Chapter 2

Chapter 2

'Anything from the trolley dear?' The old lady states breaking me from my thoughts

'Yes please.' I remark getting up to pay for the candy I wanted. 'Can I get a Chocolate Frog?' I ask handing her the money

'Hey Eva! Back for another year?' McCormis states sending me a grin

'Hello, yep I'm back again. Had a good summer?' I state allowing the trolley lady to move past me

'Great and you?'

'The same. I'll see ya around.' I state heading back into my compartment as someone had shouted his name behind him.

Waving goodbye in response I watch him head in the opposite direction.

'So, you still haven't told me what you've done all summer?' Lavender states grinning at me when I headed back into the compartment


Lavender and I spent the rest of the train ride with Pavarti and Padma gossiping and catching up on what each of us did this summer. It felt nice hanging out with them and I remember why I liked staying close to them. Talking about which boy we thought was cute this year and who had changed the most over summer.

When dusk hit, the train rolled into the station and I followed them knowing yet again I would take different transportation since I was no longer a new student.

I eyed the black carriages with caution, 'So they just get pulled by magic?' I glance back at Lavender who laughs

'Yes, don't get so worried.' Lavender states hoping in

'Just get in.' Padma states with a smile

'If you say so.'

When the carriage stopped we, all got out and made our way to the main hall to wait for the first years to be sorted.

'Hi guys!' I state to Harry, Ron and Hermione

'Hello Eva! We missed you on the train.' Hermione responds with a smile

'Yes, sorry I was in another compartment. Have a good summer?' I ask settling into my seat next to her

'Yes. We'll tell you all about it after dinner. What about you?'

'Good but missed everyone.' I reply with a smile before focusing on Dumbledore

'I ask for a few moments of your attention, as I have a few start of term announcements. Right off, our caretaker, Mr. Filch, has reminded me for what he says is the 462nd time, that he had an annually updated list of various banned items. Usually introduced by our humor experts, Fred & George Weasley." Dumbledore states as the twins stand up and bow

When the cheering subsided, Dumbledore began once again, 'which are posted in an extensive list on the door to Mr. Filch's door. Also, we have two staffing changes this year. Professor Gubby-Plank will be taking the post of Care of Magical Creatures post as Professor Hagrid is on… extended leave'

I raise an eye brow at Harry and he looks just as confused, 'additionally, we have Professor Umbridge, who has kindly agreed to fill the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts-'

'Hem, hem.' the noise I find belongs to a middle-aged woman in an all pink dress, 'Headmaster, if I could address the school' the lady states walking up to Dumbledore

What the hell? I glance and everyone else, along with Dumbledore are in shock at her blatant interruption of Dumbledore's speech. Who does this lady think she is?

'Thank you, Headmaster.' Umbridge states before turning to us with a fake smile, 'now, how are we all doing tonight? I thought I would just say a few words. I am here at the Ministry of Magic's bequest, under Educational Decree 22, which states that if the Headmaster of Hogwarts is unable to fill any teaching post the Ministry shall select one for the position.'

What the hell? I hear murmurs coming and it seems like everyone else is confused.

'The Ministry has always considered the magical education of our children to be of vital importance, and the passing down of this ancient and noble art must be given to the next generation, least it be lost forever. Without progress, stagnation. But progress for progress's sake is to be discouraged, for our art requires no tinkering.' she begins glancing at all of us. I was completely lost

'A balance must be attained, the new and the old, permanence and change, tradition and innovation, order and chaos. There are large changes coming soon, changes walking the fine line between order and chaos. Know only that these changes are for the best, and to prevent the destruction of our civilization from its own decay. Thank you.' Umbridge state before smiling and sitting back down

Everyone was speechless and soon we were thankful for the start of the Sorting of First Years. When dinner ended, I mulled over everything that Umbridge stated, knowing I would want to tell my parents about this right away.

Walking into the common room was…. Almost like coming home. I really missed this place over summer and I was beyond thankful to be back once again. The fire was crackling sending aromatic smell of pine into the common room and I couldn't help but smile. Glancing around I found Harry was in some disagreement with Seamus.

'Hello boys.' I state, deciding that it might be good to interrupt them.

'Oh, hello Eva.' Seamus states not taking his eyes of Harry as he throws a copy of the Daily Prophet at him, 'As I was saying, me mum read it.'

'And your mom believes this stuff?' Harry asks in frustration as he glances at the newspaper

'Er… well yeah.' Seamus states glancing on the ground

'Well… you believe me, don't you?' Harry asks Seamus who only looks down at his feet.

'Right.' Harry remarks throwing the newspaper onto the chairs before storming off to the dorms.

I follow an angry looking Harry until he disappears behind the door before finally turning to Dean, Seamus and Neville.

'Eva!' Dean remarks pulling me into a hug

'Hello Dean. Good to see you again.' I state smiling before pulling Seamus and Neville into a hug as well, 'How was your guys' summer?'

'Not bad, I see your parents were still okay to let you come to school.' Seamus remarks warily

'Yeah. So, what did you think of that new teacher of DADA? What a trip!' I remark following them to sit next to Neville

'I can't believe she had the nerve to interrupt Dumbledore!' Dean began as we slowly got lost into catching up.

The next day came bright and early and I stumbled out of bed, trying to adjust that I now was back into going to classes.

