Harrison Snape and the Magical Childhood

Chapter 14

Harrison Severus Snape and the magical childhood: 1 of the cursed Chronicles Part 1 of 8

Chapter 14

Two Weddings and A Magic Spell Part I

Lilly lay curled in Severus' arms, her face in his chest and his nose buried snugly in her hair as he slept all warm and comfortable against the length of her body. She sighed, not wishing to move from the haven of love and protection she had in his embrace, thankful that her baby boy seemed to know she needed a little attention and remained quiet for the present time. Lilly blinked her heavy eyes which ached from crying over the disaster of her family reunion, she could not believe her family cared so little about Harry when a mass-murderer had come and tried to obliterate them she had said that she deserved this because of the man she had married. As if her falling in love was some sort of crime which deserved the ultimate punishment. Especially her father who had given her the magical blood to begin with, allowing them to call her such things as freak and telling her that the attack was her own fault.

This was the man who was supposed to cherish her, love her and protect her above any other man in the world. If her husband or some outside man broke her heart then he was supposed to be the one to get his ruddy shotgun and blow their blasted heads open in the name of her honor. His words, his cavalier tone when noting that she was alive still rang loud and hard in her head and on the way to her hotel the pain which those words caused hit her and resonated like a crushing blow to her heart. She had cried on the way to the hotel and Severus had held her close as she felt -not for the first time- like a simpering idiot when in the back of her mind she knew very well that she should've expected this from them but still Severus had let her cry telling her that he loved her and it did not matter what those jack-offs thought of her because they were no longer her family in any case.

Lilly, knowing he was right but feeling the pain nonetheless had held onto him and begged him not to ever do that to their own daughter even if she was a squib. He had kissed her and promised her that he loved her and her kids more than anything and that he would never do that to her or any children he had the good fortune to receive from her. He then kissed her, made love to her and he -God bless the poor man- was so tired from everything that had gone on recently that he fell into a dead sleep still inside her right afterwards with his face still buried in her ample bosom. She had slept a little bit with his warmth on top of her but was woken up in the dead of night when he, trying to find comfort rolled off her and onto his side with a loud snore only to drag her back against him.

She looked at the digital clock on the nightstand, its red LED numbers mocking her as it said, 2:30 am. Unable to fall back asleep she just lay there staring blankly at the cracks in the ceiling as she contemplated -yet again- the events of the night before. What a waste of time that had been, to stand there, at dinner (which they had not been offered by the way) to be put on display for the five of them as if she were some hired entertainment from the middle ages. The sort to be strapped to a wheel and have vegetables tossed at them for their own amusement. She had cried for a long time when he took her back to the hotel, crying and holding him close as she realized they had truly not cared whether she was alive or dead, that they had been called there simply because of her mother's primness and inability to be rude.

At least not when she wasn't in front of her, face-to-face was another matter entirely it would seem. Though her mother never spoke when they had company before (she was the sort of woman who believed herself an accessory to her husband and was best seen and not heard) this time she and Petunia had broken all their rules. Her mother had three rules which she had hammered into them growing up -well more like hammered into Petunia- it seemed to never stick with Lilly much to her mother's annoyance and dismay. Number one was that a wife must always be pretty for her husband, no matter what, she must always look her best and make her husband proud that he married her. It did not matter how she was feeling at the moment, it was a wife's job to be the perfect accessory to her man, to give him the perfect family. She was not his friend he was her master, that did not mean however that he should hurt her, no it simply meant that she should earn his affection by doing what he wanted when he wanted her to do it. If a good woman wanted to keep a good man, she should keep him happy, keep his life as idyllic as she could at any costs.

In return he would love, cherish and protect her, keep her safe and spoiled in his home where he would fill her belly with the children who would carry his name. Daisy's second rule for a happy life was that the woman should never leave unless under the most extreme circumstances. if he hit or struck her of course then she had the right to leave, but verbal or emotional abuse was a gray area for her mother. Lilly remembered being told as a child that, these rules (the first and second) worked in tandem and if a woman was unattractive to her man for any reason she should do her best to fix it, that if he called her fat or criticized her cooking in some way she should take it as a compliment. Much like a manager giving a constructive criticism, verbal abuse was non-existent to her pretty French mama who had married the abrupt Englishman who kept her like a spoiled pet in his pretty little house.

