A True Belonging

Chapter 4

Voldemort writing

Harry writing

I sat in a compartment on the train to Hogwarts, taking a seat next to the window to stare at the passing scenery with blank eyes. 'The dementors will be stopping the train soon, if things with Sirius went as they had the first time around. I don't know if I am all that prepared to listen to my mother scream my name again. It was horrible enough the other times it happened.' I held back a sigh, barely registering Pansy's words about Iceland and Blaise's agreement about its' beauty. Draco is sitting beside me, engrossed in a book written in what appears to be French. 'I never knew he could understand French. I wonder if he knows any other languages?' The thought was quickly brushed away, quickly replaced by a countdown. When the train screeched to a halt and my three companions paused what they were doing in slight shock, I stood quickly and aimed my wand at the compartment door. We felt as the temperature dropped and caused frost to cover the window I had been gazing through.

"What is going on?" Pansy's voice reached my ears, frantic and scared.

"Harry, what are you doing?" Draco's wasa next, curious but on edge. I could feel Blaise staring a hole into my back, waiting. For what, though I wasn't sure. I remained quiet, patiently waiting, knowing that one of them would find our compartment soon enough.

As if it heard my thoughts, I watched a skeletal hand reach out and unlock the door before sliding it open. It happened slowly, as though to raise our level of fear for it's own enjoyment. It was working. I was able to smother my fear, but could feel the three behind me as their fear grew; not knowing that this being lived off of fear. I took a few steps back, giving myself some space to cast the spell and brought the happiest memory I could to the forefront of my mind.

Walking into the Room of Requirement, seeing Quirrell there. Knowing it was Voldemort. Meeting him almost properly for the first time. The shock and joy at realizing he wasn't going harm me.

"Expecto Patronum!" I growl out, watching as the mist pushes the dementor away. 'Not a strong enough happy memory to make a corporeal form but still enough to get it to work. It's not like I have any strong enough happy memories anymore.' I let out a heavy sigh and sat back down as the door clicked shut, digging through my bag for chocolate to hand were hesitant at first; Draco eyeing the chocolate with a raised brow before slowly bringing it to his mouth, Pansy taking a few moments before slowly taking it from my grasp and Blaise narrowing his eyes at the offered sweet.

"Explain what just happened." This time it was Blaise who spoke.

"Well, that was a dementor. They are the guards of Azkaban prison, and they are searching for Sirius Black. I've been told once that they are fear itself; they suck all happiness out of you and only fear remains." I keep my gaze out the window, only turning around when the door opened once again and the train resumed moving.

"Harry, are you okay?" It was Remus, looking a little frazzled. The sight nearly made me smile but I simply nodded.

"We are all fine, Remus. I made sure to give them chocolate." 'Good thing I made it a point to study dementors and the Patronus charm over break. That way I could avoid having to explain to him how I knew what those are, as well as how I knew the charm.' I saw as his shoulders relaxed and he slowly made his way back to his own compartment, most likely with Weasley and Granger.

"Who was that?" Pansy asked, still staring at the door. My gaze moved back to the window with a slight smirk.

"You'll find out at the feast, but generally speaking he's my guardian." Nothing else was said on the matter, the conversation going back to Iceland.

It was another 30 minutes before we stood before the doors of the Great Hall, Dumbledore blocking our path. I gazed up at him with a blank expression, feeling the tense unease coming from my three companions.

"Yes, Headmaster?"

"My dear boy, I was wondering if you could accompany me in my office tomorrow morning after breakfast?" I kept my face blank, ignoring the burning irritation at being called 'my dear boy.'

"Of course. May we go sit down now?" I kept my voice as neutral as possible.

"Yes, yes, I will move out of your way now." He turned and walked into the Hall, pink robes flashing with sparkles.

