Harry Does Different

Chapter 105

Harry Does Different Zzzzh

The Goblet

"Harry Potter!" Dumbledore's voice echoed in the Great Hall as the slightly singed scrap landed in his palm.

Hagrid was shaking his head. The Durmstrangs and Beauxbatons looked at him with utter contempt. The booing from his own House followed Harry into that small room set aside for the Champions.

"Harry! Did you put your name in the Goblet?" asked Dumbledore, shaking the boy harshly.

He pushed at the hands "What part of N-O did you miss?"

"Of course zee boy is lying." Madame Maxime sneered.

Harry, barely up to her waist, glared up and retorted "Bite me you overgrown bitch."

"Harry, proper respect for the Headmistress." Dumbledore scolded him.

He gave a snort, countered "Not when she calls me a liar."

"Always trying for glory, Potter." Snape wore a nasty smile.

Harry didn't bat an eye "Same to you greasy."

"Fifty points from Gryffindor." The potions professor growled.

Harry looked at McGonagall and asked "But he doesn't get punished for insulting me? As usual?"

"Professor Moody? Do you have any theories as to how this might have happened?" asked Dumbledore, deliberately changing the subject.

The grizzled auror tapped his artificial leg with his wand a few times before responding "Well, if I were to want to sabotage the Goblet, I'd use a Confundus Charm on it."

"Hmmm! Great idea!" Harry rushed back out to the Hall, pointed his wand at the Goblet and yelled "Confundus!"

The Goblet spit out another piece of paper. It said Nikolai Chauchesku, Durmstrang. Harry fired again Alicia Thibadeaux, Beauxbatons And again, George Weasley, Hogwarts Still another Dennis Creevey, Hogwarts. Still another Samantha Bumstead, Beauxbatons. Again Josef Stalin, Durmstrang. Another Ekaterina Retton, Beauxbatons. Yet again Sarah Fawcett, Hogwarts. Still at it, Chad Warrington, Hogwarts.

"Mr. Potter! What have you done?" Professor McGonagall exclaimed, in a panic, yanking away the teen's wand. But, of course, the damage had been well and thoroughly done. There were now thirteen competitors in the TwiWizard Tournament. The three Headmasters looked at each other in confusion.

Harry, irreverently, hopped on the Head Table. His legs kicking easily, he clapped a couple times and declared "NOW! Ain't we got fun!"