Harrison Snape and the Magical Childhood

Two Weddings and a Magic Spell part II

Harrison Snape and the Magical Childhood: Part 1 of 8 in the Cursed Chronicles

Chapter sixteen

Two Weddings and a Magic Spell part II

Weddings were always Lilly's favorite type of party. Even when she was a small child, she had loved everything about them. Dressing up in pretty pastel colors and putting flowers in her hair as she went to the church to enjoy the decorations. She loved flowers and used to dream about her own father, leading her down the isle to a handsome banker just like himself. Him smiling, her mother crying and her groom waiting to promise her his undying love and seal it with a kiss and the classic ending, they all lived happily ever after. Admittedly as a child, her favorite part of the wedding was the massive white cake with red-velvet insides or chocolate, so sweet and sticky that the flavor lingered in one's mouth till the next morning. But as she got older the feelings and ideals of love took more of a forefront in her mind, not only for herself but for those people who had the good fortune to love her and be loved by her in return.

As she got older, she fell more in love with the sentiments behind the weddings. The idea of spending your life with the same person, growing old side by side and hand in hand with the ones you love. Beautiful as the parties and ceremonies always were, the man and women at the forefront of the event were the main focus. As a teen she had dreamed of sitting beside the water with the man she loved; having him propose to her and then putting on that white dress. Walking down the isle and doing all the things her mother had told her was the important part of being a girl. The marriage the children and the white picket fence and all that. Even in the wizarding world, marriage was considered to be important, as with any proper English family. But the main part, Lilly's favorite part was always the idea of true love behind these things.

Being the incurable romantic she was, she always was happy to stand for a friend or give a groom a congratulatory kiss on the cheek. She enjoyed watching two lovers join forever and the smiles and warmth in a room as the ceremony took place. All the friendly faces of the betrothed's loved ones showing outward displays of the most heartfelt sentiment. But this wedding held none of that for her, as she sat with Severus in the front row of the bridal section all she felt was cold. Cold and dead inside, her baby boy on her lap snoring away and her husband looking at her every so often to ensure all was well. Beside Severus in pairs of two, were her brother, his wife and her parents; all awaiting the arrival of the bride and typical affectionate aura of weddings and churches soothing; mostly due to the comfort charm Minerva had cast for Lilly's own benefit.

Normally Lilly hated the false sense of security such charms provided and yet today, she was grateful for it. Needing something to ease her restless thoughts until just the right moment, not letting her do anything rash when she saw the two of them. But perhaps the cozy atmosphere was perhaps a little bit too much for Albus. Her father, being old and tired as he was, was fighting off sleep, head bopping and rolling on his neck as if he were one of those muggle dolls. The kind with the goofy shaking head too big for his body that moved at the top of a finger. Up and down, back and forth, side to side, he could not seem to stay still and the people were muttering under their breath and pointing at him.

Remus was glaring at people, snickering at the poor old man as they watched him from the corner of their hyper-critical eyes, probably assuming his normal whimsy to be drunkenness or something like that. Lilly wanted to smack these people; bunch of judgmental gits! They had no idea what her family had been through, her father had every right to be tired and need sleep. In fact, his daughter would have much preferred he had stayed home in bed today and caught a couple z's, maybe loved on her mother or purchased a cat. Something fuzzy and comforting to help him sleep. Anything other than sitting here with these people, these total strangers dealing with her burdens. Not that she did not appreciate what her new family was putting themselves through on her behalf, she just wished it wasn't under these dark circumstances.

A madman had tried to kill her, his followers were on the loose and her father had been up for god knows how long attempting to keep everyone safe; muggles or not and all these people did was laugh. Albus' head finally slumped forward and his chin landed on his chest, appearing to rest for a moment, but the drool leaking from his mouth gave him away; he was not resting his eyes but had fallen asleep. Obviously the stress of the passed few days had finally gotten to him, and it had was beginning to snore softly with his mouth wide open. Or at least wide enough so that a fly or two might take up residence if they wanted to. Her mother nudged him gently in the ribs when she heard the first snort waking him up; not that it had grown particularly loud yet. But it was improper for an 'uncle' to snore in the front row of a wedding. Besides the impropriety of it, his family knew how loud he could get and that the deeper his sleep was, the nosier he became.

