Harrison Snape and the Magical Childhood

Chapter 4

Harrison Snape and the Magical Childhood: Part 1 of 8 in the Cursed Chronicles

Chapter four

The Boy who Lived

"What do you mean for now?" Severus was wild eyed and frightened.

Albus squeezed his shoulder, "Everything will be all right, you are safe for now." he repeated in a tone that said he would say no more on the matter.

Lilly was so preoccupied with her husband's hysteria she barely heard her old head-master reassuring him again for what must've been the twelfth time that day that everything was indeed all right. He seemed disbelieving and unsure, not that she blamed him for this, for truth-be-told she was just as frightened if not more so than he was. After all, it was she, Lilly who was the pregnant one not him and she'd been the one to have to fend off the death-eaters mostly on her own. If one did a mind-reading charm on her one would have seen a traumatized little girl curled up and rocking herself back and forth for comfort. While gibbering like some idiot and being driven mad by the whirling dervish of her own thoughts. But if there were two things she learned as a Gryffindor at Hogwarts it was one, to always be brave and two for heavens sake don't lose your senses in a time of crisis; Professor McGonagall had drilled that into her and all of her housemates from the moment they had the fortune or misfortune -depending on how one looked at it-to come under her tutelage.

She had always admired her sense of duty, courage and protectiveness and wanted to be just like her when she grew up, but then that was no surprise for, Professor McGonagall had a special relationship with Lilly, one that only her closest friends and husband knew about. so for her it was a good thing she had learned this lesson early on, otherwise she would be hiding in the corner right now when her family needed her the most. Her family... she was having a second child, she really was going to have a family, a typical nuclear family. Well by wizarding standards, and the poor lonely boy next door who was always starving and covered in bruises was finally going to get that happy life which had always seemed just beyond his reach. It had seemed that way at least until tonight, when that monster had shown up and tried to kill them for no reason other than what appeared to be a bruised ego. It wasn't like he didn't have several other goons to do his evil work so what did it matter if Severus didn't want to work for him anymore?

Lilly had heard of these things happening in the muggle world, where violent gang members senselessly killed those who chose to leave the organization for want of a better and safer life. She had seen in the London Times how muggles, using guns, knives and whatever other manor of crude and highly personal object to exact all manor of bloody vengeance on those who they felt wronged them in some superfluous way or another. She had always thought those people were more silly than terrifying, having spent the majority of her life around children and one of their first lessons being to use their words and not fists or sticks. To use anything other than verbal sparring in the midst of an argument would be considered a temper-tantrum and they would be sent to the corner for punishment. The idea that children were otherwise better behaved than the dark lord caused the ghost of a smile to play along her rosy lips but it was quickly tempered as she caught sight of her baby boy and remembered the lightning shaped scar now marking her beautiful baby forever; the mark of a curse.

And not just any curse either, that mark had come from a deadly evil curse; Lilly felt her insides liquefying as she saw the fight flash before her eyes and thought of losing little Harry. The sickly flash of green light flashed before her eyes. She reached for Severus and held him close as she thought about what her marriage to him had almost done to her; her own sense of self-preservation warred with the love she had always felt for the little boy next-door who had taught her not to fear her own magic. The boy who had allowed her to be herself when the muggle world thought her to be odd and abnormal, Severus had told her that she was special, that she was in fact worth something and that being a witch made her not odd but unique. Lilly loved him for that, and the more she thought about it the more she blamed herself, she and her meaningless teenage flirtation with James Potter had driven him to this and how her growing up had led to his betrayal of the madman and the events of tonight as senseless as they were.

Wanting vengeance and going after the man himself was bad enough but to go after his baby boy and pregnant wife simply because, -for lack of a better term- Severus did not want to play with him anymore was just beyond sick! Lilly had never hurt anyone and had felt herself growing furious she had this sudden urge to go out there and ram her wand down the throat of everyone who even looked like they might be up to no good. A rather funny thought considering her one-time best friends had the same motto of swearing they were up to no good and took great delight in sneaking out of the school grounds every now and again. But after tonight she just wanted to curl up and protect Harry and her baby at any cost. Even if it meant killing someone and the hell with the promise she made her mother. This man, this monster and whoever followed him were a detriment to all humanity and had to be stopped right away as soon as it could with as little mercy as he showed his victims.

