I'll Give You The World

Chapter 7

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Harry heard Hermione yell and rushed down the stairs. He smiled when he saw her in the fire. "Well hello 'Mione. What's up?

Hermione smiled weakly. "I wanted to talk to you and Ron tonight if it's not too much trouble. And Ginny if she's home."

"Well Ron is at the Leaky with George and Ginny is just finishing getting ready for our date tonight. I really only have a second."

"I'm sorry about this but I really need to tell you something and I really only have tonight." Harry frowned. "Can I come through? I'll try and make it quick."

"Of course, I'll always make time for you."

After stepping through Hermione took a deep breath and whispered "like downing a nasty potion" before she blurted. "I'm going on a date with Draco tomorrow." There was silence and Hermione cracked open one eye to see Harry staring at her with a shocked look on her face. "

"I don't think I heard you correctly... I couldn't have because you just said that you were going on a date with Draco Malfoy."

"You heard correctly. I'm not cursed, hexed, or under any sort of potion. Draco had been attempting to ask me out for a few days, but his mean owl wouldn't let me take the letters off of his foot so I wasn't getting them. He finally sent me a letter through his house elf, who scared poor Neville half to death, and I agreed to go. He went through so much trouble and I figured it couldn't hurt to go."

Harry stood still for another moment longer before he hugged Hermione. "You have such a big heart and I just hope that Malfoy is nice to you or I'm gonna hex him."

Hermione laughed. "You can have what's left of him if he's not nice."

Just then Ginny shouted as she walked down the steps. "Is whoever called done? We need to leave now or we'll be late! Oh hello Hermione. I would love to chat but it's time for us to go on our date and I don't want to miss our reservation."

Hermione smiled at her friend. "I understand, I was just done anyways. See you later Harry."

"I'll meet you at your place tomorrow morning to talk about it." They embraced one last time before Hermione went back through the floo and to the Leaky Cauldron.

Her eyes scanned the crowded pub before they landed on a familiar bright read head. "Now it's time to tell Ron." He looked in her general direction and she waved to catch his attention. "Hey Ron, hey George, mind if I sit down with you?"

"Course not Hermione. We always have room for you, isn't that right Ickle Ronnikins?"

Ron huffed at the nickname but agreed with his brother. "So what's up 'Mione?"

Hermione shot a look around the building. "Please try to not freak out." Ron rolled his eyes but Hermione pressed. "We are in public and I would really like for this not to become public until it has to." George looked uncharacteristically serious when he nodded and Ron just looked confused, but he agreed as well. "Tomorrow I am going on a date." George snorts. "Draco Malfoy has asked me out and I agreed. Ronyoupromisedtonotmakeabigdealoutofthis!" Hermione rushed when she saw Ron about to yell. He shut his mouth and turned a shade of purple that clashed with his hair.

George just looked at Hermione hard for a minute before he nodded once and stood. "I think I'll go and give you guys a second to talk. Lee might like to be let off early for once." Hermione nodded to George in thanks as he strolled off.

"Look Ron I know this isn't exactly something I thought I would ever have to tell you but he tried to hard to ask me out and no one has ever done something like that for me so I decided to give him a chance."

Ron's face faded from purple to red and back to white. His shouting was whispered, but he thankfully didn't draw his wand, probably because the person he wanted to hex wasn't there. "MALFOY?! You're dating the ferret? Have you forgotten how much of a git the slimy Snake is? He calls you the M-word all the time!"

"Now Ronald, Draco has been nothing but nice since I've seen him after the war. I think he's changed, that or he's trying to. I figured that it can't hurt anything to go with him and I figured I would tell you now rather than you find out tomorrow in the paper."

Ron frowned but responded in a better tone. "As long as you don't actually like the tosser I guess I can be fine with it. I still don't trust him."

"Ronald Weasley you don't have to like the man I decide to date. We aren't even dating, we are going on one date, not that it's even any of your business who I date or why." Hermione stood up and smiled at Ron. "Everything will be fine Ron. If he steps I toe out of line I'll give you a go at his pieces after me and Harry get a round."

She left and didn't hear Ron mumbling under his breath. "Stupid ferret."

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