Beautiful Beast

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

A week has passed with pleasure for Draco. He was happy with what he had gotten. The blond beauty that is the source of his pleasure is always clung at him like a second skin. She is always by his side wherever he goes, always wanting to touch him and staring at him adoringly. She's always waiting for him to go home, and will throw herself at him every time she spotted him through the main door of their estate. And their kisses are getting hotter. But he still can't get what he wants from her. With her still weak condition and too skinny, he just can't do it to her.

They are currently sitting on the porch, watching the leaves fall. The weather is not too bad, neither too cold nor too warm, a great time to spoil her a little by watching the falling leaves and the sky more orange than blue.

He glanced briefly at her, she stared blankly ahead. The expression on her face is unreadable. But he can tell that she's confused by all the actions she's done lately. Sometimes when she starts to touch him, she will pull her hand away after a few seconds the palm of her hand touching his skin, as if she was burning when touching him. He doesn't mind though, because after that when it's his turn to touch her, she will not be able to resist him.

And according to his mother, she is behaving very well, she doesn't talk much or ask a lot to her, which he thinks is a good sign, she started to obey. He wants for her to behave like a pure-blood woman. He wants her to be submissive. But it still takes a long time to get there. Although she began to obey him slowly, he could still see that her rebellious nature was still within her, even his mother could see it clearly. But for a while, having her like this has been enough. At least he no longer had to torture because he had to resist his urge to her.

While Luna is on the other side, she was completely confused by what had happened. She felt as if she were being controlled, her brain wasn't under her control anymore. She did a lot of things against her will. She did a lot of things that she didn't realize; sometimes she didn't realize it at all and wondered why she ended up in a different place than before. Everything becomes complicated and confusing.

But she had a bad feeling that everything had to do with the necklace he was given. And the pendant that kept warm against her chest made her believe that this necklace was the reason why she was acting strangely.

Since she was wearing this necklace, she felt different, she felt that she was being showered by a powerful magic, and that feeling didn't stop until now. She could still feel the magic flowing from the top of her head to her toes. It's like crawling into her system and driving her crazy, and she has no power to stop it. She has no wand, she has no friends nor family to help her, fight him is futile, he will win, she is powerless.

She wanted to ask about this necklace. Why she seemed to be showered by magic, or why the pendant always felt warm against her chest. But every time the words are at the tip of her tongue, she discards her intentions, thinking that perhaps asking him is not a wise move. She may just make him angry, and she doesn't fancy be a victim of his anger.

She shivered as the wind blew strong enough, making the dried leaves fly everywhere. Suddenly she felt a large hand on her shoulder, squeezing lightly.

"Let's go inside, it's getting colder here."

She didn't realize that he had moved behind her. Since she's here all her senses are dead, she's like a doll.

She looks up and finds him smiling at her lovingly. His hand slowly made its way to her cheek and caressed it gently, as if she were his pet. It was a relief that he was very calm the past week; at least she wasn't too afraid of him anymore.

"Let's go," he repeated as she showed no signs of moving from the chair.

She nodded and stood at her feet. He guided her back inside with one arm wrapped around her waist tightly enough. He's kind of gentle with her lately; he never raises his tone again, or grips her with her hair. And for some reason she thinks staying with him is the right choice, if she behaves as he wants, everything will be fine.

Her whole body suddenly stiffened as she realized what she had been thinking. Why did she even have to stay with him? She will never find her happiness if she continues to be here with him. She doesn't care if he softens at her, she doesn't care if he treats her properly. She doesn't want to be here, she doesn't want to be close to him, and she will find a way out no matter what.

Draco glanced briefly through the corner of his eye. She has a battle with herself, he can tell it easily. He smirked in satisfaction. Her features were very much different before the war. She is always cheerful; her eyes full of happiness like she lives in la la land, a little smile always on her face, her spirit always bring sunshine to anyone who bothers to give her a second glance. But she's different now, she still looks cheerful, her eyes still full of happiness, and her smile is still the same, but it's all under his control not her.

He doesn't care if she is no longer the same. He prefers her like this.


"Luna," he began.

She jerked her head toward him. "Yes?"

"Sit down, we have to talk," he said in a commanding tone.

She sat on the couch slowly, her eyes choosing to look at her hands in her lap rather than staring into his eyes.

"Look at me when I talk to you," he demanded. She lifted up her eyes instantly and looked into his eyes; he saw a fear in her eyes, which made him even more pleased. "The Winter Ball is getting closer," he began, grabbing her hands and holding it tightly, maybe his grip could crush her fingers bones.

"Winter Ball?" She tilted her head.

"Yes, the first Winter Ball," he replied.

The first Winter Ball will soon be held and every wizards and witches will come to show off or just for fun. Last year there was absolutely no party held since the Wizarding World was a mess after the war. The only party that was held was a day after the victory of the Dark Lord. Everyone celebrates the Dark Lord's victory by partying for a week. And after that everyone started working to rebuild the Wizarding World. And now that after the rebuilding has finished almost 80 percent, the Ministry is able to hold the Winter Ball.

