A True Belonging

Chapter 5

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Harry POV

"Sorry, you've been what?" Draco stared at me in shock, eyes wide and doing a good impression of a fish. I sighed, running a hand through my hair.

"I have been talking to Voldie using a pair of linked journals for the past couple of months." I spoke slowly, as though trying to get it through the bonde's thick skull. However it didn't seem to really be needed if the sudden feminine squealing had any indication.

"What in the world?" I blinked at him. 'Did I break his brain or something?'

"Good. This is good." I was about to say something else but Draco stood up and walked out of the room before I could, a huge grin splitting his face in two. Completely confused, I take the journal back out as it begins to burn with a new message.

Hello Harry

Hello again, what's up?

Your exams are over right?

Yeah, they finished yesterday, we will be headed back home for the summer tomorrow morning.

Excellent. I want to go ahead and have the prison break during your summer break. I was thinking we could do it in a month's time.

Yeah, that sounds good. Just let me know what day exactly so I can be prepared.

Of course. Until next time, then. Have a good day, Harry.

You too, Voldie.

I closed the journal, sliding it back into one of my pockets before heading down to the farewell feast.

On the way back to Kings Cross, Remus explained to me that he resigned due to feeling he wasn't suited to be a teacher right now. I accepted this easily enough, knowing it was going to happen. I had not told him yet that Sirius would be waiting for us at Potter Cottage, the wards having notified me of his arrival.

3rd PPOV

Lucius Malfoy sat at a table in the Three Broomsticks, facing a disguised Igor with a blank face. As of right now the only people to know of Voldemort's return are Lucius himself, Narcissa, Draco, Quirrell, Harry and Peter. Igor was gesturing wildly with his hands, face screwed up into an angry scowl. However, his eyes shown of terror.

"Come on Malfoy, you must defect with me! It's our only chance of survival! You daft fool!" Malfoy kept his face carefully blank, not wanting to give anything away to such an idiot.

"I will not," was his calm reply. However, Lucius barely had time to blink before Igor made a strange motion with his hand and three death eaters converged on them. Knowing it would be unwise to fight in such a public place, Lucius moved to disapparate. Before he could, one of the cloaked men manages to catch his right side with an overpowered reducto. Lucius feels himself blacking out as he disapparates, the feel of carpet and the sound of a frantic house elf the only things he is aware of. Managing to locate the fire place, he fire calls Severus before he passes out. He knows there is blood staining the carpet in a large pool around his body, and trusts his house elf to handle it from there.

Severus POV

I was in the middle of organizing potions in my personal stores when I receive a fire call. Confused, I placed the glass vial back down on the shelf and walked towards my fireplace. I expected to see some witch or wizard, but was greeted with a house elf in tears. It took a few seconds - longer than I would have liked- to realize it's Lucius' elf.

"What is it?" I drawl out, wanting to go back to work.

"It's Master Lord Malfoy sirs! He's he's." that is all the elf can get out before bursting into more tears and I feel a vein bulge on my forehead.

"Spit it out already." I kept the growing worry off my face, since it would not do me any good.

"He's dying sirs! Please help Master Lord Malfoy!" my face quickly paled and as though on autopilot I summoned my emergency medical kit and went through the fire to Malfoy Manor.

Walking out into the Malfoy sitting room, I was not prepared to see so much blood. I felt my body freeze, my shoes already soaking in the blood that had reached the area in front of the fireplace. Lucius laid a foot away on his stomach, his blonde hair spread out and caked in blood. I could barely trace the movement of his chest as shaky breaths struggled to come out. His already pale skin was now a sickly pale, and if I didn't know any better I would have said he was dead.

This thought broke me out of my shock and I quickly walked over to the fallen man, ignoring the large pool of blood surrounding him and I kneeled down and opened the bag of potions. Easily removing the shredded robe with a flick of my wand, I scowled at the large hole in his side. After looking over the damage, I felt relieved to know it missed vital organs and just barely hit his rib-cage.

The nagging thought of why the idiot didn't go to the hospital instead of risking calling me kept coming to my mind, and I had to force it back. 'I refuse to let him die on me.' My scowl deeps and I remain in my spot for the next four hours, using potion after potion to save the only person I've ever loved.

