I'll Give You The World

Chapter 4

Hey hey hey! I'm alive, well, and off medications! I'm also giving you this little nugget (which happens to be the longest chapter so far) Enjoy!

Hermione was very done with everything and she just didn't have the energy to be properly angry at Crookshanks. "Well at least someone likes me enough to send me flowers. It's probably the only bright spot this week." She shook her head as she prepared for bed. "Hopefully things look better in the morning."

A loud knocking on her door the next morning did not bode well for everything looking up, but Hermione opened the door anyways, wand in hand. "Hello?" She said as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

Luna swept past her and spoke with a fanciful sigh in her voice. "Oh isn't it wonderful? I find it so romantic." She turned to give Hermione a wistful smile. "The problem is that the Nargles are stealing them and it I shall have to make you a Butterbeer cap necklace for protection."

Hermione blinked a few times and shut her door. "What? Luna you know I love you dearly, but what exactly are you doing in my flat this early in the morning? And what are you going on about?"

Luna smiled and bent down to pet Crookshanks. "Oh yes of course. I didn't even think to check for Wrackspurts before I began talking." The waifish blonde pulled Hermione into her kitchen. "Having tea and thinking happy thoughts should clear your head right up." She pulled down two mugs and began making tea with as much ease as she would in her own home. "I think I should have one as well. Double the happy thoughts should keep them away for as long as we need to talk."

Hermione blinked once again and sat down. "Alright, but what is it you wanted to talk about? It must be important if you came to my flat this early in the morning." Hermione performed a quick Tempest charm and corrected herself. "Okay well, while 8 o'clock is not early for most people I did plan on having a lie-in today."

"Have your tea and think happy thoughts. We can't continue until the Wrackspurts are gone." Luna set down a mug in front of Hermione and gracefully plopped down on a chair across from her. "Oh, and I suppose that making a new one for you isn't necessary while I have this one on me." She takes the Butterbeer necklace off of her own neck and drapes it over Hermione. "Now you shall be able to protect them and everything shall fall into place and the gifts won't be needed."

This sparked Hermione's interest. Finally! The first thing she said that made sense! "You know about the gifts I've gotten?"

Luna giggled. "Of course I do!" She smiled at Hermione in a slightly condescending way, as if Hermione were missing something obvious. "I am very glad that they worked and that everyone will be happy in a few days time." She stood and kissed Hermione on the cheek. "You should probably mend the bridge first though. Exploding Snabberwotches tend to be very temperamental when a potential mate rejects them." With those parting words Luna turned on her heel and disappeared with a pop.

A few hours later Hermione was fiddling with the necklace she was now wearing and going over Luna's words. "What in the world could she have meant?"

"Oh I'm not sure, but knowing Luna, she knows exactly what's going on and she is doing everything in her power to make sure everything turns out alright."

Hermione sighed. "Oh Neville, she knows something about the flowers and she said something was stolen, but I've checked my flat and I can't find anything missing!" The brunette tugged on a curly lock. "I don't have the foggiest idea what she could mean and you've been good at translating recently."

Neville patted her hand. "Well I think she knows about the letters you aren't getting." He scratched his head. "She said that whoever sent them is probably going to stop because you aren't answering." Hermione frowned but waited for the man to continue. "I think you should forget about the evil owl, it must not be important if whoever is sending them isn't trying harder to reach you. I would be more worried about the flowers."

Hermione was shocked. "The flowers are so sweet though. I can't imagine them being anything bad."

"I would be willing to look at them for you, but I don't trust presents without a name attacked to them." Neville stood and made his way over to the vase. "They look pretty and I see that you have all basic Muggle flowers. I would be worried if you were sent some type of magical plant that could harm you accidentally, but these all seem fine." Hermione smiled and Neville held up his hand. "Just because they aren't trying to poison you, doesn't mean you should trust them. I still don't like the idea of accepting gifts without knowing who they are from." He gave her a look. "I thought you knew better as well."

She laughed. "Neville, a broom is different than flowers. The broom could have been jinxed or hexed. You already told me that the flowers are safe."

"I know I did." He sighed. "It's just-everyone is a bit nervous still and I'm being weird." Neville half-heartedly grinned. "I'll try to keep my freak-outs at home. Hannah is better prepared to deal with them anyways."

"Neville Longbottom, don't you dare try and make light of how you feel. Of course you don't feel safe with me getting gifts, especially after the war. You are family and I get being paranoid. Sometimes flowers are just a gift from a fan, sometimes Luna is actually just barmy, and sometimes people need hugs."

Before Neville could refuse Hermione had wrapped her arms around him and they stood in her small kitchen: Hermione forcing as much love into her hug as possible and Neville, smiling before he returned the favor.

The mood was broken when a house-elf popped into the room. "Master says that Dipsy is to make sure that Missy Hermione gets the letter. Dipsy has to make Missy take the letter."

Hermione and Neville jump apart. "Who sent you Dipsy?" Hermione asked with a sharper tone than she intended.

Dipsy handed the latter to Hermione. "Master says that Dipsy is to leave once Missy opens the letter. Dipsy isn't to stay while she reads it because she needs to read it in privacy."

Hermione tried again. "Dipsy, who is your Master? Who gave you this letter? Is it the owner of the eagle owl?"

Dipsy made a face. "The big bird is mean to everyone, but Master. The bird loves to get scratches from Master, and the bird likes to scratch Dipsy. Dipsy no likes Master's bird."

Neville stood tall in front of the elf and spoke in a commanding tone. "Dipsy, tell which Ancient and Noble House you serve under."

The small elf just rolled his eyes. "Dipsy does not serve the House of Longbottom so Dipsy does not have to answer. Dipsy must go once Missy has looked at her letter in privacy." With those last two words Dipsy gave Neville a look filled with such bossiness that he felt 7 again and like his elves were hurrying him out of the kitchen for being naughty.

"I think I shall leave you with your little elf by yourself then. Good day Hermione." Neville said before he left though the Floo.