Beautiful Beast

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Draco Malfoy sat in his study comfortably. His fingers ran on the cover of the journal lying on his desk. It was a year after the war and the Dark Lord won. And it's been a year since he's been looking for her. But he hasn't been able to find her, even her traces weren't found. She is hiding well. He knows, she ran away with the Weasley girl and Granger after Harry Potter was declared dead. He saw with his own eyes that Granger pulled them into side along apparation. After that, he never heard from her. He has sent numerous of people to look for her, he sent his best people. And he knows, soon she will be found and she will be his as he always dreamed.

He is willing to admit that he has been obsessed with her since his fourth year. At first, he wasn't interested in her; she was just like the other girls who were at Hogwarts. But the longer he watched her, the more he admired her. Until his fourth year where he realizes he's getting obsessed with her. He knows everything about her. He knows where she lives, her favorite color, her favorite food, her favorite animal, and he knows that she painted her friends' faces on the ceiling of her room, he sneered at the thought.

Even as the war approaches, she is the only one who makes him sane. In his sixth year, where his life was threatened, she still able to take his breath away, he still finds himself following her like a lost puppy as he spotted her in the corridor. He will follow her anywhere. He once followed her to the toilet. She's the only thing he cannot have, no matter what he does. He has sent her a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears on important dates like her birthday and Valentine's Day. He doesn't blame her for not thanking him for the gifts; he always hides his identity every time he sends her a gift.

One day when he began to get sick of her for not paying attention to him at all, he decided to take something important from her, something private. Doesn't he deserve to have something from her? He certainly deserved it.

He grabbed the journal from the table and held it up close to his chest like his newborn child. "I love you so much," he whispered hoarsely at the journal, and his thoughts brought to the past how he could get this journal.

When all students and teachers are in class, a platinum haired student sneaks into the Ravenclaw tower. His eyes will look around every second making sure no one is around the tower and his footsteps are so light, he's almost like floating. His breath heated up as he was at the door of the Ravenclaw common room. The riddle begins to give him a question; it takes a hard effort to be able to answer it. It takes him 15 minutes to get into the Ravenclaw common room.

Once he was inside, he was stunned. The common room is as beautiful as the Slytherin girls say, and also with the best view. He can see the Forbidden Forest, Quidditch field, and Black Lake from here. He imagined himself lying with her and his arms wrapped around her while watching the view from here, it would be very beautiful. He shook his head; this is not the right time. He pushed all his thoughts away and continued his mission.

Before he enters the girl's dorm, he mutters a spell to let him come inside. The spell works well when he's in the dorm and nothing has happened. It didn't take long time for him to find her bed. He always knew that her bed was close to the window. Without hesitation he immediately walked to her bed and started looking.

He opened a drawer and only found a hair brush and some make-up equipment. Then he opened the second drawer and found a lotion and some perfume bottles. He opened the third drawer, he grinned, it was her underwear. He picked up some and his grin widened. Lace, silk, ribbon turns out to be her favorite. He picked up lacy white panties, then he pocketed it, she wouldn't know that one of her underwear was missing. As if picking up her panties is not enough, he takes a lacy white bra, he needs a pair of her underwear to satisfy his fantasies. He hides her bra behind his Slytherin robe and he starts his searching again.

He searched under the pillow, but he didn't find anything, he looked under the bed and he still didn't find anything. The only place he hasn't checked is under her bed mattress. His hand groped under the bed mattress until his hand touched something. He picked it up and smiled with satisfaction after getting what he wanted, her journal.

Without waiting for long, he immediately got out of there and ran back to the Slytherin common room where he could fantasize about her, and his fantasy would be more perfect with some of the things he had taken.

Since then he has always fulfilled his fantasies through the journal and underwear he took from her. Every night he would lie on his bed, reading her beautiful handwriting with her underwear lying on his chest, it felt very good, no one compares. He had to admit that it was creepy, but he enjoyed what he did.

When she was a prisoner in his dungeon, he was happy, not that he was glad she was tormented. He is happy because he will have her around and he can play as her hero. He fantasize his aunt Bellatrix torturing her and he'll go down to the dungeon when his aunt has finished with her, he'll give her comfort, hug her and whisper that everything will be fine while stroking her hair, and treating her, whatever he would do to be a hero in her eyes.

