I'll Give You The World

Chapter 36

36 chapters and it's finally complete! I would like to thank everyone who has stuck around since the beginning and everyone who has reviewed/followed/favorited. I write for you guys and I love each and every one of you. I might write an epilogue sometime in the next few weeks but that's all based on if y'all want one. Also, keep on the lookout for my very first attempt at a Veela fic that will be coming out soon and Happy Early Valentines Day :3

Hermione wakes slowly, feeling the heavy weight of Draco's arm wrapped around her middle. She smiles into the early morning air and snuggles deeper into his embrace. "Good morning." He whispers, his voice husky with sleep. He dips his head into the nest that her hair became overnight and Hermione can feel the smile on his lips as he kisses her hair.

"Good morning." She replies, entwining their hands. "We're getting married today."

"Indeed. How does it feel to know that you'll be Mrs. Malfoy in a few hours?"

"Minister Malfoy-Granger does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?"

Draco chuckled quietly behind her. "Yes it does." Pressing one last kiss in her hair, he began to climb out of the bed. "I shall see you in a few hours."
"I'll be the one in white."

As soon as Draco approaches the door, it swings open and Narcissa strides into the room. "Darling I love you but I need to get your bride ready for her wedding day. Now shoo."

Draco gave Narcissa a kiss on the cheek. "Of course mother" He then strode out the bedroom door, giving Hermione one last goodbye as he went.

"Yes, how adorable. Get up Hermione; we have much work to do before you are ready to step into the circle." Hermione slowly climbed out of the bed, thankful that she had slept in nightclothes last night. Narcissa tutted and approached. She felt a little like a child who was about to be scolded as Narcissa walked around her. "Alright, now go take a shower. You need to be clean for me to paint the runes on your body."

Hermione bolted to the bathroom, thankful to be out from under Narcissa's piercing gaze. She took her time in the shower, making sure she was perfect. After stepping out of the spray Hermione realized that she had forgotten to grab a robe. She slowly dried off and quickly transfigured her towel into a decent robe and slipped it on before stepping out into the bedroom where Narcissa sat with a paintbrush and herbal smelling paint jars.

"Good, you're done. Now take off the robe and come stand here."

Hermione blanched. "Couldn't I do them myself? It's fine. I'm very good with runes. I got an O on my Ancient Runes N.E.W.T.S."

"No. They must be perfect and I refuse to have them ruined just because you cannot draw upside down on your own body. Now take off that robe and come stand here. You will not be bonded until you are adorned with these runes."

Hermione sighed and walked over to Narcissa. "There are runes that go on my hand and forehead. Do those first."

Narcissa sighed like Hermione has imposed the worst possible imposition on her. "Fine, don't move." She dipped the brush into the open jar and stood to her full height. She began gently painting the rune for Wisdom across the center of Hermione forehead. After a minute she stopped and surveyed her work. "Perfect." She grabbed Hermione left hand and dipped the brush into the pot one more time before inscribing Harmony onto the back of her hand. She blew on it before grabbing Hermione's right forearm and deftly painting Power there. After it dried she looked at Hermione and spoke one word. "Strip"

With a sigh Hermione shrugged off her transfigured robe, careful not to smudge the runes already done. Narcissa dipped the brush in the pot one more time and drew Love over Hermione's heart and Fertility above her navel. Dipping the brush one last time, Narcissa knelt down to place Honor on one thigh and Fidelity on the other. "Now, don't ruin anything while they set." She strode from the room to fetch Hermione dress.

When she came back they carefully maneuvered Hermione into her gown; Narcissa wanted to spell it on but Hermione refused to use magic on the muggle garment. Once she was dressed, the pair sat in silence for a few moments before it was time for the bonding ceremony to start.

Draco and Hermione smile at each from either side of the uncrossed ritual circle. The officiate motions for the couple to step over the rune-carved stones. As they cross the runes flare with bright blue light and the watching crowd lets off a gasp. Draco beams and Hermione has tears in her eyes. They grasp hands and the small wizard on the cusp of the ritual circle clears his throat before beginning. "The couple has decided to recite their own vows before the bonding takes place."

Draco took a deep breath, the sound wavering as he removed a piece of parchment from the inside of his robes. "Bear with me if I get choked up a bit." The crowd laughed. "Hermione, I love you with all of my heart. You are my everything and have been for a long time. The day I heard you shouting like a mad woman in the middle of the Leaky I knew you were the one for me. You were sitting there, hair sparking and shouting at Potter like you didn't care that the whole bloody building was staring at you." He paused to take a deep breath and wipe the tears from his eyes. He glanced back down at the parchment in his hands. "I was so pleased that you were able to look past the years of me being a little twat at Hogwarts and agree to go out with me. I couldn't believe it then and I can't believe it now that you would agree to become my wife." He paused, his breath catching in his throat. "I love you Hermione Granger and I plan on doing it until the day I die."

Hermione let out a watery laugh. "Maybe I should have gone first, I'm not sure I can top that." She wrings her hands together. "Every time I tried to write something out it was two feet long and was never perfect so I'm going to do the least Hermione thing I've ever done in my entire life and wing it." The crowd laughs as she takes a deep breath and smoothes out her dress. "Draco Malfoy I love you but we had a very rocky start. I am glad that I was able to look past it all because now I don't know what my life would look like without you in it. I can't wait to wake up every morning and see you laying there beside me. Our first date was far from perfect but I'm glad I didn't let you get away from me. You encouraged me to run for Minister even when I didn't think I could do it. You push me everyday to be a better version of myself and I am forever grateful for you." Hermione took a raggedy breath. "I love you Draco Malfoy and I can't wait to start this next portion of our lives together."

Everyone was crying. Hermione was blessing magic because it stopped her makeup from running down her face. The officiate cleared his throat and spoke to the crowd once again. "We will now commence with the bonding." In a quieter tone he spoke directly to Hermione and Draco. "Please grab hands now and I would like you to repeat after me Mr. Malfoy." Draco nodded, and held Hermione's hands in a light grip. "I vow to remain faithful. I vow to love and honor you forever. I vow to bow to your wisdom in the name of harmony. I vow to lend you my power when you are in need."

Draco's voice rang out strong into the afternoon air. "I vow to remain faithful. I vow to love and honor you forever. I vow to bow to your wisdom in the name of harmony. I vow to lend you my power when you are in need."

The small wizard turned to Hermione with a gentle smile. "Now it's your turn Miss Granger." Hermione gave Draco's hands a squeeze and smiled at the officiate. "I vow to remain faithful. I vow to love and honor you forever. I vow to bow to your wisdom in the name of harmony. I vow to lend you my power when you are in need."

"I vow to remain faithful. I vow to love and honor you forever. I vow to bow to your wisdom in the name of harmony. I vow to lend you my power when you are in need."

A bright blue light enveloped the pair after Hermione said her part, after the light had dimmed the onlookers cheered. For their part, Hermione and Draco didn't seem to notice anything but each other.