But both of these things were not as important as the final rule, a woman was an ordainment and was not to speak when her husband was present without first being addressed by him. Seen and not heard, her mother used to tell them, daughters were too. Daddies are meant to spoil their daughters and wives but they had best not embarrass him, if they did then he had the right to spank them or yell at them or do whatever he needed to do in order to restore order. Lilly had assumed as a child, mostly because of this, that her father's abuse -yes she finally admitted to herself that he was abusive - was justified because her magic was an embarrassment to him. After all, he hadn't hit or struck her so she deserved it, at least that was what she had been told as a child. Her mother had told her over and over that sometimes a woman just had to put up with a certain amount of discomfort in order to be secure.

And if she didn't do the things her man needed her to then she had no right to keep him and he had the right to seek the solace of another woman's arms, because she was not giving him what he needed so she had no right to try and keep him in that unhappy marriage. Lilly, for her part, thought this was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard in her life, marriage was not a service the man provided the woman for which she ought to be grateful. Her guardians were married and Minerva did not defer to her man for every little decision, in fact they were partners, often making joint decisions when it came to things such as raising her and her brother. Marriage was a commitment of love and one not to be taken lightly, which is why Lilly had made the choice to marry the man she had. They knew each other, they complimented and brought out the best in one another, and most importantly they loved each other and their family more than anything in the world.

Her mother- Minerva- had showed her what a real marriage was meant to be like, had guided her into following her heart no matter what and had lead her to Sev's arms just in time to save them both from the terrible fates their current lives resided on. She now knew why she had been attracted to the misogynistic, handsome, well-off James Potter. Little girls fall in love with their daddy, and he was just like William, could have been William had her father been able to use the magic his parents blood had tried to grant him. Not the abusive part, thank Merlin but the traditional women were his perfect accessory, his wife was the compliment in looks, wealth and brains and so Francis Meriwether who had loved him all her life and come to think of it was a prettier and magical form of Daisy. Happy to be pretty, married and simple as a woman should be when with such a man.

Lilly turned and looked at Severus's sleeping face, enjoying the way her husband's eyelashes fluttered gently against the sharp angles of his face and realized as she gazed at him, that she had also married her daddy. Her other daddy. Sev was sharp, quick-witted and calculating to be sure but there was a certain gentleness and protective nature about him as evidence by his reacted to those muggles tormenting her. Yes, there was a certain amount of Albus in him right enough. Still Lilly shuddered to think of the arguments to come by virtue of the fact that her mother and sister had indeed broken all three of William's cardinal rules. They had spoken out of turn, unaddressed by their partners, allowed the sort of people he hated into his home and embarrassed him in front of them by being impolite and what's worse, his little girl's bridegroom was now a pig.

Oh there would be hell to pay for the four of them that night when the lights went out and Lilly had to admit she did feel just the slightest pang of remorse over her part in the situation. Although not all-together that much because the image of that man as the animal he truly was had been the absolutely perfect ending to such an awful and awkward night. Lilly choked on a laugh so as not to wake her husband as she thought of the morning when the groomsmen and family noticed that their loved one was a swine and she could not wait to see the looks on their faces. The thought caused a bubble of laughter to rise in her throat at the memory of Severus losing his temper and blasting that fat ugly muggle right in his stupid mug and suddenly all remorse fled her should she feel bad for him, for any of them? To them her heart and her blood were little more than reasons for capital punishment and she was something to be ashamed of.

Even worse, was the fact that her own son meant nothing at all to them but they were celebrating the fact that Petunia and Vernon were pregnant out of wedlock by throwing this extravagant wedding for her when Lilly's own life was of no more importance to them then a minor inconvenience in their happy family plans. Her brother's words tortured her mind, ached deeper than any of the other insults. The fact that he had been brought up to hate her was the deepest cut of all, this was a boy she had never harmed, done nothing to and yet he hated her. That was what made her feel the worst, she had hoped that he, who she had never met, would give her a chance to show her just how much she wanted to love him. Wanted that sense of normalcy, from the family that had born her even if she was not a member of them anymore in her own world. After all there was no way for them to have known that, their memories were not wiped and she was still blood but that had been a false hope because he had been raised to hate her and felt she was something to be exterminated.

Lilly sighed as she heard a loud snore come from her husband and giggled softly at the image of that awful muggle transformed into a pig again and blushed hotly at the memory of Severus' lips running over her body in the most intimate way. She smiled as the thought of what Petunia's wedding night would be with such a man or rather creature as he was at the moment. Not that there was much change to be made, come to think of it, after all she had heard that male swine had very impressive male anatomy. Hell, it would probably be an improvement over what she was used to from that fat oaf; not that Lilly was really looking at him in that respect, but he like her father could not be bothered to cross his knees when sitting so she had gotten an eyeful whether she wanted to or not. And when he had advanced on her to snatch her child she had been thoroughly unimpressed to say the least.

