Harry Does Different

My Mother

[a/n0]Reviews from last time were lively. So passionate about Frank Polkiss. The case could've gone either way. Good lawyer and sympathetic judge.

[a/n]I can go easy on Snape sometimes.

Harry Does Different CLXXXV

My Mother

The Gryffindor Quidditch team marched eagerly to practice listening to their leader exhort them "I've got a whole new plan. We are going to work earlier, harder and oftener. I -what the? I booked the pitch for Gryffindor today!"

"Easy Wood." Sneered Marcus Flint, extending his hand "I've got a note."

Oliver Wood, keeper and captain, took the scroll and read "I, Professor Severus Snape, grant the Slytherin Team permission to practice today, owing to the need to train their new Seeker. You got a new Seeker? Who? Haha Malfoy!"

"That's right." The blonde smirked as he stepped into view, complete with accessories "And that's not all that's new."

Ron ran up with Hermione on his heels, and gasped as soon as he spotted it "Those are Nimbus 2001s! Where did you get those?"

"Gift from Draco's father." Marcus gloated.

And Draco went right on "See, Weasley, unlike you my father can afford the best."

"No one on the Gryffindor Team had to buy their way on!" Hermione shouted "They got in on pure talent!" Much to the pleasure of her housemates.

Deeply humiliated, the Slytherin spat "How dare you talk to me? Filthy little mudblood!"

Hermione's face drained of color. She was horrified.

"Bloody!" growled Ron, but his brothers restrained him.

Harry, furious, surged forward caught his nemesis by the lapels and throttled him. Then he planted a knee in the groin, doubling Draco over, setting up a crushing axe-pounding to the back. Harry was panting, but Draco was asprawl on the grass unable to cradle all the places he hurt.

"POTTER! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!" apparently, a student had run off to summon a teacher to quell a potential problem. And as luck would have it, the one brought to the scene was the Head of Slytherin.

Harry cringed Could this get any worse? And hardly had the question formed than the Head of Gryffindor appeared. He didn't know, but In for a penny…as the saying goes "You think I did this for the fun of it?! He called Hermione and MUDBLOOD! You know what that means? DO YOU! Well I do! My Mum was a mudblood too! Maybe you didn't know that. Maybe you don't care. But I'm gonna thrash ANYONE that uses that word. I swear it!"

"Mr. Potter calm yourself!" commanded Professor McGonagall.

Professor Snape went stark white at the outburst. Potter's brat couldn't possibly know, yet he all but stomped all over the truth. "Minera, as it was my student assaulted, I reserve the right to discipline Potter."

Students' eyes flashed back and forth between the professors. Draco hacked out a gleeful chuckle as he staggered to his feet. Harry stood his ground.

"Potter that will be ONE night's detention with Professor McGonagall and FIVE points from Gryffindor." The Potion Master looked sickened.

Not a student dared comment, at least not until Draco complained "What? Professor that's outrageous! Wait til my father hears of this! I—"

"And you will serve detention with me Mr. Malfoy." the Head of Slytherin sneered "During which you will compose a letter informing your father of exactly what caused you to need Madam Pomfrey's services. And that is exactly where I will be going. Mr. Flint, obviously my note is no longer applicable."

The Gryffindor team stood gaping at each other until Ron finally asked "What the bloody hell was tha'bout?"

"If you want" George began.

Fred continued "you can go"

"ask Snape." they concluded together.

Ron was too busy rubbing his arm from where Hermione pinched him.