Her thoughts were broken when the child in her belly kicked mercilessly at her insides and she rubbed her baby gently trying to settle them down as they reacted to their father's touch and the sound of his sobbing terrified voice. Being a doctor at a hospital and working in pediatrics she knew this child was a strong one, healthy at three months to be kicking with such a genuine ferocity to remind his (or her) weeping, kneeling father of his/her presence in the room. She wanted to ease the lines of stress from his face, relax him and lay him down to sleep; although she was sure his slumber would be no more peaceful than were he laying in the middle of platform 9 3/4 as the train arrived. She could only imagine the noise his own heart must be making in his ears was just as loud if not even louder than the thundering wheels of the steaming locomotive as it pulled into port and while she had caught a couple hours sleep before he had woken her to go talk to Dumbledore he hadn't slept since eleven the previous night, and it was now half passed midnight. She made a mental note to acquire the ingredients for a sleeping potion later on that night and make sure it was one for dreamless sleep so nothing woke him up in the night.

Little Harry on the other hand, was now snoring much like his mother did and comfy in Albus' lap and Dumbledore for his part seemed to be quite content to allow the baby to sleep on him and ignore his parents entirely. He looked over at Severus and smiled at he poor man before going to his desk; from which he pulled out what appeared to be a golden set of scales for weighing potions ingredients. He set them on the table with his free hand and bounced the tot with the other as he turned to the little elf at his side with a kind smile. Elvira, the little green-eyed house-elf who attended the old man in his menial, none-work-related tasks loved children and was looking longingly at the child in her master's arms. The look being replaced with one of joy as she was handed the sleeping infant who she held close and made happy baby sounds at. He then turned to the couple holding one another and went to Lilly kneeling down before her and asking with a silent raising of his hands if he could feel her stomach.

Normally Lilly would have felt strange about this, the man was not biologically her father but knowing the relationship that Severus and Albus had she allowed it and Severus assumed it was like having a father-in-law feel his grand baby and he obliged him. bringing forth a radiant smile from the old man and a hug. He felt her stomach and then, tears came to his eyes as he looked at the child he had raised from age eleven. He knew Lilly would never call him father but he and Minerva McGonagall had raised the little girl ever since she had come to Hogwarts, because her parents -as much as they loved her- simply could not handle a witch of Lilly's increasingly insatiable appetite for magic had given guardianship of their youngest daughter to the headmaster and his wife. Minerva had loved her at once and Albus, although he married his old friend out of convenience so that the baron woman could adopt, had enjoyed nothing more than raising a little girl and seeing that bond that she and his old friend had created. Minerva, so proud and severe with a permanent sternness to her eyes and a rigidness to her countenance was the last witch on earth anyone would have considered to be sweet or maternal but where Lilly was concerned, she was the picture of motherly affection.

She adored having Lilly bringing her mother's day cards, Lilly asking her to do her hair, Lilly oversleeping on weekends and having to be woken with an aquamenti spell which she responded to by playfully tossing a pillow at her and pretending to hide under the covers with her stuffed cat. There were days when Lilly would have colds or flues or some sort of muggle ailment that could have easily been cured with a quick potion or a flick of the wand. But Lilly had for some reason liked being sick, probably because like most children she enjoyed being spoiled and being sick was one of those times when Albus and Minerva had given her whatever she wanted. More so Minerva, Albus had often found his wife curled up in bed with her as a silver tabby cat purring away while she slept and sometimes in her sleep she would lose control of her form and turn back into a human, a peaceful smile on her lips and her face in Lilly's red hair. It was almost as if she had born the child and was sleeping in her bed while her husband watched over them and sometimes, Albus would sit and watch them while they slept.

In fact, Minerva would have loved to change her name to McGonagall or Dumbledore and keep her to herself but Albus had insisted she keep in touch with her muggle parents at least five times out of the year. She had even called Minerva mummy at one point and the name had just stuck, in truth even though she kept the name Evans till she married her husband Albus had become Daddy Dumbledore and his wife had become Mummy McGonagall to her. They had raised her, apart from the two weeks every summer when she had gone home to her family to reconnect only to come back to their house sad and melancholy because her sister had been cruel and said nasty things to her again about being a witch. In fact, Lilly had at the age of fifteen refused to go back to her muggle family because she believed in that typical teenage way that they did not understand and or get her in the slightest. Despite Minerva's gentle but firm reassurances that her family would eventually come around Lilly had cried and curled up in her guardian's arms telling her how cruel Petunia was to her and how her parents never did anything about it