"Let's get a seat before the good ones are taken." Draco moved ahead of me, apparently anxious to sit down. 'So, Sirius still escaped from Azkaban on his own. This is good, I will have to contact him soon and figure out what to do with Peter. While I don't want him to live, he does have his uses. Either way, he doesn't need to masquerade as a rat anymore. I could see if Voldemort will tell Peter to return as his errand rat. Sure, I still hate the man, but not as much as people expect me to. Back to the real situation at hand. When should I contact Sirius? Preferably before the whole mess that happened on the full moon. And another thing, if I plan to contact Voldemort it's going to have to be done in secret. The people who currently know of my association with him are Draco and Remus. I haven't really talked to Severus much, something I am sure the man prefers right now. I do have those journals with me. I can send one of those to him with Loki.'

I am suddenly brought back to my surroundings by loud cheering, only to realize the sorting was over and Remus was just introduced. A scoff slipped past my lips as the Gryffindors cheered for the new Professor. 'Too bad for them that he's more Slytherin inclined these days.'

"Hey Harry?" I turn my head to look at Draco, curiosity shining in his eyes.


"Where's Aeron?" I sigh at the question.

"Still with Voldie." 'I need to ask him how long he plans to steal my snake for.'

The next morning I skip breakfast and head straight towards the Headmaster's office. I already had an idea on what the man wanted to say, and it's better to get the whole thing done and over with.

"Good morning, Harry." Dumbledore held out a small sweet in offering and I declined the offer.

"Can we get this over with so I don't miss class?" Settling down on one of the seats situated in front of the desk, my gaze moved over to Fawkes. The phoenix trilled softly at me, and I nodded in greeting.

"Of course. I want to warn you about the escaped prisoner, Sirius Black. He is the one who betrayed your parents to You-Know-Who that night and I fear he is out to finish the job. Be careful, I am sure he is nearby and just waiting for his chance to kill the last of the Potters." His voice and eyes had a grave look in them, with an underlying sense of triumph. 'Probably thinks he has me now, with this bit of information.' I merely frown in thought before replying.

"Thank you for the warning, but I will be just fine, the dementors will get to him first." 'More like, I will send him a message and have him go to my cottage to hide for the time being. Or just have him go to Voldemort. If I can convince him that is.' I left the office, ignoring Dumbledore as he tried to stop me.

I met with Draco in front of the potions classroom, waiting for Severus to appear and unlock the door. The crowd was still small, so locating the blonde leaning against the wall was pretty easy. Stopping beside him, I watched as his eyes momentarily left the page of potions text to see who is there.

"What did Dumbles want this time?"

"Basically, he wanted to warn me about the escaped Sirius Black and how the man wishes to kill me." I spoke softly, not wanting anyone else to overhear. Draco blinked up at me in veiled surprise.

"Harry, shouldn't we be trying to do something about this? You could be in danger." I smile slightly, just a tiny twitch of my lips.

"Don't worry Draco, Dumbles is an idiot." He didn't looked convinced, but the topic was dropped as Severus swooped in and granted entrance to the classroom.

I stared down at the cup wearily, knowing that the tea leaves will still look the same as they had previously. 'They could at least make a flower or something.' I held in a scoff, watching as Professor Trelawney walked towards me and picked the cup up. I proceeded to hold a sigh in as she gave an overdramatic gasp, explaining about how there's the image of the grimm in the tea leaves. Pansy, Blaise and Draco all look over at me in worry; the other two had been briefed on the situation after potions.

"Should we do something to help?" It was Pansy, who sat to my left, that asked. Concern in her eyes and Blaise nodding in agreement.

"No, it's okay. Besides, it's the grimm itself that the tea leaves are showing. It's not what the grimm means that they are showing." They only looked at me in confusion before turning back to their own cups.

"Harry, I am sure you're probably scared right now. I want you to know though, that everything will be fine. We won't let him get anywhere near you." I stared up at Professor McGonagall in slight bewilderment. 'Really? This is just getting ridiculous.' I shrug, heading towards my seat next to Blaise. I hear her let out a sigh before moving to the front of the room to being the day's lesson.

