Harrison Snape and the Magical Childhood

Chapter 1

Harrison Snape and the Magical Childhood: Part 1 of 8 in the Cursed Chronicles

Chapter one

The Attack

The candlelit windows of Spinner's End glowed orange in the midnight blue murk of the early evening twilight. Inside a young redhead was dressing a boy with messy black hair and bright green eyes, the shade of green that ought to make a very emerald pale with envy. The jumper she put him in was blue, a baby shade with brown plump owls all over the front of it with little brown speech bubbles saying, 'I love Hoo' and above her a large mobile of dancing fairies sang a little lullaby tune whose melody was soothing but whose words were little more than baby babble. Directly below the mobile where the mother was standing was a crib, a bright redwood crib where on the headboard in bright green letters were the words, 'Harrison Severus Snape.'

Harrison, or Harry for short was in their nursery asleep and oblivious as he was lifted from her shoulder and laid in his crib, she cooed at her baby causing him to open his eyes and squeak happily at her and she smiled and raised her wand causing blooms of sugary rainbow smoke to burst from the tip of her wand. after the puffs of smoke had ended and Harry had gone back to sleep, She picked him up, kissed him both on the head and nose and shut his door to ajar so that she could work on some tonics for curing the common cold. Rather boring work but it was something that had to be done, the common cold was a rather unpleasant affair-Lilly had suffered her fair share of these and knew this all too well- and the sooner she could cure them the better for the children in her charge. She saw no reason the children need suffer with this and although muggle medicine may not be able to cure it; that was nothing compared to wizarding medicine and desert sand and toad's warts did wonders for the sinuses.

She had just finished adding the quicksand to her concoction when suddenly the door to their little house burst open and a hooded figure all in black materialized out of what appeared to be a cloud of ebony dust.

She rose to her feet, "Can I help you?" she asked, whispering so as not to wake the child.

The figure ignored her, saying to his hooded companions; "Search the house."

Lilly started blinking her emerald eyes rapidly in astonishment, "Search the-"she stammered, "I beg your pardon!" One of the men shoved by her and she heard her china smashing in ear splitting crashes all around her. "Now see here, I don't know who you are or what you want but you have no right to barge in here and— "she yelped as a massive, beefy hand stung her cheek.

"Now see here," said the man who had shoved passed her in a mocking tone of voice. "Ye best do what the Dark Lord says or it'll be all the worse for you." He warned, with a crooked gap-toothed grin flashing lemony teeth.

Lilly paled, "The Dark— "she echoed and then stupidly, allowing her motherly instinct to take over she ran into the nursery where her baby boy was still sleeping soundly.

This was stupid because, naturally the three death-eaters followed her into the nursery and saw her child beneath his blue blanket in his now soiled jumper. Now awake and fussy Harry's loud wailing normally so ear-splitting was soundless compared to the thundering of her own heart in her ears. It was thudding, dun-duh-duh-dun-duh-duh-dun-dun-dun over and over like the beating of a medieval executioner's drum. The sound, primal raw and deadly as it hurt her chest as she felt dizzy with fear and more than a little panic. She swayed on her feet, and the big one who had struck her took advantage of it and knocked her off her feet to her belly. Lilly just lie there for a moment stunned, frozen in horror as the man who had broken her china for fun picked up little Harry and looked down at him with narrowed brown eyes the sickly color of oil.

"My Lord, we have found him." He reported a little gleeful.

"Excellent." Said a chilling voice in a snakelike whisper.

Lilly laid there listening to them, having no idea what the three of them were talking about but knowing she didn't like the sound of it. Not one bit, but she was also no fool and so she simply lie there, listening, pretending to have hit her head hard enough to be knocked out. Why the Dark Lord and his goons wanted her son was a mystery to her; and one she knew she had to know the answer to although she was sure she didn't want to. Dumbledore had warned her in her seventh year about the dangers of prophecies and how they weren't to be taken lightly and what in the name of the Great Merlin did they mean the 'chosen one'.

"Snape isn't here my lord, just his bitch and their pup." The man sneered.

Lilly felt her blood boil at the sound of him calling her that; being raised in a muggle family she had always found that even worse than being called a mudblood, a mudblood while awful was something she knew was not true because her bloodline was not dirty but the term 'bitch' well that was just an insult of the worst kind and she raised her wand and her eyebrows screamed something at the man and the man's tongue twisted, twisted, twisted. Twisted until at last the man had no tongue at all but merely what looked like a squishy rope a violent shade of bubblegum pink. The man busied himself with untying his tongue was blubbering like some pissant child with a boo-boo and Lilly had to admit she was proud of herself for that one and knew her husband would be too when she had the occasion to tell him about it.