'You look dead.' Ron remarks chuckling at my half-asleep form at breakfast

'I feel as if I am. I'm not ready to be up so early.' I groan pouring coffee

'Good Morning Ms. Edwards. It's good to see that you are back again for another year.' Professor McGonagall states handing me my class schedule

'Thank you. I'm glad to be back again.' I reply warmly watching as she continues down the line

When the clock chimed, I followed the rest of the students to begin our first day back to school. In History of Magic I dozed and convinced Neville to let me copy his notes. Since the weather turned out nice I deterred from the other Gryffindor's and decided to spend my break out in the courtyard away from conversation.

Conjuring up a blanket I crashed using my bag as a pillow. Closing my eyes under the glaring sun I sighed as I tried to register the reality that I was really back here at Hogwarts. I wasn't sure what I wanted this year to be about. Last year I was dubbed the 'transfer student' and now with a new batch of first years I wasn't really the 'transfer student'.

I felt that I grew up a bit from my previous year. I was determined to not make the same mistakes I made last year. While my parents have down played the seriousness of their duties here in London I tried to keep myself informed by the Daily Prophet… but more importantly The Quibbler. I owed a lot to Hermione who kept me informed as well.

When the break bell rang, I grudging picked up myself and headed for DADA with the new professor from another planet…. Professor Umbridge. I walked in the room and noticed how different the room was set up compared to the imposter Mad Eye, who was really Barty Crouch Jr. Glancing about I tried to act unfazed noticing a familiar fair haired Slytherin. He was chatting with Pansy and I focused on taking a seat next to Neville and Seamus.

'Good Morning Students. I hope you are as excited as I to-' Professor Umbridge was stopped when the classroom door shut and a rushed looking Harry walks farther into the room.

'Sorry Professor.' Harry states as he takes a seat at a desk with Ron and Hermione

'Let's see, five points from Gryffindor for coming in late.' Umbridge remarks making my roll my eyes.

It was hard to take this lady serious with yet again another hideous pink outfit. I zoned her out as she began to talk about how poor of a job the other DADA teachers did. I broke out of my thoughts was a high pitch laughing caused me to focus on Umbridge once again.

'I can imagine no circumstance in my class where you would need to use spells, my dear!' Umbridge states

'But surely the whole point of Defense Against the Dark Arts is practical application?' Hermione remarks.

Hermione was sure digging herself a grave by the sour look Umbridge reserved for her, 'Miss Granger, this class has been approved by Ministry experts. Are you a Ministry Expert?'

'No, but-'

'Then you have no business challenging those who are…...'

I groaned inwardly and couldn't help but force myself to look down at my parchment. The class only got worse when Harry decided to dig a grave next to Hermione and began to not only argue with a Professor but basically called her and the Ministry a liar, because of their denial that Voldemort was back. Earning himself detention starting tomorrow. Wow. Just wow.

Potions with Snape was just as thrilling as going to the dentist. One the first day back we were already asked to prepare draught of peace along with an essay of course. Draco seemed to be giving me the cold shoulder or was more determined not to show we were- or we used to be friendly. It was rough pretending that I wasn't hurt by his cold shoulder. Divinations was a waste of time, with us proceeding to drink tea and talking about what we could read in the tea leaves. What a joke.

By the time, I sat down at dinner the word had spread of Harrys outburst with Umbridge. Of course, the story was skewed and more melodramatic than what actually occurred but, no body was asking me.

'So, Eva how was your summer? Did you go back to the States?' Seamus states sending a grin at me breaking me from my thoughts.

'Summer was as good as expected. No I wasn't back in the States. I stayed in England because of my parent's jobs.' I remark mixing my dressing into my salad

'I see.'

'Yeah, I spent half of my time in a hotel suite in muggle London and the other half at the Leaky Cauldron. I got to see a lot of places and loved getting to see the wizarding community. How was your summer?' I state glancing at him.

He grew up during the summer, now his features became more defined and he seemed to have perfected his Irish grin, showing off his dimples. Mm. Damn.

'Oh aye, as much as I could. Me mum isn't thrilled about what the Daily Prophet has been sayin' but I got her to finally let me come back.' Seamus states with a grin look before flashing a steeled look towards Harry.

'Well, I'm glad you came back at least.' I remark

'Aye same here. I've been able to hone down my pyrotechnic skills.'

'Oh?' I remark a bit shocked at this new information


'I didn't take you as a pyro.' I remark in a teasing manor

'Well it sort of became a fascination when I kept blowing stuff up in class.' Seamus retort sending chuckles and nod in agreement from the people around us.

'I'm sure the Fred and George wouldn't mind talking with you, now that they're actively selling their products.' I state

When dinner ended, I followed the rest of the Gryffindor's back into the common room and watched as Fred and George convinced all the first years to test their products. Some swell their faces up, others sent warts all over their bodies, it was funny to watch and see how well the Twins had been working on them.

'So, Eva, tell me what happened with Dean and you? You were such a cute couple!' Lavender states from her bed

'I dunno. We just drifted apart during the summer.' I began glancing at my Gryffindor blanket, 'We kept in touch in the beginning but we ended up breaking up mutually.'

'Aw that's terrible!'

'It defiantly hurt but we both felt the same. There was no spark. You know?' I state looking up at the girl

'Of course,.'

'Did you enjoy you summer? Any cute guys catch your attention?' I tease

She laughs in good humor and tells me all about her summer break with her parents before we fall asleep.