Remus' Little Wolf

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Rockets and Fire

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"BOY!" Harry darted out of his cupboard and into the living room. The three Dursleys towered over Harry wearing thick coats, scarves, hats and gloves. A distant bang could be heard in the distance. Mr Dursley the first of the three was round and had little neck, his cheeks were beetroot red, his fists clenched inside his gloves. The second was a tall thin woman with far too much neck, her teeth were perched over her bottom lip looking nervous. The smallest but in no doubt the widest was as red cheeked as Mr Dursley. Dudley was the boy's name and he had just finished a tantrum. Though he was perking up as he knew his favourite entertainment was in session.

"Boy!" Mr Dursley repeated "Get your ass moving, we are going to the fireworks. You do not deserve it, you are an inconsiderate child who wastes my time and money. However, things have occurred and we have no other choice. Mrs Fig is away and no one else can cover. You better behave yourself or you won't know what will hit you, now get out that door" Harry knew what would come if he did something wrong, he would rather not think about it.

"Why don't I stay here so I don't get in your way" asked Harry timidly, pushing his luck. He regretted it immediately. Mr Dursley had grabbed Harry by the gruff of his neck and shoved him against the wall. He then continued to hit Harry in the ribs with his belt until Harry could barely breathe. Mr Dursley then placed him on his feet before shoving him out the door. Harry landed face first in the gravel but got up quickly despite the stabbing pain in his ribs and his wheezing.

Harry was used to this, it had happened every week since he had come to live with the Dursleys, some beatings were worse than others. This was a particularly bad one. Harry knew he deserved it though, he was a freak and the world doesn't like freaks.

The three Dursleys started to walk up the street at a quickened pace. Harry followed behind them wheezing as he shivered in the cold night. The road to the local football ground was only a ten-minute walk but for Harry it felt like an hour. There were many people crowding around each entrance. He knew he was going to get lost, Mr Dursley was too far ahead and Harry couldn't run though he tried, but was only pushed back.

Harry soon found his way in and squeezed himself through the people to the front by the fence which cordoned off the firework area. A young couple noticed Harry and the man asked

"Are you alright there son, you haven't lost your parents?"

"I'm fine, thanks" replied Harry

"Alright, if you do need any help we can"

"Thank you"

Harry looked out behind the fence he could see men running around setting up the fireworks. The crisp November air surrounded Harry as he shivered. The background lights suddenly turned off and a count-down started

"10, 9, 8 … 3, 2. 1!"

Harry gazed up at the dark sky, the white full moon lit the crowd before the first of the fireworks started, colours of the rainbow shot into the sky and exploding into huge star shapes banging as they did this. Green swirling ones were nearer the ground making whistling noises. There were some children crying and others giggling with joy. Others just were struck into silence. Harry had never seen anything that amazing before. He didn't care if Uncle Vernon shouted at him. It would be worth it for this.

Harry stared into the night amazed by the colours until he heard something else but the fireworks. It sounded like a dog howling, no one else seemed to have noticed, Harry stared at where the men had been running back and forth, they weren't there anymore, that was strange he thought to himself somebody needed to set them off and it couldn't be over yet, the fireworks had only been on for five minutes.

Harry squinted to see if he could tell what was wrong, what he saw was a pair of eyes shining in the distance, his heart skipped a beat and he wanted to run but he was blocked by the mass of people. The howl sounded again but this time much more loud and a mass of fire was released into the air. People started to scream and panic they were running towards the exit. Harry started to run too but his chest was hurting and he couldn't run. He was being knocked back left, right and centre. Fire was burning everywhere and was starting to spread around the arenas. Harry was being hit by everyone fists came out of nowhere hitting him. Something hard hitting Harry off his feet, he was knocked out.

A little while later...

A thundering of paws was circling Harry when he awoke. He didn't want to open his eyes, it must be a dream, it must be he pleaded with his mind. The thundering stopped and all he could hear was growling and snarling. Harry bravely opened his eyes. A dog like human towered over him, its teeth were blood drenched, fur smelt like wet dog and was hanging over him, and his breath was like rotten eggs. The dog was as tall as a man and looked like it could kill.

Harry was paralysed with fear, the dog then snapped his teeth and lunged towards Harry. Harry suddenly came to his senses and rolled out the way. He jumped out and started to run to the exit, it was blocked with flames but Harry decided it was better to be burned than be caught by the monster. The dog scampered after him snapping at his heels coming close before making a forceful jump and landed on Harrys chest. The dog then didn't hesitate and sunk his teeth into Harrys shoulder. It was going for his neck but missed as another one of these dogs had pushed it off and was now fighting it.

Harry was feeling dazed from being knocked down. What if they are fighting over eating him. The throbbing pain in Harrys shoulder was the worst he had ever felt, even after the 6 years of physical abuse from the Dursleys nothing had been this bad, The pain was overwhelming and he fainted watching the second dog running after the first out of the arena. This was the end and he couldn't do anything.

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