The next morning I sneak out before anyone wakes up to send the journal to Voldemort. I make sure to carry my half of the pair for the whole day. Once I reach the common room after sending Loki off, I'm not surprised to see and irritated Draco glaring at me with crossed arms. Motioning for him to come up to our shared room, I walk away. As soon as the door shuts behind us, I place a few silencing charms and lock the door.

"What on earth were you doing? It's dangerous out there to be wandering alone right now!" Draco fumed, pacing the room.

"Sorry Draco, I was sending something to Voldie. It really isn't dangerous for me to walk around. If anything it's safer for me right now." I ran a hand through my hair, sitting down on the nearest bed that happens to be Draco's. He stopped pacing, instead looking back over at me once again confused.

"Can you at least explain to me why it is not dangerous?" 'I don't know if it's a good idea to tell him or not. However, he will eventually find out anyways. I suppose there's no harm in it. But how do I explain where I got the information from? I could say Remus, but what if Draco goes and asks Remus for confirmation? Maybe it's better if I say Severus. Severus is the most likely to agree that I got the information from him, plus he is on Voldy's side so it's also more believable.'

"Okay, fine, but you must not tell anyone else. At least not yet. They will all find out eventually. Sirius is my godfather, and completely innocent of the crimes he was put in prison for. Peter Pettigrew was the one who sold out the location of my parents, and the one who killed all those muggles. However, Peter faked his death and made sure all fingers were pointed at Sirius. Sirius was put in Azkaban without a trial, even though Dumbledore knew that Sirius was innocent. The one he is after right now is not me, but Peter. Therefore, Sirius is more likely to protect me, rather than kill me. Also his animagus form is identical to that of a grimm." I watched as Draco plopped onto my bed, letting the information sink in. I twitch when suddenly I feel the journal warm up in it's spot in my pocket. I had shrunk it to avoid putting in my bag; a place where anyone could find it. 'It's barely been an hour and he already sent me a message? Interesting. It will have to wait until I'm alone though before I can answer it.'

"That… actually makes a lot of sense. Where did you get all that information, though?"

"Severus Snape, if you need to double check that I am not lying you can ask him about it."

"I might do that. I don't want to find out you're lying to me just to make me feel better." Draco stood up and headed towards the door.

"You coming?" I shook my head.

"No, I have to do something first." He shrugged, before unlocking the door and exiting. Taking down the silencing spells, I opened the journal and quickly read the message.

Hello, Harry Potter. Interesting journal you've given me. Is there a reason for this?

The message disappeared after I read it and I grabbed a self inking quill from the desk next to me.

Hello Voldemort. I figured this would be safer than owling when we need something of the other.

The message faded, replaced by another a moment later

Yes, I can see how you would come to that decision. I admit this is better than owling. Was there something you wished to ask of me?

Two things, actually. The first is how long do you plan on keeping my snake?

He says he will return during winter break, if you go home this time. What was your second item?

I'm sure I will return this time. I was wondering if you could call Peter back to you? Sirius is trying to kill him for his past deeds and I see the merit in keeping the rat alive.

I suppose I could, he is still useful to me. How do you know of him, though?

Remember the map I let you use to leave Hogwarts? His name showed up on it, and the map never lies.

Very well. I suppose that is an acceptable answer. You have classes to go to. We will speak again later.

Okay. Goodbye.


I cast a tempus, nearly falling in my rush to stand up. 'I have five minutes to get to magical creatures! Damn.' Rushing out of the common room, and out the doors to the forest where class is held, I ended up getting there nearly ten minutes late. On the bright side, Draco did not do anything stupid and Longbottom ended up the first one to ride Buckbeak.

The day continues in a relatively good manner, until it became time to go to DADA. I knew that today would be the day we learn about Boggarts. 'I don't know what my Boggart will be this time. It could be anything, really.'

