Beautiful Beast

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

She woke up when she felt someone tracing her jaw with index finger. She opened her eyes and met a pair of grey eyes that looked at her lovingly. She had to blink several times to really make sure he smiled softly at her, he had a beautiful smile, she thought suddenly. If she looked closer, Draco was handsome, and his platinum blond hair made him look more charismatic. Why didn't she ever realize that he was so handsome? She asks herself, unaware that she has been staring at his face without blinking.

Draco's smile widened as he watched her staring at his face carefully, the necklace still working well. At first he thought it took a while to work, but it seemed that the necklace had a strong force. If he knew it would work fast, he would give this necklace to her long time ago.

"Hey," he mumbled softly, bending his head to kiss her in the temple. "How's your sleep?" He asked as he pulled her into his arms.

"It's good," she replied, her eyes not leaving his handsome face. Without realizing it her hand reached his face and stroked his cheek gently. Draco closed his eyes and took a deep breath. But she pulled her hand away abruptly after realizing what she was doing; she didn't realize what she was doing, "how about you?"

"It's better that you're here," he replied. It was the first time she had asked him back and this was the first time she touched him, and he couldn't help himself but smirked in satisfaction. He buried his face in her hair to hide his smirk. "Go take a shower and then we can go to breakfast together, I'll wait," he said to her as he pulled his face away.

She obeyed without protest, as she made her way to the bathroom; she turned her head and looked at him for a moment. "I'll be waiting for you here," he mumbled as he watched that she didn't want to get away from him. She nodded and went her way to the bathroom.

Draco smirked triumphantly once more. He wondered what would happen if she wore that necklace for a long time? Will she have an undying love toward him? His father said that the necklace has a powerful effect on the user, it will make users not aware of some of the actions they do. It's like their brains are in control. And from time to time she will melt in his arms; he needn't worry if she fights him if things don't go as he wishes. She will be by his side, she will award him her life and her soul to him, he can't wait for that day. Finally, he gets everything he wants, the high position in society, the power, and the woman he always craves.

He is not surprised that he gets everything he wants easily, he after all Draco Malfoy and Draco Malfoy get whatever he wants.

"My mother will be late today," Draco told her as they headed for the main door of their estate.

She looked up and smiled at him. "That's fine," she replied, tightening her grip on his hand. Don't know why but she is not willing if he leaves.

He certainly noticed that and tightened their hands, it felt so right. "Maybe I'll be home late today," he told her.

"Oh," there was a disappointment in her voice.

"Are you okay with that?" He asked as he glanced at her from the corner of his eye.

"Yes, of course," she replied.

"Alright, I'm leaving now," he bowed his head and capture her lips with his; giving her the softest kiss he ever gave her. "Be a good girl," he whispered against her lips.

He broke the kiss and prepared to apparated away but stopped when he felt a hand on his arm. He wasn't angry at her action; it made him even more pleased. He turns to her and smiles at her. "Luna love, I have to go to work, I have to work for us," he said softly.

She blinks and her eyes fall on her hand that holds his arm tightly, she doesn't realize that she is still holding him, she remembers that she has let go of him. This morning she has done some things that she didn't realize, it really feels weird. "I'm sorry," she said as she released her hand from his arm. She takes her hands behind her and clasped them together, not willingly if they reach for him again.

"I'm leaving now," he said and kissed her for the last time before he disappeared.

She just stared blankly at the spot where she last saw him. She felt lonely than ever, it's hard to see him go. She doesn't know where this feeling came from or why she feels this way. It just happened, and she didn't know the cause. She just felt that his presence made her feel more soothing. She doesn't like being called loony, but this time she's really going to be a loony.

She pushed all her thoughts away and headed for the garden. As she makes her way to the garden, she meets several house elves who are cleaning the house, she tries to greet them, but before she can say a word, they step away from her in fear. She frowned, she didn't want to do anything to them, what did Draco tell them? They didn't even dare to look at her.

