The Dark Lady

Chapter 1

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She landed heavily with a thud, her breathing hard. Shakily getting up she looked around. It definitely was a graveyard, albeit an old one. It looked decrepit, as if it hadn't been looked after in a long time. Her gaze fell on a particular towering headstone with an Angel of Death statue next to it.

It read Tom Riddle Sr.

Her heart sped up in excitement.

A groan next to her caught her attention and she looked down at Cedric Diggory, who slowly scrambled to his feet. " you know where we are? Is this part of the tournament?" He asked her.

She sneered at the fool. How he had managed to get a hold of the cup at the same time as her still baffled her. "I have an inkling. If you want to even have a chance to survive this you should go and hide." She added.

He looked at her in confusion but made a run for it and hid behind a headstone in the far corner of the graveyard.

It was then that she noticed a hooded figure walking towards her. Before she could even say anything she was stunned.

When she came back to, she was bound to Tom Riddle Sr's headstone. In front of her she saw a huge cauldron. She tried to look inside of it and could just make something out, but the fiery sparks shooting out of it made it impossible to really see. She then noticed Peter Pettigrew, not able to stop herself from sneering at the man in disgust.

He then began a ritual. "Bone of the father, unknowingly given. You will renew your son!"

"Are you reviving the Dark Lord?" She asked Pettigrew in an excited whisper. He ignored her as he pointed the wand at the grave, making it shake before a bone appeared out of it. He dropped it into the cauldron, turning the potion into a poisonous blue. She arched a brow when she saw Peter shake and turn pale.

"Flesh of the servant," he began, picking up a knife and holding his hand over the cauldron, "willingly sacrificed." He cut off his hand with a pitiful scream, the hand dropping into the cauldron with a sickening sound. "You will revive your master." The potion turned into a burning red as he finished between whimpers.

He then turned to her. "Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken."

Her eyes widened suddenly. "Wait!" She exclaimed but before she could continue to explain he cut her arm and with the knife and collected her blood. "No, you idiot!" She tried to kick him in anger but he just shot a look at her and emptied the vial with her blood into the cauldron. The potion turned into a blinding white before it turned into a thick steam. Inside of the steam she could make out the rising silhouette of a naked man. She could see him touching his body and his face before a deep voice spoke. "Peter, robe me."

The whimpering mass of Peter Pettigrew got up, handing a set of robes to the man. He stepped out of the cauldron and she could finally see him. She let out a small gasp. It was not what she expected, though she wasn't sure what exactly she was expecting. In front of her stood Tom Riddle and he seemed to be in his early twenties. "My wand, Peter."

"M-m-my Lord..." He whimpered as he handed the wand to his master, before cowering again, holding the bleeding stump of his arm.

Riddle took it and stroked it almost reverendly. It was obvious how much he had missed the feeling of it in his hands- his real hands. He was lost in thought, something that hadn't been the case in a very long time, at least not this calmly. He remembered when his mind would jump from this calm to a jumbled mess and back in seconds. He remembered the mad paranoia he suffered from since he created his fourth horcrux. It was only thanks to his exceptional occlumency skills that he didn't completely lose his mind, even after he completed his seven horcruxes. But this...this was unexpected, this complete control of his mind.

Then he turned and looked at her, the girl that destroyed his body when she was but a mere toddler. He still did not understand how it could have happened but it mattered no more. He had a new body, he had defeated death, he had the girl bound and at his mercy. But, instead of looking scared for her life, like one should expect, she looked at him in...yes, he would have to say awe, admiration even. It confused him, he couldn't deny that.

"My Lord . . ." Tom turned back to Wormtail who was crawling towards him, "my Lord . . . you promised . . . you did promise ..." Wormtail's robes were shining with blood now; he had wrapped the stump of his arm in them.

"Hold out your arm." He said without a hint of compassion for his servants pain.

"Oh Master . . . thank you, Master ..." Wormtail extended the bleeding stump, but Tom shook his head.

"The other arm, Peter."

"Master, please . . .please ..."

Riddle quickly lost his patience with Pettigrew. He bent down and pulled out Pettigrew's left arm; he forced the sleeve of his robes up past his elbow, baring the Dark Mark that was tattooed there. Tom examined it and stroked it almost lovingly.

"It is back." he said softly. "They will all have noticed it... and now, we shall see ... now we shall know ..."