"Now I want everyone to line up. Each of you will take turns facing the Boggart." I watched wearily as one by one they took their turns, until finally I stood in front of a clown jack-in-the-box. It took a few seconds before beginning to change and I held my wand at the ready. Any spell I was going to say quickly died on my lips as it settled on a form. My body was frozen in shock at the image of Voldemort from my time, grinning nastily down at me. His blood red eyes narrowed in triumph.

"Harry, Harry Harry. So easy to fool! It was all a lie, a giant ruse to get you close to me so I could end what I started years ago!" The figure started to laugh and I regained my bearings. 'This is not Voldemort. Not anymore.' I glared up at the snake humanoid and hissed out the spell.

"Riddikulus!" I watched in satisfaction as he changed, now dressed in a bright pink frilly dress, heels, caked on makeup and a purse in the shape of a cat. I grinned in satisfaction, the other students laughing at the change.

At around 10 that night, I get another message. Feigning tiredness, I head back up to my bedroom and quickly flip the journal open.

Harry, I have called Peter back. He will be here tomorrow morning.

Thank you

Of course. Did you have an eventful day?

I raise an eyebrow at the question. 'Why is he asking me that? A little bit odd.' Shrugging, I answer.

Generally, yes. Did you?

It was more boring than eventful, really. Mostly getting ready to gather the rest of my followers. And planning a prison break.

I pause, remembering the previous one. A good amount of death eaters escaped that day, including Bellatrix and the other Lestranges.

What if you do the prison break over the summer? The dementors won't be back for a while so it would be a good opportunity. With them gone, the prison will be easier to break into.

Yes, I had been thinking along the same lines. Not bad, Harry. I want you to come visit my manor sometime over the summer as well.

Oh, okay, I will make sure to come visit then.

I felt a smile form, and tried to push it down. The rest of our conversation went nicely enough, basically a question and answer type thing. However, most of his answers were very vague and hardly an answer at all. The next morning Weasley was at breakfast complaining about his missing rat and blaming Granger's cat.

"Why is Professor Snape teaching DADA instead of Professor Lupin?" Pansy questions as we enter the classroom and see Severus already at the desk.

"I am not sure." I avoid the question as much as possible and find a seat in the back. 'I just hope Severus has the sense to not blow Remus' cover as a werewolf this time.'

"Turn to page two hundred and eighty eight." He spoke up, immediately quieting the students. I relax slightly to find he's continuing the lesson from where we left off with Remus last time.

Sirius POV

I was glad to have finally managed to escape Azkaban. The only thing urging me on was the thought of getting revenge on Peter. Also, I needed to apologize repeatedly to Harry. Oh how I regret leaving him on his own like that. Damn that Dumbledore. It was on the morning that I was planning how to get into the Gryffindor common room, that a black owl dropped a letter down at my feet. Curious, I shifted back to being human and quickly scanned it wandlessly before opening it. The contents were, to say the least, shocking.

Sirius Black,

Do not worry, I have this letter spelled to only reveal it's contents to you. I am writing to you about a few things and I need you to listen closely. Peter Pettigrew is no longer inside Hogwarts. I had Voldemort call him back to his side. I did this for the main reason that Peter is still useful. However, I am sure that when he outgrows his usefulness then you will be allowed to do whatever you wish to the rat. Everything I am saying and will be saying is the complete truth. You do not need to say near Hogwarts and risk your safety and freedom. I would like for you to go to Potter Cottage and live there. Myself and Remus Lupin currently reside there and would like it if you did as well. Dumbledore is not to be trusted. I know that he had you imprisoned without a trial while knowing you were not the one to commit those crimes, among other things. Therefore I am going to do what I can to keep him off your trail, along with the dementors. If you wish to stay at the Cottage, just tap your wand to this parchment and say 'Evans.' I made it into a portkey, in case you wish to head there immediately. If, somehow, someone else got a hold of this letter and attempts to activate the portkey, they will run into a ward of mine that will painfully kill them.

Hope to see you there Sirius.

Harry Potter

P.S. When you arrive, the house elves will already be expecting you and will have finished preparations for your arrival. This includes a room, clothes, food, potions, and a shower or bath.