And she had not come back ever since, the last time she had spoken to or seen her muggle parents was at her wedding to Severus two years ago an event which hadn't been at all pleasant for the Evans' who, despite their initial pride and fascination at having a wizarding child had long since seen the fascination wear off and the novelty run thin. They had always regretted allowing Albus and her to take their youngest daughter and what was worse, resented the bond that Minerva in particular had with the young woman. For although Lilly had tried to include Mrs. Evans in the wedding planning and process it had been not her blood-relatives but her adopted parents- mother in particular- who she had called upon to help her select a dress, flowers and all the other things that women had to set in place before embarking on a new life with the man they loved. where they had been sour-faced and grumpy about not only the fact that he and Minerva were in attendance but that Lilly wanted Albus to give her away and not Mr. Evans, despite feeling sorry for the man he had not denied his ward and done as she asked, much to her father's anger.

Mr. Evans believed -with good reason- that he had been replaced and in affect he had been but that was no ones fault; he had not understood his daughter and therefor had no idea who she was. He had not made that much of an effort to find out about her either, sure there was an occasional birthday card or Christmas card but nothing really deep or meaningful and all the pictures Lilly had on hand were of her guardians, her first dress, her first quidditch match, her first broom, reading with McGonagall sleeping with Albus and Minerva when she had a bad dream, her room with her favorite Irish team and pictures of her and Snape and her and Potter at school dances and playdates and things of that sort. But not a word from the Evans who pretty much ignored their daughter less it was time for one of five yearly visits which did not include Easter and Christmas because Lilly wanted to stay in the magical world where she was a superstar, rather than return to the muggle world where she was some sort of freak.

Nevertheless as the biological father he believed it was his god-given right to walk her down the isle and he was right but it was also Lilly's wedding and Albus had believed he had better give her what she wanted, The resentment this sprouted and the fact that she was marrying that peculiar boy from down the street rather than a nice normal young man with 'proper English manors' was enough to push her over the edge and they -her biological parents- had begun to act just like Petunia , calling her 'freak' and 'the girl' rather than Lilly and even objecting at the wedding. Well not so much objecting as walking out of the room and shouting all the while about how ashamed they were that their precious little Tuney had such a girl for a sister, causing Lilly to cry all her makeup off before the vows and have to drink a happiness potion before the ceremony could proceed. As such, the Evans had no knowledge that they had a grandson and had not spoken to Lilly since then, her sisters wedding was fast approaching and she had not been invited to the wedding and now she was having her second child and they still had no idea.

Well now Albus wished more than ever that he was not 'Daddy Dumbledore' but just 'Daddy' to her and that he had allowed Minerva to adopt the girl when he had the chance, but he felt so selfish feeling that way as though he had no right to ask her for that. He had mentored Snape, he had loved Lilly and he had tasted that family life he had always wanted and he would have to content himself with that but as he felt the baby kick he wanted to be called grandfather for his own selfish reasons. Elvira was still holding Harry and now the child was awake and squealing with delight, as he reached his tiny hands up to pull at the creatures huge flappy ears and tug gently. Lilly smiled and what she said next made the old man's heart swell to near bursting and he cried, he openly cried. As she took the baby from the elf's arms she held him on her knee facing Albus so that her green eyes met his and she whispered to the baby.

"Yes, that's your grandpa Harry, say hi grandpa!" and she smiled at her guardian whose eyes were shiny with tears.

Severus smiled and nodded to Albus telling him without words what Lilly intended to do, of course it would take a couple months for the paperwork to be finalized but on her birth-certificate it would now read, 'Liliana Sunshine Dumbledore Snape' and all it required was the signatures of her legal guardians which she was more than certain she would get. Albus put his arms around her tightly and turned to Elvira telling her to fetch Professor McGonagall at once. The little elf scurried off bringing a sleepy, and thoroughly disgruntled Minerva upstairs in her nightdress- which much to Lilly's amusement was a frilly shade of bubblegum fuchsia and smattered with lace of the same shade. The bunny slippers she was wearing on her old arthritic feet looked as cozy and comfy as anything and Lilly longed to crawl inside them and go back to sleep. Sweet Merlin she was tired! With all the excitement of the day she had forgotten how truly exhausted she was but it all hit her in one horrible punch to the chest knocking the wind out of her, and when Professor McGonagall looked at her she wanted to run to her arms.

"What is it Albus, why is Liliana out of bed and with her baby no less?" she grumped sleepily.

"I want you to be my mum and dad," Lilly replied getting straight to the point.