Harry POV

I am standing on the shore looking towards Azkaban, Aeron wrapped comfortably around my shoulders. My clothes, very similar to that of the Death Eater robes, snapped around my body in the wind and I couldn't help but grin. Voldemort had just taken off to the prison to begin the operation.

~How much longer until the explosion? Aeron hisses out and my grin widens, reaching a hand up to rub under his chin.

~Any time now. Be patient.

As though I had summoned them, two loud explosions went off and half of a wall crumbled down. The large chunks of cement tumbling into the water below and creating large splashes. My ears could pick up loud screams of both fear and excitement. Then the crazed laughter of Bellatrix Lestrange reached me and my grin turned into a grimace. Quickly composing myself, I brought a small smirk to my face. 'She will die for what she did to Sirius. Even if he is alive now, she will still pay. Her death will be slow and painful. Just like Peter's.' My thoughts are cut short when Voldemort apparates beside me along with six others and I quickly pull out the portkey; a children's book I grabbed from the library in my house. I was glad to have my identity obscured by a spell Voldemort had cast on me, because the journey would have gone a lot less smoothly if they knew who I was. Each of us landed in front of a large building in Texas, one of the Potter homes that's located in America.

It's one of the safest places I could think of for them to stay. Walking up to the wards, I key everyone there into them and we walk in. I could hear the confused whispers of those around me and I ignored them, letting Voldemort lead the way in even though this is also his first time here and my third. I had been making sure it would be ready to live in before the break in. We entered the main sitting room and Voldemort took a seat at the head of a large table, followed by the others and I remained standing at the other end of the table. In order sat Voldemort, then on his left sat Bellatrix, next to her Rabastan, Rodolphus, Travers, Mulciber, then Antonin Dolohov took the seat at Voldemort's right. They are all silent now, but their expressions give away their confusion. I wait for Voldemort to dismiss me before leaving, knowing he needs to be able to show them he is still the one in charge. I don't let this bother me, since I also know that once they know who I am, I will be given the spot next to Voldemort and be his equal. After a few moments, Voldemort looks up at me.

"Thank you for your assistance. It has been much appreciated. You may leave us now. I will contact you later."

I give a small bow of my head and give a small, "very well," before turning around and exiting the building. Apparating back to Potter Cottage, I take the black cloak off and reveal the tight black pants and long sleeve shirt underneath.

Entering the house, I am about to announce my return when the sight of Remus chasing Sirius around the room makes me pause.

"Come back you here you mutt! Fix this!" Remus growls out, pointing at his neon green hair. Sirius just barks out a laugh and keeps running around the room, a grin splitting his face in two. A smile crosses my face at the scene, which turns into a harsh laugh when Sirius tumbles over a table and gets tackled by a furious Remus. I shake my head fondly before leaving them be and head to the basement, remembering when Remus and I came home the first day of summer break.

Flashback begins

Remus walked into the house before me, head turned slightly so he could see me as he spoke. We were chatting about our plans for the summer and I was explaining the prison break Voldie wanted to do in a month. Remus had been about to say something when he turned his head after catching a familiar scent. He looked confused and sad, as though he thought he was imagining things. However, he caught the sight of Sirius lounging on the couch with a book in his hand. Sirius had looked up and a grin broke out across his face, looking all the more like an excited puppy. I silently watched as Remus took a small step forward, then another, his expression that of shock and desperate hope that he is not seeing things.

"S-S-Sirius?" was all Remus could get out before Sirius jumped up off the couch and in three quick strides, was in front of Remus and engulfing him in a giant hug.

"I'm here Remus." Sirius whispered. That was all it took for Remus to cling to him and burst into tears. Knowing that it would be best to give them time alone, I silently left the room and headed to the library.

Flashback Ends

Breaking out of the memory, I look back up and see them settle into the couch, both of them looking at me with curiosity. I let a smirk fall onto my face.

"It was a success."

Sirius grins in response, before speaking up, his tone as light as he could make it. "When was the last time you ate, Harry?"

I feel my smirk falter and I quickly make my exit, ignoring Remus' grumbles and Sirius' attempts to get me to come back.