Learning to Love within the Law

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Dinner Dates and Unexpected Moments

We gathered outside as there were too many of us for in the kitchen. The long table nestled under the branches of two old trees, fairy lights twinkling up above. As we were taking our places at the table, we heard the familiar cry of Teddy, which immediately grabbed Harry's attention, as he rushed to help Andromeda. It truly looked spectacular out here, the summer breeze and my family all together.

Fred showed me to my seat, pulling out the chair for me to sit and pushing it back in before taking his seat next to me on my left. To my right sat Ginny and Harry, followed by Teddy and Andy. To the other side of Fred, George and Angelina. Charlie directly across from me, looking awkward with couples on either side of him. To his right Bill and Fleur, to his left, Ron, Lavender, Audrey then Percy. With Mr and Mrs Weasley, as always, on either end of the table. I was thankful that Ginny had made me dress up, as all the women looked as eye-catching as us, with maybe the exception of Audrey, who still looked beautiful however she had clearly taken a more modest approach. All the men wearing slacks and a nice button down shirt, even little Teddy's jumpsuit looked like a tux.

Everything smelt amazing, like always. Smiles were on nearly everyone's faces, with the exception of Lavender, whose eyes were sending daggers my way. She was wearing a glittery pink dress with a plunging neckline, making sure everyone could see her cleavage her dress finished just below her bottom. How she felt comfortable showing so much of herself was beyond me, I was barely comfortable with how much I was showing. Fred took my hand under the table and gave it a reassuring squeeze. His fingers stroked my palm and slowly made their way up my forearm, his callused hands felt unbelievably soft against my skin. It was this moment that I realised I had forgot to place a concealment charm on my scar, Fred's fingers lightly traced the letters and his eyes widened as he turned to look at me. I mouthed later and he nodded without breaking eye contact, there was pain in his eyes. I hadn't fully made up my mind how I felt about this whole marriage law thing, but looking into his eyes, I found it hard to be upset that this was the person I would be spending the rest of my life with. He clearly cared for me, whether as that could grow to something more time would have to tell.

Mr Weasley stood, gaining the attention of the table, "welcome! I know that the circumstance pertaining to this event is displeasing; however, I could not be more thrilled to be gaining three new members, and officially making two of you apart of this family. Audrey, Angelina, Lavender, Hermione & Harry, welcome to the family. May Molly and my children bring you everlasting happiness." He raised his class to toast, everyone lifted theirs in agreement

"May love heal us all, to family!"

"To family!" we chorused whilst Teddy giggled.

We began eating, mild chit chat here and there. Everyone discussing their partners, what their families were like, when they should get married, what kind of wedding they should have. I sat in wonderment observing them, watching how George looked into Angelina's eyes with such love, how Percy had the widest grin as Audrey spoke to him. Ron unable to keep his eyes off Lavender's chest and Harry and Ginny playing with Teddy. Fred was lost in conversation with Charlie, his laugh radiant and infectious. I was a truly lucky girl.

Dinner soon finished and Molly took all of us girls into the sitting room to discuss our dates and colour themes.

"Eugh, I can't believe I have to have a winter wedding, so not how I pictured my special day!"

"Oh shut up Lavender this is not how any of us pictured getting married" Ginny snapped back at her soon to be sister-in-law. To say Ginny was less than thrilled about Lavender joining the family was an understatement.

Molly took control of the room flanked by Fleur on her right, quill and parchment in hand. Molly had told us for the sake of no arguments that we could not pick the same weekend as one another or the same colours.

"Ginny dear, date? Colour? Theme? What do you have for me? Molly looked at her only daughter with such hope.

"August 22nd, Celadon green, to match Harry's eyes, and I don't know about a theme, I just want it to look good."

Fleur hung on every word Ginny said, carefully scribing each detail.

"Right, Hermione?"

"Um, I, ahh okay. October 3rd? Lilac?" You could see the murderous look in Lavenders eyes "And timeless elegance."

"Oh 'ow beautiful!" Fleur mused as she wrote.

Soon after we were all done, even though Lavender had fought that lilac and lavender were two different colours and lost. Mrs Weasley then asked Fleur to read out the list to make sure everything was correct.

"Ginny. August 22nd, celadon, classic. 'Ermione. October 3rd, lilac, timeless elegance. Angelina. September 12th, maroon and gold, fun and trendy. Audrey. October 24th, baby blue, minimalistic. And lastly, Lavender. November 14th, baby pink, extravagance. Is that correct?"

We all nodded happily " 'xcellent!"

But the night wasn't over, just as Molly started in on who our bridesmaids would be I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Fred standing over me.

"Can we talk?" he asked extending me a hand

"Sure, Molly I'll be right back." She nodded and I took his hand as he led me up the stairs towards his old bedroom.

He led me inside and gestured for me to sit on the bed so I did. I watched as he passed around the room nervously before turning to look at me.

"Mione, what was that on your arm?" his expression was solemn and I knew I couldn't hide this from him, we were to be married after all.

"It's a scar Fred, it says 'Mudblood', when Harry, Ron and I were on the run we were caught by some snatchers and taken to Malfoy Manor, Bellatrix tortured me and caved it into my forearm so I would never forget." My voice was expressionless I wouldn't let that woman have the satisfaction of what she did haunting my consciousness even if I couldn't control my subconscious.

"She, she what! Mione I am so sorry" he took me in his arms and kissed the top of my head. "You don't need to hide your scar love, everyone would understand, does anyone but me know?"

"Ginny hasn't seen it, but she knows something is wrong from the nightmares I've been having." I trailed off

"Nightmares?" I nodded into his chest.

"It's okay Fred, really. I'm okay" I peered up into his eyes, it took a moment for me to register that he was leaning down, and suddenly his lips were on mine.

There was such softness in his kiss, before I realised I was kissing him back. He wrapped his arms around my waist as the kiss deepened, his tongue gliding along the bottom of my lip as if to ask entry. Our tongues entwined as we battled for dominance, my hands buried themselves in his hair and we fell down onto the bed. We broke apart panting, him lying on top of me.

"I forgot to tell you how breath takingly beautiful you looked tonight Mia"

I looked shocked, not only at his compliment but at his new nickname for me. He realised my reaction at once, pulling me upright as he stood.

"If you don't like it I can just call you Mione, I just thought it would be nice to have something just you and me" He looked around the room as if embarrassed.

"Well, I think you definitely showed me you thought I looked beautiful." I couldn't help but giggle "and I love it, Freddie"

He beamed down at me, kissing me softldy once more and we exited the room.

I was truly one lucky girl to end up with Fred Weasley.