He pressed a finger onto the mark, Pettigrew howling in pain. He gave a victorious laugh. "How many will be brave enough to return when they feel it?" he whispered, his dark eyes fixed upon the stars. "And how many will be foolish enough to stay away?"

He then turned back towards the girl. "Lillian Potter." He whispered, smirking at her. "You stand upon the bones of my late father. A filthy muggle. Very much like your mother." He gave a low chuckle. "But they both had their uses in the end. Your mother died to protect you and my father, after I killed him, proved himself useful in his death."

Lillian didn't know what to say. She had wanted this. She read up all she could about Lord Voldemort and Tom Riddle, she snuck out so many times late at night into the restricted section of the library, learning dark and dangerous spells and she tried out so many of them on any animals she could find. She even had a favourite spell by now.

'It would be easier if I was a bloody Gryffindor...' She thought to herself. Sometimes being a Slytherin did have its not having the courage to speak up to the wizard you admire the most- the Dark Lord himself.


Suddenly she was hit by a blinding pain. Her entire body convulsed, the ropes cutting into her soft skin as she strained against them. Then the pain stopped and she whimpered in relief.

"You will talk when spoken to." Riddle barked at her.

"I-I'm sorry, my Lord..." She answered, finally finding the words.

Riddle gave a loud laugh. "Found your manners, didn't you?" He looked around the graveyard. "Ah, here they come..."

Several pops sounded around them as cloaked and masked figures apparated into the graveyard. Her muscles still twitching, she tried to find a more comfortable position against the tombstone. She looked up and saw several Death Eaters standing at attention before their Dark Lord. She scoffed when she saw glimpses of long pale blonde hair under one of the hoods. He was a pathetic excuse of a servant for the Dark Lord and his talentless squib of a son was nothing but a whiny, spoiled brat. No matter their bloodline, the Malfoys were a family she abhorred.

Suddenly, one of the Death Eaters crawled forward on his knees and kissed the hem Tom's robes, animating the others to do the same. She heard them murmer "Master" and "my Lord". She scoffed again, audibly this time.

"You show some respect you filth!" One of the Death Eaters shouted at her as they formed a small circle around her, Riddle and the still sobbing heap of Peter Pettigrew.

"Silence!" Riddle barked. "Thirteen years. Thirteen long years since we last met like this, my Death Eaters. Yet here you are, answering my call as though it was only yesterday. We are still united under the Dark Mark then, aren't we?" He looked around. "I think not! All I see is once loyal followers who denied me, who plead innocence, who plead bewitchment. Where were you when you could have come to my aid? Did you think I was gone? Dead even? You, who knew the steps I took to defeat death itself?"

"Master, forgive me!" One of the Death Eaters flung himself forward, crawling on his knees towards Riddle. "Forgive us all!"

Riddle looked at him in disgust and raised his wand. "Crucio!" The Death Eater screamed in pain as Riddle looked around at his followers. "I do not forgive! I do not forget! But you want it? Then earn it! All of you have a debt of thirteen years to pay!" He lifted the curse, the Death Eater panting and whimpering in pain. "Get up, Avery." He said, before looking at Pettigrew. "Peter here has paid off some of his debt, haven't you Peter? Despite your cowardice, despite your returning to me out of fear of your friends instead of your loyalty to helped me return to my body. Never shall it be said that Lord Voldemort does not reward his followers."

He made some waving motion with his wand and conjured a silver hand which attached itself to Peter's stump.

Peter Pettigrew looked at it, his eyes wide and teary. "My Lord! Thank you!" He grabbed the hem of Riddle's robes, kissing it repeatedly. "This is so much more than I deserve!"

"I know." Riddle sneered before kicking at Peter, so he would release his robes.

He then stepped towards Malfoy, his long blonde hair not fully hidden under his hood. "Lucius, my slippery friend." He spoke to him in his deep, smooth voice. "I heard about your exploits at the Quidditch World Cup. While they sound amusing enough, wouldn't your energy have been better invested in finding and aiding your master?" He asked, his tone calm but the danger it was laced with sent shivers down Lillian's spine.

"My Lord, I was constantly on the alert," came Lucius Malfoy's voice swiftly from beneath the hood. "Had there been any sign from you, any whisper of your whereabouts, I would have been at your side immediately, nothing could have prevented me -"

Lillian couldn't stop the loud snort that escaped her and tried to suppress her laughter but couldn't stop that either.

