A True Belonging

Chapter 16

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We enter the vacant great hall just as Tom begins attacking the castles shields. Severus is in the process of helping him bring them down, conversing with Hogwarts down in the dungeon. Thankfully we weren't seen as we came here, knowing this is where professors would go. I look to Luna who nods and breaks away to go find the professors and help get the younger years to safety. It will take at least ten minutes to get nearly all of them to the hidden escape route, and at that point in time Tom will begin his attack in earnest.

A little over ten minutes have passed when we hear commotion coming closer to us, and we leave the room, knowing Tom will begin. We are faced with McGonagall and a large group of sixth and seventh years headed towards the entrance.

"What are you doing down here? Come, with me! We must stop Voldemort from succeeding! Where did that Phoenix come from?" The professor speaks harshly and quickly.

"Sorry, professor,"

"That just isn't going to happen."

"You see,"

"You've already lost."

"They aren't on your side."

We all look over to where the words are coming from and see the Weasley twins coming out of a hidden entrance, both smirking.

"What is the meaning of this!?"

"Bloody hell, you're death eaters!?" McGonagall and Ron speak at the same time, shocked. I nod my head at them and their smirk turns into a frown before taking out their wands.

"Sorry about this,"

"No hard feelings, right?" Fred and George speak as one, before simultaneously casing spells to knock out several students at once. I give a small sound, giving Draco, Pansy and Blaise the okay to join before I swoop into the outside, where several students are already battling against the death eaters. Thirty minutes until reinforcements arrive.

I don't remember when I turned back into being human instead of a bird, but reinforcements come ten minutes early and the battle becomes more hectic and bloody, people screaming everywhere. I stick relatively close to Tom, casting spells left and right, keeping count of how many bodies I cause to fall to the muddied ground. The younger years are safely elsewhere, having been notified by Luna some time ago. That leaves fifth years and up staying to fight. It was made clear to everyone that kids are not to be killed, and so far it has been listened to.

On our side, at least. I think I seen Vincent's mangled body somewhere. I quickly cast a protego, protecting Draco from a spell he didn't notice. He nods his thanks before dashing off. It feels like the battle lasts for days before it finally settled down, the light side getting weaker and tired. Then all of a sudden there's silence, then murmuring, before cheers ring out among the other side. Confused, I look around, only to spot Dumbledore headed towards me, wand raised. His smile is cruel and triumphant and I distantly wonder if I'm about to die. The Avada Kedavra that leaves his wand is rushing towards me and I squeeze my eyes shut, hear Tom scream my name before hissing at Nagini.

Dumbledore is screaming now, and I can only assume he was bitten by the dangerous snake. Then a solid body is ramming into my own, and we fall to the ground with a huff. I'm distantly aware of the spell missing me, hitting Ron right in his chest. I look down and see Luna clutching onto me, panic in her eyes and I hug her close, hoping to calm her down and prove I'm alive. Searching the croud, it's easy to spot Tom who's running over to us, collapsing to the ground and running his hands through my hair, before finding my pulse on my neck.

Taking his hand in one of mine, I catch his eyes, "I'm fine Tom, I'm alive. Now finish this battle." I'm stern, but my voice is soft. He nods and stands up, facing the last person that is between us and victory. I pull Luna up as the battle resumes, Dumbledore laying in a mangled heap a few feet away. Tom and McGonagall battle for the next hour, neither willing to give up, when Tom is able to over power her and casts Avada kedavra twice. She avoids one just to be struck with the second one right after. It takes a few moments for people to realize their second leader is dead, but when they do they begin dropping their wands in defeat. It's our victory.

Tom is breathing heavily, but he walks up to me, placing his hands on each side of my dirtied face. His eyes shine with pride, excitement and maybe even love. I expect him to say something, anything, maybe a congratulations, but instead he leans down and suddenly his lips are gently caressing my own, slow and sensual. I groan, clutching his torn robes, and kiss him back. I can hear cheers in the background, probably Draco and Pansy, and smile.

He pulls away, grinning, and casts a sonorous on himself.

