My New Wings

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: My Angel

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Yelling was the first thing I heard when I started to come back to myself, it sounded like my uncle and another man's voice. I'm not quite sure what is going on anymore, all I know was that I was in excruciating pain, more pain then when I went to sleep last night. It felt like my bones and skin where stretched and changed, my head felt like a sledge hammer was taken to it and all sounds seemed amplified. Without thinking, a whimper escaped my chapped lips and I curled more into myself, moving my head to bury it underneath the flat pillow I was allowed, just to try to block out the noise. I heard footsteps hurry up the stairs and my door being thrown open, for some reason that noise was just too much for my pounding head. A growl was brought about from the person who entered my room, causing my head to whip from underneath the pillow. There, in my doorway, stood an angel. A man about 6'3" tall stood wearing a tight, dark emerald green shirt and black leather pants, behind him was glistening black wings with dark green and sliver markings, but the most shocking feature of the angel was his eyes, his eyes were like a molten mercury, sliver burning so bright. Something in my mind just clicked, causing a whine to escape my throat; I wanted this man before me, I wanted him to take me away to protect me.

A growl answered my wanting, but it did not scare me, but comforted me. I was not sure why, but it did. I started to move my battered body towards my angel, I got as far as to a sitting position, but the pain was brought back tenfold, reminding what stood before me was someone to deliver me to my death, or at least I hope. Black spots now danced in my vison, I felt my body start to slump back into the bed. I heard the voice of an angel enter my ear, felt hands catch my falling body, but I was so tired that I couldn't make out was being said. I felt fingers starting to comb through my hair, I felt the strange man's body behind me now, his body felt nice against my battered one, I wonder when he climbed into my beat-up bed.

"Shh little one, you are safe now, rest," my sweet angel whispered. I notice it was the same voice from my dream last night. Was this a dream too? Merlin, I hope not, but even if it was, I do not think I would mind. I did as the angel told me to, and let my thoughts leave and let the darkness take over once more. I hope that when I next open my eyes I would see those molten pools of silver again.

* * * Magical Time change* * *

I felt like my body was floating on a cloud, was this what heaven was supposed to feel like? I guess this really does mean I'm dead, that my angel really did save me. Slowly everything seemed to come back, I first like to note that all the pain my body was in seemed to be healed. Next thoughts were that there was a blanket over my body, it was the softest thing I have ever felt upon my skin, and it felt like water cascading down my body. I guess I'm not dead then, one way to find out for sure. I slowly opened my eyes instantly regret my decisions when I was bombarded by bright white light; I blinked a couple of times. Now I am very unsure if I am alive or dead. As I blinked things started to come into focus. I frowned and brought my hand up to my face. No, I wasn't wearing glasses, what was going on? I moved my head to the side to see where I was when a deep baritone voice entered my ears, "Mr. Potter, so nice for you to join us in the world of the living."

Two things went through my mind in a matter of .2 seconds, first being I was alive, and the second, "Snape?!" I whipped my head to where I heard the man's voice. There sat the black dungeon bat of Hogwarts, in a chair beside my bed, his hair seemed to be tied back and out of his face, and seem cleaner as well. Gone were his black robes, replaced with a loose fitting white shirt, and black slacks.

The famous Snape sneer was now upon his face, "Yes, Mr. Potter, good to see that you are well enough to not respect your elders."

I blinked once, twice, to make sure this was not a dream. "I'm sorry Sir; I thought I was dead, so when I heard your voice it was a bit of a shock." I answer honestly. I slowly moved my gaze from the man to the rest of the room. It was a nice large open room, it was a soft cream color, and the furniture pieces were a pecan color. A pair of glass doors to one side of the room seemed to lead out to a balcony of sorts. One window was made into a reading nook, complete with a soft green blanket with a pecan colored pillow. A small sitting area near the fire place with a small love seat and a chair, which was a lovely green color, angled towards the first but enough to keep a conversation going.

I returned my gaze back to the man in the room, his black eyes seemed to have lost the hatred they once held for me, now in them was sort of sadness, anger, and concern. All of this was new.

"I will not lie, it was touch and go for a while Mr. Potter." Was all the man had a chance to say before one of the doors opened.

"Thanks for keeping an eye on him, Uncle Sev." The new comer said. Both Professor Snape and I turned to face the new comer. There stood the same angel I saw in my room, but now I knew who this was. This was my school enemy, Draco Malfoy, it took my confusion to a whole level.

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