She felt the eyes of everyone present on her and while she couldn't see his face she could imagine the thunderous look on Malfoy's face. Riddle looked at her with a bemused expression. "I am curious about what it is you find so amusing, Lillian Potter."

He didn't ask for her to elaborate. He ordered her and she knew it. "I am sorry, my Lord." She began and the way she addressed him got the circle of Death Eaters abuzz with curious murmurs. "It's just...from what I have heard, Mr. Malfoy here was one of the very first to claim that he was under the Imperius the entire time he followed you and he would never have done so otherwise. I just thought that the way he buttered you up so he won't get punished...was funny because it was so pathetic."

Riddle's face remained unreadable and she saw Malfoy stiffen behind him while she explained herself. She smirked at the Malfoy patriarch, fully aware of his hidden eyes on her. She decided for another dig at him. "Kind of reminds me of his squib of a talent for magic, whiny and spoiled. Pathetic, like his father."

The silence around them was deafening. Lillian kept on smirking when Riddle turned back towards Lucius Malfoy. "What do you have to say to that, Lucius?" Riddle asked, his voice full with amusement.

"I wish to duel this brat to teach her some manners if you will allow it, my Lord." He ground out between his teeth.

"You will not kill her." Riddle said and with a flick of his wand released Lillian from the ropes. She dropped down and took a moment to gather herself before she got up and stared at Lucius, a mocking smile playing at her lips. Riddle looked at Pettigrew. "Her wand, Peter."

"Of course, my Lord." Pettigrew picked up her holly wand and handed it to her.

"Crucio!" She aimed her wand at Peter Pettigrew, her face contorted in an angry sneer, as he writhed in agony, dropping to his knees as the other Death Eaters stared in shock at her for using an Unforgivable Curse. "You have no idea how much I wanted to do this since last year, Wormtail." She hissed at him. "You filthy coward. You pathetic, little-"

"Enough!" Riddle snapped at her.

Lifting the curse off of Peter, she turned towards Riddle and bowed her head at him. "I am sorry, my Lord." It was obvious that she wasn't.

Riddle eyed her for a few moments, his expression unreadable, before he spoke again. "Do you know how to duel, girl?"

"Yes, my Lord. We learned my second year." She answered.

"Very well. Then begin, I am very interested to see how this will play out." He stepped to the side, leaving the center free for Malfoy and Lillian.

They both had their wands at the ready and barely inclined their heads at each other when Lillian quickly aimed her wand at the ground in front of Lucius, shouting "bombarda!"

The Death Eater barely had the time to erect his protego as the ground in front of him exploded, covering their battleground in heavy dust. She quickly followed it up with a ossis effergo, aimed at Lucius' general direction and smirked when she heard a pained cry through the still settling dust. She then raised her wand and cried "serpensortia!"

A large black snake appeared explosively from the tip of her wand and fell heavily on ground. "Greetings, my friend." She hissed at it in parseltongue. "Find my enemy through this dust, please. Attack him."

"As you wish, young misstress." It replied and slithered onward.

She followed the conjured serpent and smiled when she saw it strike at Malfoy several times, only just missing as the adult dodged several times, his broken arm craddled by his wand arm. Lillian aimed her wand at the adult. She made a circle motion and a sharp thrust with her wand while mumbling "somnum exterreri solebat". A dark purple mist shot out of it and circled Lucius' head before disappearing in it. As soon as it was gone in his head he stiffened, his eyes unfocused. Then he started to scream and trash on the ground. Her snake was about to take the opportunity to sink her fangs in him when it suddenly disintigrated into nothing. She looked up and saw Riddle with his wand raised. He then aimed it at Malfoy and lifted the curse off of him.

"One of my most loyal Death Eaters, humiliated by a fourteen year old girl...the Girl-Who-Lived no less."

"My Lord-" Lucius began with a weak voice but Riddle interrupted him.

"Get out of my sight." Once Lucius got on his shaky legs and back to his spot in the circle, he spoke to Lillian. "Why do you adress me like my Death Eaters do? Why don't you defy me?" His voice laced with genuine curiousity.

"Because I greatly admire you, my Lord. You were one of the most accomplished students of Hogwarts and are the most powerful Wizard in history. You have delved in magic that others wouldn't touch and came back more powerful. There is not a lot that earns my respect." She said with a pointed look at Malfoy who stared right back at her. "Power, intelligence and knowledge are among those things though and you have all those things in abundance, my Lord."