China-Breaker laughed heartily at the misery of his companion saying, "Never call a mudblood a bitch." He leered, "Master," he sneered glaring at her, "Which one should we dispatch?"

"We kill them both…" The Dark Lord hissed, "Leave no spares. Severus will pay for betraying me."

Lilly froze, Severus of course. He had been a death eater before they had married taken in by the Evil One's promises of greatness when she had gotten involved with James Potter from her third to fifth year. She had forgiven him that, and he had forgiven her in the end but still the dark Lord was not one to be crossed. Severus had turned an informant for Dumbledore for her sake and the sake of their child. James didn't like it but he had remained her friend with the promise of protection which begged the question how he had found her home. Either way it didn't matter. The point was, that he was here and intended to kill her children as punishment for her friend's crossing him.

She reached into the pocket on the hip of the muggle baking apron her mother had given her when she married Severus and felt the long smooth handle of her wand. She sent a prayer of thanks to Merlin that she hadn't put it back in the box as she intended and pointing it at Fat-Hand's heel she mouthed the torture curse and he screamed, his knees buckling as she slowly got to her feet glaring at him with complete conviction. Lilly didn't intend to kill either one of them, she would never use magic for evil. She had promised her mother as much, but hurting an intruder well that was an entirely different matter.

"Why you!" said China-breaker in a high-pitched voice raising his wand.

Lilly was having none of it;" Crucio!" She shouted at the top of her voice and the man squealed like a pig dropping to the floor where he wailed loudly. The death eater buckled and fell to his knees and she reached up and yanked the dark hood from his head and recoiled. "Peter…"

Her emerald eyes met the gaze of her former friend with a mixture of hatred and pain. She couldn't believe the man asking which of them they were supposed to kill first was a man she had once considered to be one of her closest companions. Lilly felt tears coming to her eyes and wiped them furiously as he squirmed beneath her grip. She tightened her hands on his robe yanked his head up and dropped it hard to the wooden floor where he yelped in pain and then she did the most, childish muggle-oriented thing she could think of she gave him a good sharp open handed slap across the face. Hard enough to split his lip and he felt the trickle of blood on his lips.

"Why Wormtail, why did you bring him here!" she sobbed, forgetting the imminent danger her and her child were in because of her own personal hurt.

"I'm sorry Lilly, he would have killed me what would you have done?" He simpered, while her rage mounted.

Lilly raised her wand no mercy in her heart, "Avada…" she began when her legs were taken out from under her by Fat-Hand, her wand rolled away.

Then she heard that chilling hiss, "Worthless…swine…" The voice sneered and then the horrible words came out," Avada Kadavra!" And the flash of sickly green light.

Lilly screamed as she witnessed something as horrible as a dead body for the first time in her life. He-who-must-not-be-named kicked his murdered henchman aside and advanced toward Harry in his crib. Harry was the younger one and so he would kill the young child first, because he had always derived pleasure from making older siblings and parents watch their baby die. He smiled cruelly as he lifted his wand to point at the child and Harry squirmed as Wormtail groveled on his knees, crawling on his belly till he knelt before the Dark Lord like Judas Iscariot to the high priest. Lilly had the impression of a witless worm or a sniveling rat as he snuffled and grabbed the hem of Voldemort's robe in his fat grubby hands.

"Forgive…me master… I failed…" he moaned as though he were Igor offering to pull the switch for Dr. Frankenstein in a muggle picture.

The Dark Lord placed his hand on Wormtail's balding head and said in a mock-soothing voice. "Go outside Wormtail, when you see the green light burn it to the ground."

"Yes Master." He groaned, limping away in a half-skulk that would have made Quasimodo envious.

Lilly felt panic rising sharp and burning like bile in her throat as she saw He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named moved toward Harry. She shot to her feet, running she stood in front of Harry and scooping him off the floor and clasping him tight to her chest where was Severus; why wasn't he home and what did the dark Lord want with their baby? Lilly had heard the stories of what the dark lord was capable of and that he had killed many others on something as simple as a whim. This was one evil man and she felt her very constitution being tested as her baby cooed and gurgled happily, unaware of the horrible danger he now faced.

He then hissed in a slithery voice: "Step aside woman and I will spare your life!" he advanced on the baby and her heart plummeted to the pit of her stomach.

"Not Harry," she pleaded looking at the men with all the anguish of a mother whose son was to be sent to the chopping block, "Please, not Harry... take me, kill me, but please not my baby!" her voice had rose to an ear-splitting shriek.

