Into the light (A Severus Snape love story)

Chapter 1

"Ten points from Gryffindor!"

Travers Whisp grumbled audibly when Snape deducted ten of their hard-earned points.

"But that's not fair Professor Snape." Another voice interjected.

Severus Snape turned his head slowly towards the girl who had dared to speak and the students became deadly quiet. Only the professor's menacing voice was heard.

"Ten points from Hufflepuff!"

Discontent began to spread among the students. The girl which had raised her voice sighed inaudible and lowered her head. Professor Snape was once again in his famous bad temper. He was always in a bad mood but today was one of those days where one better remained quiet. A shadow fell over Elisabeth's book and she prepared herself for the worst. She slowly raised her head and looked into Snape's black eyes. A cold shiver ran down her spine as he spoke.

"Miss Pine, I had not asked for your opinion. Should you disturb my class again... you will have detention. For a week! And that will include Saturday and Sunday."

He never yelled at someone but Snape's unsettling quiet voice was usually deeply troubling and underlined with a threatening undertone. Professor Snape raised an annoyed eyebrow and his dark eyes roamed the classroom. There was absolute silence. The only thing he heard was the writing of students. He turned and went to his desk. Before he sat down he darted Whisp one last glance. This rascal! Proud and arrogant! Exactly that what Snape disliked. Luckily for the boy that he was not in Slytherin. Whisp was an unpleasant person from the outset. Yes, he was very talented. Snape could not deny. He was always angry when he saw Whisp. No one had detention with Professor Snape as often as Whisp had had over the past years. Many a time it had been unfair but Snape did not care. He did not like him. The boy had something Snape had not. He was confident and strong. Despite his dark and mostly frightening outer appearance, internally Snape felt vulnerable. He wore a mask through which none of his students had been able to see through.

The first students brought their workbooks to his desk and Snape began to make a stack of them while he eyed each and every student who stepped forward with displeasure. The bell rang and heralded the end of the lesson and also almost the end of the day. Snape reached for the workbooks and tucked them under his arm as he left the empty classroom. It seemed as if the students would flee daily from his class. Snape knew that they were doing exactly that and it did not bother him in the least.

The hinges creaked as he opened the door of his office. He put the workbooks on his desk next to further stacks of workbooks and tests and sank into his chair. The ticking of the clock was the only thing he heard. He should check and correct the works of the students, but his hand did not move. He sat there and stared at the stack of workbooks. It was always the same. One mistake after another. Some students seemed not to understand the simplest things and Snape wondered how they would manage to finish school successfully. The last school year had just begun. A almost imperceptible smirk played on his lips for a few moments. After this year Whisp would leave school and he would never see him again. Snape could not wait.

The dinner was just like always. Snape ate and listened uninterested as the other professors were talking. His gaze wandered sometimes through the great hall before he went back to staring at his plate. The great hall began to empty as the students went to their dormitories.

Snape walked briskly toward his office. It was late and he had a lot to do. To his displeasure he met Professor Trelawney on the way. She walked directly up to him and when he saw her expression Snape knew that he could not escape her.

"Oh ... ohh ... Severus, let me see!"

She grabbed his hand with great urgency and he rolled his eyes annoyed. That's all he needed! He could only tolerate Trelawney's presence when she was silent, leaving him alone with her predictions of the future. Trelawney looked at the lines in his palm.

"Ohh... Severus, I see major changes. The fate blows with great force color into your gray life. The dark and cold chambers in the depths of your heart will soon be filled with the fire of desire. Oh, I see it very clear. The light of love will dance around you... "

Snape rolled his eyes annoyed. He looked up abruptly when he heard giggling. He recognized the girls: third years students from Gryffindor. He made a mental note to give them detention when he taught them next time. Trelawney's excited voice still told him of his fate.

"...a life-changing moment which will bring ..."

"That should be enough for today!" Snape's voice was irritated when he pulled his hand from Trelawney's grip. She stared at him with wide eyes through her glasses while he turned away from her and quickly walked away. His door slammed shut with a loud bang, and he walked up to his desk.

"The cold and dark chambers of your heart ... filled with the fire of desire ... the light of love wants to dance ..."

He spat the words out as if they were poison. Trelawney had clearly lost her mind. Snape sank again into his chair and began to correct the works of the students. It was well after midnight and Snape finally lay in his bed, listening to the rain which drummed furiously against the window. He stared into the darkness, waiting for the end of the night. His nights were always the same. Insomnia plagued him since he had come for the first time to Hogwarts. Many years had passed since, and much had changed. Nevertheless, some things remained always the same. Trelawney's words still echoed through his mind.

'The cold and dark chambers of your heart ... filled with the fire of desire ... the Light of love wants to dance ...'

"What nonsense!" He growled as he turned on his side and closed his eyes.

"She will arrive today. I have given my consent already months ago." Said Dumbledore.

"Which house is she in?" Professor McGonagall was delighted by the news.

"Slytherin". Replied Dumbledore.

Snape entered the professors room and raised his eyebrows when he heard Slytherin. Minerva smiled broadly when she saw him.

"Severus, starting from today you have a new student in your house." Her voice was excited.

"I'm thrilled." He replied coldly.

Dumbledore smiled and walked slowly toward Severus

"Her family moved to England last weekend. They had registered their daughter several months ago. She is already in her seventh year."

Severus looked annoyed out of the window

"Why did they have to move to England now? They could have waited another year until their daughter had finished her education."

He was not thrilled to have a new student and he did not hesitate to show this. Snape left the room and went to the classroom where he would try all day to teach the students about defense against the dark arts. It had always been his desire to teach this subject. However, some of his students were too stupid and too untalented to learn the art of this subject successfully.


The lessons were over and Snape was back behind his desk in his office where he corrected the homework of his students. There was a knock at his door and Albus proudly marched into the room. Severus looked up and his eyes fell on the young woman who reluctantly entered the room after Albus. His eyes froze as he looked at her. Dumbledore stopped in front of the desk and handed Severus a few files.

"This is Professor Snape. He's your defense against the dark arts teacher and the head of Slytherin House."

Snape noticed that she swallowed hard as Dumbledore introduced him.

"Severus, this is Miss Abbott. She's just arrived. Since my presence is no longer needed, I will devote my time to my duties."

Dumbledore looked at the young woman and said

"Once again, welcome to Hogwarts."

Snape's eyes followed Albus when he left the office. He got up slowly and stepped closer to Miss Abbott. His posture was stiff and he held his hands clasped behind his back. He noticed that she was nervous. Her fingers fumbled with her jacket and her eyes wandered restlessly through the office. Snape walked slowly around her, eyeing her attentively. Finally he stopped in front of her

"Welcome... to... Hogwarts."

Julie winced when she heard his voice for the first time. The tone of his voice was deeply disturbing but at the same time strangely pleasant, almost hypnotizing. Snape studied her reaction extensively before he spoke again.

"I'll take you to Slytherin's common room. The prefects will show you all what you need to know. From tomorrow you will attend the classes with all the other students."

He eyed her from head to toe with a disapproving expression.

"They will also give you suitable clothes."

Julie's heart pounded strongly in her chest as Snape walked over to the door. She hesitated for a moment before she turned and followed the professor in his billowing robes. They were black as was his heart. She had no doubt.


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