He awoke with a grunt and moaned softly mumbling a sheepish apology, giving his daughter and son a bashful, embarrassed look. Blinking and rubbing his tired eyes and smacking his dry lips together. Albus yawned, exhausted, and ran his tongue over the curve of his lips to moisten them. Lilly watched Albus and shook her head, feeling pity for the poor old man she loved so much. He really needed a good solid night's sleep his eyes cherry red underneath and purple all around. She winced, only able to imagine the pressure and stress her father had been facing at work. Knowing Cornelius Fudge as she did, he was probably breathing down her father's neck to instate extra safety precautions at the school. Not that she blamed him, she planned to do the same in her home, especially what with Peter Pettigrew on the loose. Be that as it may, she had to guess he had not been home or in his own bed for quite sometime now.

Minerva looked just as tired if not more so, despite being the more sensible of the two of them, Lilly knew her mother to be only human and therefore prone to the worst human emotions. If nearly losing Harry when Lilly herself was a fertile vibrant woman had terrified her, she could only imagine what a woman like her mom, unable to have her own must've felt. She knew her mother tried to be strong, always brave and steady but her mother was still only one woman and had the sentimental worry of a lady who had almost lost her daughter. Her son was sick with an incurable werewolf's curse, her grandson had been attacked and nearly killed because of the faults of the man she had married. However justified the reasons for it were it'd caused a lot of damage nevertheless. And still she stood tall with her head high and a stern expression on her face; tenderness only showing in her eyes when she looked at her husband and children who she loved so much.

She was clinging to Lilly's hand, her knuckles white with the ferocity of her grip as she saw the deadened expression on her daughter's one would have guessed by her haughty proud facade that she had nearly lost half of her family. To the present muggles she looked like a sweet old aunt come to support her niece, a little fatigued from her trip perhaps but nothing else. But her children knew better, Lilly tugged a little for her to release her hand and made small circles on her back. She looked just as worn out and overworked as her husband. Being the deputy headmistress at Hogwarts and the loving family woman she was, Lilly had a pretty good idea of what was going on. Knowing her mother, Minerva was doing everything she could to relieve her husband's burden even the slightest bit. Taking on much more than she should so that he didn't crack under pressure, all the while dealing with her own terror. Just trying to get through the long twenty-four hour days of stress and hard work with a smile.

No doubt she had been overworking herself and not getting enough sleep. She got up slowly and muttered a summoning charm so that her pocket was suddenly filled with four small bottles. Two of which were a gentle resting draft and two of which for wakefulness and energy. Lilly slipped her father the waking draft and he took it gratefully downing it in two gulps. Her mother did the same, careful not to let any muggles see her do it, lest they ask unwanted questions and get her daughter into trouble. It would not do for feathers to be ruffled at the ministry for exposing the magical world to a crowd of muggles and if anyone saw, there could be dire consequences. It could cause Lilly to lose her medical licence not only for magical exposure but for treating her family as a conflict of interest, and Minerva was just too proud of her daughter to risk a governmental inquiry when Lilly was only trying to help.

She leaned over and kissed her daughter's head as the bitter medicine hit her bloodstream, causing her to cough into her gloved hand as it took hold. It had the desired effect, his eyes brightened and she sat upright to watch the festivities and sure enough they began. The bridal march began, and Petunia and her father walked down the isle, little William holding the rings and some random girl Lilly had never seen before scattering the petals of white daisies and babies-breath. Petunia was holding her signature flowers as she swept down the row with not even so much as a glance at her sister in the front and the queen bee of their old secondary school and her sister's right hand. Ursula Lincoln. Looking as ugly and haughty as always, her nose in the air and an aura of superiority filling the church with her usual general unpleasantness.

She walked side-by-side with the bride stood alone at her place awaiting the groom in a most unconventional way to a murmur around the room. Everyone seemed to be wondering the same thing as the bride made her way to the altar. Where was the groom? Even Petunia, who looked lovely in her mother's dress -was looking puzzled that her proper English groom was nowhere to be found. Even only they had just met one time, Lilly had the feeling that Dursley was just like her father. Proper and stoic in his own way who prided himself on punctuality and would never be late for his own wedding. Yet as his bride made her way down the narrow carpet he was supposedly defying convention. For in tradition, it was custom for the groom to await his lady to take her hand as the bridal march started and the crowd stood in admiration of her beauty. But he was nowhere to be seen as she came forward.

Behind her was a fat woman, very fat indeed. When she walked the entire mass of her body shook and jiggled as if she was St. Nick with his bellyful of jelly and the floor creaked ever-so-slightly underneath her great weight. If Lilly had to count the number of chins she had then she might have gotten all the way to four. Come to think of it, she looked exactly like Vernon, probably the sister. She cringed, at the thought of what an unfortunate gene-pool her sister was marrying into and what her future niece or nephew might look like between her pencil-necked redness and his family's toady wart-faced appearance. As they passed by her she was assaulted by a smell of some disgusting French perfume which reminded Lilly of men's toilets and the infamous blue mints. Lilly wrinkled her nose in disgust, hating that she felt a little bit of hurt at the sight of her as Petunia's maid of honor rather than herself.

