I'll Give You The World

Chapter 10

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So without further adieu, I give you: After the Date!

The first thing Hermione did when she woke up was owl her best friend. "Now don't leave before you get a response. Peck him to bits if you need to." She smiled and fixed herself a pot of tea as the owl flew off. A few minutes later a grumpy wizard came through her floo.

"Hermione I almost died! The owl tried to peck my eyes out when it thought I took too long to let it in the house! Can you stop giving it a kill order? It's a horrible way to wake up." Harry said as he yawned and wiped soot from his pajamas.

"Well I just figured that you would want to hear about the date I had last night."

Harry sighed. "Can't I just read about it in the Prophet like everybody else? You can correct some facts and that way I get to sleep in." He plopped down in the seat next to Hermione and grumpily grabbed the cup that she was drinking out of.

Looking at her best friend drink heavily from her cup, Hermione sighed and summoned another cup from a cabinet to make herself a new one. "Well Draco took me to this very private place in what looked like the middle of nowhere so the whole date was completely media free." She smiled to herself. "He even talked about having a few more dates. I really l-had a great time Harry."

"That sounds really nice and I'm glad you had fun, but I worry that something bad might happen." Harry smiled apologetically. "I'm just looking out for you 'Mione."

"I know you are and I really appreciate that, but after last night I just don't think that you need to worry about anything. He was a perfect gentleman and he went somewhere he knew we would be safe from the press. He even said he would be willing to teach me French so the next time he takes me there I won't be so lost."

Harry saw the sparkle in his friend's eye and set down his cup. "I'm really happy for you Hermione." He wrapped his arms around her in a hug. "I hope everything works out for you in the end. Merlin knows that we are all overdue for something really good to happen."

As Hermione opened her mouth to reply there was a pop and then a light knocking on the door. "One moment please! I wonder who that could be. I only owled you…" She walked over and opened the door only to have Luna breeze past her.

"Hello Hermione. Thank you for the lovely note last night. Hello Harry. It's been a while." She sat down in Hermione's chair and took a dainty sip from Hermione's cup. Harry smiled into his own stolen drink as Hermione huffed.

"I guess it's steal from Hermione day, that's fine." She mumbled to herself as she fixed another drink. "So Luna, not that I'm glad you stopped by. Why did you so early in the morning?"

"Oh I just HAD to talk to you about your favorite flowers! It just makes my heart sing and the Flibberty-Niggets do loops above the beehives." Harry blinked.

"Parvati is pleased with your choice and so am I." Luna grinned whimsically and scratched Crookshanks, who was lounging in her lap.

"Luna what does an old Housemate have to do with my favorite flower? Did she help you figure out what to send to me?" Hermione and Harry exchanged a look of confusion as Luna happily sipped her tea.

The former-Ravenclaw shook her head. "I've never spoken to my former-Housemates twin since we've left the castle."

"I'm sorry? Luna I don't understand."

A look of sadness crossed over the blonde's face. "Oh. I see. Well I guess that the Sudenitsa picked the hydrangea for you." She perked up. "Well I guess I must be going then. Hopefully you will understand the next time I see you, Hermione." She gave Hermione and Harry each a hug and a kiss on Crookshank's squished face. Luna winked at the pair before she swished out the door and left with a pop.

"Do you have any idea what just happened?"

"Not a one."

"I swear Ron it was weird. Even for Luna. She was babbling about Flippy-Nuggets and Parvati and flowers. I didn't understand a word." Harry sat across from Ron in a muggle pub in the middle of London. The room was dim and loud and one Notice-Me-Not kept everyone away.

"What do you expect from Loony? Honestly Harry the bint is mental! I know that she's smart in her own way and helped us during the war." Ron waved his hand dismissively. "But you can't deny that she's always been one Knut away from a Galleon."

"Yeah but I feel like she meant something important. Most of the time she doesn't look sad when we don't get her little references, but this time she looked sad that Hermione didn't get it. I think Luna is trying to tell us something, but being Luna she won't put it in English." Ron looked at his bespectacled friend warily. That look in his eye meant that they were going to do something stupid. "Ron, I am going to translate Luna Lovegood."