Learning to Love within the Law


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Chapter 21 Epilogue

It had been a year since Fred and I had said I do, but everything and nothing seemed to have changed. By this point everyone was either expecting or had given birth. Molly of course was over the moon with soo many grandchildren to suddenly spoil.

I got up from the couch to go to the bathroom, I had to go all the time these days. We had technically broken the Ministry rules as our child would not be born within a year but considering I was only a few weeks off my due date and the size of a house, I dared Kingsley to oppose me. There is nothing more terrifying than a pregnant witch, or so Fred tells me every time I have a hormonal break.

My magic had been on the fritz since becoming pregnant. With so many bouts of accidental magic. Molly has assured me that it was completely normal as it was the baby's magic making mine slightly unstable. As such when I would get upset things around me tended to explode.

I was having a rare day alone, Fred was at the shop and Ginny was having her 6 week check up for her and James. I had been having pains on and off for the last few days, from what I had read it was the baby moving down into place. But man they were painful. I was just about to sit back down on the couch when I felt the urge to pee. Again. Trying as hard as I could to hold it in I only made it a few steps before a warm gush of liquid ran down my legs. .Bollocks!

I hobbled to the fireplace and threw the floo powder in.

"Weasley's Wizarding Wheezers"

The fireplace roared to life and I stuck my head in the floo


I could only hope he was nearby and able to hear as I went to go grab the baby bag. I hadn't even made it back to the lounge room before Fred, George and Lee all came tumbling through the fireplace.

"What do we do! WHAT DO WE DO!" Lee was hysterically shouting as he paced back and forth.

George shook him "Calm down, for Merlin's sake man you wouldn't think you had just gone through this with Angie and me. Fred you get Hermione to the hospital. Lee go back to the shop, close it up. I will let the family know.'

Fred was standing there in apparent shock, George tried getting his attention but his eyes were fixed on me, both excited and terrified. With a sharp slap from Lee he was back

"Bloody hell Lee! Right priorities, Mia lets go" he took me in his arms and like that we were at St Mungos.

The pain was excruciating, every fibre of my being felt like it was on fire and being torn to shreds. In my head I had always imagined this wonderful magical moment, the reality. This was hell.

"I can see a head, push Mia push!" against my protested Fred has decided he wanted to see our child enter this world.

I held my breath and pushed as hard as my body would allow. I could hear them saying the head was out and now for the rest. I pushed and pushed and suddenly the most beautiful sight was being held in front of me.

"It's a boy!"

The doctor went to place him on my chest when there was a sudden group of gasps throughout the room.

"Another head!" chimed the doctor

"What!" I screamed

"TWINS!" Fred exclaimed.

Our son was passed to Fred who in the quickest of seconds had our boy on his bare chest as I know prepared to deliver our second child.

After much screaming, pushing, and some very choice words our daughter came into this world. I lay there for a moment both children now on my chest, Fred sitting by my side with so much love and pride in his eyes, not to mention a few tears as well. We sat there for what seemed like hours just the four of us, our own little family.

I was wheeled to my room and when I arrived the rest of the family was waiting.

"I would like to introduce to you Alexander Weasley." My voice barely sounded like my own, it was so much lighter.

"Where's Fred?" Harry asked

At that moment Fred came in beamed holding our daughter in his arms.

"Right here mate, everyone, meet Isabella."