Harry Does Different

Chapter 3

Harry Does Different B

The Shrieking Shack

"He's an animagus!" Ron screamed. He was torn between cradling his injured ankle and protecting his terrified Scabbers.

The huge Grim that Harry had been warned about all year snarled at his friend then turned into a man.

"Sirius Black!" wailed Hermione "Run Harry! He's going to kill you!"

The disheveled escapee laughed wildly and declared "Only one will die tonight!"

"Then it'll be you!" Harry roared. Fueled by hate of his parents' betrayer, he ripped away from his friends, shoved Black to the floor and jammed his wand into the man's neck.

The criminal laughed insanely "Are you going to kill me, Harry?"

"Expelliarmus!" Remus Lupin burst through the door and disarmed his student.

Hermione screamed in fury "NO! ALL THIS TIME YOU WERE HIS FRIEND! He's a werewolf!"

"You really are the cleverest witch of your age." The DADA teacher complimented "How long have you known?"

She automatically answered "Since Professor Snape set the essay."

"You FUCKER!" Harry hated this liar who pretended to be his friend nearly as much as Black "Even Snape gave me an O for my essay." He sneered, snatched his friend's wand from her, aimed at Lupin and yelled "ARGENTUM!" Particles of silver leapt from the wand straight to his target.

The werewolf collapsed under the stream of toxic substance. He scratched at his hands and face. Gagged as it invaded his lungs. Bled from his eyes and mouth. He howled in sheerest agony.

"Harry! NO!" Sirius wailed as his friend suffered. He charged his Godson, slapped the wand away, then threw himself on his friend.

The teens were busy rearming themselves, so ignoring Ron's rat. At least until it transformed into a man. Who snatched up a shard of rotten wood, fell upon the criminal and drove it through his back.

"Har-ry" Sirius whimpered as his broken body bent over. He clutched the wood protruding out his chest "Pet-er is the-"

The former rat/turned man seized a rock and bashed the dying criminal's head, immediately turned; addressed the youngsters kindly "Don't look kids. It's horrible."

"So! Who the fuck are you?" Ron demanded, pointing his wand square at the man.

He answered "P-p-peter Pet-ti-tigrew. Harry, you look s-so much l-like James. Ron, your brothers know me as Wormtail. Lupin is Moony, Black is Padfoot and James, he w-w-was Prongs. H-ha-Harry, after that night, Sirius, he tried to kill me. So I transformed, found the Weasleys. We all fought You-Know-Who and I knew they had a boy your age. But I knew you weren't safe as l-long as Black was alive. I just hoped I would be close to you when Hogwarts started. And it worked. I could quietly keep watch over you almost all the time. And… if it… well -they were my best friends. But you are more important."

"Would you tell me about?" Harry asked, hesitantly.

Peter smiled kindly "Your parents? I'd be glad to, Harry. Forgive me, talking is hard after being in my Animagus for what? 13 years? First, we need to get these two traitors, and Snivilus back to the castle. May I borrow a wand? Mobilcorpus! Follow me!"

Harry exchanged questioning looks with his friends. They had a silent conversation, nodded and smiled at each other. Then Harry grinned at the last Marauder. "Snivilus?" he giggled "I think I like him."

"I dont think we should mention that to Professor Snape." Hermione commented, refusing to smile at it.

Ron giggled along with Harry "But, maybe Fred and George?"

Two dead bodies, one unconscious Potions Professor, followed by a long missing Order of Merlin winner and three shocked Hogwarts students made their way back through to the school. Hidden from the children's view Peter Pettigrew wore a pleased, calculating smirk. This night could easily have ended in his death. But he still had much to worry about. His weak explanation fooled a trio of children, but it needed much work to fool Dumbledore and The Ministry. James stories should convince Harry, Peter's smirk became a toothy smile.

Bleak.. I know