Riddle smirked at her compliments before continuing his questioning of her. "Since when do you speak parseltongue?"

"I first discovered that I can speak it whe I was ten." She answered. "Though Dumbledore said it might have something to do with my scar."

Arching an eyebrow, Riddle stepped towards her and grasped her by the jaw. Her eyes widened but she didn't say or do anything. After eyeing her scar for some time Riddle pointed his wand at her scar and pressed the tip firmly against it before pulling away slowly. She started to shake from the pain and let out a strangled cry after he yanked his wand away with a sudden movement before he released his grip on her and she collapsed to her knees, breathing heavily. Her eyesight started to shift for the worse and she took off her glasses, surprised to find that her eyesight seemed to have been corrected after whatever it was in that blasted scar was removed.

She got back on to her still shaky feet and looked at Riddle, who stared at something smokey that was attached to the tip of his wand. "My Lord...what is that?"

"A piece of a piece of my soul." He answered and pointed his wand at his forehead, merging the piece back with himself. His eyes rolled back in his head and for a moment it seemed like he would collapse, but he caught himself and straightened back up as if nothing had happened. His eyes then flittered from her forehead, noticing the lack of a scar, to her emerald eyes, noticing the lack of her glasses. "It seems that piece not only gave you the scar but also interfered with your eyesight."

"Yes, my Lord. You seem to be correct. I don't need them anymore." She confirmed.

"Serpensortia." Again, a snake appeared in the graveyard. Riddle looked at her. "Try to speak to it."

"Yes, my Lord." She then turned towards the snake. "Do you understand me, my friend?"

"Indeed I do, little serpent." It answered her.

With great relief that she hadn't lost her ability as a parselmouth, she looked at Riddle, who nodded at her. "You will go to Gringotts and will have your heritage checked. I want to know in what way you are descendent of Slytherin. You may leave. You are released."

The snake hissed a thank you at them before it slithered away, it's tongue tasting the air for possible prey.

"How well do you perform in school?" He suddenly asked, earning himself a startled look from her.

"Uhh...I-I am top of my year in almost every class, Herbology being the only exception, my Lord. May I ask why you want to know this?"

"I have plans for you. I have to did surprise me and you did impress me. But I need to know where your loyalties are and I will not believe you unless I see it for myself. For that I need to enter your mind." At that Lillian stiffened visibly. "What is it?" He asked her suspiciously upon noticing her reaction.

She stammered, stumbling over her words. "I-I...m-my Lord, there are some...some things you might see...t-that are...about w-what my mudblood relatives did to me...made me do..."

He narrowed his eyes at her. "I see. Prepare yourself. Legilimens!"

She saw and felt how he went through her memories, some more and some less important. The less important ones he discarded quickly, but the more important ones he watched intently. Like the first beating she got from Vernon when she was two years old. Like the first broken bones she received after her first accidental magic. Like the first time Vernon raped her when she was just 8 years old, crying her eyes out. She couldn't see the graveyard, Riddle being in her mind forcing her eyes to see what he was seeing but she felt herself shake. She was shaking violently but she didn't cry. That first rape was the last time she shed any tears and would remain the last time. She tried to compose herself as Riddle watched more memories. Her conversation with Dumbledore, her plea to let her live in Hogwarts during the summer, his dismissal of her when she told him about what happened to her in that house. Then he saw that she had his diary and she panicked, having completely forgotten about it. I'm sorry, my Lord! She thought, hoping he somehow heard her in her mind. He saw how she studied in the Library, how she snuck out into the restricted section, he saw the heated discussions she kept having with Dumbledore and how she shut him off from everything she did. How she kept Riddle's diary secret and hidden after saving the Weasley girl and appeasing his first horcrux. How she learned spells and curses from it on top of what she learned herself. Then, he removed himself from her mind.

She hastily touched her face with her hand, carefully at first, still thinking she had glasses on. After finding it dry, she let out a shaky breath.

"Give me your wand." Riddle commanded her and she did as she was told. He ran his own wand several times over hers, mumbling several spells and incantations, making her wand shoot sparks in several colors. After a few more moments he handed it back to her. "I removed your trace. You can now perform magic whenever and wherever you want." He explained, his tone of voice telling her more than his words.

"Thank you, my Lord." She whispered. She wasn't defenseless anymore. And if her uncle even thought about touching her ever again she would destroy him.