"I want you to come with me," he said. Not that he needs her permission to take her to the Ball, she is his, and he can take her wherever he wants. But he needs her to act appropriately. And although he wasn't willing to admit, he was afraid to take her out of their estate, afraid that if she ran away while he was socializing with others, "and I want you to go with my mother to design a dress with her," he said with a smile.

To be honest, she's not fit enough, but at least she's not as skinny as before. The potion given by his healer works well in raising her weight quickly, he needs the potion again.

Luna forced a smile. "Of course," she murmured, maybe by looking at how the Wizarding World after the war can make her feel a little better. She can forget the fact that the Wizarding World is under the darkest wizards control for a while.

"And I want you to behave as I always wanted, I don't want to see you make trouble, you have to protect my reputation. Understand?" He demanded quite rudely. His gray eyes glared at her, threatening her.

"I understand, Draco," she replied quietly, unable to hide her fear at him.

He smiled. "Good girl." He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips, causing her to tremble. "Beside ..." he said after breaking the kiss, "you will be surprised by whoever you will meet there," he muttered with a smirk, his thumb traced her lower lips.

"Who?" she asks, she has a bad feeling after hearing what he said.

"It was a surprise, sweetheart, it wouldn't be nice if I spoil it now, you'll find out for yourself," he said before his lips came back to hers. He kisses her roughly, he bit her lower lip quite hard causing her to gasp and he takes advantage by slipping his tongue, tasting her greedily as she is a fountain in the desert.

She just sits there, freezes and thinks what bad scene she'll see at the Ball.

"My mother suddenly fell ill," he began as they sat quietly at the table for breakfast.

She lifted up her eyes. "That's bad," she muttered under her breath. Although Narcissa wasn't what she expected, she was a pretty pleasant companion, at least when she didn't have anyone to talk to.

"So, I'll take you to measure the dress instead," he said, his eyes moving from his plate to her face, staring intently at her. Staring at her has become his new hobby lately. "In addition, we should often be seen together."

Luna is not sure that she likes the idea of being seen with him. Not that she was embarrassed or something. She doesn't want to be viewed by people as his property or something he possesses such as his pet.

"Don't you think so?" He demanded rudely causing her to return to reality.

"I do think so, Draco," she replied in a tone as if she liked being seen publicly with him. After all, she's good at acting, pretending that she's fine when the fact that she's not fine at all.

He smirked, obviously seeing a look of fear in her eyes. "Good," he murmured before returning to his breakfast.

Luna grabs Draco's hand as he offers his hand to help her out of the carriage, she lands on her feet smoothly with his help, he also fixes her coat to keep her warm. When Draco offered his arm to her, she hooked her arm to his without being told twice, then he led her in the crowd at Diagon Alley, practically people out of the way to give the Great Draco Malfoy a path.

She was amazed at what she saw, nothing changed, not the slightest! Many shops are still open and the most surprising thing is there are still a lot of people passing by at Diagon Alley, it's like nothing happened last year. People sit in the café chatting and laughing, the shopkeeper shouting for their merchandise, a bunch of teenage girls carrying bags of groceries and laughing with their friends. She was very angry at all this. How can they do this? How can they have fun under the control of a demon? How did they forget Harry Potter and move on with their lives as if he never existed or never fought for them? How could they do this to Harry?

She tightened her grip on his arm as she felt her eyes begin to sting and her tears threatened to flow. She's really angry; she wants to scream at all of them. But she holds her anger with all her might, making her body tremble with anger that was too strong to bear.

Draco looks down at her and smirks. He could feel her body trembling, but not out of fear, but anger, he could actually feel her body temperature suddenly become hot against his, and her heavy breath quite convinced him that she has a battle with her own feelings. He knew this wasn't the kind of scene she'd hoped for when she set her foot on Diagon Alley for the first time after the war. She may expect those who walk like living corpses and their grief visible on their faces. With or without Harry Potter everyone is fine, no one needs Harry Potter, dead or not people will continue to live their life.

"Look how kind our Lord is," Draco whispered as they passed an orphanage. She looked up and her gaze followed his gaze, she just smiled a little in reply. "Don't you see that everyone looks happy? They look happier than ever. Our Lord is an intelligent and wise leader."

Luna doesn't intend to answer, she even refuses to listen, she hopes that she is deaf at this time.

"Didn't she familiar to you?" Draco pointed towards a bunch of women sitting in the café.

Her gaze followed his gaze again, but this time she couldn't force a smile. A sight of a black-haired woman keeps her mouth open and her eyes widen. Cho Chang sits happily in a café with a grocery bag at her feet, a small smile on her face as she talks to a woman she doesn't recognize opposite her. How could she? She turned her face the other way, the pain was too strong to resist.

She didn't want to see this scene, she felt her chest was tight, she felt betrayed. She pressed her body closer to him. And he gladly held her tight, satisfied with her reaction. She should see that everything is fine without Potter.