Harry Does Different

Chapter 4

[a/n] Light Weasley bashing after the bleakness of my previous 1shot

Harry Does Different C

Ordinarily, Vernon Dursley could not care less about where his wife's freak nephew went. This situation was an exception however. Even worth the cost of parking. He led the brat through King's Cross rattling off the platform numbers "Six…Seven…Eight… NINE …T E N!" he glared down and whispered "Nine and three quarters? Good luck Freak! Don't call me expecting a ride home."

"Fat bastard." Harry cursed at his uncle's departing rear. But his attention was caught by a loud voice.

"… muggles everywhere." A rather large redhaired woman, leading a large group of hedhaired children announced "Ginny dear, what is the platform number?"

Harry saw a small girl half-running to keep up "Nine and three quarters, Mummy." She huffed.

"Muggles?" Harry said quietly. And decided to follow the family. Then, to his astonishment, one after another, they disappeared. So he politely asked "Ma'am… how do you?"

The woman smiled, answered "First time to Hogwarts? It's Ron's first time too. Just walk at the barrier. Best do it at a bit of a run. No need to be nervous."

"Good luck." The girl said with a smile.

Harry smiled and said "Thanks." Then ran through.

*******November 5 Hogwarts Library

"That's McGonagall's essay done!" Harry sighed in relief.

Hermione smiled approvingly and Ron pushed himself up from the table, announced "Let's go eat."

"Actually, I'll catch up in a bit." Said Harry, looking at a pair of Hufflepuffs. And, after his friends departed, he walked over tapped the redhead on the shoulder said "Hiya, Susan, can I ask you something?"

Surprised, but receptive, she answered "Sure, Harry. What's on your mind?"

"Well. Sorry. Not to be rude, Hannah." He addressed the blonde "It's a little personal. Well, it might be, anyway."

The girls looked at each other, at Harry, each other, giggled, at Harry, glared at each other. Then Hannah gathered her books and skipped away humming under her breath "Suzy gotta boyfriend!"

"Hannah!" Susan growled and blushed "Ignore my best friend. She's being transferred to St. Mungo's tonight."

Harry did not know what that meant, so he just smiled and sat across from the girl "No problem. So …ahh…anyway."

"I can't believe Snape." She offered "He took 10 points from you for being late and barely glanced at Malfoy."

He rolled his eyes, countered "Careful, you might lose points for sitting next to Ron."

"Heheheheh." She couldn't help but giggle "Cute and funny."

Harry frowned in confusion, shrugged "During class the other day, we learned about the Secrecy Statutes."

"Ahhhhhhh…too early." Susan sighed, rolled her eyes "Boys. Sorry Auntie."

Harry nodded, excitedly "Right, Susan! You talked about her. Head of the …uhhh…Law Ministry."

"Actually the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. DMLE for short." She corrected, and with more than a hint of pride added "Aunt Amelia is the head."

He looked in the direction his friends left, then half whispered "Look, I think I should report what was probably a crime but I …ahhh… don't know how much of a crime… And I'd …uhmm… really hate to get a fr…ahhh…someone I know in trouble without a good reason."

"How about this?" she suggested "You write a letter, describe what you saw. I'll send it to Auntie, even keep your name out of it. I'll say 'a classmate' wanted some information."

Harry nodded, he liked the idea "Thank you, Susan."

**********November 7, Great Hall, dinner

"Merlin's Beard! You'd think they were attached at the hips!" was heard among those sitting closest to the First Year Hufflepuffs "Well at least Weasley's out of the way."

Hannah sing-songed "Harry and Suzy lalala sitting in a tree lalala K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Shut up Abbott!" the redhead sneered at her friend. Got up and made her way to Gryffindor "Hermione." She greeted, casually "For you Harry."

He looked at the envelope, asked "A C MoM S?"

"Anonymous ClassMate of My Niece Susan." The visitor explained.

Hermione intercepted the letter before it could quite get into Harry's grip "Why would the Director of Magical Law Enforcement be writing you, Harry? OH! HOW RUDE!" She was glaring at Susan.

"I'm not quite sure about the Muggle word, but besides rude… interfering with post is illegal." Susan countered. Her tone was utterly casual, no anger at all in it. She even smiled.

Harry meanwhile read

Dear Young Man/Lady

I do appreciate your concern for our world. The Secrecy Statutes are taken very seriously for very good reasons. You should tell me who did this. They are in some trouble, but more importantly, they need to know what they did was wrong. And why. I can promise that they will not be punished too harshly.

Thank you for being a good new citizen of Magical Britain

Amelia Bones

Department of Magical Law Enforcement

***********December 23, Great Hall

"Fed and watered we all are." Headmaster Dumbledore announced "But, before you all depart for the Yule Holiday, I have a commendation. To Mr. Harry Potter, in honor of his excellent understanding of the Statutes of Secrecy. And for his assistance in enforcing the same, the Ministry of Magic's Department of Magical Law Enforcement thanks you. This certificate is signed by Amelia Bones, head of our Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Well done, Harry, well done. Hogwarts will also honor this achievement by the award of thirty points to Gryffindor."

Gryffindor erupted with applause, and other Houses offered smatterings of applause too. Harry was patted on the back as he went to get his award. And he shook hands the Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore. Susan Bones gave him a congratulatory wave as he bounced down the steps.

"Way to go Harry!" Ron congratulated him "What did you do?"

He shook his head answering "Sorry, Madam Bones said I couldn't say." That, he thought, was a great out after he gave all the who's who of the occurrence. Madam Bones gave him a way to do the right thing without losing his best friend.

Ron looked rather annoyed, but couldn't stay that way in light of his celebrating Housemates.