But his fantasy will always be a fantasy. Not once did he see her when she became a prisoner. His father dragged him for a raid and it took months. When he has returned, he plans to visit her the next day. However, Potter suddenly comes and takes her away from him, Potter rescues her. He remembers how she didn't give him a second glance when she ran away with Potter and the blasted house elf. She dumped him like unimportant trash. She broke his heart and his hope ever since.

But no matter how bad she hurt him, he still wants her; he even wants her more. He determined to win the war, not only for the sake of his family, but also he able to have her completely. She will be under his ownership; he will make her pay for what she has done to him. He will make her pay for having chosen Potter over him. After Potter is declared dead, he is a little angry because he hasn't been able to avenge him. But when he spotted the blond girl, his temper disappeared; he intended to take her back to Malfoy Manor.

But he's the unlucky one, the mud-blood Granger takes her and runs away with her. The next day, he sent a lot of people to look for her all over the UK. He has spent a lot of Galleons to get her, and he would be damned if his efforts is useless. But this time he's sure that he'll get her, she'll be right here, at the house he bought for her.

Oh, yes, he spoiled her without her knowing it. Six months after the war, he bought an estate, smaller than Malfoy Manor for him and her to stay. He deliberately made the whole room look dark and cold so that if she came she could make every room brighter and warmer with her magic. He has also bought her a lot of jewelry, dresses, shoes, bags, everything all women's needs, he has bought for her, and most importantly, lingerie.

Sometimes he doesn't understand her, why she never saw him? He even doubts that she realizes that he exists. Every girl will die to be with him; they will kneel down and beg to make them into his. And why is she not at all enchantment by him? It will remain a mystery to him. Her disinterest towards him made behave like this. But it doesn't matter now. Interested or not, she will be his.

His mind was disturbed when he heard a knock on his door. He placed the journal in the drawer before instructing whoever this person is to enter. There, standing one of his people.

"Well?" He began leaning back.

"We found her," he replied simply.

He grinned, I told you so. "Bring her in,"

Then two men get into his study and bring a woman, blond haired woman. Her eyes were covered with blindfold, her mouth was gagged, and her hands were tied together. She wriggled helplessly, desperately trying to escape.

His grey eyes landed on her, he drinking her in. Although he can't see her face clearly, but he knows that it is her. She is here, close to him, breathing the same air with him. He stands up gracefully and intrudes on the two men to wait outside. They drop her on the floor and get out as quickly as possible.

He approached her and kneeled with one knee in front of her. Apparently she wasn't aware of his presence. His fingers reached her and stroked her face gently, she was real. Her body shook in fear; she just sat on the floor like a statue. Slowly, he took the cloth from her mouth, a sob escaped from her mouth. His eyes watched her lips for a moment; he restrained himself from pressing his lips against hers. Then, he took off her blindfold. Her blue eyes widened as she saw him, tears slipping out of her beautiful eyes, she shifted away from him. But he hasn't been paying attention since he was too impressed with her. Even with the dirt on her face she still looks breathtaking, she is still able to take his breath away.

His fingers reached her again, making sure she was real and not a mirage. As his fingers stroked her cheek, she looked down at the floor in fear. "Please." She pleaded, it sounded like a whimper in his ears. And with one simple word, she was able to get him to harden.

"You're here," he murmured as his face got closer to hers, watching every details of her face. She is really an angel, his angel.

"Please, let me go," she whimpers again, trying to move away from his touch.

Let her go? He has been looking for her for a year and now she wants him to let her go? This is unbelievable. He feels the rage began to take over him, but he held back, he didn't want her to be afraid of him. "I will never let you go, never," he whispered roughly, holding her nape tightly, forcing her to see him in the eye. So she can see, there's nothing but only her in it.

She was shaking more. He stroked her cheek for the last time before snapping his fingers, summoning a house elf. A house elf appeared before him in an instant. "Master Draco called?"

"Yes," he said coldly. "I want you to take her to my room and draw a bath for her. I want to see her ready in an hour,"

The house elf nodded. "Yes, Master Draco, Dipsy will do it immediately,"

And in an instant, the house elf and the blond girl disappeared. He took a breath and grinned. Finally, his fantasy will not only be a fantasy, it will come true. She will be under his ownership. He will keep her forever. He will spend the rest of his life with Luna Lovegood, whether she is willing or not.

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