Minerva's eyes widened, and a pearly tear appeared in each one of her eyes, "Of course, but it is not possible you are of age."

Dumbledore smiled and patted her shoulder saying, "Cornelius Fudge owes me a favor or two I am sure he could make an exception." then turning to Elvira he said gently, "do fetch the minister for me would you Elvie?"

"Yes Master anything for Master, Master is so good to Elvie..." she squeaked and vanished with a loud pop.

In no less than five minutes coming up the hall was Cornelius J. Fudge, the minister of magic, beaming like a peacock and looking ready to outright crow at any moment. His long thick handlebar mustache was curled and his cheeks were rosy with glee. Severus' eyes narrowed, he had no notion what the man was so happy about but never one to like the government whereas Lilly was now was curled up in McGonagall's arms looking every bit as a child as the baby boy on her lap while she burrowed close and fell asleep. Cornelius took no notice of her snoring but instead walked in and with a nod, acknowledged Minerva who was kissing Lilly on the head intermittently between whispers of, 'pleasant dreams', and 'that's it Lilly, rest your eyes' while Dumbledore stood to greet the politician with a smile and a clap on the back and a light squeeze of the shoulder.

"Can you BELIEVE it Albus!" chattered the man excitedly, "You-know-who, gone! Just like that Albus! Poof and that's it!"

"Yes Cornelius we have Lilly, Severus and the baby to thank for that..." Albus told him gravely, gesturing to the sleeping mother and child.

Fudge's eyes widened, "the baby, but how!"

Severus then relayed the whole story, every detail from the moment the Death-Eater's arrived to the battle when he had come in to the last moment when he had attacked the baby and the horrible flash of green light and the way that Lord Voldemort had shuddered and collapsed and then just seemed to evaporate into a cloud of black dust. Cornelius' eyes darted back and forth like a set of muggle ping-pong balls between the pair asleep in Minerva's arms to Severus to Dumbledore back to Severus back to Dumbledore. He hung onto every word, seemed to swallow it the way a dying man thirsted for water, not letting a single drop run passed his lips. He even punctuated his attention by slamming his fist on the table, one too many times in fact and thus woke the baby and the poor mother. Harry began bawling and Lilly rubbed her eyes sleepily noticing much to her embarrassment that there was now a small puddle of drool leaking down the front of Professor McGonagall's nightdress.

"Sorry," Lilly mumbled sleepily, but Minerva only shook her head and wiped the dribble from her chin with a pocket handkerchief.

Fudge incorrectly assumed that she was saying sorry to him for sleeping during his visit, "Think nothing of it my dear, I'm sure you have had a very long day." he chortled good naturedly, "If there is anything I can do to repay you and your family for this great service..."

"There is actually." Lilly said obligingly.

"Anything you like!" the little man chirped enthusiastically.

"As you know," Albus said, "Minerva and I practically raised Lilly from age eleven..."

"Yes, yes I remember," Fudge replied blandly, "go on."

"I want to change my name on my birth-certificate to Liliana Dumbledore, so that I am actually their daughter."

"An over-age adoption, highly unorthodox, highly unorthodox." he mused.

"But it is doable?" Lilly pressed on.

"I suppose it is," Fudge conceded. "But it is highly irregular."

"I want my son to have grandparents, grandparents that can understand him and help him cope with whatever repercussions are coming with what happened tonight." she pleaded.

Fudge looked at Harry and seemed to soften, "Yes quite doable."' He reached into his pocket and pulled out a golden quill which he sat before a blank sheet of parchment, he barked at the quill, "Liliana Evans birth certificate.

With a cracking sound the words appeared in front of them and Fudge dipped the quill into an inkwell he scratched out the name Evans on the birth-certificate and the names of her parents. Lilly felt a pang of guilt as William and Daisy Evans were erased from the birth certificate and she was handed the pen where she wrote her name in gilded ink. Albus was next, he took the pen, and wrote his name where father should have been and then Minerva did the same. the letters of their names burned into the parchment forever and legally binding in either world, Lilly had left her muggle world behind and become someone new. Lilly had left any remnant of her muggle life behind and despite her initial pang of guilt she felt in that moment, when Minerva -no- her mother put her arms around her in a celebratory hug and Albus -daddy- put his whiskery lips to her forehead.

Fudge a privately sentimental man smiled and wiped a tear from his cheek before clearing his throat saying, "Quite right then," and picking up the mugs of coffee said, "A toast then to the happy family! And to Harry Snape, the boy who lived!"