The thought of her sister or anyone else having sex with such a man made her feel ill and she smothered a gag behind her hand at the sudden image of the two of them in bed at the office or wherever they had conceived their son. Her sister doing what she needed to do to get ahead and that hog of a man gloating over her as he took advantage of her and then got her pregnant. Her mama may celebrate the birth of her son but she would not tolerate her grandson being a bastard, devout as she was and so Petunia was forced to wed. Lilly for her sake, hoped she was right in assuming that Petunia loved Vernon, for as awful as she was, to be in a loveless marriage... that was a fate worse than death and no one -not even her former sister- deserved that. She thought of her own son, how much joy he brought her and hoped somewhere deep inside that- no matter how ugly the child was- and she could only imagine what the child was going to look like with them as parents that she would love him as much as Lilly loved Harry.

She reached down and felt her body where the marks of her husband's love painted a map to her heart and beyond, smiling a little at the memory of the feeling of his strong hands all over her body. Loving all over her and the children inside her while the child they had made out of love slept soundly in the crib unaware of his parents passions and distress as the spell his mother wove over him kept him deep in his dreams. She turned to Sev, the dark room calm and soothing as he slept, his long nose exuding powerful exhales, detailing the depth of his current rest and she kissed his nose causing him to wake and smile up at her. God she loved his smile, loved his sleepy smile and the way his chiseled jaw seemed to open up like a beaming statue as he sat up and kissed her lips for a long, solid moment.

"Hello my Flower," he drawled,

"Mm, good evening Severus," she whispered against his throat.

He kissed her then, slow and deep and gentle and long, his tongue exploring the familiar paths of her mouth as she released a soft moan and he wrapped his arms around her sitting up to deepen the kiss, her pulse beneath his caressing thumb beating just a little faster as his gasp for breath echoed in the room. It was a whisper, a breathless cry, which echoed in the cavernous darkness of the early morning hours. The pitch-black inky shadows of the room absorbed all the unspoken words he wanted to say to her every minute of every day but did not have the vocabulary to do so. In that single solitary gasp, their tongues locked in an embrace along with the rest of their bodies as her delicate, articulate fingers which healed so many bodies and even his own heart grasped gently in the tendrils of dark hair.

Severus moaned deeply in the back of his throat, it vibrated like a cat's purr, beautiful and seductive and yet comforting all the same. He did not break apart but instead started another kiss holding her as her body responded to her husband and awoke for him. Her hands were against his broad chest, and their combined body heat was just the comfort she needed to soothe her back to sleep. But her body was alive in those moments, she forgot everything, her family, the pregnancy and everything else. The kissing turned to passion and the two made love for what must have been the fourth time that night (but who's counting really) and when they finished Lilly felt her heart stop at what came next from his lips.

"Marry me again Lilly..." he mumbled into her hair, "tonight..."

She froze for a moment then he heard her laughing, soft and quiet laughing, "you're joking," she chuckled.

"No, no I'm not..." he crooned into her hair, "I want to do it again."

The string of kisses he ran down her back made her shiver like a love-struck schoolgirl as a rosy blush crept all the way across her body, down her belly to crest around her breasts where Severus's hands rested and he smiled, enjoying her reaction to his touch -something he was sure he would never get tired of- no matter how long they lived. He smiled as he felt her turn to face him fully, green eyes heavy with the pregnant sleepiness which plagued all women in the process of making a baby. He had never found her more beautiful than he did when she was pregnant. with other men they may find their pregnant wives gross or unappealing but to Severus the glowing skin and rounding figure of the woman he loved was just the way she ought to look around him.

"But I did not bring a wedding gown and we have no plans and-"she rambled and he stopped her.

He stopped her, "Didn't you once tell me my flower that the most romantic moments were the unplanned ones?" He asked.

"Well yes, but-"

"No 'buts'," he said, "Come on Lilly, marry me tonight, what have you got to lose?"

She thought about it for a second and then she grinned shrugging playfully she said, "sure why not?" by way of teasing acceptance.

Lilly smiled at the hint of mischief in her husband's eyes and nodded again as he reached for her hand, smiling as he pulled her to her feet. She looked up out the window of their hotel where the stars were glowing and sparkling like so many tiny diamonds. In that moment Lilly was reminded of why she had always loved the English countryside more so than the city, sure the hustle and bustle was fun but there was nothing more beautiful or more picturesque than the evening over the suburbs on a quiet British night. He walked over to a quaint little patch of grass and with a whispered incantation the white flowers planted there for the guests' enjoyment became a wedding dress which fit like a glove. He handed it to Lilly who slipped it on and smiled as he, true to his heritage caught the starlight and spun it into a crown Which he placed reverently on her head as he kissed her temple.

