Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Dumbledore's Army. That is the name we had finally settled on. It was Ginny's idea and a good one too.

We learned that Hermione had bewitched the parchment that those who signed and would snitch we would know who it was. Brilliant on her part. I was currently excited to see how all of this would play out and it was thrilling to be doing something secretive and against school rules. For most of us, we never thought in a million years would we willingly break school rules and let alone be okay with it.

This is a very logical reaction when you bring someone like Umbridge into Hogwarts. At least that is my own opinion about the subject.

Everyone was preoccupied with the first Quidditch match of the year. It was going to be a great first start of the season because it was Slytherin vs. Gryffindor! All week it's been a battle between the two houses and duel fights and pranks kept happening in the halls or in the school grounds. Much to Umbridge protests and eager attempts to squelch the fun out of anything.

'Do you want to hear the song I've come up with for the match tomorrow. I think it's rather clever.'

I looked up from by book to find a very smug looking Malfoy, 'I'm afraid to even ask.'

'It's an ode to Weasley.' Draco stated smugly moving closer

'That still doesn't make me feel good about it. Would it be better if I just heard it then than earlier?' I question, putting my book aside to look up at him

'Fine then you can be surprised with the rest of them.' Draco remarks before taking a seat next to me.

'What brings you into the library?' I remark looking at him.

'Hiding. Pansy won't stop clinging to me!' Draco moans, 'It's quite disgusting actually.'

He grimaced at his remark and I could only chuckle. Yes, I couldn't help but notice how much Pansy would cling to him.

'Ah. Well she wouldn't be caught dead in here.' I remark smirking at him, 'Although, would she be bright enough to follow you to find out you were here?'

'Don't even joke Edwards!' Draco growls with a dirty look on his face at the thought

'You could always tell the girl you aren't interested?'

'Doesn't work.' Draco whispers as he shuffles through my books

'My god… you really screwed yourself.' I remark chuckling as I glanced about.

I was back at my usual nook in the library. Between the fragrance of books and polishing oil from the wooden desks it was beyond wonderful. The two-candle stick stands on the table warmed up the area. It's warm glared basked everything near it in a gold light. Draco was currently leaning over the desk and from the angle his face took on a warm, pleasing façade. He narrowed his eyes at me in response effectively squashing any warm, fuzzy thoughts about him.

'That's not very Gryffindor of you to gloat about my troubles.'

'Please. It's hilarious. You picked the clingiest girl in school to be in a relationship-'

'WE'RE NOT DATING!' Draco interrupts loudly. Clearly this was a sore spot for him

'All right. All right. Don't get your panties in a knot.' I remark smirking at him, 'Still she thinks you guys are, why did you go and pick her anyway? Everyone knows she clings.'

'Edwards. I'm warning you.' Draco leans forwards with a dangerous glint in his eye

'Warning me?! Please, I'm only telling you the truth.' I calmly state

In honesty, I was a bit bothered that he was going around flirting with people. I mean… I know we wouldn't ever work but it still pissed me off to no end to see him with some girl hanging off him. Ugh… don't get me started on his Quidditch uniform! It was hard enough trying to be frustrated at him when he was decked out in his Quidditch gear.

'Are you going to the game though?' Draco asks pulling me from my thoughts

'Of course, I'll be at the game. I'm at all the games.' I remark rolling my eyes at him

'Good. I know you'll be secretly cheering me on to catch the snitch and be the champion.' Draco drawls in a teasing manner.

'In your dreams. You stand no chance.' I tease back

He huffs and looks around the area in a bored expression. 'In any case, I'll expect you to be at our spot tomorrow. I'll be sure to gloat at your misery when Slytherin wins today.'

'Keep telling yourself that.' I remark as he winks at me before walking away

Shaking my head, I dig back into my homework. I wanted to get it done so I could stay up late in the common room and then enjoy relaxing tomorrow before classes started up again.


True to his word, I did get to find out the song Draco came up with. Decked out in Gryffindor colors and even paint on my face as Seamus, Dean and Lavender stood next to me shouting and screaming along with me. On the opposite side of us I looked at the Slytherin's as they were chanting.

'Weasley is our King, Weasley is our King, He always lets the Quaffle in, Weasley is our King!' They continued to chant

'Do you hear that rubbish!' Seamus shouts before screaming at the Slytherins

Glancing up I notice Ron looking a bit uneasy as the chanting the continued and I could tell Harry was trying to tell him to ignore it. Draco wasn't backing down and seemed to be taunting them out in the air as Slytherin scored.