Not that she expected anything less, especially after the way her family had acted toward her in their last meeting but it still stung a little and she felt her eyes smart with tears. Minerva gave her a reassuring kiss on the earlobe knowing how close the two of them used to be. Knowing that this was painful for her to watch and proud of her for keeping her composure as the Irish priest a teeny little man with a potbelly and a pair of glasses so thick they might be goggles waddled up to the front of the crowd. His huge bum wavering like a bubble about to burst as he looked all about for any sign of Vernon who had seemingly pulled a magic trick of his own and disappeared. Petunia was standing there looking nervous as her blue eyes darted around the room for any sign of her bridegroom, her bottom lip beginning to quiver with an oncoming weeping-fit at the thought of being stood up.

"Where is he Marge?" she whispered.

"Bloody hell if I know Tunie, but when I find that old bastard I'll box 'is ears so I will." she grunted, then bellowed, "VERNON! GET YOUR ARSE OUT HERE THIS MINUTE OR SO HELP ME-"

"I -snort- can't! I can't oink-snort be seen like this!" He bellowed.

"What utter nonsense," barked his sister, "Get yer arse down this isle and marry Tunie before she cries her makeup off!"

A distressed murmur traveled throughout the room, as everyone wondered why on earth the groom was making noises like some ruddy farm animal and refusing to show himself. Severus smiled at Lilly who smothered a giggle behind her hand, knowing what the trouble was while her parents raised eyebrows and gave her quizzical looks. Marge frowned, the jowls on her quadruple chins wavering like the warbling vocal-pouch of a big brown horny-toad waddling back to the dressing rooms of the church. Severus gave Lilly a wink and held up his fingers as if to count back, 5-4-3-2-1 and then a loud, horrified shriek. So loud and high-pitched that many of the guests winced in pain as it hit their ears and many of them turned to stare at the darkness at the end of the hall.

This was just too much for both of the Snapes and the couple busted into a fit of wild, raucous laughter most uncharacteristic of the both of them that Remus and Nymphadora looked at them with wide-eyed confusion. Petunia looked at them her eyes narrowing as she stepped away from the altar and grabbed Lilly roughly by the shoulders shoving her hard toward the back of the church. She tripped and fell hard on her nose, yelping as she felt the impact against her face and a trickling sensation going down her pale face. Lilly struggled back up to her feet, a little bit of blood trickling down into her lips so that the disgusting coppery taste of the blood invaded her mouth and she fought the urge to abandon her ladylike manners and spit on the chapel floor.

Being so pregnant with multiples it was a struggle to get up, the impact of her fall making her dizzy and she had to close her eyes for a moment. Noticing that no one came to help the clearly pregnant woman who was laying face-first on the cold marble floor. Petunia reached down and pulled her roughly to her feet and continued to tug her down the hall. Lilly hated everyone at that wedding, the fact that no one, not one single person even bothered to get up and come to her aid told her just how much those she had known in her muggle days cared for her; which was apparently not in the slightest. She had expected some level of common decency at least from the strangers who did not know what she was but they were all more concerned with finding out what was wrong with the groom.

"Lilly!" Severus said running to her side as Harry began to wail in his arms. "Are you all right?" he whispered gathering her close to him.

"Yes," she groaned, teetering a little, "Ow..."

"Shh," he murmured, "Don't speak flower, it's okay." he bent his head over hers protectively and glared daggers at her sister, "touch my wife again and you'll be dealing with more than just a swine for a groom."

"Change him back!" Petunia ordered through gritted teeth, "I don't care which one of you does it, but you are going to change him back!"

"Like hell!" Snape snapped back, "How dare you put your filthy muggle hands on my pregnant wife!"

Minerva appeared beside Lilly, removing her from her husband's arms to hold onto her and blot her bloody nose with an otherwise pristine white handkerchief. Petunia's eyes widened, at the sight of yet another witch in her presence at her wedding, the pointy hat she wore a dead-giveaway to the kind of person she was. Her blue eyes rounding to the size of dinner-plates as her husband and Remus followed suit in coming to check on Lilly and kiss her; nostrils flaring as the reality that she had brought a whole beehive of these pests to ruin her special day. It was bad enough that her mother had made her invite the three carnies to her wedding, but the fact that she had brought the entire bloody freak-show was just too much.

"Who in the hell are these people?" Petunia growled , forcing Lilly to meet her eyes.