She framed his face and kissed his nose, noting that the dress he had made with love was truly a unique and beautiful thing, one which her daughter would wear when she married someday. All white with patterns of the aforementioned flowers embroidered into the lace in a delicate, embedded pattern. The crown on her head was shimmering and bright, made of starlight and silver she had never seen anything so beautiful. Oh, she had seen many pieces of wizarding jewelry to be sure, some made of pure dragon gold, some made of scales and unicorn fur. All of it lovely, all of it unique in its own way and unlike any other muggle gem she had ever seen. But she had never seen or held anything like the veil she wore on her head. Pure silver, pure starlight, a gift of beauty made for her by a man who saw and loved every inch of her inside and out.

While Lilly inspected her beauty in the mirror -vain though it was she was a woman and proud of her looks- her husband set about doing the other preparations he had to make, he wore the suit he brought with him from Prince Manor, he put Harry -still sleeping- in his little suit and then he preformed the necessary spells to inform the guests which on both ends totaled about 20 or so people each. The parents, siblings, friends and coworkers totaled about 80 people altogether. Most of which were grumpy at the lateness of the hour but enthusiastic all the same of the idea of a second wedding once Severus explained the muggle-mess which went down the night before. It was a mere quarter hour before they were all assembled and present and in formal-wear to boot.

"Lilly you look beautiful!" a redheaded woman who worked with her said.

"Thank you Molly," she said, blushing a little as the woman's two oldest sons Charles and Bill and husband Arthur Weasley all nodded in agreement.

It seemed that the entire clan had come all Seven of them and apparently a very-pregnant Molly holding one-year old Ronald as her twin boys made a game of hiding in the bushes and finding one another. Her third son Percy ignored her and looked bored by the whole proceeding, much more interested in his book then the second wedding of a woman he had only met a few times in his life on bring your child to work day and things like that. Lilly could not blame him for being distracted as she found her attention pulled this way and that by the arrival of more of their wedding guests. There was Mr. Creevey, a rather well-known, and almost-famous muggle photographer whose son like herself was a muggle-born wizard and just a year younger than Harry.

She had been one of Lilly's favorite patients and little Collin was just a doll, having been brought to Lilly and Molly when at three weeks old he had began to turn the yellow curtains blue. No muggle doctor had been able to come up with a reason for this and so Marybeth had brought little Collin to a magical one as a last resort. Lilly had calmed the poor hysterical woman and assured her that there was nothing wrong with her son that he was a healthy special magical baby and that his talents were something to be encouraged. If she had any more questions feel free to call or come in at any time, and in return she had told Lilly that if she needed a favor, anything at all to call her and it seemed like Severus had called in said favor. After all no wedding was complete without a picture to commemorate the day

The Weasleys and Creeveys in toe the group adjourned to the adjacent park which at this ungodly hour was closed to the public but they paid no attention to that as it was a venue used for weddings in the daytime. But the lateness of the hour was just the right time to do a wizard wedding in the muggle world where there was no one else about, save for the songbirds who would hail their congratulations to the couple. With this in mind and hand-in-hand they awaited as next arrived her friends, the Blacks, the Potters and the Lupins, all six quickly -and magically- dressed as bridesmaids and groomsmen in shades of green and gold and red and silver. School colors true but the perfect theme for their wedding, the marriage of the Gryffindor and the Slytherin in perfect harmony. Green and gold for the groom and red and silver for the bride each stating who they were while borrowing a color from the other.

Hogwarts professors who had been fond of them also came and last but not least, the Malfoys and Dumbledores arrived looking happy and sleepy all at once, Minerva wrapped her arms around Lilly and transformed her dress into the appropriate mother-of-the-bride attire as Professor Sprout, always Lilly's favorite teacher, arranged roses into a red carpet for an isle and a very grumpy Father Wellington drug up from his bed at the Hogsmeade chapel was brought to start the proceedings. Before the proceeds could begin Albus raised his wand and a jet of turquoise fluid to form a bubble around the group. This was strictly a precaution so as to be hidden from any passing muggles less they get in trouble for trespassing. The spell made them invisible and muted to any non-magical persons who happened to be strolling by for some reason or another. Lilly was handed a bunch of professor Sprout's prettiest azaleas and little Harry, still asleep upstairs was brought by her groggy, sleep-deprived brother down to the group and handed to his grandmother.