"Lucius." He turned towards the still injured Malfoy patriarch. "We will have to have an in depth talk about my diary." His voice was calm; deadly calm.

"My dear Death Eaters." Riddle spoke loudly, capturing the full attention of his followers once more. "It seems like we made a bigger catch today than we could have hoped for. All we hoped for was to kill Dumbledore's golden girl, his champion- and now we are here and find that he has neither. Instead, we have an exceptionally talented, intelligent and ruthless young witch, willing to join our cause." He paused as their was loud murmur going on between the Death Eaters. With a smirk he continued. "Welcome my new apprentice, the Girl-Who-Lived herself, into our ranks."

There was a loud reaction, some shocked, some confused but most so the opportunities with this, so there were some cheers.

"M-my Lord, really?" Lillian's eyes widened comically and she was sure that every single Death Eater looked the same way.

"Yes...apprentice." He smirked at her.

She dropped down to a knee, her gaze on the ground. "Thank you, my Lord. You won't regret this decision."

"See to it that I won't." He said. "You do understand that you will spy for me? That you will lie for me and torture for me? That you will kill for me?"

"Yes, my Lord." She answered.

"Good. Then today we will have you initiation. Nott, bring me the boy." Riddle ordered one of his Death Eaters, pointing at where Diggory was.

Nott immidiately did so and brought the struggling Hufflepuff boy with him, dragging him by the cuff of his shirt.

He tossed him into the middle of the circle, at the feet of Lillian and Riddle. Her new master looked at her. "Kill him, apprentice and you shall officially earn your title and rank among us."

Diggory's eyey widened in shock and he paled. "Apprentice?! Potter, what did you do?!"

Lillian straightened and gripped her wand tightly as she turned towards Cedric. "Yes, my Lord." She answered and raised her wand. "Goodbye, Cedric. Avada Kedavra!" Bright green light shot out of her wand and struck Diggory at his chest, his shocked expression still on his face as he dropped dead. Lillian couldn't help but grin and feel giddy as adrenaline rushed through her system. She did it. Her first murder and it was someone from her school no less. She glanced at the Dark Lord, waiting for his reaction and hoping for his approval and her hopes were heard.

"Very well done, apprentice." He looked around at his stunned Death Eaters, a smirk on his face. "Look at her! A fourteen year old girl, initiated into our ranks with the murder of a school friend. No hesitation, only determination, ruthlessness, eagerness to please and a thirst for my approval. She will be molded into a weapon that Dumbledore and his light will fear."

Lillian felt pride swell in her chest at the Dark Lord's words and a smirk on her face at the excitement settling in around her as the Death Eaters started to truly understand what they had gained. It wasn't just that they had gotten the Girl-Who-Lived as the Dark Lord's apprentice. It was all about the fact that she was willing. She wanted this. It was probably their biggest victory to date.

It was time for a new era to begin.

She looked at Alastor Moody with mirth in her eyes. She knew who he really was as her master had informed her before she was to return to Hogwarts' grounds. Her wand cleared of the dark spells after she used several nonsensical light spells and getting twitchy and hurting muscles after having another Crucio cast on her, along with a couple cutting spells so she would look battleworn, she returned to Hogwarts with Diggory's body. She made up a story of Pettigrew using the Cup as a portkey, killing Cedric and trying but failing to resurrect Voldemort. She told them about how she battled him after he tortured her, how the adrenaline keept her going and how he used Avada Kedavra on her, how she again didn't die. How it destroyed something in her, in her scar and how her scar had vanished when she came back to and how her eyesight got better somehow as a result. How Pettigrew was gone and how she then returned back with Cedric. It was an ingenious story her Master had lain out for her and all the while telling it as convincingly as she could, she avoided eye contact with the headmaster at all cost.

And now, here she was. In 'Moody's' office, after he said he would take her to the hospital wing. She sat across from him, a small smile on her lips.

"So you are saying the Dark Lord hasn't returned? That it failed? What are you smiling at?!"

Then she broke into a grin. "Relax, Barty." He looked like a fish, his mouth opening and closing several times. "You did well, this whole year. Our Master has tasked me to tell you, that you will earn your reward in the summer. That you are to return to him. You are needed at his side, not here." She shifted in her seat and flinched at a particularly painful spasm in her body.

"What happened there?" Barty asked, confusion written all over him.

"Remember your polyjuice, Barty. You don't want to get caught. I will tell you after you took your next dose."