She sits on a bench and looks around, the garden is huge with a swimming pool, it will be more beautiful with some kind of flowers and a swing, but there is no tree here and it will take a very long time to grow a tree for a swing, and she doesn't plan to stay here for a long time. She will leave this place somehow.

She was too busy with her thoughts so she didn't hear the noise made by the house elf, she didn't even hear when the house elf called her. She realized the presence of the house elf when the creature was standing in front of her with his face down.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, a little surprised by his presence. "What is it, Dipsy?" She asked softly, even the tone of her voice didn't manage to calm the house elf, he still looked afraid of her.

"Mistress Narcissa is waiting in the living room," Dipsy told her.

"I'm going to meet her," she mumbled and offered a small smile. "Thank you, Dipsy."

"It's Dipsy pleasure, Miss Luna."

By the time she had reached the living room, she saw a blonde woman stirring her tea gracefully. As if she was aware of her presence, she turned to her. "Good morning, Miss Lovegood."

"Good morning, Mrs. Malfoy," she muttered and forced a smile. Smiling is the hardest thing she has done lately.

"Please sit down," Narcissa offered. She obeyed without being told twice, "tea?"

"Yes, of course," she replied and poured tea into her cup, she didn't add sugar, sweetness wasn't her best friend anymore.

The two blonde women sat in silence, but the silence was quite comfortable. Luna holds her cup tightly, feeling the heat on her palm. She didn't know what to say, somehow she felt that asking for Narcissa's help to free her from here would be useless, she wouldn't listen to her. She is a Malfoy, and Malfoy doesn't do good, it's not a secret.

Narcissa glanced at her briefly. She has met this girl; she stayed in her house for several months. And she also knows her son's obsession toward the blue-eyed girl. She is beautiful and she has an angelic face, not to mentioning that she is from a family known for their intelligence, though not right in the head.

She knows her parents. Her parents are talented wizard and witch. Even her mother has rewarded her a scar during dueling with her. Her mother is famous not only for her intelligence and beauty, but also a rebel, she is always firm in her stance, and she doesn't hesitate to hexes anyone trying to block her path. And she inherited the nature of her mother, but in softer way. And her father, he looks like he's crazy or something, but his intelligence is no joke.

But she knows, her beauty and her intelligence are not the only ones that make Draco obsessed with her. There was something that made her special from other pureblood girls, something that made her shine even brighter than the others. She and Draco is terrible match. Both are different in every aspect. Draco always reminds people of the dark, and Luna always reminds people of the light. If Draco is not her son, she will willingly help her to escape. She deserves better, but her son is her priority. And whatever makes Draco happy, she will give.

"You come to your senses faster than I thought," she began before sipping her tea.

"I never came to my senses," she replied quietly, but loud enough in Narcissa's ear. "He took what he wanted."

"I'm not surprised," she responded. "He's been looking for you for a long time."

"I don't know why he showed his interest in me all of a sudden," she muttered.

"He cares about you," Narcissa said, "and he doesn't show interest in you all of a sudden, he's always interested in you."

She frowns lightly. "I believe he never showed his interest in me during our time at Hogwarts."

"You'll notice if you bother to look around you, you'll notice if you try to step your feet on the ground," she said coldly. "He's been tormented for quite a while."

She turned her face to her, and stared at her with her blue eyes. "I thought you were here to help me," she said, not offended by her comment at the sightless.

"Indeed, I came here to help," Narcissa replied, placing a half-empty cup on the table. "I will help you to be a proper pureblood woman, in addition he says you are lonely and need company, and he refuses if anyone else is around you."

Luna stared at her in disbelief. "I don't want to live here," she said firmly.

"Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about it," Narcissa responded coolly. "If it's another woman in your place, they'll be grateful."

"Call me an ignorant or whatever you like, but your son is a beast," she said, her tone rising slightly. She shouldn't expect too much.

"You made him that way," she replied. "If you are not stupid, you won't be here caged like a bird, this is all your fault and you have to bear the consequences."

