Remus' Little Wolf

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Cleddau Ddu

Remus followed Sirius back to 12 Grimmauld Place, he was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do, the image of a scared, messy black hared boy in the hospital wing alone and hurt.

The pair sat down on the kitchen table with a strong cup of tea in their hands. They looked over at the clock as it started its chime, it was only 8am in the morning. Remus felt like he had already been up for a whole day thinking about all the information that had ben released.

"Are you alright Moony?" asked Sirius cautiously

"Yeah, just in shock, why did it have to be Harry? And why was Greyback after him?"

"The Dark Lord is behind this, it seems too out of the blue for that idiot to think for himself" Remus sighed at this statement. "So, we can't live here, the Dark Lord knows this I where regulus lived."

"That's true. What if we have a look in Wales, no one would be able to suspect us there, we cannot go near Surry sine that is where they expect to find the boy"

"Alright that sounds good, it just so happens that I know of a little seaside town out of the way of everything, there should be plenty of room and facilities there too."

"Okay that sounds good, let's have breakfast then make our way down"

The pair made some breakfast, it wasn't much since they were both very much in shock from the previous night. Soon their stomachs were full and everything clean. Sirius took his money pouch and a few essentials before flooing to the leaky cauldron where they exchanged quite a bit of money to muggle currency and opened a muggle bank account. After that they went back to the Leaky cauldron, to floo to Pembroke Castle.

The pair walked out of a very old fireplace in which looked like a blocked off room in a castle, a sign that read 'Wizards Entrance' in runes (translated by Remus to Sirius) hung across the door which lead to the main castle grounds. It looked like there was a tour going around telling the about the castle, but also visitors just wandering around looking at the sights.

Remus and Sirius left the castle and walked into the centre of the town where they found a housing agent store just opening. The pair looked at each other before walking in.

"Hello, Gentlemen, can I be of service to you today" asked a small but polite man in a suit and tie.
"We are looking for a property a little out of the way from Tenby or Saundersfoot, with four bedrooms and a cellar please?" asked Remus politely, stepping on Sirius' foot because he was about to start fiddling with the telephone on the table and clicking the mouse on the computer.

"Why certainly, I have 2 properties in contention, two for rent and one to buy"

"Can we have a look at each of them please?" asked Remus

"Of course, when would you like to view, we have some openings next week if you would like to book one?"

"Can we have a look at the properties today by any chance, we are in a little bit of a hurry in looking for one since we have recently been evicted due to demolition and are currently living in a hotel"

"Usually we wold ask people to make a booking but considering the circumstances, I can allow a little leeway. We shall go to the one a little out of Saundersfoot first" The seller replied leading them to a car out the back of the little shop. Remus and Sirius got n the back of the car.

The seller sat in the front and started to drive "So, what made you two decide to move all this way?"

"Well we have had a busy lifestyle down in London but because we are going to be caring for my Godson in the near future we needed some more space, so he can have more space and we can have time dedicated to him"

"I understand why this is so important for you, how old is your young man?"

"He is 7 now, getting more mischievous every day"

"So, you will be looking for a good school to send him too, if he is coming to live with you permanently of course"

"Yes, we will"

"Alright then, we are here at property number one" The seller had just stopped the car on a semidetached house in a small street, there were a few people out walking their dog or walking down the road to get the Sunday paper. "This property is on the market for £125,000. It has 3 bedrooms, one bathroom and a spacious kitchen and sitting room, there is a primary school a couple of streets away which will be appropriate for your boy. You are more than welcome to have a look around."

Remus and Sirius who had got out of the car, like the agent as the seller was explain, they had a look around the house. It was very pleasant, on the small side but nice. The bedrooms were quite compact but had everything they would need. The seller left them to it to answer a phone call.

"It is still in the middle of everything, Harry will need more space than this to transform" said Remus

"I tend to agree, it is rather on the small side and it has no cellar or attic, it doesn't have a spare room, so I really don't know how it is going to work" replied Remus

"Oh well, there is still one more property to go" said Sirius.

The two went back into the car and as the seller finished his conversation they drove to the second property. It was a fair distance away from everything but the walk to the nearest village was only 10 minutes. The property was large, like a castle next to a wide river, the gardens were unkept and untidy, inside a smell of mould filled their nostrils but there were 5 rooms on the ground floor and a cellar underneath, the kitchen was a mess and a bee's nest under the sink. There was a seller which had damp in each corer and a light that didn't work. Upstairs was an improvement there were 5 rooms,3 bedrooms, a large bathroom an office which looked like it had been very well used, there was a second floor with 3 more rooms, 2 bedrooms and a spare room. They pair didn't mind about the mess, they could easily clean that up with magic. The seller hadn't spoken since they had entered the house as if he was very doubtful about them buying it and waited by the car hoping to go back to the first property.

"Moony, I think this is perfect it may take a bit of cleaning up and doing out, but it won't take us long to do so"

"I agree" Remus replied as they walked over to the seller. "How much is this property on the market for?"

"It is on the market for £350,000, but the price could be dwindled down a bit considering the mess of the property"

"Where is the nearest school?"

"In the village, it is a 10-minute walk, would you like to go there?"

"Please" the pair replied together. So, the three walked down to the village, they were happy to see no further properties on the way down. When they got there they looked around, there was everything they needed, a butcher, greengrocer, a dairy, a bakery, a convenience shop, a little supermarket, a chapel and a small primary school reading Cleddau Ddu Primary school on a sign at the other side of the village. There were a few other shops dotted about the houses, but the main street had all the others on it. After looking about for a while and watching the children with royal blue jumpers and either white or red polo shirts in the school running around on their breaktime the three made their way back to the property.

"What are you thinking? Do you like either property?" asked the seller. Remus and Sirius looked at each other and silently both agreed on the one they were standing on.

"We would like to buy this one please?" The seller looked very surprised but started to smile likewise.

"Of course, would you like me to ring the seller?"

"If you would?" replied Remus. So, the Marauders sat on the bench outside the house as the seller made the call to the homeowner. He came back 10 minutes later with a large smile on his face.

"So" said Sirius. Remus elbowed him in the ribs for being rude.

"Well, if you pay the deposit today you can start to move in, within the next hour."

"That's perfect, how much is the deposit?" asked Remus

"Don't listen to him, can we pay the house off today?"

"Well of course you can, but you are always welcome to pay it in instalments"

"Who do I make the cheque to" asked Sirius

"Mr Andrew Llewellyn Jones" Sirius wrote out the cheque and handed it to the man, they then made their way back to the shop d waited for Andrew to drop off the keys to the house. After that the pair left and went back to the castle to floo directly to Dumbledore's office.

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