"My family." Lilly told her wiping a smear of blood from her upper lip, "My real family, my mum, dad and brother and his wife. They are the ones who adopted me when you four threw me away like trash."

"That's what you lot are, a bunch of trash, a bunch of disgusting, maddening, freaks!" Barked her sister and Minerva huffed, offended.

"And what are you?" Minerva sneered, losing her temper, when Petunia opened her mouth Minerva stopped her, " don't answer, I'll tell you. You are little more than abusive people who locked your own sister under the damn stairs because she did what your father was never able to do."

"My father is not one of your kind!" Petunia hissed, "If he were he never would have-"

"Married your mother and had two muggle children. " Severus sniped back enjoying the hurt on her face.

Petunia slapped his cheek, "My father was NOT one of YOU!"

"No he wasn't," Albus said quietly, "he is what we in the wizarding world called a squib, a wizard born with the inability to do magic, I suppose it was what your people would call -oh what's the word- a disability of sorts."

Tears formed in her eyes. "My father was supposed to be..." she looked stunned.

"Yes," Albus said gently, "I taught your grandparents, Waylon and Ronalda Evans both powerful Ravenclaws, brilliant in their own right; but there were complications in her birthing William and he was born with no magic in his blood such a shame really."

"You knew them," Lilly asked suddenly curious, "What were they like? He never spoke of them to any of us."

"Brilliant, cold and proper much like your father from what I have seen. It seems the apple doesn't fall from the tree, because just like you were sent away so was he. They were so ashamed of their son, felt him to be such a failure, that they left him with some muggles and used a false-memory charm to be rid of him."

"Poor daddy..." Petunia murmured, "he's right, people like you lot are disgusting. Abandoning your only child just because he can't do magic."

Lilly snorted, "Like the three of you did with me?" she said, "really your hypocrisy is astounding Petunia!"

Petunia blushed, her cheeks flaming in embarrassment as her sister took out her wand and did a quick healing spell on her own nose. The blood evaporated and her nose tingled slightly but the pain stopped. She lifted her head and walked passed her sister, walking into where her sister's would-be husband was hiding under so many overcoats and a large bowler-hat. But then she could just see the pinkness of his face and the roundness of his snout as his sister sat blubbering on the couch. Big fat tears rolling down her tomato-colored face and ugly cobwebs of snot oozing like so many spiders from her over-sized nostrils. Lilly was torn between laughter at how stupid her brother-in-law looked and how gross his sister appeared to be.

"What h-h-happened to mmmm-mmm-my brother?" she blubbered.

"He's a pig." Severus told her simply, "and he's going to stay that way."

"A pig!" Marge said in shock, "But why?"

"Ever heard the expression it's what's on the inside that counts?" Sev drawled, "I merely turned him inside-out."

Marge wailed loudly and honked her nose into her sleeve and Lilly had to begrudgingly admit that she felt just the tiniest hint of guilt for the distress she was in. The woman -Marge- seemed to genuinely love her brother and if there was anyone in the world who could understand that, it was Lilly. She remembered the night when Remus had gotten married, how happy she was for him and his bride and winced when she looked at the completely dispassionate look on Severus' face. At first she had thought it would be funny, relished the element of humiliation the Evans would face and the shock on his own family's perfect faces. But now she felt awful for his sister, sitting her weeping in her formal-wear while her brother hid in shame.

"He can't be seen like this Lilly! I can't marry a pig!" Petunia whined, and Lilly groaned, good lord her voice was annoying sometimes.

"Oh, but of course you can!" Severus quipped, "Hell I did you a favor do you know how -ahem- 'big' they are?" he laughed.

Lilly let out a derisive snort despite herself.

"Liliana!" said Albus in shocked amusement, "what is the meaning of this!"

"He was very rude to your daughter, so I turned him into the pig he is." said Snape with a shrug.

"Well we have to change him back," Remus warned, "and quickly."

"The hell we do, she laid down with this pig let her marry him!" Snape barked.

Minerva coming in behind them looked at the scene, her complexion turned chalky and she slapped Snape across the back of the head. He growled and turned to face her as she walked to Vernon without bothering to question why and turned him back into the ugly human being he was. Vernon yowled and clutched his face as it morphed back into humanity from his porcine form. She didn't say a word to him, or to her daughter but instead inspected the now-weeping muggle by turning his face side to side. She patted him down as if frisking him, checking every inch before giving them a stiff nod. Her eyes cold and unscrupulous as she made sure his face resembled humanity and then she turned to her daughter and her son-in-law with hard, disapproving eyes.

