I'll Give You The World

Chapter 5

Hey y'all! I'm back and rolling! Our wonder couple (aka: wonder if their asses are gonna ever get together) is getting closer and closer to PERFECTION (aka: dating and being in lurv) so buckle up and adore Dipsy, because I sure did when I wrote him :3

Hermione stood alone in her flat holding with her name written on the outside in neat penmanship. She tilted in all around but saw no obvious issues. After placing the letter down on the table, Hermione tested it for hexes, jinxes, and curses and came up empty. "Well here goes nothing."

"Dipsy delivered the letter just as Master asked. Dipsy handed Missy the letter, yes Dipsy did." The elf said as he bowed low, a wide grin sported on his face.

"How did she look? Did she tell you why she hadn't opened any of my letters from before?!"

"No Master, but Young Mister Longbottom tries to force Dipsy to tell him who Dipsy serves. Dipsy didn't say, just like Master says so." The elf nodded his bobble head quickly.


Dipsy cowered away from the foot half raised as if to kick the elf. "Dipsy popped in and saw Young Mister Longbottom hugging Missy. Dipsy is a bad elf for seeing this! Dipsy punishes himself now." Dipsy cried as he ran himself head-first into a wall.

"DIPSY! Dipsy. You don't need to do that. It's good you told me this. I can now shift my plans accordingly."

Hermione quickly scanned through the letter and grew more and more surprised as she read on. Her jaw dropped when she saw the name at the bottom. Draco Malfoy was asking her out on a date. A date with her best friend's childhood nemesis. A date with a Death Eater. A date with a very handsome man. A date with someone who went out of his way to ask her. Her first date in a long time, and damn-it she was not skipping out just because it would upset some people.

Dipsy cocked his head to the side, as if listening for something before he smiled. "Dipsy will be back in a moment Master. Missy calls."

Hermione wrote a quick note stating that she would go out with him and folded the parchment in half. "Dipsy?" She called tentatively.

Nothing happened for a moment and just as Hermione was about to sigh in defeat, a pop announced the arrival of the house-elf. "Missy called for Dipsy?"

"Yes Dipsy, I have a letter for your Master. Can you give this to Draco for me?"

The elf sniffed lightly. "Dipsy is not an owl, but Dipsy will help Missy because Master likes Missy a bunch." The elf winked before he left with another pop.

Hermione giggled. "He likes me a bunch does he?"

Draco paced the length of his private study as he held Hermione's answer in his hand. Dare he open it and look into the face of her laughing rejection? What if she said yes and he just doesn't open it, causing him to miss out on the date he had been dreaming of? The fear of missing their date (that she probably hadn't agreed to) forced his hand into opening the parchment. The answer was short and simple and written in her loopy scrawl. See you tomorrow then. –Hermione He almost felt slighted at the shortness, but was too pleased by the agreement to care too much.

He, Draco Malfoy, was going on a date with Hermione Granger tomorrow evening. Now he just had to plan the perfect date.