Harry Does Different

Chapter 136

Harry Does Different ZzzzZm

You Knew My Father?

"Indeed I did!" was Remus Lupin's eager response to the question "Harry, indeed I did! Two better friends, a man couldn't hope to have!"

Harry considered that and compared it with what he'd been told then "Permission to speak freely, sir?"

"With me, always!" he was even more eager for a connection with his best friends' son. "And no need to call me sir, at least not in private. You'll understand the need in class."

To which, the boy nodded then allowed extreme bitterness to drip from his voice "From what I've been told, I can't imagine anyone being friends with them. According to Professor Snape, my Father was an arrogant toerag who strutted around the castle like he owned the place. And ever since I could remember, my Muggle family has told me he was a drunken bum and my Mother was a cheap whore."

"That is a flagrant pack of vicious lies!" the professor was so furious he couldn't help a bit of werewolf peaking through his usual quiet demeanor.

Oblivious to that, he gave an uncaring shrug and countered "I should believe you? Over EVERY grownup from teachers, neighbors? What makes you so special?"

"I was one of your father's best friends in school." Remus was appalled by the progress of this encounter.

Harry snorted in disgust "Don't say much. So was that Black guy who betrayed him. Voldemort's righthand man? Way to go Dad."

"That is no way to talk about your Father! He was a great man!" Remus was beginning to get angry.

Harry wasn't impressed "Oh I get it. See, Malfoy calls Hermione a mudblood whore. Same must've been true of dear old Dad. The drunk shared his mudblood whore with his drinking buddies, huh?"

"That is the most offensive, insulting, disgusting thing I have ever heard!" growled the werewolf. "You really should consider changing your opinions."

Shaking his head, the boy replied "Vernon wouldn't like that. It took him ten years to beat them into me. Too bad one of Dad's friends wasn't around to change my opinions sooner. Is there anything else, professor? sir?" Both the title and the honorific came across as insults.

"This is not what I expected from the son of James Potter." Remus commented, not missing the student's tone "I hope I can change your mind."

Harry started for the classroom door, and without looking back asked "Where were you since 82?"

"Bloody Harry!" exclaimed Ron the instant the classroom door clicked shut.

Hermione swatted him on the chest and glared, then turned "Harry! You never said anything like that before! You don't really believe it? Do you?"

"Well, everything I said about the Dursleys, their neighbors and Snape is a thousand percent true." He qualified "But believe it? I know everything they say is a lie. After this, wait'll the next time greasy starts namecalling Dad."

She shook her head "I don't understand. Harry, you didn't see his expression, he was really truly hurt. I could tell. I think he really loved your parents."

"Not enough to check on their only son, Hermione." He answered "No visit, no phone call, nothing so much as a bloody Christmas card ONCE!"

She waved a finger his way "You don't need to curse, Harry. And I can hear you without raising your voice. Do you really think it's fair to lie to Professor Lupin?"

"Cry me a river." He retorted callously "I'd love to know what Mum and Dad think of him, but until I do, I don't care about their friend. So? Shall we get to Potions? No sense giving Snape a free reason."