"This is unbelievable," Luna muttered to herself. It's funny how mother and son blame her for the situation that happened to her. She didn't even know what she was doing.

"Think of the life you would have if you were with him," Narcissa said, breaking the silence between them. "Money, power, high position in society, just mention it, you will get everything. You will be respected, every woman will make you their role model, you will be the center of attention, you will get praise wherever you put your foot. "

"I don't want those things," she shook her head in disbelief. "I just want a freedom."

"What a girl like you could do? Out there is no longer safe, a girl like you could attract predators out of their nests. If I were you I'd rather stay here," Narcissa retorted sarcastically as she poured another tea into her cup.

"I can stay anywhere, I can fight," Luna argued, feeling slightly offended by her words. "I'm not a spoiled woman who likes to rely on men for comfort and money; I can stand with my own feet. I'm not like you and other woman you call pureblood woman."

"How though of you," Narcissa commented, feeling quite amazed by her toughness, if she was another woman, she would lie dutifully at Draco's feet like a good puppy.

"Do I have absolutely no choice?" She asked desperately.

Narcissa sighed heavily. "There is no choice, this is your destiny, face it if you are tough enough," she replied. They fell silent for a moment, until Narcissa spoke, breaking the ice between them. "I hear you are lonely when Draco goes to work."

She just paused, didn't intend to answer, didn't intend to glance at her.

"I'm here to accompany you and teach you how to be proper pureblood woman," she continued.

Luna snorted. "Who wants to be proper pureblood woman when I can be more than that," she said sarcastically. She was quite surprised by the new side of her; the old Luna will never snort at anyone, especially on the older ones. The girl sitting in an expensive dress and silky hair is the new Luna, which she doesn't even recognize. There's nothing she can do but say welcome to the new Luna.

"Being proper pureblood woman is every girl's dream, with that they will get proper pureblood husband as well. What do you expect to be?"

That's not a question, and Luna doesn't intend to answer it.

Narcissa came home after sunset. She taught her many things, from how to choose the right dress, how to walk; dance, answer questions or talk back, and other things she thinks are ridiculous. But there's nothing more ridiculous when she teaches her how to eat at right way, she thought that her way of eating is wrong, but apparently it's just about spoons, forks, and knives, she can eat using her fingers if she wants to.

She sat restlessly in the couch in the living room, waiting for Draco. She can't help herself to want to meet or touch him. She really doesn't know why she's being like this, why she's suddenly getting attracted to him. And her pendant felt warm all day against her chest, she didn't know what that meant, she also didn't want to ask Narcissa who seemed to recognize the necklace.

She clasped her hands together and looked down at her hands; this may be almost midnight and she can't sleep because he wasn't there with her. Many days ago it was a relief that he came home late so she could sleep without having to worry, but now it's different; she wants him to be around.

She jerked her head slightly as she heard the commotion. Without a second thought, she immediately got up and headed for the sound source. As she spotted him, she ran towards him and threw herself into his arms.

Draco is shocked by the way she greets him; he doesn't expect her to throw herself into his arms, but he willingly holds her tightly, feeling the curves of her body pressed against his body. Her necklace worked well, he thought smugly.

"Hey," he whispered in her ear as he ran his hand up and down at the small of her back. "I thought you were asleep."

"I can't sleep," she replied, pulling herself away.

"I'm sorry, I have to go that long," he caressed her cheek and kissed her forehead. "Did my mother come today?"

"She did, she came to teach me how to be proper pureblood woman," she replied as she looked up, she was speechless with his figure, he looked extremely handsome. He really has grown so much.

He tried to resist the urge to smirk as her eyes gazed adoringly at his face. That look he always dreamed of all this time. He put his hand on her waist and pulled her closer. He capture her lips with his, kissed her with tenderness and passion. He pressed their lips harder and slid his tongue between her parted lips, enjoying the wetness in her mouth. He sighed into her mouth in full pleasure; this is what he calls life.