shot me another wink and went upstairs.

All eyes were now on me, Molly moved forward as to take Charlies place and Mr Weasley exited the room to go repair the kitchen window. Harry was the first to break the silence, "So, we are all officially going to be family." Molly began beaming and telling us that she had to send owls to all the new spouses to have them over for dinner tonight. She looked so happy, she took my hand and squeezed it tightly. I had just begun to lose the feeling in it when Charlie emerged and the bottom of the stair case, Fred in tow.

The second Charlie was out of the way, I was up on my feet, running towards him. Our bodies collided with a crash and we both cried out in pain a little before laughing as we wrapped our arms around each other. We just stood there for a moment with our arms around another, enjoying the warmth of the embrace, before hearing an "ahmn" and we broke apart. Looking up at him I could see a split in his lip and the remnants of a black eye that Bill hadn't been able to fully heal.

"Are you okay?" I asked raising my hand to touch his face, before realising how silly I must have looked and dropped it swiftly to my side.

He grinned down at me "I'm fine love, did you really think wittle Ronnikins could beat me in a fight." He was laughing until he saw how pale I looked, "are you okay though, Charlie said you fainted, I saw you on the couch when George dragged me upstairs but he wouldn't let me leave the room to come check on you." I could see the concern in his eyes and a faint blush came across my cheeks.

"I'm fine." We just stared at each other, taking in one another's features, his face lightly covered in freckles, his eyes the most mesmerising shade of chocolate brown, I hadn't noticed the fleck of green in his right eye before now.

"Incoming" coughed Percy as he reached the bottom of the stairs, Fred and I split apart in time for Charlie to grab me, take me back to the couch before Ronald appeared accompanied by Bill and George.

"Well now that, that is over, come here." Before I had time to register what was said I was in Bills arms. "Welcome to the family, finally."

"Bill, you're crushing her, if you don't let go there will be nothing left to join the family" George mused happily slapping his twin on the back, Fred winced slightly, "whoops my bad" he laughed letting go of Fred.

Bill let me go and I looked towards Ron. He was glaring at me with venom in his eyes. "May I have a word with you Hermione." His tone was cold but I nodded my head. As I moved towards him I suddenly became aware of the slew of Weasley men surrounding me. I turned to face them, assured them I would be fine and followed Ron out the front door,

We had only taken a few steps when Ron turned on me.

"What the bloody hell is wrong with you Hermione, why aren't you mad! We are meant to be together and here you are flirting with my brother! I don't care what some stupid law says; you are mine and no one else's. Especially not that gits." He gestured towards the door; I could feel the anger rising inside me.

"You can do better than him and you know it. You could have me for Merlins sake. Tomorrow we will go to the Ministry and we will petition Kingsley. Don't you worry Hermione, I will fix this," He grabbed my wrist tightening after every word "WE. WILL. BE. TOGETHER."

That's when I snapped.

"Ronald Weasley, let go of me this instant." But he didn't. "I am not your property I am a fully capable of making decisions for myself and I don't need you telling me what I can and cannot do. I will not go to the Ministry with you. Listen to me, go be with Lavender because I do not love you, I do not want to marry you. SO. LET. ME. GO!" I pulled my arm away with so much force that I almost toppled over. "Your brother is not worthless so pull your head out and stop being such a git."

Ron looked furious, his face a shade of red I had yet to see on any of the Weasley's faces, I turned my back on him and began to walk towards the house. I heard him mutter "Bloody Mudblood" under his breath, and that was it that was the final straw, I turned on my heels, clenching my fists and punched him square in the jaw. He was out cold and my hand was most definitely broken.