"We never use transfiguration as a punishment Severus no matter...how amusing it may be." she warned. "You know the law Snape. If he's seen you could get into trouble."

Vernon for his part was gasping, his chest heaving as the wizarding family, made their way back to the pews before he had the chance to speak to them and order their immediate removal. Petunia appeased, gave Lilly a halfhearted, 'thanks' before she and Marge made their sullen way back down the isle to their proper place. Dursley waddled his way down the row looking constipated as all get-out and disheveled but doing his best to limp his way to the bride. The ceremony at last began and went off without a hitch, but then the real fireworks started. As the bride and groom shared their sealing kiss the reception from hell commenced. Mr. and Mrs. Dursley went into the ballroom where they cut a cake and did those quaint little cliches that everyone did at such events. Taking their seats as the father of the bride rose to his feet to make his toast and finally for the last time, give his daughter away.

"Ladies and gentleman," he said, "Thank you for coming to this, the wedding of my only daughter."

Severus grabbed Lilly's hand as little Harry cooed on her lap and looked lovingly at his mother with those bright green eyes of his which reflected the grandfather who now rejected him. Albus nodded and kissed Lilly's cheek,reminding her in his own silent way that she was his daughter now and technically the statement was correct and she relaxed a little. There was no reason to make a fuss when she had made the choice herself, but still it hurt that a man who did not know she was no longer his made no effort to acknowledge the daughter he had, at one time or another, claimed to love more than the moon and stars. But it was what he said next that was just too much for Lilly, and she got slowly to her feet, handing the baby to Albus with her wand clenched tightly in her fist.

"Ever since my daughter Lilly's tragic death," he moaned, doing his best to look appropriately mournful , "Patty here has been my shining light and on behalf of our little family, her mother, little Willy and myself are more than sorry to let our blossom go. But couldn't be happier to see her married to such a man as the great Vernon Hugo Dursley."

As the guests cheered cries of, 'here, here!' Lilly spoke up, "Pardon me dad but I'm right here!" she shouted above the cheers and clinking glasses.

The room went dead silent and all eyes turned on her as she stood on the chair to her family's shocked-horror and she gulped at the furious look on her William's face. It was a look that she had seen too many times, that threatening look that had struck fear into her heart but she couldn't stop now. Not after hearing that she was dead to him, and to her birth-family was just too much for her to sit there silent. She met his eyes evenly, amid the audible gasps of the congregation, refusing to look away or allow her lip to quiver. Lilly called on everything she had learned, and every ounce of British stoniness she possessed to meet him on his level. And so she looked at the people and raised her wand, allowing a down-right wicked smile curve her lips.

"Just what do you think you are doing?" he hissed, "sit down and shut up!"

"I'm not dead ladies and gentlemen, I'm the child he threw away! The freak he locked in the cupboard under the stairs!" she yelled and some of the people glared as a disapproving murmur traveled the room.

"I did not," he barked trying to out-talk the masses, "she's lying!"

"Oh I am, am I?" she sneered, raising her wand she shouted, "revealio!"

A loud crack echoed from the tip of her wand and a puff of white smoke filled the air, leaving in its wake what appeared to be a mirror of sorts floating above their heads. The company oo-ed and awed as the horror show unfurled right before their eyes. Every moment, the times he had called her freak, starved her for not being able to control her magic. Petunia locking her in the attic, her mother slapping her face till she bled, a small eleven-year-old girl weeping as she was locked in the darkness of a cabinet under the steps. People were gasping, women sniffled and cried while men made exclamations of, 'I say' or, 'how dreadful' as the color drained from William's face. Everything she had ever been through, everything she had suffered from eleven down to the moment her brother had said she ought to be killed. Now put on blast for the whole of their social-circle to see.

Satisfied that the man was thoroughly embarrassed she stepped down from her chair and walked to stand toe-to-toe with her father. Matching eyes both flaring as he finally did the one thing he had sworn he would never do. He raised his hand and struck her across the face. Hard. The sound of the blow ringing out and splitting her lip. Albus got up, furious, the twinkle gone from his eyes. But the potion to give him energy had worn off and the monumental fatigue that came after hit him like a punch to the chest. He fell backwards into Remus who sat his father down again and fanned both of them to keep them awake so they could watch the unfurling spectacle.

"You say I'm dead dad, just like grandpa Waylon did to you?" she whispered in his ear and his eyes widened.

"How..." he gasped but she did not answer him.

"I am dead dad, dead to you...you'll never see me again, you won't even remember I was born." She nodded and closed her eyes pointing her wand at the now terrified guests, "Obliviate." she whispered, and dissipated into the night.

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