"Good evening. My wonderful supporters, werewolves and vampires are free to go home and recollect yourselves. Clean up, sleep, grieve. I will call on your leaders in two weeks for a brief meeting." He waits for them all to leave, some taking bodies with them, before he continues, " now, I know that you don't like me. Obviously. But I also know you have it all wrong on what I actually wish to do. However I will warn you now, anyone who tries to harm me or one of my people in any way, they will be punished in a form befitting the crime.

"I have enough evidence against your minister and will be getting rid of him without killing him. Lucius Malfoy will be taking his place and I will gide him from the shadows. And finally, I will be leaving my death eaters here to help clean up this mess and repair Hogwarts. I will know if any of you attack someone, is that understood?" He stops talking and a wave of yes can be heard, " good. I am leaving Harry Potter in charge. Goodbye. " he quickly disapperates, and I huff out a sigh, grin still unwavering across my face.

"Severus, Lucius!" I shout, and they quickly appear beside me with raised eyebrows.

"Yes?" Severus asks.

"I'm leaving the two of you in charge. No way am I letting him run after kissing me like that." Lucius snorts, and I go after Tom.

It's a few weeks before Hogwarts can be repaired, since the bodies have to be given proper respect and Hogwarts herself has to be cleaned of rubble. School is temporary canceled until further notice and students are aloud to go home to their parents. The minister is quickly removed from office and replaced with Lucius, who begins altering and adding or removing laws. Magical creatures are all given rights, within reason. Three large mansions are donated from deceased families to be used for orphanages with proper food and caretakers, as well as house elves willing to work for them. Muggleborns are monitored and removed from their homes at the first sign of abuse but otherwise left alone and the parents are given the information they require to know what's going once their child has their first burst of accidental magic. From there the parents are given the option to either take a secrecy vow and stay living where they are or move to the wizarding world.

Two new schools are created specifically for muggleborns so they can get an early education like the purebloods. Dark Arts is no longer banned but is heavily monitored. Severus is also appointed as the Headmaster of Hogwarts, and she is greatly pleased by this, even makes the Headmaster quarters bigger so Lucius can live with him. Remus and Sirius move into a smaller Potter home, leaving me alone in the cottage. I end up deciding to move into the Potter Manor and take up my title as Lord Potter after graduating from Hogwarts. Tom moves in with me shortly after I graduate, and Pansy marries Blaise.

After a few years Tom and I adopt a son and daughter, whom we name Emrys Fabian Soren Potter and Aerwyna Sen Coralia Potter. Pansy and Blaise have a son they name Oberon Aslan Zabini and Draco is happily engaged to Fred and George. Their prank store is going smoothly, and Draco has started creating potions for them to sell. Luna met a muggle while traveling and they visit often, I'm pretty sure he plans to ask her to marry him before too long. Luna does become an author, she writes muggle young adult books as well as wizard books.

Pansy becomes a mediwitch, and Blaise an auoror. I end up an unspeakable and help the orphanages when I can, and help Tom run the wizarding world and take care of the kids, who will be starting their first year of Hogwarts in three years and five years, respectively. Oberon will be going around the same time as Aerwyna. The three of them have gotten to be good friends so far, and I hope it stays that way no matter what house they get into. No one has tried to kill someone from the other side of the war, but there have been attacks. For the most part, they were all either given up to two years in Azkaban or put on house arrest. Other than that things have gone smoothly and those from the light side haven't complained much over the way Tom has been running things.

"Daddy, daddy!" I glance down from the paper I am writing on to find Aerwyna grinning up at me, her long blonde hair swishing behind her in her excitement. Returning her grin, I put my quill down and turn to face her.

"What can I do for you?"

"Dad is back! He says to tell you he will be making dinner and to come down!"

"We best not make him wait then!" I pick her up, making her giggle in the process and head to the kitchen. Entering, I place her on the table and walk up to Tom, who's mixing a pan of noodles, sauce sitting next to it.

"Hey, what's -" I sputter, having a spoon of sauce shoved into my mouth by a grinning Tom. I swallow and glare at him, "rude."

"Yet you love me anyways." I roll my eyes at him.

"Of course, sometimes I do wonder though."

"Stop being gross!" Emrys groans out as he walks in, getting onto the table next to his sister.

"Sorry." I tell him, but we all know I'm not even a little sorry.