The nearby piano was enchanted and the ceremony began, as the bridal march floated in the air Lilly was struck by Severus, standing beside his best man, a Mr. Horace Slughorn. His old and favorite professor and one-time head of house the man had a firm and fatherly hand on his shoulder as Albus walked her down the isle. Lilly was only vaguely aware of her father guiding her, her eyes and thoughts were locked on Severus, standing there and smiling at her with his deep dark fathomless eyes as bright as the starry sky above them. He was all she could see, all she could think of, and she placed her hand in his with a smile taking her rightful place beside him. The ceremony that followed was everything the first one should have been, in fact it was better because William and Daisy Evans and their ilk were not sitting there glaring at them as if they had just swallowed a half-dozen lemons between the two of them.

The two said their vows, the same ones from their first wedding because the promises to love cherish and honor one another remained the same, but this time Severus knelt down in front of her and kissed her belly adding softly , "Lilly, I take you to be my wedded wife, I promise, protect and cherish you and all belonging to you for the rest of my days." he said.

She pulled him to his feet, and holding both his cheeks in her hands replied, "Severus, I take you as my wedded husband, I promise to heal your demons, calm your fears and be there for you always to the end of my days."

"Do you, Liliana Sunshine Dumbledore, still take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health for richer or poor, as long as you both shall live?" asked the father and Lilly beamed.

"I do." she said cupping the back of his head, preparing to bring him in for the kiss.

"Severus, same question," replied the sleepy old man who simply could not be bothered to ask it a second time.

Severus nodded, "I do" he said leaning in just a little closer to her, "Always." he whispered so only she could hear.

"By the power vested in me by the father the son and the holy ghost I now pronounce you husband and wife, as a sign of your union, you may kiss the bride." he said, his voice dripping with tired boredom.

Severus, pointedly ignoring the man, smiled and swept her up in his arms as the party in attendance clapped and cheered, his mouth crashed over hers and he kissed her as if he were doing so for the first time. Her mouth opened to return the gesture and the clicking of camera shutters got the perfect moonlit kiss of two lovers saying yes to forever a second time. As the two broke apart, Severus raised her hand in a show of love, friendship and triumph as Abraxas and Albus shot fireworks from their wands spelling congratulations in the sky Lilly stepped down and hugged both her parents who handed her son to her and she kissed him and held him before handing him off to Remus who was taking him for the night to give the couple a little privacy on their second wedding night and within moments an entire reception was conjured before them.

A beautiful cake all orange and white appeared with steaming mugs of butter beer -Lilly was pregnant and could not have alcohol at the moment- meats and fruits and salads just appeared as apparently the dishes they ate on were from the Hogwarts kitchens and filled automatically with the food the house elf's made no matter the location. It seemed also that upon hearing of the second marriage of his daughter where in fact he would be the only father of the bride, Albus had woken the house elves and told them that he required them to make their best dishes enough for the guests and so they did. The food was excellent and the mood merry and Lilly could not keep a smile off her face as she and Severus did all the things that married couples do.

They cut the cake ate, drank and danced and Lilly was grateful that her sister's wedding to Vernon was the ideal time of 2:30 in the afternoon because by the time the festivities had concluded the sun was just peeking through the night in its earliest rise and everyone was yawning mightily behind their at last they had all apparated home Lilly and her husband went upstairs to their room, comfortable in the knowledge that Harry would be returned to them in time for their appointment they laid back down in their little bed and held one another close, neither feeling a need to make love due to the fact that they had already done so numerous times the night before. Or so she thought for her husband was more than intent on consummating this marriage again just because he could.

She allowed him to hold her and love her again for what felt like hours though it could not have been that long before finally settling into his embrace, warm and snug against the curve of his hip. His face was pressed into her hair and she could tell he was falling asleep and she had to smile in gratitude, knowing how exhausted and stressed he was and yet he planned a whole midnight wedding just to make her happy. Even after everything he had been through, all the fears he had he still put her own needs before his and she could only hope that she somehow, someway was able to repay the favor and live up to her added vows in the future.

For now however she raised her left hand, where the same ring he had given her the first time had been replaced on her finger and stroked his knuckles with her thumb saying, "I love you Sev..."

"Always..." came his thick groggy reply as another snort threatened to interrupt him.

"Yes," she said turning to her now sleeping husband and stroking his hair, "always..." and then, finally for the first time since the attack, without the aid of any magic, Lilly closed her eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep.