Beautiful Beast

Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Clutching Draco's jacket around her body, Luna walked graciously toward Narcissa who was having a conversation with a gray-haired lady. But as she got closer, the two women turned toward her and smiled at her. Luna smiled back at them.

"Did you enjoy the Ball, Luna?" Narcissa asked with a smile.

"Of course she is. She has been dancing all night with the young Mr. Malfoy," the lady with gray hair said teasingly.

Luna looked down and smiled a little. "The Ball is amazing. I particularly liked the decoration, it's beautiful," she said.

Narcissa nodded proudly. She has worked very hard for this Ball.

"Mrs. Malfoy, can I talk to you?" Luna asked hesitantly.

"That's a sign that I should leave then," the lady said.

"I'll see you later, Mrs. Esme," Narcissa told her friend, "something bothering you, Luna?" Narcissa asked as Mrs. Esme left them.

"Did something happen?"

Narcissa frowned in confusion. But as she opened her mouth, Lucius appeared down the stairs and followed by the Death Eaters behind him. Even from their facial expressions it has been a sign that something bad has happened.

"This Ball should be over soon, I'm afraid," Lucius told his wife.

"Why?" Narcissa frowned.

"Just do what I say," Lucius said coldly, then he turned around. "Ahh, Draco, there you are," Lucius said as he spotted Draco with Blaise who had returned from their conversation. "We have to go now. Prepare yourself." Then Lucius left without another word.

"Mother, can you take Luna home?" Draco asked. Honestly it would be safer if Luna stayed at Malfoy Manor when he went after Potter. But he knows how Luna feels uncomfortable being at Malfoy Manor. Their estate is quite safe for her. The house elves can keep an eye on her while he's gone, he thought.

"Sure, Draco," Narcissa replied.

Then Draco's attention turned to Luna. "Go home and rest, okay?" He whispered softly. "Don't wait for me. I may go home at dawn."

"But-" Luna paused as Draco's expression turned violent. "Okay," she said instead.

"Good girl," Draco said, then he kissed her forehead. "Mother," he nodded to his mother politely before following Lucius and Blaise following him.

"We'd better use Floo network," Narcissa said.

Luna didn't try to argue. Using Floo network will be easier and faster, she has felt tired, her feet killing her, especially with this 6' heels.

"Let's go, Luna." Narcissa leads her into the main hall at Malfoy Manor.

As they make their way into the main hall, Luna can't help but look around. Malfoy Manor is very dark and cold and huge. She was once a guest here but she didn't have a chance to explore this magnificent building. The Manor suits the Malfoy so well, she thought amazingly.

"Here we go," Narcissa said as she took a step toward to the fireplace. Luna stepped into the fireplace and stood beside Narcissa. Narcissa took a handful of Floo powder and shouted their destination. In an instant they had been in the living room at Draco's estate.

"I think I'll go to bed," Luna said quietly, she suddenly felt extremely tired.

Narcissa nodded. "You should,"

"Good night, Mrs. Malfoy," Luna said politely as she left Narcissa. When Luna had disappeared on the stairs, Narcissa called Dipsy.

"Mistress Narcissa called Dipsy?"

"Yes. Can you do me a favor, Dipsy?"

"Anything, Mistress Narcissa,"

"Can you keep an eye on Miss Luna while Master Draco is not home?" Narcissa said softly.

Dipsy nodded. "Yes, Mistress Narcissa. Dipsy will keep an eye on Miss Luna as long as Master Draco is not home."

"Don't let her out of the house and shut down the Floo network once I leave," Narcissa said.

"Yes, Mistress Narcissa," said Dipsy.

"Good, I'll go now." Narcissa stepped back into the fireplace and headed back to Malfoy Manor. And Dipsy made sure Luna didn't leave her room. Dipsy has been watching Luna all night.

Luna wakes up as she feeling someone stroking her hair. As soon her eyes open, she meets the gray eyes of Draco's. "Draco," she said hoarsely.

"Did I surprise you?" Draco asked with a small smile.

"A little," she replied. Then her eyes watched him for a moment. He looks messy and looks frustrated. His hair is out of place, his tie loosened, and his sleeves roll up and show some of his Dark Mark. "Did you just come home?" She asked as she got up and sat down.

Draco nodded and took her hand. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles lightly, then he took a deep breath.

"You must be tired," she said nervously. Draco acts quite strange that make her a little nervous. "Should I draw a bath for you?" Luna offered.

Draco shakes his head and still holds her hand tightly.

Luna swallowed, "or a cup of tea?"

"No," he responded briefly and coldly, and that scared her. Usually, if he responds with a cold attitude, it's a sign he's in a bad mood.

"Draco, are you all right?" Luna asked softly.

Draco didn't answer. He is frustrated and mad now. He and the other the Death Eaters have been hunting Potter around the forest and Diagon Alley. They had scattered for signs of Potter, but they found nothing, not even a strand of his hair. But they sure Potter is alive. Potter still hasn't verified himself that he is old enough to use magic outside Hogwarts, so the Ministry can detect him when he uses magic outside Hogwarts. Not just Potter, but most of the people at his age haven't verified in the Ministry. And that's how the Ministry and the Death Eaters were able to track down some of Potter's supporters.

Draco knows that Potter came not only to defeat the Dark Lord, but to take Luna away from him for the second time. He was sure; sooner or later Potter would show up in his estate. He thought the security around the estate wasn't enough; he had to secure her as well. His plan to impregnate her hasn't materialized, she looks fine, and her period is always in time. He had to think of another way to secure her so she wouldn't leave him again.

"Draco," Luna hesitated. He deep in his thought, she can see it from the way he frowned. She wondered what was going on that made Draco act... odd and quite. Something bad must happen, she thought. But she didn't dare to ask.

"I'm going to take a shower," he finally said. He got up and walked to the bathroom without saying anything else. And it makes Luna more curious.

In the afternoon, Draco leaves Luna in his estate while she is taking a nap. He has to talk about something with his parents; he has made up his mind. He has thought this well and wisely. This is the only way to secure Luna beside by impregnating her. He knew his decision would make either his parents or Luna surprised, but this is the only way. He must do it immediately before Potter takes an action.

He knocked on his father's study several times; he knew his father and mother would be there. His father wasn't in Ministry today; surely he was in the Manor, enjoying a glass of wine, or brandy, or scotch. When he hears his father's voice to command him to come in, he yanks on the door and he found his father and mother sitting comfortably.

"Father, Mother," Draco greeted briefly.

"What's the matter, Draco? Are they able to track Potter again?" Lucius asked as he put his glass of wine on the mahogany desk.

"No. This is not about Potter. It's about something else, about Luna," he said as he took a seat beside his mother.

"What's happened with her? Is she okay?" Narcissa asked worriedly as she placed her cup of tea on the coffee table. She starts to love Luna; she is such a lovely girl. It's shame that she can't do anything to save her soul from her own son.

"She's fine, she's taking a nap when I leave her," Draco replied dryly.

"Then, what is it, Draco?" Lucius said impatiently.

"I want you to prepare my wedding with Luna immediately," Draco said firmly.

Narcissa gasped. She always knew Draco would marry Luna, but not so fast. "What?"

"Are you insane?" Lucius snapped irritably.

"No, I'm pretty sane," replied Draco. "I'm not asking for your blessing, Father. I just want you to prepare everything I need for my wedding. I am old enough to decide my own life and I will not marry the girl you choose because they are tacky and ugly, and not to mention they are all sluts."

Narcissa winced at what Draco had just said.

"But they're-" Lucius couldn't finish the sentence because Draco cut him off coldly.

"Pure-blood," he said. "So also with Luna, Luna is a powerful and intelligent witch, she is the right woman to bear my child, my heir," Draco said.