Voldemort smiled that cold, handsome, devilish smile of his and it made her stomach churn as if it were a muggle washing-machine on a high rinse spin cycle. His dark eyes were heartless and cruel, he seemed to be enjoying this in a way, the gleam in his eyes nearly orgasmic with pleasure as he shoved her aside. Clearly hard-hearted and heartless as he was Lilly realized what she was looking at and she felt herself vomit, projectile vomit all over the floor. She was looking at Tom Riddle, the dark one, the thing that made everyone quiver in fear for he had killed many men and women and even children. No one lived when he decided to dispatch with them and for God only knew what reason; he had decided to kill her innocent one year old baby on his first birthday while his father was away.

The realization that this man attacked her and her infant child while her husband was away was something that made her feel less fear but rather angry and she ceased her sobbing pleas and raised her wand. This coward would not take the life of her child if their was any breath left in her body, and she wiped her eyes as she picked up the wand she had dropped in her panic. She then reached down picked up her book entitled Tonics and Remedies for the Muggle Mind, and chucked it mercilessly at the back of his head. Achieving her desired effect the evil man turned around and roared pointing his wand at her she swallowed hard and raised her wand as she heard the crib clatter to the ground and her child's scream as his tiny body hit the floor in what must've been a painful thump.

Lilly looked at her now wailing and frightened son and felt her courage rise as she blasted the dark lord with a cry of "Stupefy!"

The dark lord was flung backwards as another sickly red flash of light blasted him and a green flash of light blazed outside the window. Someone had been killed and Severus came roaring in leaping atop of Lord Voldemort and tackling him to the ground as he angrily got to his feet. The three men that had come in with Peter were lying unconscious on the floor and now with both facing him at once Lilly shouted something that no one else understood and with a howl of pain Voldemort was wiping a long smudge of black slime which was stuck to his eyes. Severus dismounted him, knowing he had only seconds before the now blindly aimed killing curses being shot about the room hit him and his family.

Too late!

With a yell of rage Voldemort wiped the burning sludge from his eyes and narrowing them, looked directly at Harry with raw hatred in his eyes. Lilly leapt in front of them wand raised for another defense but it was no use, Voldemort blasted her to the side with a loud crack and advanced on the baby, as reality swam before her eyes she saw the sickening flash of light and then, the strangest thing. The spell hit Harry but nothing happened, instead the child screamed in pain but the spell reverberated off him; hit his attacker and the dark lord shriveled up before her eyes with a sound that could only be described as the sound of a soul being torn from the body, tendril by cursed tendril.

Lilly got to her feet in horror, went over to Harry and held her child close for a long moment weeping as Severus went over to Lilly hugging her close to him. She sobbed and held him back the baby wailing between them and Severus's nose oozing blood as his obsidian eyes glinted with rage. Lilly nuzzled him, feeling his hair dangle just a little bit over her head as he kissed the top of it gently. Snape was close to tears as he went to his flower, and his baby and kissed and held them both. Hot tears, nearly boiling as she sobbed and held her husband and wept as she saw the purple bruise on her child's forehead. She stepped over the smoking cloak and bounced her baby to quiet him; telling him things like 'mama's here' and 'don't cry Harry, mummy has you' while Severus shook his head cursing over and over at the sight of his home and family in such a state.

"Are you alright?" he asked as he held her close.

Lilly shook her head in the negative, not saying anything because really she was for the first time in her relationship with him at a loss for words; she just held her child and cried. She cried and cried, not caring how it made her look at the moment; she cried less out of fear now and more out of relief. Relief that her son was alive and utter amazement at what she had just witnessed. The most powerful sorcerer in the world the most evil man she had ever seen was unable to hurt her baby boy and she, a mere doctor with not a tenth of the magical skill her adversary possessed had held him off long enough to ensure that her husband had made it home; she, the simple mudblood bitch the death eaters had named her had managed to stall the dark lord long enough to keep her family safe and now here she was. Safe for the moment; with her husband, with her son and out of harm's way. All these things being what they were she still could not seem to suppress the harsh convulsing sobs that shook her entire body.

"Sev…" she sobbed, holding the lapels of his black robes in her fists looking deep into his obsidian eyes, "where were you, we could've been killed!"

Severus shushed her and simply replied, "Albus is going to pay for this!" as he wrapped his cloak around her and the baby and they disappeared into the night.

