My New Wings

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: New Looks

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I must have looked like an owl staring at my worst enemy. Here I was sitting in a room with my most hated professor and now the most hated person from school walks in. This day just can't get any more surprising, if it does, I might die from heart failure here soon. That wasn't even the strangest thing, while I can bring up my hatred for Snape, I could not do so for the blond haired prat that stood before me. I stared hard at him, trying to put my finger on what was different about the prat. He had the same blond hair, though it wasn't slicked back with gel, no, that wasn't it. His face seemed to have lost the baby fat, his checks where more defined, a jaw line that was sharpened, his eyes, while I never noticed before, was a metallic looking grey, in all he was very handsome man. Wait, did I just think that Malfoy was handsome? Alright, something has happened here, something is seriously wrong with me.

Draco, MALFOY, gave me a smile that left my stomach with a fluttering feeling. "It's good to see you awake Harry, I was worried that I didn't make it in time." I titled my head to the side, much like Ripper did when Aunt Marge was talking to him. I am on a new level of confusion, nothing was making sense anymore. The world had a cruel sense of humor, taking me from one hell and putting me in another.

"Draco, I think you need to explain things better, this is a Gryffindor you are talking to." Snape said, being his usual stuck up self, "With that I will take my leave, as I do not want to be part of this conversation. Please Dragon remember to give him those three potions as soon as you are done with your little talk, wouldn't want another setback in the healing process." With that, the bat like professor gracefully stood from the chair and made a dramatic exit as possible; leaving me and Malfoy alone…in the same room.

Malfoy took the seat where the greasy haired bat just was. I couldn't bring up my usual sneer that I do when I am close to this snake, what is wrong with me?!

"I guess you are wondering what is going," Dra-, Malfoy, started, I just gave him that "duh" look. Malfoy gave a small cough and brought his hand up to rub the back of his neck. Sadly I could not keep from flinching violently at the hand being raised. After the summer, I've been through I couldn't help but to be careful around people. Draco's actions paused for a moment, his silver eyes gleaming in hate and anger. I flinched once again, but realized that it wasn't directed at me.

"I am sorry Harry, I am sorry that I could not have gotten there fast enough, if I had known sooner, then all of your pain could be avoided." My brows scrunched up in confusion, known what sooner? What is going on? I just want to know! "I am going to try to explain this as best as possible, please bear with me on everything. A few nights ago, something awoke in your family magic, bringing out your creature blood. Most of us are born or know of the creature blood that we could inherit, therefore we're taught how to control our instincts and know of our mates when we find them. Sadly, it seemed that someone was blocking your creature blood from you, making it impossible for you to even have a hint that you are something more than just a wizard, this is a complete disgrace to us purebloods to have our creature blocked."

"Wait a second," I couldn't help myself, the more he explains the more lost I become. "You are saying that I am a creature now? How does this happen?!" I feel tears start to fill my eyes. This is shitty, I have no idea what is happening anymore, fate is such a bitch!

"Yes, Harry you are a creature," Draco said as he brought his had to cup my check. I flinched at the touch, but don't move away, his hand was so warm and nice, his fingers slowly brushing the tears from my eyes. "Shhh Little One, don't cry. Creature blood is not a bad thing; there is not a pureblood that can't boast about not having creature blood. It is in fact something we are very proud of; it shows that we are more magical than other families that humanoid magical creatures bestowed gifts upon us, in way or another. The most common creatures you will find is Vampires, Veela, Light Elves, Nymphs and even Werewolves. Then you have Nekos, Demons, Dragons, and a few others that are not so common. Before you ask only those born of Vampire and Werewolf blood can be considered a creature and under the creature laws, not dark; those bitten are a disgrace, cursed by those who either strayed from blood, or blood forcefully taken, so forced to drink life force from wizard and humans and turn during the full moon losing ones' mind." He took a short pause, letting me process the information. So being a creature was not a bad thing, just gifts given to wizards by true creatures of old. Why was none of this taught at Hogwarts?

"So, I guess you want to know what you are." Draco mused. It took me a moment to realize that he was talking to me, I gave a tiny nod. "You are Dark Elf by the looks of it, you have changed a little bit in the healing sleep you were put into."

"C-Can I see?" Malfoy just nodded and conjured up a mirror and handed it to me. I was shocked to see what "little changes" meant. I felt like I was looking at someone else now, staring at me was large bright green eyes, brighter than humanly possible, they were almost glowing emeralds, before they were a forest green most of the time. My cheek bones more pronounced, even with as skinny as I was, I could tell they had changed and grown sharper. My face was now more rounded like a woman's face, and my hair that was once unruly mess was now straight and long passing somewhere down my shoulders it seemed. My ears also had the pointedness that muggles put into the movies, and I looked so pale compared to the tan I had from the few moments I was working in the garden of this summer. I gave the mirror back to Draco, my hands shaking.

"W-What does it mean to be a 'Dark' Elf? Compared to it brethren 'Light'?" I asked wanting to know more about my heritage now.

Draco gave me a small smile, my stomach once again doing flips at the sight. "Elves, in general, are more known in elemental control such; fire, water, earth and air. Light Elves are more in touch with elemental magic then those of Dark elves, and do very well in magic pertaining to nature such as Herbology they are also more in touch with 'light; creatures such as unicorns. Dark Elves, while they can still befriend unicorns are more in tone with 'dark' creatures such as thestrals and have more control over shadows and blood magic, while elemental magic is harder for them to control they are more seen as fire and air. Very little is known about Dark Elves since they tend to stay in their own clans and not mess around with wizards and humans." I just nodded my head, making a note to try to find a book containing information about creatures and Dark Elves.

"Before I give you your potions and leave you alone, there is one more thing I must inform you of Harry." Draco paused. "Most of the creatures have mate pre-chosen for them by both Lady Fate and Lady Magic. The reason for this is because they are to act as a balance for each other, but also match each other perfectly not only in thoughts and actions, but also magic size and power. Most only have one true pair, and once it's gone there is no hope for another chance. To also help out in the balance most are a dominate and submissive relationship, while the dominant seems to have most say in the relationship, it's still an equal part. The Dom looks to help the submissive in protecting and making sure they are safe, the submissive does the same for the dominant. The Dominant looks bigger for size and shape and has more muscle power, the submissive has a little bit more magic that they get from the dominant and in times of crises they can use. Or it is used in mating to help support the child that the sub might be carrying."

"W-Why are you telling me this?" I asked, kind of having an idea where this was going, but not liking this one bit, not at all.

Draco sighed, and bit his lip. "I-I am not going to pressure you into anything, but you are my mate Harry, in this relationship I am the dominant and you are the submissive. I cannot push you into this at all, but if… if you can forgive me for all these years, I would like for you to give me a shot."

I froze, I slowly closed my eyes, all this was too much to deal with at once I needed time. "I-I just need time to think all this over…please," I whispered to Draco, "everything is changing to fast right now."

"I understand Harry, and I am willing to wait for your answer." He then handed me three bottles full of potions. "Take these and I will leave, one is a pain potion, one is a nutrient potion, and the last is dreamless sleep." I just nodded taking each potion as I was given them, letting my body be guided back to bed my eyes closing, my thoughts quieting thanks to the dreamless sleep, before succumbing to darkness, I felt light fluttering lips press onto my forehead, and whispered words, "Goodnight Little One."

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