Just as Malfoy was finishing his speech something get Harrys attention as he surges forwards and Malfoy takes off after them.

'Harry Potter has spotted the Snitch! Malfoy following in hot pursuit!' Lee Jordan commentates

'Harry! Harry!' the Gryffindors all shouts together. I was smooched between Seamus and Lavender as we all screamed for Harry.

We all lean forwards as both Draco and Harry are neck and neck trying to reach the snitch first…. Harry's hand closes over the snitch!

'Harry Potter has caught the snitch!' Lee Jordan screams

'YES!' I scream before jumping up and down with Seamus who's in a similar state of celebration.

'OH No! Harry Potter was just hit over the head by Crabbe!'

We all turn and watch in horror as Harry's body slumps forwards and he falls from his broom. A groan of horror goes through the crowd as the rest of the Gryffindor team surges to the ground. I follow Hermione as we run out of the stands and onto the Quidditch ground to where Harry fell.

I noticed that the Slytherins had also landed and were heading towards Harry as well. I locked eyes with Draco for a second before Hermione pulled onto my arm when I slowed down.

'Harry, are you all right.' Hermione asked, her faced etched with worry as Harry groans when Fred and George help him up.

'Bet you loved that, Potter! Saved Weasley's neck, didn't you?' Draco sneers before continuing, 'I've never seen a worse Keeper! Maybe we should add some more verses to our little song. About his filthy mother!'

George starts to lunge at Draco but is held back by Harry and Fred. Really Draco? Why couldn't he keep his mouth shut for once.

'And his pathetic loser of a father too!' Draco adds again

Fred now forgets everything and tries to lunge at Draco who only smirks in response as he's held back by a few Gryffindor's.

'But then, you like the Weasleys, don't you? How can you stand the stink? I mean it reminds you of your own dear mother!' Draco remarks

Only to have Harry finally snap and charge at Draco, punching him so hard Draco falls to the ground. Only to be pounced on by Fred and George with Harry following suit all the while Draco groaning in pain.

'George! Harry! Stop!' Hermione and I scream at them trying to get them

'Stop this!' I scream hoping one of the boys would listen.

'Impedimenta!' Madam Hooch yells

Sending Harry and George off of Malfoy a few feet away. McGonagall now is storming over to us, flush face and a grim set in her eyes.

'What on earth do you two think you're doing?' McGonagall screams at Harry as he tried to lunge back at Malfoy.

Madam Hooch leaps between the boys and points her wand at Harry, 'Don't make me stupify you, Potter!'

'My office. Now.' McGonagall shouts at Harry

I watching as Harry and McGonagall leave the Quidditch Pitch along with most of the Gryffindor's not before they gave Draco dirty looks. Glancing over I find Draco all disheveled looking and bloodied.

He just couldn't keep his mouth shut. What an idiot. We lock eyes for a second before I follow the rest of the Gryffindor's as we head back to the school.

'What a game! Did you see Malfoy? Can't keep his mouth shut.' Seamus remarks heatedly

We were all waiting in the common room to find out the verdict of McGonagall's response. 'I know. It was rather stupid of him.'

'You have to love Quidditch season!' Seamus exclaims with a grin, 'We'll have to go to more games together Eva.'

'Sure Seamus.' I remark, returning his smile

When the portrait door swung open we, all stopped talking as Fred, George and Harry both come in looking furious. Oh no. This couldn't be good.

'We're banned from the Quidditch team!' Harry shouts to all of us

'What!' Seamus screams along with a few others

A flurry of protest as everyone swarmed around them to find out if this was a practical joke. Catching a few phrases over the people yelling protest I found out that McGonagall was not happy at them attacking Malfoy, leading her to ban them from Quidditch. I thought that was a bit drastic but once you pissed of McGonagall there was no turning back.

'Can you believe this! What are you going to do now!' Ron exclaims

'Well they shouldn't have attacked Malfoy.' Hermione states earning all the Gryffindor's to send glares at her for siding with McGonagall.

Shaking my head, I leave all of them to their emotions as I head back to my room. My parents would be interested to hear how things have been going and who knew what tomorrow would bring. Most likely another fight between Slytherins and Gryffindors.

I still couldn't figure out how Malfoy also insisted on having a row with Harry. It did nothing and only set more people against him.