"Have you even thought about it?" Lucius asked. Draco is old enough to make his own choice, and Lucius has no power to stop him after how he makes the Malfoy's name increasingly fearful and respectful. He has done the family duty wonderfully. And Draco is right when he says Luna is a powerful and intelligent witch, she has survived in the hands of Bellatrix. And no need to questioning her intelligence, she's a true Ravenclaw.

"I've been thinking about it. Even if I didn't think about it, I know will never regret marrying her," Draco said as he shrugged his shoulders lightly. Then his attention moved on to his mother. "Can you arrange my wedding, Mother? I know how you like the idea of arrange my wedding."

"I have dreamed of arranging your wedding since you were born, so I will gladly arrange everything. But does Luna know about the wedding?" Narcissa asked tentatively. She actually already knows the answer, but she needs confirmation from Draco.

"No. She doesn't know. But don't worry, I will tell her," he replied simply.

Narcissa breathed weakly.

"I and your Mother will arrange your wedding. Your wedding will be held at Malfoy Manor in a month–"

Draco interrupted him abruptly.

"Two weeks. I want the wedding in two weeks," Draco said firmly.

"That's impossible," Narcissa commented.

"We are Malfoy, aren't we? We always come first. Surely preparing a wedding in two weeks is not so hard for the Malfoy," Draco said irritably. He didn't want to wait for a month that was too long. "In two weeks I want everything to be ready," he said as he rose, "oh, one more thing. Let Luna choose her wedding gown," he added before walking out of his father's study.

Lucius and Narcissa were speechless. They know their son very well. If he wants a wedding in two weeks, then there will be a wedding in two weeks at Malfoy Manor.

When Draco returns to the estate, he finds Luna still sleeping soundly. He took off his jacket and his shoes before joining her in the bed. As he lay on his back, he pulled Luna closer to him gently, making sure he didn't wake her. He puts her head on his chest, and wraps an arm around her, while the other arm is tucked behind his head. He looked up at the ceiling with a triumphant smirk.

As he was busy in his thought, Luna stirred and looked at him with half-open eyes. He smiled at her. "So, the sleeping beauty has awakened," he muttered under his breath as he pulled her even closer.

"You left," Luna said, looking up at him.

"Yes. I went to visit my parents. I have to tell them something," he replied hoarsely.

"What's that?" Luna asked worriedly.

Draco didn't answer her; instead he cupped her face and kissed her on the lips passionately. He wraps his arms around her tightly and pulls her on top of him. He pressed their lips harder, then he slid his tongue between her lips, he tasted her greedily. But before their kiss gets farther, Luna places her palms on his chest and pulls away. She took a deep breath.

Draco smirked. "Too much?" He teases.

She just nodded and catches her breath before rolling over beside him. "What are you talking about with your parents?" She asked in a low voice.

"You shouldn't have to know now. But I can see how curious you are," he said while staring at her.

"Tell me,"

"We're getting married in two weeks," Draco said with a smile, a triumph smile.

"What?" Luna's eyes widen, she shifting into sit position on the bed and staring at him, dumfounded. "You didn't mean it, did you?"

Draco scowled angrily. "Of course I mean it," he said irritably. He got out of bed and looked at her. He knows that Luna doesn't like the idea of them getting married, he knows it! He felt annoyed and offended.

"Why didn't you tell me anything?" Luna said. Staying with him as his mistress has been enough for her. She couldn't imagine having Draco as husband. This is a nightmare.

"What?" Draco hissed angrily. He grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked it roughly so that she looked at him right in the eye. "The decision is mine. You are mine," he hissed at her.

"D-Draco," he stammered. His hold on her hair is getting tighter and it's very painful.

Draco releases his hold on her hair harshly. "Next time you dare questioning me again, I'll give you a proper punishment," he said roughly before leaving her alone.

She petrified. She sat in silent in the bed until a tear streamed down to her cheek. Who will save her this time?