Eyeing her warily, he got up and walked to a hidden cauldron, refilling the flask and dropping a hair of Moody's from his stash in it before taking a big gulp.

He then sat back down in front of her. "Talk." He said gruffly.

"The rat was successful." She told him. "The Dark Lord is back. I am not a pawn of Dumbledore's. Our Master has confirmed it for himself and the Death Eaters that were there. He...went through my mind."

"So what? You are one of us now?" Barty asked her, his eye(s) wide.

Lillian straightened up proudly, but not without a wince. "The Dark Lord took me in as his apprentice. And I am initiated." She explained.

"So that boy...?"

"It was me." She smirked coldly.

"So it was a victory." He grinned maniacally.

"Indeed it was, Barty. The Dark Lord was really pleased with your performance." She groaned slightly in pain. "Could you help me to the hospital wing, please? He had to use Cruciatus on me to make it look like I was really tortured...I ache all over and I am really tired now."

Barty nodded, his annoyance evident, but if what she said was correct- and everything seemed to point in that direction- then he would be good to aid her when necessary. Besides, apparantly she was now one of theirs. Not a fellow Death Eater directly, but she would be as close to the Dark Lord as one could get. She would learn directly from him and rise above them when she did well enough. No, he would be the first to acknowledge her future status. Maybe the Dark Lord could appoint him to watch over her during the summers? To be her bodyguard?

His annoyance slipped away as those thoughts crept into the forefront of his mind, being replaced by excitement instead. The future was now really something to look forward to.

She exited the train, pulling her trunk behind her. The term was officially over, the whole of the student body paid their respects to the late Cedric Diggory and Dumbledore couldn't stop himself from turning his parting words into a warning that the Dark never sleeps etc, etc. The train ride was the same old too: she sitting in a compartment with the likes of Greengrass, Parkinson, Zabini and Malfoy reading while they were talking about their families latest accomplishments and balls they would attend to. She wondered what her Master would think about these snotty and spoiled children. Their talent was average, their marks mediocre. They thought that their family names and the influence, wealth and connections of their parents would deal with everything for them. They were in for a rude awakening. She hoped that, when that time came, she would be there to taunt them.

With those thoughts running through her mind, she exited platform 9 3/4 and spotted the people she despised most in the world. Without a word they turned around and walked towards their car, leaving Lillian alone with the task of lifting the trunk into it. With the feather-light-charm on her trunk it wasn't that big of a deal to her. After everything was stowed away she sat in the back of the car and listened to her uncle rant about how she was ungrateful and how she should cower before them and kiss their feet in thanks for taking care of her even when they didn't have to. She was silent the entire way to Privet Drive. Once there she got out of the car with her trunk and waited for the front door to be unlocked. Upon entering she stopped after closing the door behind her and spoke up for the first time.

"What do you know about Lord Voldemort?" She asked her aunt without addressing her. She would never use their names again. She would never call them aunt or uncle again.

"Wasn't he the maniac who killed my sister and her no-good husband? Why do you ask?" Petunia snapped at her.

Lillian smiled cruelly at them. "The Dark Lord has returned. Thought you ought to know."

"Why should we care?" Vernon growled at her.

"Because I was there when he was resurrected. Because he took me in as his apprentice. Because he was in my mind and saw what you did to me and removed the trace from my wand." She answered, her smile growing into a predatory grin as she drew her wand at them. They both paled with every word until they looked as white as a sheet and shook violently. "Don't you think for even a second that I am above killing either of you. But I need you for as long as the Dark Lord says so." She stared them both in the eyes. "And in case you filth don't believe me: serpensortia!" The snake appeared with a bang and landed with a thud on the floor, hissing angrily.

"Calm down my beautiful friend. I still need them for now, but you can scare them a bit. I will release you into the garden and you can hunt there." She looked up at her relatives and smirked at them. "I can talk with snakes, by the way." Then, looking at her uncle with a cold expression, she walked right in front of him. "If you ever lay a finger on me again, I will have your entire arm for it." She whispered at him. "And then I will call some friends who will rape your wife until she won't ever be able to walk again." Her uncle looked as if he was about to explode and her aunt like she was about to pass out. "I see, we understand each other." She said, looking at both of them. "I will be in my room then."

With that, she opened the door for the snake to slither into the garden and hunt for small rodents, before she climbed up the stairs into her room.

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