The next thing Lilly saw was the mote in front of Hogwarts with nothing but the clothes on her back, a screeching infant and a very badly winded and somewhat bruised husband. Lilly felt her knees wobble and she collapsed becoming violently sick. She was tired, so very tired and Severus raised his wand and shot off a stream of crimson sparks she leaned weakly against the hollow of his leg as the tip of his wand which erupted into the air with a resounding bang; swam in her drowsy vision. He did it a second time, before kneeling and rubbing Lilly's shaking back and shushing his wailing son's tears as he noticed little Harry had a bloody cut on his forehead. Taking out his muggle handkerchief he wiped the blood away from the shrieking child he saw the cut had the horrible, dark shape of a lightning bolt.

"Seven Hells…" Severus muttered to the darkness as the huge mahogany doors swung open and Professor McGonagall, deputy headmistress at Hogwarts came sweeping out and heading straight for them.

"What happened?" she asked in a shrill voice, taking in the sight of them in their pajamas with two battered babies and a vomiting Lilly on the ground.

"Who happened is more like it." Severus said bitterly. "We were attacked Minerva. Vol-I mean you know who attacked little Harry."

"Good Heavens!" chirped Minerva, "But how did you escape?"

"Minerva not now," Severus replied irritably, "I need to see that bumbling fool who claims to be headmaster here." she smiled thinly, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes well," stammered Professor McGonagall, "You will both come with me." then looking down she clicked her tongue pityingly, "Poor dear." she sniffed a single tear glistening her in each of her eyes.

Lilly who had not seemed to notice the newcomer, did not smile, she did not say a word she had stopped being sick but was now leaning against Severus' leg her small child clutched in her arms and a little streak of drool going down her chin clearly sound asleep as Severus took a stirring Harry from her arms who whimpered at losing his mother's warmth but settled quickly into his father's shoulder, sleeping within minutes oblivious to the world around him. Safe now within his father's arms the baby seemed to have forgotten the trauma of the evening as his father's heart beat against his ear and his mother snored softly beneath them.

"You haven't changed a bit have you Snape?" Professor McGonagall asked pointedly, peering at him knowingly over the bridge of her long-pointed nose.

"No." Severus retorted, glad for some light banter in the wake of this disaster, but then a huge yawn took him and he had to cover his mouth. "Sorry it's just been a long night Professor."

"Quite right," Professor McGonagall agreed lifting a now sleeping Lilly into her arms with a feather-light charm and carrying her to the Gryffindor dormitories.

At the door to the common room however, the fat Lady who had been snoring loudly in her portrait, her head resting on the gilded frame she bolted awake when Professor McGonagall tapped at her with the tip of her wand. She snorted and bolted upright and the bottle of fire whiskey she had been drinking toppled over and smeared across the hem of her dress causing her to utter a rather embarrassed yelp and wring out her dress so the liquid dribbled down into a brown puddle and then evaporated into the magical paint becoming as if it was never there.

The Fat Lady hiccoughed, barking "Password."

"Owl Feathers." McGonagall stated firmly and the Fat Lady peered down at them.

"Oh Mr. Snape! So, GOOD to see you again!" chortled the portrait, "and with a family too, who is this little one?"

"Harry," said Severus softly trying not to wake his family and wishing the Fat Lady would shut up and let him into lie Lilly and the baby down.

"And Ms. Evans too!" She cried out, then noticing Lilly was asleep looked incredulous and snapped, "so RUDE wake up and say hello would you!" she was so loud that woke, bawling loudly and Lilly groaned weakly in Professor McGonagall's arms and opened her eyes blinking as she sobbed in her old Head-of-house's arms.

Professor McGonagall set her on her feet and embraced her gently in a maternal fashion, "Shh Lilly it's all right." She said as she glared at the portrait and snapped, "Owl Feathers!"

"Quite right!" Grumped the fat Lady as she muttered about the impertinence of living wizards and their ill manners and swung the door aside. Lilly wept as she held her child and went upstairs to the dormitories where Minerva laid her down and placed the baby in a dresser drawer lined with linens.

"Mmm Sev… don't go…" pleaded Lilly but Severus wasn't listening, instead he picked up his son and swept down the hall.

The former death-eater usually so calm so quiet and so steady was boiling with a blood-soaked fury that would have made a warlock tremble as he made his way to the headmaster's office and spat the password as he came upon a snoring Dumbledore, an open tin of lemon drops resting on the surface of the mahogany desk. With a resounding crack, he slammed the door so hard that his son wailed in his arms waking the man who blinked, thoroughly dazed he batted his periwinkle eyes and smiled.

"Severus," he yawned gently, stretching his arms, "Did you come at this hour just to show me your baby?" he asked meeting his icy glare easily.