Remus' Little Wolf

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – A Strange Place

Harry awoke, head throbbing, shoulder hurting, and, in a place, he didn't know. The walls were white, and the celling looked like the night sky there were shooting stars and the moon, a few planets. The bed he was in was very comfortable, like he had never felt before.

"Good morning Harry" said a voice he didn't recognise. A hand went down to feel his forehead, but he scuttled away. 'Freaks can't get touched, freaks will make others hurt if he makes a fuss.' His hed shouted at him. "Its okay Harry, you re safe, I am a mediwitch and I'm here to look after you" after a little while Harry managed to relax and let her touch him.

"Where am I?" he asked politely

"You are in the hospital wing of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. You were bitten by a werewolf. Do you remember that Harry?" Harry nodded, to scared to speak. "You will be here for a few days, until you are feeling better" Harry nodded again "drink this, that's a good lad" as Harry drank hid potions "Alright, now let me have a look at your shoulder"

The mediwitch took Harrys arm out of the sling. Harry grimaced but didn't make any noise 'freaks don't make noise, freaks deserve to be hurt' his head muttered. The mediwitch sighed before placing his arm back in the sling. Two men then walked in smiling at him, this was a weird sight, everyone usually turned their back and walked away, or just simple avoided him.

The two men sat down, one either side of him" Hi, Harry. Did you sleep okay cub?" Harry nodded for the two men "That's great, are you feeling any better?" Harry nodded again. "Alright well we have a surprise for you, you are coming home with us after you are better. How are you feeling about that?"

Harry didn't do anything but nod 'freaks don't deserve to have change, freaks deserve to feel bad' reminded his mind. Remus looked at Sirius for help, who shook his head. "We will leave you in peace Harry" he said as he ruffled the boy's hair. Harry smiled at the two as they got up and left.

"He's getting there Remus, it must be scary being surrounded by people he doesn't know" said Sirius as they walked towards Dumbledore's office. Soon they came to the Gargoyle which lept aside as they said the password.

"Come in Remus, Sirius" the pair walked into the office and sat down opposite the headmaster. "I hear you have found a place to live, is it all sorted for the move?"

"Not yet Albus, but we will be working on it this afternoon"

"Is that going to be a convenient time for me to come and do some enchantments?"

"Yes, that would be perfect, thank you Albus"

"You are very welcome, how does 4 o'clock sound?"

"Great, thank you. How did the Dursleys take it?"

"They were rather happy to get rid of him to be honest, he didn't have much stuff when I casted a spell to collect his things. It is all there in that rucksack"

"That's it?" asked Remus "His clothes and all his possessions?"

"I'm assuming so" replied Dumbledore "Anyway since you two have a lot to do, I will let you go and meet you at 4 o'clock at the cottage"

The marauders took this as their key to leave. They walked out of the office and into the grounds where they apparated to the cottage. Since they had left the sign from selling had been taken down. Remus had the keys, so he unlocked the door.

"Where do we start?" he asked Sirius

"Why not the essentials for now like the kitchen and the living room, then upstairs three bedrooms. If we just try to clean everything up within the next hour or so we can go to London to find some new furniture and paint, decorations that kind of thing"

"Sounds good, I'll work from the top, you work from the bottom and hopefully we will meet in the middle"

"Sounds good" Sirius replied as he made his way down to the cellar. Remus made his way up to the top floor. Soon the air was filled with magic and a scent of cleanliness. It didn't take Remus long to do the topmost floor, he only found a boggart and the rest was dirt and things they didn't need so he rid the closet of the boggart before destroying the res of the furniture, levitating it out of the house and into a muggle bin for the bin lorry came the following Monday.

Sirius was having a lot of fun levitating all the spare parts he found in the cellar out of the house. He also came across a niffler hiding in a very old jewellery box that was empty except for the animal. 'hmm Hagrid would like this' Sirius thought as he transfigured some spare metal into a cage placing the niffler in.

Soon the two had met on the first-floor corridor just finished the cleaning. The house looked bare now all the furniture had been a write off except an old grand piano that they knew they could renovate it in the future.

"Phew" exclaimed Sirius "I feel like I have just been on a walk to mount Everest and back!"

"Don't be daft Sirius" Remus laughed. They looked at the clock. It was half past two. "We have time to go and get furniture before Dumbledore gets here in an hour or so" Sirius nodded as he held out his arm for Remus to side apparate to London.

They felt like they were being squeezed through a tight hole as the scene disappeared before them. The pressure released as they saw the familiar glazed wooden apparition room of the Leaky Cauldron.

The pair then walked out of the pub and into Diagon Ally. They walked down the street looking for a decent shop to get the furniture and hardware they needed to get started. Soon they came across a store called 'Rothay's Home Improvements' which looked decent, a sign that changed shape from a sofa to a bed to some shelves swung in the wind. The pair looked at each other and walked inside.

The inside looked tremendous, there were several types of furniture lined up across the far wall, with signs talking about what they could do then a few rows of paint, plaster and general wizards DIY. In the centre there was a small desk with a young woman sitting behind it.

After talking with the woman, they were soon out of the shop rather quickly, pockets filled with shrunken furniture and paint pots all which looked now like it would fit into a dolls house. Next they went into a little toy shop and bought Harry 3 wizarding toys, one was a miniature quidditch set filled with one player and broomstick, three little hoops, one quaffle and a miniature snitch, the second was a game of snakes and ladders where the pieces moved themselves and it turned into a 3D model hen played the last was more muggle than wizard being a stuffed black dog.

After their shopping spree in the wizarding world they apparated back to the house. They both started painting and decorating the walls and ceilings and floors of the cottage starting with Harrys room which they kited out with an enchanted celling which showed the stars at night, Gryffindor hangings, a desk and wardrobe all scarlet and gold. They enchanted the bed to grow as Harry grew so he would always have enough room. Downstairs they refurbished the living room in a homely blue, the carpet super soft. They were just in the kitchen sorting the new units out when a crack outside told them Dumbledore had arrived.

Remus went to greet him and after a short conversation Dumbledore started to cast protective and undetectable spells around the house but allowed all muggles to be able to access the property mostly, so the poor muggle postman could deliver the paper each day. After the old man had finished the marauders had just finished refurbishing the cellar placing two mattresses in either corner and casting spells to make sure the werewolves couldn't get out on a full moon.

The three men sat down on the new sofa and had some strong tea and for Sirius some firewiskey. They sat in silence for a while, Remus was the first to speak "Albus, when will Harry be ready to come home with us?"

"Poppy had told e before I left to get here that he should be able to come home on Monday providing that he is not under too much stress"
"That will not be a problem here headmaster" replied Sirius

"Very well, I am assuming you will want to see Harry before Poppy gives him his sleeping draft for the night?"

"Yes Sir" the two marauders said together, their voices merging into one. So, after they finished their tea they got up and walked to the fireplace which Sirius had just added to the floo network. Each one took a handful of powder before one by one shouted "Headmasters Office!" and they vanished.

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